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"This is me saying the word."

Then I kissed him.

The last thing I heard was shrieks of glee erupt from Alice as Edward swept me into what would soon become our room.

Ch. 7 Bonding


Edward and I had made love for hours and caused a few thousands of dollars worth of damage in his room. I profusely apologized and both Esme and Edward took me to get over it and that it was nothing compared to the others. I could hardly believe that.

Until Rosalie told me how her and Emmet had brought down their very own cabin in the woods in Alaska. I was partly curious and imagined Edward and me being that rough and passionate, but I was mostly shocked anyone could be that intense.

It had been 2 weeks since the ordeal with Tanya and the subtle wedding agreement, and Alice had been relentless with squeals and ideas. It was hard to not let her excitement catch up with me, and I was happy about the wedding.

I had always wanted to marry Edward, but I did not want a wedding fit for a celebrity. I wanted my family there and for it to be simple and beautiful. So I was often trying to run from Alice when she called on me to pick between eggshell, cream, and whipped ivory color schemes.

Everything basically looked the same to me.

So I was happy and grateful for whatever small amount of rest and peace I could get.

We were currently sitting on the loveseat in the living room with Emmett and Jasper playing Call of Duty on the Xbox 360 and Rosalie was in the chair flipping through a Cosmopolitan magazine.

It was Alice and Edward that held my attention.

"Edward Anthony Cullen stop hogging Bella!" Alice was scolding Edward for the umpteenth time this afternoon, and I could not help but have to choke back a few laughs.

"Alice, I just got her back. Why can't you let me soak in that happiness?"

This was usually Edward's excuse for not sharing. He was playing the sullen and deprived little boy who had just found his favorite teddy bear which had been lost.

I found it adorable. Plus, I didn't mind him playing with me.

Usually this worked because Alice had a soft spot for Edward and wanted him to be happy, but now she was getting fed up.

"Enough Edward for the last 14 days you have holed her up in your room only allowing me to speak or see her briefly and I want to talk to her. She is supposed to be my best friend and how can we get there if you keep hogging her!"

She was standing up and pointing at him now, and he visibly shrunk back into the couch like he wanted to hide behind it.

Remind me to never piss off the little pixie.

She stopped suddenly put her hands on her hips and glared.

Edward glared back before sighed and looking away. "It's up to Bella."

My jaw dropped.

Some protector he turned out to be, she wanted to make me shop and I had successfully avoided that because Edward and I needed to reconnect in more ways than one, and in more positions that I could ever imagine.

I couldn't stop the smile that spread across my face.

Edward sensing where my mind was going based on my smile suddenly smirked and grabbed me around the waist. "Well, obviously she wants to go talk upstairs so..."

Suddenly I was back on the couch and Alice had Edward backed against the wall.

I had to control my urge to go protect him and remind myself this was his sister, and she wouldn't hurt him. Well not too badly anyways.

I felt Jasper sending me some calming waves, and I looked up at him.

"Thank you." I said.

He nodded and shrugged his shoulders. "Not a problem."

It was hard for me to accept that he wouldn't use his power to hurt me, but Edward and him seemed close. They would have long debates, play video games, and wrestle with one another.

It was nice seeing Edward act so carefree around these people.

"Alice," Edward was scolding Alice.

"No Edward I want to spend time with her too. Everyone does! And besides you promised me you'd let me get to know her!" Alice reasoned.

I sighed and stood up the two of them turning to look at me.

Suddenly Alice squealed having seen my decision and Edward pouted.

"What is it?" Emmett wanted to know.

"I will hang out with everyone today. I promised I would try to be a part of this family, and the only way that is going to happen is if I start spending time with all of you."

"Yes about time!" Emmett clapped his hands before slapping me on the back knocking the unnecessary air out of my lungs.

After I gathered myself I pushed back at him and smiled.

"So what are we going to be doing today Alice?" I asked.

"Well first we'll hit the mall I have to get you some things, and then tonight we'll hit this new little club that opened up in Seattle called Dusk. It's supposed to be amazing and the dance floor is glorious! Plus its open mike night!"

She was practically bouncing as she explained our itinerary to us.

I had to admit I was pretty excited to get to know these people better. After all if everything went as planned then they would be my family and not just Edwards.

Rosalie flipped herself out of the chair tossing the magazine on the coffee table, and her and Alice started walking up the stairs calling me after them.

"C'mon Bella!"

I smiled and gave Edward a soft peck on the cheek, and then rushed up the stairs to Alice's room.

Alice's room surprised me. I had expected it to be frilly and girly, but it was subtle aside from the mirrors and closet. I assumed Alice had decorated as a couple rather than just herself. The walls were covered with different hues of greens and gold. It made everything in the room sparkle and look like treasure.

Alice was throwing clothes at me which I caught and held up.

"Ummm Alice why do you have my size in your closet?" I asked.

Rosalie smirked. "She has an entire closet of clothes in your size. She has been shopping for you ever since you got here, and trust me it only gets worse if you don't show a preference and before you ask, plain jeans and a shirt are not an option for her."

"Well, thank you Rose for spoiling that for me," Alice began, "But I just wanted you to have options, and trust me Edward will love every single piece of it."

I was going to argue, but why bother. She could see the future, and if Edward would like it then what do I care. If anything it would just benefit me.

I smiled at the thought.

"That's what I thought." Alice said cockily and then tossed a pair of underwear at me.

"Alice!" I shrieked.

She whipped her head up at me and smiled evilly at me before saying, "Trust me Bella."

I looked at her and then at the clothes, and leaned my head back in frustration.

I looked at Alice and Rosalie who were both basically changed and started undressing. After 100 years of life all modesty has gone out the window so I didn't mind changing in front of them.

I dropped my clothes to the floor and turned to pull on the blue thong Alice had provided me with. It was cute with a little bow on the back. I sighed and pulled it on. Then I pulled on the skirt and strapless top.

The skirt was cute it was a sleek black color to it and it hung low on my waist, ending just about 4 inches from me knees. My top was an ice blue tank top that hugged my curves and pressed my breasts together so my cleavage was accentuated.

Rosalie handed me a black peep toe heels that gave me a little more height which I appreciated. The closer I was to Edward's lips the better.

Before I could turn to look at myself in the mirror Alice was in front of me brushing my hair running her hands through it.

"Edward likes your hair down, and it looks nice this way so we'll leave it down now for the mall, but when we go to Dusk we are pulling it back, okay?" Alice explained to me.

I nodded my head in agreement, and walked around Alice to look in the mirror.

I couldn't help the smile that grew across my face. It had been a long time since I had nice clothes that were so flattering to me. I couldn't even remember the last pair of heels I had even owned. My supply at home was just gym shoes and flip flops.

"Thank you." I said and I meant it with every fiber of my being. I brought my hand up to feel my locket and ring as I looked at myself in the mirror. It had been a long time since I had felt this complete and I was grateful to the Cullen's for helping me to get to this place.

Rosalie came to stand next to me in front of the mirror, and I admired her beauty. She could make a cardboard box look sexy.

All she wore was a pair of silver strapped heels, a pair of dark washed skinny jeans, and a vibrant red top that was ribbed with a dropped neck line that fell off her shoulders and showed off her chest. Her blond hair was pulled back into a ponytail, and she looked effortless beautiful.

"Wow Rosalie, you look…" I began but she waved me off.

"Firstly Bella, call me Rose, and secondly thank you. You look pretty hot yourself."

I was shocked and stumbled over my thank you.

Alice had raised her eyebrows at her.

"What!" Rose exclaimed "I can appreciate a fine body when I see one." She turned and walked out the door to meet the guys.

Alice and me looked at each other and started giggling then.

"She is right though Bella, you do like hot!"

I pulled myself together and stopped my giggling. "Oh Alice, it's only because you bought me all this. Thank you again, and you look wonderful too!"

Alice was in a pair of black heels with black jeans and a tight pink strapless top that made her tiny frame seem longer than she really was.

"I know I do silly! C'mon we have lots to shop for!"

We rushed down the stairs and I had to bite the inside of my cheek to stop myself from running over to Edward and dragging him to our room.

All he wore was a pair of jeans that hung low on his hips with a gray t-shirt. To be honest all of the guys looked good, and each one of them wore a pair of jeans and a shirt.

"Bella, love, you look entirely too tempting for a trip to the mall. I think we should stay home." With that Edward was at my side and his lips were on mine.

My hands instantly flew into his already messy hair as I tried to pull him closer to me.

Suddenly I felt a very small pair of hands around my waist that did not belong to my Edward and I was picked up and placed on the other side of Jasper before I could even protest.

I looked around aggravated, "Alice!" I growled.

She just smiled at me.

"You two have plenty of time to make out, now we are going to the mall so out go on move it Bella!" Alice began shooing me out the door and into Emmett's giant Hummer. Everyone fit into the car with ease and we took off to the mall.

We walked in and began going through stores. Within an hour Alice had poor Jasper carrying over 6 bags and Emmett had 3 for Rose. Edward was only carrying one small bag for me.

We went into a large shop full of a variety of items such as revealing dresses and outfits which I was sure was the reason Alice had insisted we come here first.

As the guys drifted off to a section full of electronics and video games I was pulled into a fitting room with Alice and Rose.

"Bella, try this on I can't see if Edward will like it or not so I can't decide if I should buy it!"

"Ah Alice, you don't have to buy me anything. I don't need it." I tried to explain.

Alice said, "Bella, your days of stealing are over. You are going to be a Cullen and money is one of the benefits of that so just accept it. And trust me Edward will be on my side with this."

Rose just stood there looking at herself in the mirror.

I sighed and pulled on the dress.

I looked in the mirror. It was extremely short, so short that if I bent over to far my girlie parts would be exposed. But it was this pink and black color that made my skin look like it glowed and it pushed my chest up. The colors alternated between a solid pink and a lacy black pattern. It looked incredibly sexy, but I felt like I was on display.

"Damn Bella. You look so fuckable." Rose said.

I looked at her. This was the type of dress I could see her wearing not me.

Suddenly Alice's eyes glazed over and she took a small intake of air.

Instantly Rose was at her side asking what happened.

Then Alice opened her eyes, and she smiled wickedly and looked at me.

"What is it Alice?" I asked. "Is it bad?"

She shook her head no and replied. "Oh this is definitely bad I just saw Edward's reaction to the dress."

"Oh, well will he like it then?" I asked.

Suddenly she pushed Rose out of the dressing room and smiled evilly before saying "You're about to find out."

Then they gone.

I stood there dumbfounded and turned to look at myself in the mirror again.

I guess I looked nice. It was definitely sexier than anything Edward had seen me in, and I did want to make him happy.

I raised my hand to my locket and ring on my necklace playing with it in my hands.

I turned around to start unzipping the dress, and then I heard a click.

Before I could turn around his hands were on my hips pressing into my skin.

I didn't have to see him or even hear him to know who it was.

These hands knew my body like nobody else.

I couldn't help the smile that graced my lips as I leaned my hand back against his shoulder.

"Edward" I sighed.

"Do you have any idea what you are doing to me right now?" he asked.

"Oh, I think I do." I said as I pushed my ass against his straining hard on.

He started kissing my neck and his hands roams lower to my thighs.

He started sucking and nipping on my neck and I started moaning. My hands trailed behind me to Edward's hair and I pulled on it.

He growled and I felt myself get wetter at the sound. He quickly turned us around and pushed me against the back wall of the dressing room.

His eyes were pitch black and he leaned in to whisper in my ear. "What was it Rose said you looked like?"

I gulped and replied. "Fuckable."

"Hmm yes, I think that describes this perfectly right now, but I would add beautiful, mouthwatering, and sexy to the list as well."

His lips found mine and as his tongue found its way into my mouth I leaned myself into the wall and reveled in the feeling as his hands found their way up my thighs pushing under the hem of the dress higher and higher until his fingers were firmly grasping my bare cheeks.

He pulled his face away from mine as he realized I was not wearing normal panties and I whimpered at the loss.

I wanted to be embarrassed for the thong Alice had insisted I wear, but how could I when the look on Edward's face as he realized what I was wearing was one of pure lust and desire.

A loud growl started forming from his chest and I pushed myself against him as his hands found their way around the thong. His fingers found the small bow at the top of the panties below my spine and he followed the straps around to my front as they dipped around my body before he plunged his fingers into me without warning.

A moan escaped my lips before he could stifle it with his lips.

I couldn't find it in me to care about where we were or that people could probably hear us. I knew that I should probably care, but I didn't. All that mattered to me was Edward's hands and the current things that he was doing to my body. I felt this intense pressure building up inside of me, and as my walls clenched around his fingers he kissed me more forcefully to prevent my screams from coming out.

As I came down from my high I leaned myself against him and kissed him again.

"Edward, baby, I love you." I managed to say in between kisses.

"I love you Bella, so much." Was his response.

He pulled his fingers up to his lips and slowly sucked them, and I felt myself grow wet all over again.

I leaned forward and started kissing his neck as I let my hands trail down to his waist.

"Bella love, you don't…" he began but I interrupted him by grasping his perfect hard on in my hand and sliding my hand downward.

His head fell back against the door now, and I pushed his pants just low enough to let his hard on be free out of the constraints of his pants.

I lowered myself to my knees and I felt the dress riding up higher and settling on my ass. We were positioned in front of the mirror with Edward against the door.

Vampires were visually oriented creatures so I figured he would enjoy the show as well as feel it.

I placed him in my mouth and started moving at an even pace swirling my tongue around the tip at different intervals. His moans and clutching of my hair told me how much he was enjoying this, and after a few minutes his body shuddered before he came in my mouth.

Greedily, I swallowed every drop. I stood up then and licked my lips.

"Bella, love, you are entirely too amazing."

If I were still human I would have blushed. Instead I just smiled and leaned forward placing a kiss on his cheek.

I stood back and pulled the dress back down to my thigh before twirling. "So I take it you like it?"

He smiled my favorite crooked smile and said, "We're buying everyone they have and in every color."

I heard Alice say loud enough for us to hear, "Already done big brother."

I slapped my hands to my face and felt mortified, but Edward was laughing whole heartedly.

I rushed forward and pushed him out of the dressing room, but he caught me around the waist and kissed me deeply.

"Beautiful Bella, trust me they have all done much worse than get…"

"Frisky" I offered for him.

"Yes, they've done worse than get frisky in a dressing room." He finished.

He then kissed me one more time before walking out of the dressing room.

I took a deep breath, changed and headed back to my group.

I ignored them all and rushed straight into the main hallway of the mall, and I didn't stop until I was standing next to a baseball cap store.

I knew they had caught up with me because I could hear Emmett laughing and making jokes.

I bit the inside of my cheek and ignored it. We walked through the mall buying little things here and there from different stores.

Our final stop at the mall was a lingerie store, and Alice all but dragged me in bouncing with glee.

I looked over my shoulder at Edward for help, but his eyes were glazed over and pitch black.

That made me rethink the whole lingerie shopping aspect of the day as I remembered the dressing room.

Jasper called out to us, "While you ladies finish shopping we'll just go put these bags in the car and we'll meet you back here."

Alice didn't even bother to reply.

I took an unneeded breath and walked into the store to find Alice and Rose.

Within 20 minutes it seemed like Alice and Rosalie had half of the store in her hands which Alice informed me that at least half of her pile was for me.

I would have complained, but I was just grateful I didn't have to try anything on.

Although Edward did make trying clothes on much more interesting.

We made it back to the car as a group, and we drove home.

I ignored most of the comments that were made and stayed snuggled into Edward's side.

We walked into the house with a total of 28 bags. There were 10 for Alice, 6 for Rosalie and 12 for me.

That was just sad considering I was the one who didn't even like shopping.

Esme and Carlisle were sitting comfortably in the loveseat in the front room as we all settled around them.

I enjoyed this family type of comfort, and I found myself smiling as everyone started spilling about what they had bought.

That was I was enjoying it until Emmett started talking about dressing room sizes.

"You know you wouldn't think they're big enough to accommodate a group of shoppers like the girls here, but it seemed Bella and Edward fit just fine in there, and oh yea Bella here sure seems to know the best way to use the small space especially if she goes on her knees and…"

Edward was on him before he could finish his sentence, and I smiled knowing he would teach Emmett a lesson.

At least I hoped he would.

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