A/N: After watching Invader Zim over and over, I've become obsessed! And after researching it, (I'm a nerd, leave me alone…), I found out that it was cancelled. And the creator had so many great ideas, for instant, a movie finale. I kinda came up with this idea as a movie finale, so, I hope you guys like Invader Zim: All's End.

Prologue: The Tallest's Gambit

Tak, after searching the galaxy for the Irken armada, finally came upon the Massive. As she was flying her ship to the Massive, she was allowed access. Inside the Massive, she made herself present to the Almighty Tallest, with her S.I.R Unit, MiMi, next to her. In her travel of the void of space, Tak fixed MiMi up. MiMi was back to "her" original self. As she approached the Tallest, Red and Purple, Tak bowed. "My Tallest,"

Purple said, "Yeah, yeah, what do you want?"

Tak answered, "I have traveled through the void of space, seeking you, my Tallest."

Red and Purple just sighed. "OK…So…" Red continued.

Tak stood up. "I am seeking revenge against ZIM!"

"ZIM!?" both of the tall Irkens said. "What did he do?" asked Purple.

"He ruined my plan to take over the Earth. And my plan to impress you, my Tallest." Tak said.

Red and Purple didn't seem too impressed. But, they said, "So, what do you have in mind?"

Tak gave a crooked smile. "I have successfully gathered information about the humans." she turned to MiMi. MiMi opened her head to reveal a hologram of the Earth. "The Humans are a weak force compared to our technology and army," Tak stated. "And they panic and run around in chaos if something is out of order."

Red thought, "Hmmm…So, what you're saying is that…"

"We don't take over the Earth, we destroy it! My Tallest!" Tak said, bowing.

Red and Purple turned away. They talked in secrecy, "Destroy a planet? Have any of the Tallest done that?" asked Purple. "Don't be ridiculous, the old of the Tallest were weak. They didn't have the spleens to do it."

Purple was still lost. "So…" Red smacked him. "So, we destroy it. Pass along. And then we'll go along with operation Impending Doom II." Purple now got the idea. They both smiled evilly and turned back to Tak. "OK, Tak, we will destroy the Earth."

"And Zim?" Tak asked.

"Oh yeah, he's on that planet, isn't he?" Red asked. "And we'll destroy Zim too." Tak smiled again.

The Tallest assembled all Irken Elites to gather aboard the Massive for a special conference. When everyone was present, the Tallest began,

"We have deemed the planet Earth unfit to invade. The inhabitants, the humans, are not fit for our ways. We have come with the plan of destroying the Earth."

The Irkens started to praise. "With our technology, the humans wont stand a chance!" said Purple. Red finished with, "We will begin Operation: Earth Destruction!"

A final big uproar.

In the Tallest's command pit, Tak and MiMi patiently waited for the Tallest. When they appeared, Tak asked, "Did the others enjoy the plan?"

"Why yes," Purple said. "They did." Tak was pleased. The Tallest said to her, "Come with us." Red opened a door, and both he and Purple went down. Tak and MiMi followed. Red said to Tak while walking down the stairs, "We need an invader to lead the armada onto Earth." Tak's heart dropped. She hoped that the invader would be her.

When they came to the end of the steps, the Irkens found themselves in a lab environment. Tak was wondering where they were. Red then said, "We have been secretly creating a super Irken for something like this." Tak's hopes were shattered. "S-Super…Irken?"

"Yes." Red pushed a button. It pushed the wall inward and brought out a tube, filled with green liquid, and an Irken.

Purple pressed another button. It released the Irken inside, and the liquid. With the Irken on the floor, a mechanical hand came down with a PAK and attached it to the Irken's back. The Irken got up and opened its eyes. They were jet black. Tak found a similarity between this Irken and Zim. They looked the same!

"Tak," said Red. "This is Super Irken, Miz." the Irken, Miz, just glared at Tak. Even to Tak, this made her uneasy.

"My Tallest…wha--"

"Miz is an exact clone of Zim, only…faster, stronger, and BETTER!" Purple said. "He is the Irken we need for this type of situation."

"But…" Tak shuttered. "I thought you would give me the invader position." She said it with a broken heart. (Do Irkens have hearts?)

"We are sorry, Tak." Red said, not sounding convincing. "But, you were just the delivery girl." Red looked at Miz. "Miz."

Miz bowed. "Yes, my Tallest."

"Tak is of no further use to us. Take care of her."

Miz nodded. From his PAK came four spider legs that grabbed both Tak and MiMi. He then lunged them into the garbage chute. Tak and MiMi fell through the iron chute down to the garbage pod. Miz pressed a button next to the chute that said, "GARBADGE POD LAUNCH". The pod launched off the Massive, with Tak and MiMi in it. Tak felt heartbroken that the Tallest would do that to her. But she also felt anger. She vowed that she would get back at them.

Back on the Massive, Red and Purple walked up to Miz. "You deserve a S.I.R Unit." Purple grabbed a unit and activated it. "This is Rig. He will help you lead the Irkens into battle."

"Yes, my Tallest." Miz bowed. "Get to the dressing quarters and find some clothes." Purple said. Miz nodded once more and walked pass them, Rig followed.

Purple turned to Red. "Is this Earth Destruction plan gonna work? I mean, what's the point?"

Red shrugged. "I don't know, but, it will make a great fireworks show." Both of them laughed.

Miz pass all the other Irkens. The Irkens that moved aside could see in Miz's eyes that he was now in charge of them.

A/N: Not bad, for a first time Invader Zim fanfic, if I say so myself. Well, I don't know when I'll update, but, I'll update it soon. This idea will be in my head forever! Until then…