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Chapter 1: Another Day At Work

Jake looked down at the body laying his hammock, sleeping soundly. "Niri... NIRI!"

The body suddenly woke and nearly fell out of bed.

"Niri, you slept in again. If you don't get ready quickly I'm not taking you with me."

Niri looked up at his father for only a quick second before he darted out the alcove on his way to the river to get ready for the morning. It was a few hours past sunrise, he agreed that he would wake at sunrise to accompany his father to see the pxantute.

Niri rushed past the tribe members as they went about their early morning tasks, some saying hello, others simply laughing at the rushed prince.

A voice came from the crowd, "Late again Niri?"

Niri turned to see one of his friends, Nista. Niri had no time to chat, it's not like he wanted to anyways. "Y...y... yea," was all he could say before darting off. Niri was nervous around Nista, to him she was the most beautiful Na'vi he knew.

Niri was the son of the Olo'eyktan of the Ometicaya tribe, Jake Sully. He knew how his father was once what they called an 'avatar.' Niri didn't really care. That was then and this is now. Niri was seen as somewhat of an odd character. His friends were few and many of the adults wanted to know him only be name. Niri was no shame on the tribe, in fact he was one of their best hunters to be. Niri was also very strong for his age and his tracking skills were strangely better than that of some of their most seasoned hunters.

It was how Niri acted and spoke that gave the wrong impression. Niri was soft spoken and kept to himself, his few friends were very close. He never said anything that was out of place and almost never voiced his opinion. His looks didn't help either. Being the son of an 'Avatar' gave him the five digits on each limb, which he rather liked, but also changed his physique. His shoulders were much broader than those of the others and he had eyebrows. Niri never kept his hair in the traditional braids of the Na'vi. The only braid was the one covering his queue, the rest fell over his face and added a mysterious look to him.

At the edge of Kelutrel was a small river. Niri made his way to the edge, cupped his hands, and dipped them into the water. Shaking his hair out of the way he brought his hands to his mouth and enjoyed every drop of the crisp, clean water.

After a wuick jog through the small garden Niri returned to his father, his mouth full of hastily eaten fruit.

"That was quick, I see that you got something to eat." Jake chuckled.

Niri quickly wiped the food from his face and grinned like an idiot. "Are we going now?"Niri half shouted in anticipation.

Jake rubbed his impatient sons head, messing up his loose hair. "Yea, yea, we're going. Get your clothes, I doubt Max will want you doing anything with just your loincloth on."

Niri ran to the other edge of their alcove and grabbed a neatly folded stack of RDA issue Avatar clothing. He had to wear this stuff when he went to Hell's Gate. Niri didn't mind it actually, it was really warm and he felt almost indestructable wearing it.

Niri followed his father up through the new kelutral to the Ikran roosts. It wasn't common to take more than one rider at a time on your Ikran but because Jake had done it so many times over the years, his Ikran was strong enough to do so.

The ride to Hell's Gate was very short, only what Niri figured was 45 minuets. Their current home was much closer to the facility than the original Kelutrel.

Over his father's shoulder Niri could finally see the facility, it was so unnatural and cold, but Niri liked it for some reason.

When they arived at the base Max was there to greet the two of them. Jake hoped off of his Ikran and helped Niri down, Max ran up and looked almost releaved to see them.

"I thought you guys went missing! I almost sent out one of our pilots to look for you."

Jake felt a little guilty. "Max you do remember that we can speak english right? And sleeping beauty here," Jake motioned towards Niri, "took his sweet time this morning."

Niri shot Jake a look that said 'I will kill you in your sleep'. Jake simply laughed and roughed up Niri's hair again.

"The kid's ready to work, just remember that he does need food once in a while." Jake tried to say without laughing.

Max looked up at Niri and gave a crooked smile, "Don't worry, we won't work him too hard."

With that the group split up, Jake went towards the control tower to meet some of the comunications techs and Niri followed Max to the armor bay. A huge presurized warehouse-like structure where all the vehicles and weapons were stored and repaired. Niri had spent almost helf of his 16 years of life at Hell's Gate and knew every piece of equipment and how it worked. He loved working with his hands on these machines. Niri picked up mechanics very quickly and soon he was spending all his time at the base restoring and repairing the broken equipment.

Niri was truly a hybrid, Na'vi body and skills, and the the knowlege and understanding of Human technology.

The two entered the airlock that separated the harsh atmosphere of Pandora from the relatively 'safe' Human atmosphere.

"Wish I was like you." Max said out of the blue.

"Like me?" These were the first words Niri had said since they left Kelutrel, he wasn't very talkative.

"Yea, no need for an exopack." Max let the sentence drip from his mouth, he was very jealous.

Niri tried to remember the little tidbits of information that some of the scientists had told him when he was haging around the labs. "Yea it's nice. Ha ha ha ha. Kinda unfair that we can breathe in both ours and your air." All Na'vi could do this. Both atmosphere's contained simmilar amounts of oxygen, which was what their bodies used, but the Na'vi respretory systems were able to filter out all of the toxins in the air.

As soon as the airlock opened Niri sprited towards one corner of the shop, his corner. He had this area set up with tabels and equipment that he used frequently. Beside it was his AMP suit. Because only one of the 40 remaining scientists knew how to use an AMP and because they had no use for them they let Niri take his pick. He had no use for it other than for messing around in and moving equipment now and then, but he enjoyed using it and working on it.

Other Na'vi showed intrest in the Human technology but it was just minor curiosity. Niri on the other hand, he found it all so amazing how these things worked.

After spending months at the base Niri was able to pilot his AMP with the skill of a human who had been using one for years. Jake was proud of his son's quick learning. And his artistry. Niri had taken the suit almost entriely apart and spent days painting it cyan with black stripes, modeling them after his own. This AMP was truly his.

Niri went about the day working on the many things that needed fixing. Most of the time he was alone and content with his work. Every so often a scientist would pop in with something that needed fixing and Niri would gladly do so, in return they would teach him what they knew. Weather it was biochemestry, nanotechnology or whatever their field was, Niri loved learning everything and how it all worked.

The day wore on and Niri closed up shop. And decided to look for his father....