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Louisiana jumped hearing loud footsteps come running towards her through the house, California flung the phone at her excitedly mumbling something incoherent and Louisiana stared at the phone for a good three seconds with a weird look on her face then pressed it to her ear.



She stared at the phone with shock and relief. A small smile lifting her face.


"Hey I want to thank you for helping you're brother and sister thake care of things in the house while I was gone"

"it was no—problem…"

"if you want to go back you can"

She blinked once, then twice staring at the wall.

"well I knew you didn't want to come to o.k. in the first place…so if you want you can go back to new Orleans….I'm sure iggy could manage for a couple more hours I'm about to get on the plane"


"I hope the rest of the family didn't give you any trouble, I know they've been fighting again. And if you want you can stay another day! I am making hamburgers!"


"Because all heroes eat hamburgers"

She sighed, almost seeing the goofy grin on her dads face as he said it.


"Huh..? What do you mean honey?"

"Daddy….I'm staying…."

"You're moving back in?" she heard laughter and smiled "wonderful! A heroine has returned!"


"See you in a couple of hours honey" *click*





She turned and saw New York staring at her with a small smile not trying to escape.

"You're really gonna stay?"

She smiled slightly and nodded then quickly felt her brother give her a bone crushing hug.

"Yup bro, I'm staying…"

Sucky ending was sucky. Yup, I know, I rushed it. I just wanted to get this fiction over with kay? I thank all who stayed with this story for as long as you have. And au revoir~