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Louisiana AKA ***Marie Louisiana Jones

Anna AKA ***Anna Ohio Jones


Year 2050


Marie Jones crumpled up the contract in disgust, never has she seen such a horrible propersition. Her sister Anna raised her eye brow and sighed setting down her cup of black tea. "Marie, its the only way. And you know Virginia wont take no for an answer" Marie nodded and pulled back her golden long hair behind her ears "well Elisabeth is a brat, we can't have another war within our family." Anna nodded in agreement remembering the civil war, all the lives lost made it one of the worst American wars in history. Anna stood up and closed her sea blue eyes "we have to do this to be hidden. The other nations DO NOT KNOW we exist and we hope they never will know. ALL the states know that if our existence gets out we will have to fight to stay American" Marie nodded and uncrumbled the contract, Anna handed her a pen and she signed her name on the dotted line. 'Marie Louisiana Jones'. Anna smiled folding the papers putting them in her brown duffel bag. The nightmare of the contract is the state meeting, all 49 of Marie's brothers and sisters come together in this big room and discuss problems around the table. The states haven't had a meeting since 2020 when the southern states and the northern states started to fight during the meeting leaving gun wounds on Georgia from new jersey. The meeting officially ended when Florida snapped and separated the states keeping New York from wringing North Carolina's neck for kicking Pennsylvania in the stomach.


Ever since then, the northern states were separated from the southern states. Marie reread the contract, :their bringing back the meetings. How is this going to work?" Anna shrugged and sat back down on the couch. "I don't know what plans Virginia has, I just hope it doesn't go downhill." Marie stood up and smiled halfheartedly at the state of Ohio. Anna pulled her own brown hair into a ponytail. Anyone who took one glance at the two girls wouldn't figure they were sisters, Marie had long golden hair going down to her waist and lightly tanned skin, she always wore the prettiest skirts and her skin was absolutely flawless. Anna, however, had shoulder length brown hair, medium tanned skin and wore jeans and a sports tee shirt. As different as they were all 50 of the states had one distinctive characteristic. All the states eyes were sea blue just like their fathers, Alfred F. Jones. 'The United states of America'.

When Anna finally left Marie's house she sighed with relief and collapsed onto her couch. She flipped throue the channels when there was a knock on her door. Groaning, she she opened the door."HEY!!!!!Louisiana! Long time no see!"

Oh GOD not him!


Its been years since the last conference, at least it seems. Alfred hasn't been coming to them like he used to. When he did, he always looked so tired and beating up, as if somethings been on with him. No that cant be right, if there was another civil war he would surly tell him......wouldn't he? Every time he called Alfred voice seemed tired even over the line, and for some reason there was always talking in the back ground? Strange indeed, but another meeting was coming up and he was going to him himself IN London. 'Maybe I should make sure hes coming?.............yeah' He picked up the phone and dialed his house number.






"Come on!!"


"PICK UP!!!!!"

....... "Hello?"

It was kids voice not Alfred's, sounded like a small girl.

"Who are you?" Arther asked trying not to sound rude. After a while there was no response then the girl sighed "Amy" Okay... at least she said her name......but that still didn't say WHAT she was doing in Alfred's house. "Is a guy named Alfred Jones there?" he asked after a long silence. "YOU KNOW Da...." the small girl was cut off by another kid over the phone "yes but he isn't here right now" It sounded like a boy about 13 years old. "okay...can I leave a mess--..." "call back later have a nice day GOOD BYE" and with that comment he hung up on him. 'THAT LITTLE BUGGAR!!!!' thought Arther in his mind. 'What the hell are children doing in his house?' he asked himself leaving his house. 'I'll have to talk to him about it'.

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