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After the incident with Draco and the Remembrall, Harry, Hermione, Neville and Blaise found themselves making their way to the library. The group was slowly stepping up the stairs. As they continued, the staircase decided to move. They grunted as the staircase jerked them sideways, bringing them in front of a door. The group shrugged before they continued up the way, opening the door in front of them. They stood in a hallway, looking back and forth down the corridor.

"I don't think were supposed to be here," Blaise muttered casually as he looked at the dust-covered hall.

"It's because we aren't supposed to be here," Hermione whispered to the Slytherin boy, as if the walls were listening to their conversation. "It's the third floor corridor. It's forbidden!"

Harry and Neville looked down at the end of the hallway, seeing a lone door. "Erm… how about we find out why it's forbidden?" Neville muttered as he stared at the door.

Blaise, Hermione, and Harry looked at the boy in shock.

"No offense, Neville," Harry started as he looked at the boy. "But, did you just suggest that?"

The boy blushed as turned away from them in embarrassment. "Well we are here," he offered quietly.

Harry raised a brow at his back. Seems like hanging out with Neville has slowly started to change him, Harry thought as he looked at the boy. A hand on his shoulder caused Neville to look backwards and at Harry.

"Lead the way, Neville," Harry said, his green eyes flashing with interest.

Neville swallowed a lump that formed in his throat before he looked determinedly at the door before walking towards it. Reaching it, the boy pulled on the latch. The door was locked. Harry's wand was immediately in his hand and the door unlocked. They walked inside the room quickly. As soon as they saw what was on the other side they wished they hadn't.

A large Cerberus was currently sleeping in the middle of the room. They all gulped audibly, each of them slowly backing away from the three-headed dog. As they backed away, Blaise stumbled over his robes in his haste to exit the room, falling on his butt. One of the dog's eyes opened, looking at the group of children in front of them. Slowly the beast's heads moved, lifting itself up and above them.

Neville whimpered as he felt his fingers around the latch of the door, desperately tugging on it. The door held fast, refusing to open. Hermione whimpered in fear as the dog faced her with all six of its eyes. Finally, the latch on the door gave and the group quickly ran out as the Cerberus growled at them before it launched its body at them.

Outside of the room the group ran down the hall as fast as they could, trying to put as much distance between them and the Hellhound. As they ran, they found themselves in the library. They all collapsed around the table, breathing heavily. Neville's head rested on the table tiredly as he kept his eyes closed to wipe the image of the three-headed dog in his head. Hermione clutched a stitch in her side, bushy brown hair covering her face from view as she leaned forward. Harry leaned back in his chair as he breathed slowly through his mouth and Blaise was sprawled out in two chairs, using them as a make shift bed.

After catching his breath, Hermione managed to breathe out, "What… the hell are they playing at keeping… a Cerberus in a school full of children?"

"I-I don't know," Neville said as he caught his breath, "but let's stay away from that corridor for as long as possible?"

Blaise sat up slowly, poking his head above the table. "You didn't see what it was standing on?" The Slytherin questioned.

Harry nodded tiredly as he continued to look at the ceiling. "I saw it; I wonder what it leads too."

"Wonder what it leads too," Hermione repeated as she looked at both of the boys. "Whatever it is could get us killed!"

"Not to mention maimed or seriously injured," Neville said adding his two cents into the conversation.

Harry and Blaise shared a look. Both of the boys knew that they would be going to find out just whatever it was the dog was guarding beneath the trap door.

Slowly September rolled into October. Harry and Blaise continued to search for what exactly the giant dog was guarding, throwing out various ideas that could help, but they could draw up anything. They decided to make sure Hermione was well without earshot of those conversations once they chatted about that. Neville had been a mixture of both curious about it and wanting to stay as far as he could away from it.

As Halloween approached, Harry turned into a gloomier mood. The young boy began to walk around the school aimlessly, trying to keep his mind off the eleventh eve of his parent's deaths. Neville and Blaise kept their distance from the boy, unsure of how to approach him. Hermione refused that and continued to spend as much time as she could closer to him.

As the day crawled on Harry was sitting down Neville in a funk in Charms class. A few desks away, Ron and Hermione were sitting and the ginger was currently fuming as he tried the Levitation spell. As he continued to wave his wand back and forth, Hermione stopped him.

"No, no, no," The young witch said irritability."You're going to poke someone's eye out."

"Well then you try it if you're so good at it," Ron snarled at her. "Go on."

Hermione pulled out her own wand. She swished and flicked her wand in precise movements saying, "Wingardium Leviosa."

The feather in front of the pair slowly began to float into the air. Professor Flitwick smiled from his desk, clapping in excitement. "Excellent job, Miss Granger," the small professor said with a smile. "Five points to Gryffindor."

Hermione grinned as her feather continued to ascend into the air. Ron grumbled underneath until the end of class. As the Gryffindors piled out of the classroom, Ron was speaking rather loudly ahead of them to anyone who would listen.

"I can see why she doesn't have any friends," he said to Seamus and Dean who laughed. They quickly fell silent as they saw Harry and Neville behind them slowly making their way towards them. Before they could get there a brown blur rushed by them. Hermione's brushy brown hair disappeared down the corridor, letting out a few hurtful sniffs as she moved by.

Ron felt a hint of dread as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around only to see a fist heading straight for his face -

WHAM – stars exploded behind Ron's eyes as Neville's fist made contact with his face. Before the boy could recover, he felt someone else pull on his other shoulder. As he stumbled backwards, he was sure he could reach out and touch the stars now. Harry pulled back his fist and his foot came up and connected with the redhead idiots, lower anatomy. The redheaded idiot clutched his family jewels protectively as he tried to push back air into his lungs, falling to his knees. Before he could try to move away, another fist found its way to his face and he suddenly found that he enjoyed the floor much better.

Ron Weasley's world was alive with pain and the last thing he saw before his world darkened to black was a booted foot encountered his nose.

Harry and Neville sneered down at the idiot before they both looked up at the gathered crowd of First years. "Would anyone else like to say anything about Miss Granger?" the first years backed away from the pair of boys at the dangerous look that passed their faces. The two nodded as they glared at moron at their feet before they stalked away from the Weasley. As the pair moved down the hallway, Dean and Seamus stepped over to the boy before picking him up and dragging him towards the hospital wing.

For the rest of the day Neville and Harry looked for Hermione. Blaise joined them and helped with the search and by dinner that evening they were worried once they found that they couldn't find her. Harry and Neville looked up and down the table for their friend, even more worried once they didn't see that she didn't show up to the feast.

What slightly put them to ease was once they overheard one of the female first years, Lavender Brown speak in hushed tones with one of her friends Parvati Patil: "I heard that she's been crying her eyes out in the girls bathroom on the second floor."

"Damn, Weasley." Parvati hissed out.

"But he is sort of right," Lavender tried to point out.

Parvati shook her head rapidly. "Didn't you see Potter and Longbottom give Weasley that trashing," she said as looked along the table for the pair. "They almost killed the twit."

Harry snorted as he heard the last bit. If I wanted to kill that moron I would have, he thought darkly as he looked at Neville. The young boy nodded at him and his eyes scanned the table before they settled on one Ron Weasley. The young boy held a frightened glance in his eyes as his eyes settled everywhere else except on Harry and Neville. The boy was eating his dinner slowly, which was a surprising change in the boy.

Harry smirked as he saw the boy. Probably show him a little more respect, Harry thought. Harry's eyes darted towards the Great Hall's doors as they banged open.

Professor Quirrell came running through the hall shouting loudly as he looked back at him in fear. "Troooollllll! In the dungeon," the professor shouted at the top of his lungs. He continued his way to the front table. "Just thought you ought to know." He fell to the ground in a dead faint. The hall was silent as the man's words slowly begun to wash over them.

The students in the hall all jumped up, screaming as they dropped panicked in fear. As the hall erupted in chaos, a banging noise went through the whole hall. Professor Dumbledore stood up at the head table; wand held up in his hand raised above him as smoke slowly ran out of his wand. He gazed at the hall with his eyes un-twinkling."Prefect's," he started voice quiet but echoed in the silent hall. "Please escort the younger student's to their dormitories.

The Slytherin table looked at the Headmaster in disbelief. Their rooms were down in the dungeons right where the troll was supposed to be! As they voice their displeasure, they never saw three young boys disappear out of the hall.

Harry, Neville and Blaise found themselves quickly making their way up the stairs to the second floor. As they moved up the stairs and down the corridors Harry filled in Blaise about what happened in the hall.

"She's been crying her eyes out?" Blaise muttered as they continued on the way.

Harry nodded. "According to Lavender, yes," Harry said as they turned down the hall. The bathrooms were right ahead.

They made their way through the door, listening closely for any slight sounds. They heard a slight sniffling at the last stall. Harry slowly made his way over to the door. Blaise pulled Neville by his sleeve out of the bathroom and into the hallway.

"Hermione," Harry called out hesitantly as he knocked gently on the door.

"What Harry?" She questioned. On the other side, Harry heard another sniff.

"We came looking for you to let you know a trolls in the school." Harry said as he leaned against the door.

"Really?" Hermione laughed bitterly. "That's good. Maybe it can come after me and kill me." The young girl said sadly.

"Take that back!" Harry found himself snarling. Inside the stall, Hermione backed up slightly as she heard the fierceness in Harry's voice. "Don't you dare say anything like that every again!"

People care about you Hermione. After Ron finished what he said about you, me and Neville kicked his arse," Hermione couldn't stop the small giggle escaping her. Harry smiled as he sat down outside the hall. "After that we questioned who else had a problem with you Hermione and no one stepped forwards to confirm it. Your parent's care about you; Neville cares about you; Blaise cares about you," he smiled as felt a small warmth flow through him. "I care about you." Harry whispered. Hermione sniffed at the other side of the stall. The pair went quiet for a few moments.

"Hermione?" Harry questioned softly.

"Yes?" she replied with as she sat on the other side of the stall.

"Why do you let Weasley - of all people - get to you like that?" He questioned in slight curiosity.

Hermione looked down at herself. "I-I don't know. I guess he reminds me of everything I tried to leave behind." She whispered to herself softly.

"Such as," Harry questioned.

Hermione sighed as she continued to stare at her hands. "I was bullied because how smart I was and I guess his comments finally got to me."

Harry chuckled mirthlessly. "I know how you feel Hermione." Harry sighed. "Right before I came here I was bullied a lot by my cousin and his friends."

"What happened," she questioned softly.

"Magic," Harry whispered. Hermione raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Due to my relatives, I became nastier. It got worse when I found that I could do things. Lift thing and push things when I was angry. Soon I could do other things and hid them away from my family. I actually threatened them to get me to move me out of the cupboard under the stairs."

Hermione let out a small gasp before her brow knotted in confusion. "But why aren't you like that now?" she questioned softly.

Harry looked down thoughtfully, wondering why he wasn't as bad as he was when he was with the Dursley's. He thought long and hard about that answer. "I suppose because I have no reason too." He mumbled softly to himself as he stared at his hands. Harry gazed at them hard. "I came to Hogwarts to get a new start I guess, not to beat everyone down because they looked at me wrong. I suppose now it's because I have friends too." Harry couldn't help but chuckle to himself.

"Harry," Hermione whispered.

"Hmm?" Harry 'hmmed' questioningly.

"How did you do it?" Hermione questioned.

"Do what?" Harry replied.

"How did you become so… 'light," Hermione said. Harry chuckled.

"There is no such thing as light and dark, Hermione," he muttered. "They are two sides of the same coin, however I suppose I could be considered 'dark' because how my outlooks on things are and based on my upbringing, but enough of that." Harry grinned slightly to himself as continued to lean against the stall door.

"Harry?" Hermione questioned softly once more.

"Yeah?" The young boy replied.

"Thanks," Hermione said softly with a smile.

"Anytime Hermione," the boy said with a smile. "Anytime."

Blaise and Neville reappeared in the entrance of the door. "Uhh, guys," Neville started slowly with a hint of fear in his voice as he made his way deeper into the bathroom. "We have a bit of trouble."

Blaise looked at them with fear slowly starting to show in his eyes. "I think the troll managed to find its way out of the bathroom." Blaise said as he stood next to Harry. From the inside of the stall, Hermione gasped.

A repulsive smell slowly began to fill the room, causing them to let out choked gasps as they tried to breathe. Slowly a large creature lumbered into the stall. It was large, easily bigger than the door and then some. The creature had bluish skin and large purplish warts were on the back of its legs that were visible beneath its tattered dark brown loincloth. Its legs were as thick as tree trunks and its arms were massive. Its head was as large a large stone and its ears were pointed outwards. It had a slightly dumbfounded look on its face that Harry could swear that he always saw it on Crabbe and Goyle's face.

It stared at the group with small beady dark eyes. In its hand, it welded a large wooden club that was longer than its arms. It raised the club as its eyes landed on them and let out a terrifying roar before it made its way towards them.

Hermione poked her head out of the stall and as she saw the massive troll, she swallowed nervously before she went back behind hiding in the stall. Harry, Neville, and Blaise stared at the troll, drawing their wands slowly.

"H-harry," Neville stuttered over his words," what exactly are we going to do?"

Harry continued to stare at the troll, looking at the large monster. "I don't know."

Blaise let out a curse before he pointed his wand at the creature, shouting out: "Flipendo!"

The spell impacted the creature before it bounced off, striking the wall. Blaise continued to stare at the troll. "Well that didn't work."

Harry nodded in agreement before he looked at the troll once again, seeing that its club was still raised in the air. "Now would be a good time to move," Neville and Blaise nodded before they all moved out of the way, as the trolls club struck the ground with brutal force.

The impact caused the stone ground to crack and sent up stone everywhere. The troll lifted ups it club and Harry saw a small crater where it just was. Harry ran past the creature waving his wand at various pieces of stone, the Levitation spell on his lips. The stone lifted up into the air before Harry sent the rocks flying at the troll. Neville and Blaise ran over to one of the sinks and sent various spells at the object. The sink fell to the ground with a thunk and Blaise raised it into the air with a Levitation spell. The spell sent the sink up and into the air, striking the creature in the chest. Another sink flew at the creature, banging into its arm.

Harry waved his wand once again; watching as the sink struck the creature's other arm. Neville waved his own wand at another sink; watching as the object tore off the wall and flew at the creature's stomach. The troll roared as it found itself being plumed as three sinks continued to strike the creature repeatedly. A fourth sink joined the creature as Hermione appeared outside of the stall, wand in hand, as she waved it at the troll.

Harry flicked his wand back and forth in savage flicks his sink striking the troll in its arm and forearms. Blaise flicked his wand back and forth, his sink striking the creature in its chest and lower body. Neville was dealing with the creatures other arm and trying to knock its club out of its hand, or get the creature to drop it. Hermione waved her wand in a complex circular motion watching as her sink strike the trolls back.

The troll roared in pain as it tried to fend off from the sinks, dark purple blood and dark bruises forming on its skin. Harry flicked his wand once more, swinging his arm back before throwing it forward. His sink floated through the air backwards before it flew forward at high speeds, striking the troll in the face. The sink exploded as it struck the trolls face, sending blood and jagged pieces of the sink everywhere. Blaise followed Harry's example, slamming the sink into the creatures arm, dark purple blood began to leak onto the floor as pieces of the sink imbedded into the creatures arm. Neville's slammed into the trolls hand, the troll let out a rumbling roar of pain as its hand broke, and its club thudded along the floor.

Hermione flicked her own wand once and the sink crashed into the trolls back, burying into trolls skin. The troll fell to its knees, roaring weakly as it wobbled slightly. Harry looked at the creatures club and raised his wand, pointing it at the blunt wooden weapon. He muttered the Levitation spell and watched as the club floated into the air. The troll looked up dumbly as the club hovered over its head. Harry cancelled the spell and gravity met the club. The force of impact caused the troll to crumble to the ground.

Hermione stepped her way carefully to the group of boy's, looking at the troll in carefully.

"Is it dead," she ventured a guess.

Blaise slowly stepped towards the troll, looking over the creature and saw that it was taking in slowly breaths. He shook his head. "Not dead," he kept his wand in his hand firmly. "Just unconscious."

The group let out sighs of relief as they backed away from the troll, feeling tired from the small battle. Behind them, the door banged open and Professor's McGonagall, Snape, and Quirrell ran into the room. McGonagall stared at the group in surprise before they landed on the troll.

"What in the name of Merlin is going on here?" she shouted at them. The group looked at each other sheepishly each wondering how to explain what happened exactly.

"Erm," Hermione started to say.

"It was Ron Weasley's fault, ma'am," Neville said quickly.

She rounded on the boy, eyes flashing. "Ronald Weasley has been in the Gryffindor common rooms with the other students," she said. "How exactly is this, his fault?"

"Well Professor," Harry started. "After Charms class, Weasley was shouting off that Hermione didn't have friends," The girl in question looked down at the floor. "Hermione ran off once she heard him and me and Neville 'quieted' the boy."

Professor McGonagall narrowed her eyes at them. "You mean that you beat the young boy?" she said dangerously. Harry stared back at her anger in his eyes.

"Not our fault that he couldn't get his facts straight," Harry muttered, "after we beat him. We went and searched for Hermione but couldn't find her. Dinner arrived, Neville and I overheard Lavender Brown, and Parvati Patil talking that Hermione was crying her eyes out in the bathroom. Quirrell ran in shouting about the troll and we ran off to find Hermione. We managed to find her, but the troll ended up coming into the room and we managed to fight him off." Harry finished, placing his wand up the sleeve of his robe.

Professor Snape stared at Blaise watching the boy carefully. "I am curious about how one of my own students managed to end up with Potter and Longbottom."

"I joined them at the doors to the Great Hall, sir," the young boy said. "I hang out with them a lot and decided to help after Professor Dumbledore told us to go to our dorms when there was a troll there." The young boy sneered slightly.

A small smirk ghosted across Snape's face. "Yes. The Headmaster corrected himself for his mistake. All Slytherin's are in the Great Hall, finishing their dinner."

Blaise nodded before he stepped over to his Head of House. "I shall take my student back with me, Minerva," Snape muttered before he turned away, cloak billowing as he limped away with Blaise in tow.

Harry's brow crinkled in thought as he watched the Professor limp away. He turned back towards his own Head of House.

The Professor was massaging her temples gently, a headache slowly forming. "I don't know how a group of first years managed to stop and wound a fully grown mountain troll, but you are free to go." The Professor said after a few moments of silence. "However," She snapped, eyes landing on Neville and Harry, "Both of you will serve detention for injuring Mister Weasley and twenty points will be taken from Gryffindor." She stared at the pair. "I will award Gryffindor house thirty points, each for saving Miss Granger from the troll." Harry and Neville nodded. "Now go to the dorms and we shall deal with the troll."

The group nodded before they hurried out of the bathroom and back to the common rooms. The students were all quiet as they made their way up the stairs. Ten minutes later they reached the common room, giving the password to the fat lady before they walked inside. The common room was alive with noise as students chatted, finishing the rest of their dinner.

Hermione stared at Harry and Neville, muttering a small 'thank you.' Harry grinned placing his hand on her shoulder.

"We're your friends Hermione," Harry said. "Well help you no matter what."

Hermione grinned at the two as Neville nodded in agreement before they made their way over to the food.

As the days shifted from October and into November, the days slowly became colder. Harry, Neville, Hermione, and Blaise found themselves preparing for the end of term exams. Harry and Blaise continued to practice dueling, learning a variety of spells from the library. After the second week of November, Neville and Hermione took up dueling with the pair. They practiced continually at night or on the weekends when they didn't have classes.

Harry and Blaise continued practice of the first year spells allowed them to cast the spells silently. The pair stood in the same room they began practicing in, hurling jets of light back and forth at each other. The pair dodged to the side, rolling way from the lights as they continued their fierce duel. Harry swung his wand back and forth like a sword. Blaise's wand batted away spells that he could dodge.

On the other side of the room, Hermione and Neville shouted out the incantations of the spells, sending out multi-colored lights back and forth at each other. Hermione always the victor in her duels with Neville wasn't surprised as she send the disarming hex at the boy, watching his spells fly out his hand. She caught the wand as it sailed her way, holding it up into the air with another victorious smile on her face. Neville bowed his head slightly in dismay.

He walked over to her, taking his wand back from her. The pair turned to watch Harry and Blaise finish their own duel that had become common for them to watch afterwards. Both of the boys were silent as they sent jinxes, hexes, and a few curses back at one another. The air was bathed in magic as the two continued to duel each other. Blaise let a smirk cross his face as he watched Harry's wand sail out of his hand, snatching the wand out of the air, pointing them both at him.

"I win," Blaise said the first words he spoken in the last couple of minutes. A grin worked its way across Harry's face as he waved his hand at the boy. Blaise was caught completely by surprise as both, his and Harry's wand sailed out of his hand.

Harry grinned as he held up his hand, palm extended at the young boy as he held his and Blaise's wand in hand. "I believe I win if I'm correct."

Blaise grinned at Harry. "I believe that you do win." He said, holding out his hand. Harry tossed Blaise's wand back into the boy's hand. The Slytherin continued to smile at him as he placed his wand into the fold of his robes. "When did you start practicing wandless magic?"

"Since I found out I could use it without the wand." Harry said with a grin on his features, his mind grinning at the lie. He knew he could cast wandless before he went to Hogwarts. Blaise nodded, impressed as he looked at the 'Boy-Who-Lived.'

"Secrecy will serve you well, Harry," the black boy said with a grin on his face. Harry smiled at him as he thought, there are many things you don't know about me. The young boy's eyes turned to look out the window, seeing the moon slowly begin to rise.

"We'd better get back to our common rooms, before Flitch catches us," Harry commented.

Blaise nodded walking over to the door. He opened the door and peered out before he disappeared into the hallway. Neville, Hermione and Harry followed the young boy's lead making their way up the stairs and towards the Gryffindor common room. As they passed by the forbidden corridor, Harry found himself staring at the door once again.

"You still want to know what that dog is guarding," Neville questioned softly.

Harry nodded as he stared at the door. He shook his head as he turned away before they continued up to the stairs.

"Do you plan on watching the Quidditch match, Harry?" Hermione questioned at his side.

Harry turned towards her slightly surprised. "Why should I watch it?" Hermione stared at the young boy in surprise.

"You mean you don't know?" The brown haired witch questioned before she wrapped her hand around his wrist and began to drag him back down the stairs.

Neville followed the pair, eyes wide in surprise.

"Hermione," Harry said as he tried to tug his wrist out of her hand. "where are you taking me!"

Hermione didn't pay attention to the young boy, muttering softly under her breath. She continued to drag the sputtering boy all the way down to the first floor and into a room. Inside the room dozens of cases stood, filled in with polished trophies. Harry looked around the room and yelped slightly as Hermione dragged him further into the room, Neville following with a grin on his face.

Hermione placed him in front of a glass case pointing at one of the names on the trophy.

"Would mind, telling me what it –" Harry was cut off by a look from the young witch.

"Just look at it," she said.

Harry glared at her before he turned towards the case, examining the plaque with names written on them. His eyes widened in surprise as he saw "James Potter" engraved into it. Neville stepped behind Harry, whistling softly as he stared at the name.

"I never knew your father was a Quidditch star, Harry." Neville said.

Harry continued to stare at the plaque. "I never knew." He said softly as he continued to stare at the golden object. Each of them jumped as they heard a noise. Each of them turned around in surprise as the door slowly opened. Harry's eyes widened in surprise before he quickly moved over to one of the trophy cases, hiding behind it. Neville and Hermione followed his example. Neville hid behind a large chest while Hermione hid behind a suit of armor.

Harry peaked out behind the case seeing the Hogwarts caretaker, Argus Filtch, standing in the doorway. Harry cursed softly before he ducked back behind the case, pulling out his wand.

"I heard voices in her, my sweet," Filtch said and a cat's 'meow' answered him. "See if you can sniff them out." Harry cursed once more as he gripped his wand, raising it at a trophy at the far side of the room.

He whispered the Levitation spell, pointing it at the far side of the room. Hermione peaked out of her own hiding spot as she saw a case float into the air. She closed her eyes as she watched Harry pull his arm back and appeared to throw the object at a far wall. The effects were instantaneous. The sound of crashing glass caused Filtch to run directly into the room. As the caretaker ran by the case Harry hid behind, the young boy stood up and dashed directly at the door, hiding behind the trophy cases as he kept himself out of view of the caretaker. Hermione and Neville followed his lead, and the three were out of the room, darting across the hall and up the stairs. Footsteps pounding up the stairs the three didn't until they reached the Gryffindor common room.

Harry collapsed in a chair, sweat pouring off the young boy as Neville lay, sprawled out, along the couch. Hermione rested along the side of the chair, breathing heavily as she sat in a chair across from Harry.

"Why is it that every time," Harry caught his breath slowly, "we go out? We almost end up somewhere we aren't supposed to be?"

Neville shook his head on the couch. "I dunno, Harry," Neville managed to say between gasps of breaths, "but at this rate…" a pause, "I'll be skinny before the school ends!"

Hermione shook her head from where she sat on the couch. "I say we could go for the Olympics,"

Harry laughed weakly. Neville's head popped up from the couch, confusion on the tired boys face. "What are the 'Olympics?" He questioned. Harry chuckled aloud as Hermione turned towards the young boy, slowly explaining what the Olympics are to the young boy.

Harry was sitting down with Hermione and Neville, watching the Quidditch match with a small amount of interest. Next to the group stood Ron Weasley, who was shouting as the Gryfinddors and Slytherins continued to play the game. The Slytherins were vicious at they went against the Lions, using dirty tactics to keep them up on points in the game. Harry allowed a small grin to work its way across his features as he watched, seeing a pair of Slytherin chasers surround one of the Gryffindor chasers and pushing her right into the wall of the stands.

The most of the crowd booed while the Slytherin students cheered as they scored once more.

"That's completely barbaric," Hermione muttered from his side as Ron shouted up at Madam Hooch. Harry shook his head as he continued to watch as Slytherin scored another point.

"That's the wizarding world," Harry replied to her. They continued to watch, Harry's eyes on the small golden ball that darted in and out of his sight. If he remembered correctly, it was called the Golden Snitch. Whichever team caught it, netted the team an extra one hundred and fifty points and ending the game. Harry jumped slight as he felt a brushing underneath his robes.

Almost jumping from his seat, Harry heard a voice. "Master," a voice hissed as it continued up his robe. Harry closed his eyes as he felt Sebastian move up and around his body, feeling the large snake run along his stomach, scales tickling him. Harry's face settled into stone as he looked around the gathered group of people and making sure nobody was looking his way, he spoke, softly in a series of hisses and snarls.

"Yes Sebastian," Harry questioned in Parsletongue.

"I have found something that may interest you," the snake hissed, causing Harry to raise his brow.

"What is it?"

"A mirror of some sort; the old one has been messing around with it."

"The old one?" Harry questioned softly as he looked around once more.

He felt the snake nod his head from beneath his robe, feeling another shiver wrack his body. He cursed mentally. "The one that look like Merlin," the snake hissed.

Harry nodded as his mind connected whom Sebastian was speaking of the great Albus Dumbledore. Harry didn't know what to make of the Headmaster just yet. Already knowing of the money being taken from him, Harry found himself questioning the old man. The wizard certainly was powerful, but he was getting old. Harry wondered how old the man was, most likely to be dead a few years. Sometimes he hated how slowly wizards aged. However, the older the man was the stronger he got. Harry shook his head minutely lost in thought.

Sebastian coiled around his midsection, causing Harry to snap out of his thoughts. "What was he doing?"

"Just staring at a mirror, Master," Sebastian muttered.

Harry nodded in thought, his thoughts occasionally shifting as he thought about the new amount of information. Just what exactly was Dumbledore doing with a mirror? Harry had to find out.