Naveen sat against the inner lining of the stump, still rubbing his sore face. Tiana glared, he was so… erg!

"How could you even mistake me for a… for one of those… high-falutin, spoiled, gorgeous, urg! I mean even if the fact that I needed money didn't tip you off, you'd think the way I looked would of-

"You were wearing a BALLGOWN," Naveen protested, "And a crown! For all the- that is what the princess wear!"

"I wasn't talking about that!" she yelled back at him. Naveen waited to respond until Tiana had taken a moment to compose herself.

"Then what, pray tell, were you meaning?"

"What I meant was the… the…" Tiana suddenly remembered exactly what Prince Naveen looked like in his human form, and found herself stuttering for an explanation, "But then… I guess you wouldn't know much about that," she finished quietly. Naveen continue to give her a questioning look, and Tiana almost laughed outloud.

"Well, for future reference," she told him, "Any princesses you find around here are gona look a lot more like Lottie and a lot less like me. Rounder, blonder, and with a lot paler skin," she finished, rubbing her arm self consciously as she did so. Naveen still looked confused.

"Paler…? Oh." Prince Naveen suddenly caught on. He didn't know what to say. He'd heard about such things, but… he rubbed the back of his head in nervousness and found himself looking anywhere but at the waitress turned frog across from him. "That doesn't really matter where I come from."

"It does here," Tiana muttered darkly, not looking at him, but down words, as if remembering something unpleasant. '…someone of your background…'

She looked up to find Naveen staring at her, and quickly cleared her head of those dark thoughts. "It's not as bad round here in the city," she admitted, "We do make this ol' town swing, but… take a look at who has the mansions and cars, and who works two jobs to make ends meet…" she shrugged, "You'll see what I mean."

Naveen thought about this to himself. He hadn't even picked up on the fact the most of Le' Beuf's guests were paler then moonbeams. It just hadn't mattered to him at the time…

"I wouldn't have even been there if it hadn't been for Lottie and Mr. Le Beuf," Tiana added as an after thought, breaking Naveen out of his musings. Seeing his curious glance, Tiana explained.

"Mr. Le Beuf has never seen much past Lottie, and, black or white, Mama's the best dressmaker in all New Orleans. So, naturally, she's been making Lottie's gowns since we were five," Tiana smiled, "Lottie and I grew up together, Mama reading us fairytales while she sewed… and once Mr. Le Beuf tasted my benias, well, it was all over then."

"So… you are a cook," Naveen reiterated. Tiana rolled her eyes. Naturally, that would be all he got out of all that…

"Not yet," she told him, "But someday." Naveen nodded.

"Well it has been lovely chatting," he said, "but seeing as we are not going anywhere for a while," he glanced outside to confirm that, indeed, the crocs were still waiting to gobble them whole, "I will be getting my beauty sleep. Goodnight waitress-almost-cook." He rolled over, placing his hands beneath his head and settling down for the night. Again Tiana rolled her eyes.

"Goodnight Princey." As she settled down, Tiana failed to notice Naveen giving her one last glance over. Maybe it was all a matter of opinion, but… as he drifted off to sleep, Naveen found himself idily thinking that the waitress he'd kissed had looked much more like a princess then pink puffy Miss Le Beuf ever could.