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Dedication- I had a hard time getting back to writing because I had a very hard death in my family. So this story is dedicated to my cousin Jeremy who died at 27. All too young, but he lived life to the fullest and he was like a big brother to me so this is for him.

This is a historical Edward & Bella story. They were in love before he changed, but what will happen 92 years later when they meet again. AU, M, Vampires. Canon Pairings.

Chapter 1: Mindset BPOV

I gently rolled the fabric of the red peacock coat in my hands relishing in my ability to feel every individual thread that wound together to form the coat I was wearing.

I didn't need the coat, but the weather in Forks, WA called for it so I had to do what was necessary to fit in.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Looking at my golden honey colored eyes and wishing myself dead.

What was a life worth if I was always destined to be alone.

I let my eyes drop to my neckline lingering for only a few seconds on the small gold chain that held my engagement ring and a small locket.

Engraved on the cover of the locket were the letters E and B and inside, I knew a small picture resided of myself and him.

I didn't need to open the locket to recall the picture in perfect clarity.

Nor did I need to stress my mind to bring forth the memory the actual picture was taken.

I retained my memory in perfect clarity after my change, and it was both a curse and a blessing.

It has been 92 years since I have seen my love, Edward Mason.

He was supposed to have been taken by the Spanish influenza in 1918 when he was only 17 years old, but if I was being honest with myself, I didn't know how much I truly believed that.

I had gone to his supposed grave site after I had been changed, and I knew no body lay in his tomb thanks to my abilities.

I suppose having extra capabilities were one of the few advantages to being undead.

It was after my visit to his grave that I started to recall memories of the doctor I had begged to save my love.

The cold and marble like feel to his skin. His golden eyes and the way it always looked like he had stopped breathing. After I had begged and screamed for him to save my Edward, the doctor had nodded and promised to keep him on this earth for me.

I had stepped away to get a wet rag to wipe the sweat from Edward's feverish body.

I didn't know it would be the last time I would ever set my eyes on him.

If I had known that the doctor was taking him away from me that very moment, than I never would have left. I never even got to say goodbye to him, never got to lay one more kiss upon his head, and I would never get to see his brilliant green eyes again…not if he had indeed became a vampire that night.

Like I am now.

Today I was going to try assimilating myself into a community for the first time. The solitude was eating at me, and I needed something to keep me busy.

I am going to enter school and try to fit in with everyone that resembled my supposed age of 18.

A small part of me flickered with resentment that had I just been bitten at 17, then in death or in this cruel afterlife we would remain the same age.

However, fate, cruel as it often is seemed to find enjoyment in making me live a year in misery and mourning until I was changed.

I shook my head and punched the mirror I had been standing in front of for entirely too long. The glass spidered off into a thousand different directions before shattering and falling to the ground around my feet.

I looked at my hand in disgust wishing I had bled or at least received a scratch. Of course, there was nothing there like always.

I turned away from my room, and left the house quickly grabbing my small black book bag and rushed to my red mini cooper. It was a small and decent car. I enjoyed quick vehicles, but I didn't have the funds to buy them.

After decades of life I found little need for luxury items, and I didn't have the tolerance or patience to keep a job long enough and start a savings, so I often broke into little shops and used my speed to simply take what I wanted.

I only owned this small house buried on a side road in Forks because I forged documents from a deceased old single man into my name, and the car, well I actually worked at a library for a few decades to save up a little to purchase vehicles and other small trinkets.

Other than that I felt no desire to save money. What would I need the funds for? I was alone for the last 92 years and I would probably continue to be so for an eternity.

Unless a stroke of good fortune would come my way and bless my Edward back into my life. But I had given up on that. I had searched for Edward after I was changed and found his grave empty.

I dwelled on the fact that the doctor was almost definitely a vampire. However, all I remembered was his first name Carlisle, and that did little to help in my search.

I met few vampires in my years. All nomads like myself, but after 90 years of searching I needed something to distract myself before I went to the Volturi and forced their hands to end my pointless existence.

I pulled my car into the mundane parking lot at Forks High School and parked next to a silver Volvo.

I sighed getting out of my car, and looked towards the brick school building.

I shook my long chocolate hair out behind me and started forward, ready to face whatever fate decided to through at me this morning.

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