Sooo, sadly this is the end. For this story at least. I just felt like stopping here. When you've read it I think that you'll agree with me. Don't worry, there will be more stories! I'm thinking of a classic one with teacher Sasuke and student Naruto who hates each other until Sasuke finds out a terrible truth… What do you think?

Chapter 15

There just inside the door stood a very flushed Naruto in a pair of short, dark blue shorts, a blue vest and a big dark blue bow. On the vest you could see the Uchiha symbol. But the best part was the ears and the tail, he had blonde fox ears on his head and they were so cute! Not that Sasuke would say that out loud… He could see that a card was attached to the bow and slowly reached out and took it.

Dear Sasuke

Naruto asked for some advice because he wanted to give you a nice present.

Hope that this is to your satisfaction.

Your one and only sensei, Kakashi

Ps. Ruka-chan doesn't know and you'll make sure that he never finds out or I'll sleep on the couch for a month…

Sasuke smirked and looked up at Naruto's flushed face.

"Well, well. You wanted to do something special for me? And here I thought that I was the one who was going to surprise. Oh well."

With that Sasuke grabbed Naruto and threw him over his shoulder, ignoring his squeak of protest. He ran to his room, slammed the door shut and threw Naruto on the bed before he pounced on him.

"Sasu- aah!"

Sasuke smirked while he ripped the vest open and attacked a nipple, making Naruto squeak. The Uchiha then reached up and tore the bow and ears off and smirked when he heard a weak protest.

"Sasuke, those were expensive!"

"Hn. They were in the way."

Naruto tried to protest but Sasuke quickly attacked his mouth and forced his tongue in. Naruto tried to turn his head away but Sasuke held his head in a firm grip. With. One. Hand. Naruto glared into Sasuke's eyes but his own widened slightly when he felt Sasuke's other hand sneak into his shorts. He moaned when Sasuke touched his cock and squeezed it firmly and pressed his body up against the Uchiha. Sasuke grunted at the contact and then pushed Naruto down roughly again. Still kissing Naruto breathless he took the vest, ripped it and used it to tie his lover's hands to the headboard. To late Naruto realized what had been done and he tried to tug his hands loose to no vain. Sasuke smirked and pulled Naruto's shorts down, while enjoying the blush that quickly spread over the blonde's face.

"What? Feeling modest now Naru-chan?"

Naruto glared at him but then moaned when Sasuke started to lick on one of his nipples. But Sasuke quickly abandoned it in favor of licking on something else… Naruto screamed and tried to buck of the bed when Sasuke lick him. Down there! Sasuke smirked up at him and licked his lips before he started to lick him again. No, not licking, rimming was the word Kakashi had taught him. Naruto seemed to enjoy it so why not?

"Sasu- ah! Sasuke!"

"What Naruto?"

"Stop teasing me…"

…Inner Sasuke…

Fuuuuck. Does he know what a tease HE is?

Sasuke smiled on the outside and then held three fingers out in front of Naruto's mouth. Naruto blushed but then obediently sucked them him which made Sasuke gasp. He let his tongue swirl around the fingers and coated them with plenty of saliva while Sasuke could only sit and enjoy. But he soon grew inpatient and pulled his fingers out with a pop and then slid down his lover's body again. He looked up at Naruto so they eyes met and then pushed a finger inside. Naruto threw his head back and moaned loudly while he pushed back onto that wonderful finger.

"Sasuke, another."

"My my, aren't we being demanding?"

"Shut up and put another one inside."

Sasuke chuckled but pushed another finger inside and started to scissor them apart to help his lover get used to the feeling. He soon added a third finger and drank in the sounds his lover was making. Then he had had enough and pulled the fingers out and quickly grabbed his dick and started to slick it up with some lube. He also took some and pushed inside Naruto's hole before he lifted the blonde's legs and pushed inside hard.

Naruto threw his head back and arched his spine while he cried out in mixed pain and pleasure. Sasuke didn't give him a chance to get his breathing back; instead he started to thrust fast and hard. Naruto was a whimpering, quivering mess who tried to remember his name.

"SASUKE!" Naruto's shout of pleasure was the only warning that came before semen started to spurt out from his cock. Sasuke gave two powerful thrusts before he came with a grunt and then collapsed on top of Naruto.

"Sasuke~~… You're heavy…"

Sasuke mumbled something but then rolled off of his lover which made them both groan when he slipped out. Naruto then snuggled up towards Sasuke who in turn sneaked an arm around his waist. Naruto closed his eyes and let sleep claim him. He didn't see the red eyes that were looking down at him with affection.

…Inner Sasuke…

I think that I can die happy now.

Sasuke nodded and then closed his tired eyes to sleep some too.


"SASUKE! Honey! Are you awake?"

Sasuke bolted straight up from his bed but then relaxed when he heard a cute whine next to him. He looked down at his lover and smiled but quickly put his mask on then his door opened. His mother peeked inside and smiled when she saw the two young men lying in the bed.

"Breakfast in 30 minutes."

Sasuke nodded and his mother closed the door. Sasuke leaned down and kissed Naruto on the nose making him wrinkle it. Sasuke chuckled and waited for Naruto to wake up. He stared down as a pair of sky blue eyes slowly opened.

"Care to take a shower with me?"

Naruto huffed and turned his back on him. Sasuke felt a vein form on his forehead but stood up. He then quickly darted down.

"Ahh! Sasuke! No, I don't want to take a shower with you! You're only going to molest me!"

Sasuke smirked and ignored his lover while he carried him into the bathroom.

The End.