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Albus Dumbledore didn't know what he was doing when he left young Harry Potter with his cruel relatives. He didn't know how far the Dursleys fear of magic would go. He underestimated how much hatred the Dursleys held for the young boy. The Dursleys abuse of the young boy had turned him into a much darker person. Harry became cold, manipulative, and violent.

Instead of it being Dudley being the school yard bully. It was Harry. He was the one beating up the smaller and bigger kids for their lunch money. It was him that was stealing from places, small gangs being formed because of the power he held.

Then Harry found out he was different than the people at his school. He could do things with his mind that others couldn't. Control people if he concentrated hard enough. He could make objects float and summon them to him also. He could make people not notice him if he wanted. He could cause people pain if he thought about that hard enough but it left him drained afterwards. He also found out he could talk to snakes.

The snakes had helped him a lot when it came to gathering information. The small reptiles helped him since they could stay hidden in bushes. They had also told him about Harry's abilities. Harry had laughed about it at first but then realized that it did explain where everything did come from.

That's when Harry decided to have a little bit of a talk with his relatives.

Harry took in a deep breath as he prepared himself for what he was about to do. Harry heard the front door open as his Uncle Vernon walked into the house. Harry heard his heavy foot falls enter the kitchen to greet his Aunt and Harry took another breath before he opened the door of his cupboard with a wave of his hand and stepped into the hallway and into the kitchen.

"Boy!" His Uncle started to say before he was silenced by Harry as he waved his hand. His Aunt was about to scream before she to fell silent.

Harry sat down at the table looking at his guardians. "Me and you two have to have a little talk." Harry said his eyes darkening to an emerald green color. "You see I have these gifts and I want to know what they are. So speak." Harry waved his hand.

Finding that they were able to speak, they began to yell at Harry. Vernon had begun to stand. Harry waved his hand again and his Uncle fell to the floor screaming. Petunia looked at this with horror on her face. Her horrified eyes turned to Harry who watched his Uncle dispassionately. His cold eyes turned towards Petunia making her shiver.

"Pleaseā€¦" She began to say only to be cut off by Harry's cruel laughter.

"Please? That's all you can come up with you selfish bitch!" Harry said standing up his eyes a blaze. "I've been abused by you fucktards ever since I can remember and the only thing you can say is 'please'!" Harry growled out stepping towards her. He kicked his Uncle as he went by for good measure making the man whimper as he thrashed around.

He laughed again as he felt the power over his helpless uncle. He stepped closer to his aunt and grabbed her around her neck, choking her. "Now tell me everything I want to know." Harry threatened applying more pressure to her throat.

And his Aunt did talk alright. She told him everything she knew about the magical world. She told him that his parents didn't die in a car crash but were murdered by some dark wizard. She told him about who placed him in this shithole. She told him about his parents and their friends. She told him about Albus Dumbledore and the school he ran all the way up in Scotland. She told him about the letter he would be receiving in a few years before Harry had let go of her neck. He then gave her a warning.

If she told him anything about what happened he would kill her son. He also told her he was moving to Dudley's old room and told her to tell Vernon to watch himself if he didn't want to give an anonymous tip off to Social Services about anything. Unless of course the Dursleys wanted to continue to be a normal family in a normal neighborhood.

Harry turned away from his Aunt and walked out of the kitchen down the hallway and up the stairs and to his new room.

From that day on things at Number Four Privet Drive changed. It took a while for Vernon to fall into it but once his wife told him to watch himself the man did. Harry Potter held the power over him and his family and if he slipped up the results would be disastrous. Time passed quickly after that day and before he knew it his Hogwarts letter had arrived.

Harry had looked over the letter before he resent the owl sending his confirmation that he was going to Hogwarts. That same day Harry told his Aunt that he needed to go to the Leaky Cauldron and his Aunt said she would take him. Harry and his Aunt Petunia arrived at the Leaky Cauldron around an hour later and Harry stepped out of the car and watched as it drove off before Harry walked into the room.

Harry went to the bank first and found out how much money he had. Harry didn't have a key so he had found out that the Headmaster of the school had his key and apparently had access to his vaults. Harry hated that completely and had his vault blocked from any attempts to enter it what so ever. The only way anyone could get in it was only if he was there and said the password for it which he only knew.

After finding that he was pretty rich, so-to-speak, Harry decided to buy himself some new robes, new glasses, a multiple trunk compartment with library in it. Harry bought books on magical theory, advanced books in all subjects, a book about politics along with a book covering the class system of the wizarding world. Then Harry journeyed down to Knockturn Alley, the alley that was filled with the darker items of the wizarding world. There Harry found books about the Dark Arts and he bought most of the books about Dart Arts because he was curious about it. What made the Dark Arts so dark? He also bought a snake to help him gather information around the school.

Harry then went to the wand store called Olivander's when he couldn't find a store down in Knockturn Alley. After trying at least half of the wands in the store Harry found one that suited him (holly and phoenix feather, eleven inches) Harry also got a wand holster for himself. As Harry left the store he felt himself grow hungry and bought and ice cream. Harry then found himself looking for another pet. While a snake would be great for sneaking around the school he would need an owl too. He decided to buy one and it was a snowy one with amber eyes. He named her Hedwig after a name he found in the History of Magic book.

Harry rented a room until the school year started and when September 1st came around Harry had learned from all of the books he had bought and some about the Dark Arts. This Harry Potter was ready for his first year at Hogwarts as he stepped through the barrier that connected platform nine and three quarters.

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