Two weeks after getting out of the hospital, I became employed at a local grocery store, earing even more than I did hooking. A month after getting a real job, I was legally emancipated from my parents.

Yesterday, Kyle and I double-dated with Craig, and his new girlfriend Bebe, who he is apparently very much in love with.

Stan and I still don't get along too well, but for Kyle's sake, we've begun to hang out more.

At this time, I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave you, my friend. I am about to participate in a State Champion Hot-dog Eating Contest.

So here is where the story ends: I turned my life around in less than a year. I'm seventeen, I have a stable job and a loving boyfriend, and my own apartment, and I'm seeing a psychiatrist regularly for the eating disorder I can confidently say I am over.

It was hard, but I did it. I guess to really appreciate what you've got, you have to lose yourself in misery first. And now that I have, I know I never will again.


Stay tuned for the upcoming sequel, 'You Better Never Let it Go', told from Kyle's point of view a few years later. Thanks to all who read and/or reviewed and supported :D BYES!