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Edward's POV

Crash! In the distance I hear the piercing sound of metal being ripped apart. "Emmett did you hear that?"

"Yeah, I heard it too, Let's go check it out"

When we arrived at the car we saw that it was wrapped around a tree. "I think we should call the police man"

I wasn't listening to Emmett though, I was listening to the sounds coming from the car. In the back of the car I could faintly hear the sounds of a child crying. "Dude, do you hear me?" Emmett started to get hid phone out to call the police, "No wait!" I told him.

"Do you hear that?, I said quietly listening again, I think someone 's in the back seat"

"Dude there is no way that anyone could've sur- he stopped to listen closer. The look on his face said that he heard it too. "Wait I hear it, someone's in there."

"I know, come on Emmett help me move it."

When we finally moved the car we saw that there was a little girl in the back seat. I bent down to take her out of the car and quickly unbuckled her from her car seat. The girl looked to be about four years old. She had long brown hair, chocolate brown eyes, and she looked very pale with her black dress on. When I looked at her eyes I seemed to be trapped in her gaze, the rest of the world seemed to melt into the background. There seemed to be nothing else but her in the world, I was completely lost in her. That was until Emmett decided to interrupt.

Emmett's Pov

Hey Eddie you gonna say something anytime soon? I thought at Edward. He didn't answer me. Fine you want to ignore me? Go right ahead, I know how to get your attention if I want it. I thought I would take advantage of Edward being distracted. I slowly crept up behind him and the kid, and then I yelled very loudly in Edward's ear.I saw Eddie and the kid jump just a little and grinned. Edward turned and glare at, I just laughed at this. Got your attention didn't I, Teach you to ignore me again, I thought smugly. This got me a growl from Edward, to this I just laughed harder. We stopped when we suddenly heard a sound that was extremely similar to the sound of a little girl laughing, at us it would seem.