Title: One Word
Rating: PG
Dean - gen
Genre: Angst
Sometimes it feels so easy to say "yes."

* * *

It's just one word.

One word that he knows he can never say.

If he says it, if he gives Michael permission to come down from fricking Heaven and take over his body, then everything they've been fighting for will be lost.

Millions will die, if Lucifer and Michael wage war with Earth as their battlefield. The world might be saved, but at what cost? The greater good, they call it. Words that Dean is well and truly sick of hearing.

Their job has never been about the greater good. It's about finding another way. Stopping Lucifer before the apocalypse comes raining down in full force, and that will only happen if Sam says yes.

"When" Sam says yes, part of him thinks sometimes. Dean tries so hard to ignore the darkness that's lurking beneath the surface, but he can't. That's why, when he sees his brother's eyes consumed with power, with demon blood, every single barrier that he's built up comes crashing down.

Because that's what it's about, in the end.

That's the promise he'd made.

Protecting Sam. Protecting Sam from himself, sometimes.

That's why, he sometimes thinks that if he just says "yes" now, it will all be over quickly. Michael will defeat Lucifer before the fallen angel has a chance to claim his true vessel, and the world will be saved. Sam will be saved.

At a cost.