Title: Forgetting for a while
Characters: Charlie Weasley & Arthur Weasley
Rating: G
Prompt: honeymoon
Word count: 108
Beta: Not betaed.
Warnings: Alcohol? lol
Summary: harlie loses the love of his life to another man. His father is there to comfort him.
A/N: Originally written for weasley_100 . Also inspired by the prompt "I was off to drink you away"—Picture by Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock, given on Week #17 on fandom_fridays .

Forgetting for a while

"Son! There you are!" Arthur approached a very drunk Charlie. "We've been looking for you everywhere."

"Too bad. I'm not going back," Charlie murmured as he drunk another shot of Firewhiskey. "Not yet."

"Charlie, drinking is never the solution," he reasoned in soft voice as he sat next to Charlie.

"But she's gone, Dad. I lost her for good. She's off to her honeymoon and I just...I just need to forget for a while," he said desperately as his eyes quickly filled with tears.

Arthur looked at him and smiled sympathetically. Moments of silence reigned between them. "Still, no need to do it alone. Miss? Another round, please."