Chapter Ten

Day 9

(Cici and Dark Leo appear in the room, with Cici still wearing the Phoenix Jones costume. The Turtles walk over, blinking twice at the small girl's costume.)

Raph: "What the shell?"

Leo: "Cici, that's an interesting costume."

Cici; (Smiles) "Thanks."

Mikey: "Where's Julian?"

Cici: "At home taking a nap."

Don: "So…Cici, how was crime fighting?"

(Silence grew in the room as the four Turtles wait for the girl's answer. She walks over to Raph and presses her forehead against his plastron.)

Cici: "I was scared."

Leo: "You were?"

D. Leo: "You were scared? You didn't act like it."

Raph: "I'm guessing ya pretended to be brave."

Cici: (Looks at Raph) "Yep. Plus, Dark Leo killed a man to protect me." (Smiles and blushes)

Turtles: (Look at ) "You killed a man?"

D. Leo: "I had no choice. She wasn't paying attention. The man had a knife and I threw a dumpster at him."

Mikey: "A dumpster?"

D. Leo: "Yes."

Cici: "Dark Leo said he rather spend time with me instead of his brothers! Plus, he carried me bridal style!" (Squeals)

D. Leo: (Looks away) "You need to keep your mouth shut, runt."

Raph: (Grabs Cici's hand) "Babe, take him back to his own time." (Looks at D. Leo) "Next time yer come back….keep yer hands to yourself."

D. Leo: (Roll eyes)

(The small teen snaps her fingers as the Dark Turtle disappears. Cici quickly hugs the dark green Turtle as her patted her head. She snaps again as a red envelope appears in Leo's hands.)

Leo: "Forgottenforever dares Don to be starved from coffee and donuts for the whole day."

Don: "WHAT!"

Mikey: (Pats Don's back) "Dude, relax. You can survive a day."

Don: (Sighs)

Cici: "Next dare, Leo-kins!"

Leo: "Forgottenforever dares Raph to be a pink Turtle for the rest of the day and his bandana must be bejeweled with pink rhinestones." (Laughs)

Raph: "WHAT!"

C+M+D: (Laughs)

Raph: "SHUT UP!"

C+M+D: (Still laughing)

Raph: (Growls)

Cici: (Stops laughing and pats Raph's back) "Sorry for laughing at you, Raphie-poo."

Raph: (Looks away from Cici)

Cici: "Oh yeah, I forgot."

(Cici snaps as her regular clothes appears on her. She snaps again as Raph's dark green body turned pink and his mask had pink jewels all over it. The pink Turtle growled angrily as everyone laughs.)


Mikey: "Aw, Raphie-poo the pink Turtle."

Raph: (Slaps Mikey)

Mikey: "OW!'

Don: "You sort of deserved that, Mikey."

Cici: "I agree with Donnietello."

Raph: "Bring the next stupid envelope."

(The small teen snap as a gold envelope appears in Raph's pink hands.)

Raph: "Tmntcowgirl dares Cici to give Don his laptop and Mikey's video games."

D+M: "YAY! OUR BABIES ARE COMING BACK!" (Hugs each other)

Leo: (Chuckles)

Cici; (Giggles)

Raph: (Roll eyes)

(Cici snaps as a grey laptop appears in Don's hands. She snaps again as a large bag of video games appears in Mikey's hands. The two younger Turtles cheer happily and skipped around the small host.)

Leo: "Whoa."


Cici: "You two cam play with your things later."

(Raph slowly looked at his pink hands and growls angrily. He walks away from the group and heads for a wall. He quickly punches it and returns to the group.)


(Cici hugs the pink Turtle, who sighs heavily and allows the small teen to hug him. The small ten snaps as a brown envelope appears in Don's hands.)

Don: Jokermask18 dares Cici and Karai to have a smelly feet contest; loser has to give the winner a foot message."

Leo: 'Cici, you ready for this dare?"

(The blue masked Turtle looks over to the small human, who is making out with pink Turtle. Leo walks over to them, yanking Cici away from Raph and wraps his muscular arms around her waist.)

Raph: (Glares at Leo)

Leo: (Looks at Cici) "Did you hear the dare?"

Cici: (Smiles) "Yep."

Don: "Go ahead, Cici. Bring Karai here."

(The small host snaps as Karai appears in the room. The older ninja glares at Leo, who glares back at her.)

Cici: (Waves) "Hi, Karai!"

Karai: (Looks away)

Mikey: "Karai, you and Cici were dared to have a smelly feet contest and loser has to give the winner a foot message."

Karai: "Let's get this over with."

(The katana wielding woman and the young host both took off their shoes.)

Cici: "Raphie-poo, smell our feet."

Raph: "Why can't you do it?"

Cici: "Remember that I can't smell? Plus, I can't trust Karai cause she might cheat."

Karai: (Roll eyes)

Raph: "Fine, I'll do it."

Karai: "Raphael, I have one thing to say to you. You look awful as a pink Turtle."

Raph: (Glares at Karai)

Cici: (Giggles)

(The pink Turtle gets on his knees, smelling Cici and Karai's feet. He stood up and cleared his throat.)

Raph: "Karai's feet are smellier."

Don: "Cici, you know what to do."

Cici: "I know, Donnietello. I have to give her a foot message."

(Cici and Karai sit on the floor as the small teen grabs Karai's left foot and slowly rubs it. The young host sighs heavily as she grabs Karai's other foot, gently rubbing it.)

Cici: "Ok, I'm done." (Looks at Karai) "Bye, old lady."

Karai: (Glares at Cici)

(Cici snaps, allowing the older human to disappear. The young adult sighs heavily as her chocolate brown eyes ran to the pink Turtle.)

Cici: "Raphie-poo?"

Raph: "Yeah?"

Cici: "I don't like pink but you look super cute!"

Raph: (Looks away and blushes)

Cici: "Donnietello, read the last dare of the day."

Mikey: (Smiles) "Last dare of the day? YAY!"

Cici: (Giggles) "You're funny, Mikeylanglo."

Mikey: (Smiles) "I'm happy, Dudette. The day is almost over." (Hugs Cici)

Cici: (Hugs Mikey back)

Don: "Uh…..can I read this now?"

Cici: (Pulls away from the hug) "Go ahead, Donnietello."

Don: "Jokermask18 dares Cici and April to have a belching contest; loser has to be the winner's slave for two days."

Cici: (Gulps)

Mikey: (Laughs) "I can't wait to see this."

Cici: "Raphie-poo, Leo-kins."

R+L: "Yeah?"

Cici: (Points to Mikey)

(The two older brothers slowly look at Mikey and walk over to him, smacking him on the head as Cici smiles.)

Mikey: "Ow…."

(The small girl snaps as April appears in the room. The orange haired woman smiles and pats Cici on the head.)

April: "Hello, Midget."

Cici: (Growls) "I'M NOT A MIDGET!"

April: (Smiles) "Yes you are."


April: "Calm down, I'm just messing with you…..Phoenix Jones."

Cici: (Glares at April)

April: "Are you going to be a crime fighter again?"

Cici: (Looks away from April)

Don: "April, how did you know about Cici being a-"

April: "She rescued me."

Turtles: (Looks at Cici) "You rescued April? I thought you hate her."

Cici: "I had to. She was surrounded by Purple Dragons."

April: (Smiles) "Midget."


April: "Ok, what's my dare?"

Leo: "Jokermask18 dared you and Cici to have a belching contest; loser has to be the winner's slave for two days."

April: (Grins)

(Cici snaps as a can of sodas appears in the two human's hands. Both of them open the soda and slowly look at each other.)

Cici; 'You ready, April 'Big Butt' O'Neil?"

April: "Yeah."

Turtles: (Blink twice)

(April and Cici quickly drank their sodas as the four ninja teens watch them. The two humans threw their cans on the floor, grinning at each other as the Turtles blink twice again.)

Mikey: "Dude, they're acting like they're gonna battle each other."

Don: "I wonder who'll belch the loudest."

Mikey: "Ten bucks say Cici will win."

Don: (Nods) "Ten bucks on April."


(Cici sighs and burps normally then April grins, sucks her breath, and burps loud.)

Don: "April wins." (Looks at Mikey) "Ok, Mikey, give me my ten bucks."

Mikey: (Rubs his neck) "I don't have any money."

Don: (Blinks) "Why did you bet on money if you knew you didn't have any?"

Mikey: (Shrugs)

Raph: "Mikey, ya such an idiot."

Mikey: "I'll give him the money when the TMNT Dare Show is finally over."

Cici: "I can't believe I lost."

Leo: "It's ok, Cici. Just hope April doesn't do anything to you when you're working for her."

Cici: (Hugs Leo)

April: "By the way, why is Raph pink? Did someone dare him like that?"

Raph: (Looks away)

Cici: "Ok, the day is over."

April: "You have to come home with me."

Cici: (Gulps)

April: "Let's go."

(Cici sighs heavily and snaps as the two humans disappear. The Turtles sighs as Mikey clears his throat.)

Mikey: "So…..Raphie-poo-"

Raph: "Don't call me that. Only Cici's allowed."

Mikey: "You should be pink forever!"

Raph: (Slaps Mikey)

Mikey: "OW!"

L+D: (Roll eyes)

To be continued…..

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