You've seen a lot of things
You're the keeper of many dreams, and
You got everything it takes
To stay strong, carry on

- "Good Girl," by Zoegirl


When Max was little, yellow used to be her favorite color in the whole world.

Not anymore.

When she was little, yellow was sunshine and canaries, bright skies and happy smiles. Yellow was cheerful, loud and vibrant and obnoxious with a punch of color that could make anyone's day a little better.

Not anymore.

When she was little, her biggest hero in the world was her sister, who was four years older and brave and strong and was never afraid to venture out of the apartment when Max was terrified. Her sister had super-powers, able to argue with their parents and flirt with boys and be the coolest person ever.

Not anymore.

When she was little, her parents were perfect, loving and gentle and always proud of Max and her sister. They were happy and would go to see her sister's soccer games on Saturdays and make pancakes and bacon on Sundays. They would help her with her homework and praise her sister's ability to cook (by 10, she mastered the ability to make most breakfast foods alone). Her parents were just all-around great parents.

Not anymore.

Max isn't little anymore. She's technically an adult, finding her way through college and new boyfriends and of course a job that she can never put on any résumé but loves more than anything in this world. She studies technology and computers and binary code during school, and after she's quizzed on villains and their corresponding rap sheets. During the day she spends time with friends and goes on occasional dates, but at night she shares her bed with her best friend, coworker, lover…

Her parents are divorced and never home.

Her sister goes through boyfriends like tissue paper, dropped out of college, and insists on living on the opposite side of the country.

Her favorite color is no longer yellow.

Her parents now consist of one crotchety old man, who spends his time glaring at her when he's not condemning her for screwing up something else. He epitomizes grumpiness and lives almost permanently in his ancient house with his equally old and grumpy dog.

But she loves him.

Her hero now consists of her best friend, the one that sleeps through most of their classes and goes out and fights the resident crazies of Gotham city at night. He's also the one that she spends all her waking and sleeping hours with, and as a result can piss her off faster than anyone she's ever met. She lost her virginity to him, she's gotten into physical fist fights with him, and she's fairly certain she could spend the rest of her life with him very easily if she's not careful.

But she loves him.

Her favorite color now consists of just about anything. She doesn't like yellow, or pink, or red, or blue, but she loves the color the sky just before dawn and the color Terry's eyes flash when he smiles, or the color of the Batsuit against the dark cityscape that is Gotham. These are her favorite colors, the ones that she can't put a name to, but steal her breath away every time.

And she loves them.


Here ya go. It's just as painfully short as the last one, but these are supposed to be drabbles, even if I hate writing really short stories.

I like writing introspective Max fics (in case you haven't noticed XD), and her family is a really interesting topic for me.

Next will be Green, but don't worry, I promise it won't be another Mac ficlet- in fact, I can pretty much guarantee you won't be expecting this one. ;)