CHARACTERS/PAIRINGS: Main paring will be Sasuke/Naruto

RATING: M, which means you have to be at least 16 to read this story!

WARNING: AU, malexmale

This is a mature, M, story meaning that you have been warned. It will contain Sasuke/Naruto slash, in a couple of different situations. Found a video on youtube that I just had to write a story about! I saw it once and now I can't seem to find it but I hope its okay to write a story about it.

Chapter 1 – The discovery

"Yo! Sorry I'm late."

"Kakashi-sensei! You're late!" Naruto sighed and crossed his arms over his chest.

"Yeah, super late!" Sakura flipped her hair behind her shoulder and looked at Sasuke.

"Ma ma. You see, I found this very cute dolphin that I had to save and-"

"Right! Like we'll believe that, right Sasuke-kun?" Sakura turned towards Sasuke and gave him what she thought was a pair of cute puppy eyes. Sasuke turned his head away and ignored her while Naruto watched them with a saddened look.

"Oh right. Kakashi-sensei, why did you summon us here?"

"Oh, right right. Well I called you here because I wanted to talk to you. Or should I say, I wanted to talk to Naruto."


"Yes, you see I met your older teacher Naruto."


"Is this you Naruto?"

Out of nowhere Kakashi pulled out a picture, no more like a poster, and held it up for the three youngsters to see. Naruto paled, Sakura choked and Sasuke stared.

(Because Naruto is a girl on this poster I will write she instead of he. Got confused when I wrote he first..)

That was Naruto alright. But in his Sexy no Jutsu. And nude. She was standing with her back towards them, looking over "her" shoulders with a seductive stare. One of her arms was over her head, holding her long hair up while the other was around her breasts. The picture was cut at her waist and it made the whole picture bigger. Her blue eyes shone and had a gleam in them, promising sinful pleasure.


…Sakura's thoughts…

Female Naruto is cuter than me! How is that possible? No that's not right; I'm way cuter than him!

…Sasuke's thoughts…

Naruto's hot…

"Naruto, why did you do this?"

Naruto stared at the poster and then blushed. How could he tell them that Ero-sennin was the one who insisted that he should do this? He knew that Naruto had trouble with money and came up with the idea of selling pictures of his Sexy no Jutsu. He and the pervert had taken some pictures. Naruto could barely save his virginity from the old man, but it was worth it. He had earned a lot of money which made it easy for him to pay his rent, food and water and still have some over.


He looked up, watching everyone, but stopped when he saw Sasuke stare at him.

"Teme! What are you looking at?"

Sasuke blushed and turned his head away and hid his eyes. Naruto stared at him and then looked down at the ground before he turned and ran, ignoring Kakashi's calls for him to come back.

"Oh my god! I can't believe him! How disgusting to sell himself like that. But then again, he is pretty worthless-"

"Shut up, Sakura."

Sakura stopped her ranting and looked at her big crush. He was staring at her, his sharingan swirling and his face twisted in a scowl.

"Don't talk like that about him, understand?"

Sakura nodded and watched Sasuke walk away with only one thought in her head:


Naruto ran all the way home and slammed the door shut behind him and locked it. He then threw himself on his bed and let the tears fall. Disgusting! He was disgusting. He cried while he thought about the pictures. Why did he do something like that? What had he been thinking?


Naruto gasped when he heard Sasuke's voice through the door. He heard him test the handle and he could almost imagine the frown on Sasuke's face when he realized that the door was locked.

"Dobe, open this fucking door right now or I'll kick it down."

Naruto slowly made his way over to the door and carefully locked it up. Sasuke instantly pushed his way inside and closed the door. He then turned and walked up to Naruto. Naruto backed up against a wall, Sasuke following him. When Naruto realized that he was backed up against the wall he tried to step to the left but two hands came down on each side of his head, making him jump a little.



Sasuke smirked and lifted one hand to let it trail from Naruto's elbow and up towards his shoulder.



"What are you doing?"

Sasuke only smirked and leaned in. And. Kissed. Naruto. On. The. Mouth.

Naruto froze while Sasuke pressed his lips against Naruto's. Naruto's mind took some time to catch up, but when he did…

"Teme! What the hell are you doing?" SLAP. Naruto rushed to the door and threw it open before he left Sasuke alone in the apartment.

Sasuke stood and stared at the door. How did that happened? He kissed him. Sasuke, the most wanted young man in Konoha, kissed someone willingly and he got slapped! That wasn't how it was suppose to be. That damn cute Dobe was supposed to kiss him back and wrap his arms around his neck. Did he do that? Nope. He slapped him and ran away.

Sasuke smirked.

He had always loved hunting…