Cici: "Hello my fellow Fanfiction members! This is the very first TMNT Dare Show! Yay! All of you can submit a dare for the Turtles. You can even submit dares for all the characters from the 2003 TV show! Keep it T rated, all right? I forgot to mention you can dare me, TMNTLittleTomboy, the host! If you want to, you can call me Cici. That's my nickname."

(The host snaps her fingers as a large red curtain opens up. A bright spotlight reveals the Turtles tied up and gagged)

Cici: "In order for the Turtles to get here, I had to knock them out and drag them here. So, everybody I'll be ready for all of your upcoming dares! You must hurry because Raph is about to go berserk."