The Legend of Zelda:

Demon's Dawn

1 Part two of the Imp of Fate Trilogy

HI, it's me again, your old friend pi2. I think I might have figured out the chaptering system, so I might be able to make this a normal fanfic. I suggest you read The Search for Mesmoria before this. You might understand certain story references better if you read part one first.

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Note: This is ten years after the events in OoT and MM. Link is 20. All the Sages awakened themselves off their own accord. Because Link did not use the Master Sword in this timeline except to open the door to the Sacred Realm for Ganondorf and to travel in time twice, it is still in its resting- place in the Temple of Time. Link has a normal sword. This is important, so remember this for later.


Lost Woods, Kokiri Village, Saria's house: Saria, the green-haired Sage of the Forest and unofficial leader of the Kokiri, grumbled and rolled over in bed, trying to stay asleep. An annoying jingle was trying to wake her up. What was that annoying jingle? It sounded so familiar. Oh yes, it was her 'alarm clock'. Saria hurled a pillow in the general direction of Patch, who was trying to wake her up. Patch dodged the pillow and kept on jingling. Finally, Saria grumbled and sat up. "Patch, please shut up and let me sleep!"

"But Saria, it's time to get up!"

She grumbled and started to lie down again. "Wake me up in another hour. By Farore, I wish you had a snooze button or something."

"But Saria, today's the day!"

"What day?"

Patch flew over to her calendar, indicating today's date was circled. "Today's your birthday."

Saria jumped out of bed. "IT IS? Oh Din, oh Din, oh Din, oh Din! What time is it?"

"Nine-o-clock. I've been jingling for the last hour, and I am pooped."

"Oh, I'm sorry, Patch, I knew I shouldn't have stayed up late with Link and Navi last night trying to finish that Forest Temple model!" She ran over to her closet and threw it open, trying to decide which tunic to wear. She looked frantically at all the Kokiri Tunics, all of which were exactly the same. She chose a tunic, quickly ate breakfast, bathed, and redressed, then started getting her house in order for the party. Saria was turning five hundred and fifty-two that day, and she needed her house to be in perfect condition for when the party was over. The party was traditionally held outdoors, but she wanted to make sure everything was in its place for after the party. It was also traditional for the birthday boy or girl to decorate the Deku Tree for the party. Saria ran over to the supply closet to get the decorations, only to find that they were all gone! She moaned. "Deku Sprouts, I forgot I left the decorations in the Temple!"

"Then let's go get them before we're out of time!" said Patch, heading for the door. Yet another birthday tradition in the woods was that the birthday boy or girl finish the decorations by noon. And since the Tree is quite large, the decorations took a few hours.

Saria groaned. "We don't have time to go to the temple and back and finish the decorations before noon!"

"What about the Minuet of Forest?"

"Yes! That would be perfect. She grabbed her Fairy Ocarina and held it to her lips, preparing to blow the first note. And held it. And held it. And held it.

Finally, Patch interrupted. "Well, play the song already."

Saria put down the Ocarina, completely embarrassed. "I forgot it."

"You forgot the song?! You're the best musician in the entire village! How could you forget?"

"The song wouldn't have helped, anyway. It would have taken too long to get back with all the decorations." Saria looked like she was about to cry. "I can't believe this! I've never missed a birthday deadline before!"

Patch moaned. "You know what they'll do to us if we can't finish in time!" One last Kokiri birthday tradition was that if the birthday boy or girl did not meet the deadline, said Kokiri and his/her fairy would be dunked in black paint and left in the Lost Woods for the whole day.

Saria suddenly brightened up. "Wait! I know what to do!" She ran out of her tree house and ran for the Deku Tree's meadow. She ran by all the Kokiri, who were surprised that she hadn't started the decorations yet.

She ran into the meadow. The Deku Sprout, the absolute master of the village and the closest part of the Lost Woods, greeted her. "Oh, hello Saria and Patch. What are you two doing here so late?"

"Sorry I'm late, great Deku Sprout. I overslept."

"Where are the decorations for my patriarch?"

Saria grinned. I've got them right here," she said. She held up her hands, which had begun to sparkle with green light.

The Sprout frowned. "Saria, remember what I said about using your Sage powers responsibly?'

"This is responsibly! I'm using them to fulfill my birthday responsibilities. Doesn't that count?"

The mighty Sprout pondered for a moment. "Well, I guess so, but"

"Great! This won't take but a minute." She raised her hands and hit the Deku Tree with a blast of green energy, concentrating on designs and colors. Flowers and moss sprouted wherever her beam hit, making the Deku Tree look lovely with all the varied colors of the living decorations. She finally lowered her hands. The Sprout twisted to see the decorations.

"Wow! Nice job, but remember to wake up at the right time new year, okay?"

"I will." Saria ran home to figure out something to do until noon.

Death Mountain, Goron City, Darunia's cave: Darunia, Big Brother of the Gorons and Sage of Fire, yawned and woke up. He got off the bedrock, careful not to disturb his slumbering wife, Direa, and went to the bathroom to take his morning lava bath. As he sunk into the relaxing lava pool, he caught sight of the calendar, noticing today's date was circled on it. He gasped. "Oh Din! How could I have forgotten! Today's the day!" he said, almost loudly enough to wake up his wife. She growled. Darunia quickly shut up. Today's the day, he thought. Today was the day Darunia would tell his son about the Guays and the Giant Bees. He finished his bath, brushed his teeth, and went to breakfast. Little Link, his son, was already there in the kitchen, eating sandstone-coated granite. Darunia pulled up a chair and coughed, getting his son's attention.

Little Link looked up. "What is it, Dad?" he asked.

Darunia coughed not sure how to handle this. Finally, he spoke. "Son, we need to talk."

"What about? Sage business? The training for kingship I need to do? My schoolwork? Sports?"

"Son, we need to talk about the Guays and the Giant Bees."


"Hear me out. It all starts with flowers and Giant Bees pollinating them…"half an hour later, Darunia finished. "…And so a new Guay is born! Do you understand?"

Little Link stared at him, his mouth open, some granite chunks dribbling. "Son, stop drooling. It's not polite. Now, do you understand what I've told you?"

Little Link wiped his mouth, then said, "Dad, I have no idea what you're talking about. Are you trying to tell me I should take up gardening and grow something other than bomb flowers?"

Darunia sighed. "All right, let's try this again. It all begins when a Goron male and a Goron female love each other very much and want to have a baby. So they"

"Oh, I see! You're talking about sex!"

"Darunia's jaw dropped. "How-how did you know…"

"I learned about it in sex education last week. Didn't mom tell you about it?"

"Well, no! Then again, I might not have been listening. All right then, if you know so much about the 's' word, tell me how it's done."

Little Link launched into a descriptive and accurate explanation of the reproductive system. Darunia was stunned. Little Link was only nine years old! They were already teaching him about sex in school? Little Link finished up. "…And so, a baby Goron is born! Does that show you ho much I've learned, Dad?"

"Um, yes, yes it has. Now, this hasn't gone to your head, has it? You're not going to practice or anything, right?"

Little Link looked at his father in surprise. "Dad, I'm only ten! I don't even have a goatee yet! I'm way too young to be thinking about that!"

"Er, yes, of course. Sorry for bringing it up. Don't tell your mother about this, will you?"

"Sure Dad, but why?"

"Shhh, no time for that! Here she comes!"

Direa walked in, yawning. As a female Goron, she looked just like the men except she had no goatee. "What are you two talking about?"

"Oh, nothing, nothing at all!" said Darunia quickly.

She smiled. "Were you two talking about the big game tonight?"

Darunia stared blankly. "Game? What game?"

She frowned. "You know, the Super Ball? The annual Goron event that everyone loves and the tickets are sold out for weeks in advance for? The thing I circled on the bathroom calendar?"

Darunia gulped, suddenly realizing that he had forgotten to get tickets. "Um, I've got to go! Really really really important sage business!" He rolled out the door at top speed shouting "Oh Din oh Din oh Din oh Din!

Direa frowned. "Hmm, you don't suppose he's going for tickets, do you?'

"Why wouldn't he?" asked Little Link.

"Because I got the tickets a month ago. I told him that over a week ago. Oh, well, he'll be back." She sat down and helped herself to some rock sirloin.

Zora's River, Zora's Domain, Ruto's bedroom: Ruto, Princess of the Zoras and Sage of Water, yawned and woke up. She looked around her room, which was completely free of any pictures of Link. She got off her waterbed and went to the bathroom to get cleaned up. As she headed for the door to the main cave of Zora's Domain, she noticed that today's date on the calendar was circled. She gasped. "Oh dear! How could I have forgotten! Today's the day!" For the last five years, Ruto had been dating a handsome Zora named Tito. They were in love with each other, but neither on had quite worked up the courage to ask the other to marry him/her. Today was the day Ruto was going to ask him to marry her. She reached for necklace with Zora's Sapphire on it, only to find it was missing. "Oh no!" she wailed. "Where is it?" She thought back, trying to remember where she had it last. She needed it before noon, because that's when they had the date she was going to ask him to marry her! She suddenly remembered that she had left it at the Water Temple when she had needed to go there last night to get rid of a Tektite infestation. She ran out the door and jumped into the water, swimming at top speed towards the Lake Hylia shortcut. She swam through, ended up in the lake, and swam for the temple. She went in, made her way, to the chamber where the ameba Morpha had held her captive in an alternate timeline she knew nothing about. The Sapphire was at the bottom of the pool. She dived, got it, and headed back for the domain. Once there, she went back to her room where she stopped to take a break. She panted, winded from going so fast, but at least she had the Zora's Engagement Ring back! "Tito will be mine," she whispered between breaths. Her future marriage assured, she decided to take a quick nap before their date. She refastened the sapphire to her neck, whispering "I will never let you out of my sight again."

Gerudo's Fortress, Thieves Hideout, Nabooru's room: Nabooru, Sage of Spirit and Queen of Thieves, snored, dreaming about kicking Koume and Kotake's rear ends for brainwashing her. (Even though this is a new timeline written over the future Ganondorf created, Nabooru was still brainwashed for a short time.) She was broken out of her dream by a raping on the door. "Exalted Nabooru! Please wake up!" It was her second-in-command, Aveil.

Nabooru sighed. "What is it, Aveil?" she asked.

"Can you not see the calendar? Today is the day! I have to go get ready. Meet you in the Training Ground in twenty." Nabooru listened as she heard Aveil's footsteps running down the hall.

Grunting, she looked at the calendar. "What does she mean today's the…" She saw that today's date was circled on the calendar. She gasped. "Today is the day!" Today was the Annual Gerudo Training Ground Tournament. It was a yearly event to see who could get through the Gerudo's Training Ground the fastest unscathed. She had won every tournament since Aveil had saved her from Koume and Kotake five years ago, and she didn't plan on losing this one either! She quickly showered, got dressed, did a few backflips for warm- ups, and headed for the Training Ground.

Kakariko Village, Graveyard, Impa's House: Impa, Sage of Shadow and Mayor of Kakariko Village, yawned and got up. She scowled, knowing she would have to go to her dreary, somewhat scary temple for a little exorcism. Then she noticed the calendar had today's date on it and smiled. "Today's the day." She said to herself. Even though she was a member of the Sheikah, the Shadow People, it didn't mean she had to like her temple. It was too full of undead and booby traps. It wasn't the undead that bothered her since they served her, but the booby traps, the skull motifs, the bone piles, the chasms, and the lack of proper lighting. She had hired those lazy carpenters who had made Kakariko Village larger and rebuilt the bridge in Gerudo Canyon to renovate the temple. Since Impa's powers were related to the temple itself, she couldn't change it because her powers were as dark as the temple was. Today was the day they would arrive to renovate the temple. She got out of bed. And headed for the front door. She was surprised to find her servant, the ghost of Dampe` the gravekeeper. "Dampe`, what are you doing here?'

"Mistress Impa, the carpenters are here."

"They are?" Dampe` nodded. "I'll just wash up. Tell them to wait, please." Dampe` nodded and flew through the wall. Impa quickly washed up and had breakfast before coming out to meet the carpenters. The boss wasn't fazed by Dampe`, but the carpenters quivered in fear.

Dampe` frowned. "What? Why are you scared of me? Is it my breath? My transparency? What is it?"

The boss frowned. "Dampe` you old corpse, stop picking on my workers. They're born cowards."

Dampe` bowed his head. "Sorry, sir."

Impa walked over. "Mr. Tivi, I need your men to renovate my temple. You will be paid quite well. Shall I show you to the work site?"

The carpenter boss nodded. Looking over his shoulder, he bellowed, "Come on! We've got a job to do." Followed by Dampe`, the carpenters nervously went with Impa and their boss to the graveyard. Impa showed them the entrance to the temple.

"Your job is in there. She turned around only to see Dampe` and Mr. Tivi. Impa frowned. "Where did your men go?"

The boss frowned. "What do you mean where did…" He turned around and saw his workers had run off. He ran to the top of the ledge with the Temple entrance and saw his workers were walking back to the village. He cursed. "Jiro! Shiro! Ichiro! Sabooroo! Come back here before I cut your pay and rip out your vocal cords!" The lazy workers ignored him and kept walking towards the village. Mr. Tivi sighed and turned to Impa. "I'm sorry, but I don't think they're coming back."

Impa smiled. "Oh, I think they will." Just as the carpenters reached the graveyard exit, all of the Poes, Dampe`, and the Royal Composer Brothers popped out of the ground in front of them and yelled "Boo!" The carpenters screamed and ran back towards the Temple.

The boss was impressed. "I think they'll finish your renovation in no time if you keep the undead breathing down their necks, Miss Impa." Impa smiled.

The Sacred Realm, Temple of Light, Rauru's room: Rauru scowled as he was woken up by his wake-up spell. It was useful, but so annoying! He mentally flipped off and got out of bed. As he headed to the bathroom to wash up and get dressed, he couldn't help but think he was forgetting something special that was supposed to happen. Was it Saria's birthday? No, he remembered that he and the other Sages had gotten her presents and would call her to the Sacred Realm to give them to her in person. He smiled, thinking about Saria. She was a good girl, almost as old as he was. She would probably like the presents they had gotten her. He frowned. What was it he was trying to remember? Then he spotted the calendar. Today's date was circled. "Oh, yeah…Today's the day!" said Rauru, remembering. HE finished his bath, got dressed, and headed for the temple observatory, stopping in the kitchen for some donuts. He walked into the observatory, a place that rivaled the one in Mesmoria by far. It was a huge spherical chamber, a 3-D representation of his universe. Stars and planets drifted by as he walked across the platform to the center of the universe. At the end of the walkway was a chair. He sat in it. After a moment, he said, "Planet Gavalon." Instantly, the stars rearranged themselves. One star flew a hundred meters to Rauru and expanded, showing a hologram of his solar system, focusing on the third planet, his homeworld. He smiled, then said, "Switch to dimension Xj-567-4o6p9g7vn47k9m89u88, same solar system. The stars rearranged again. The solar system and planets in front of Rauru stayed in place, but changed. The fifteen planets of his solar system changed to five. The large red giant turned into a yellow dwarf. His home, Gavalon, changed into planet Garaton, home of Hyrule. "Show current orbital patterns." The planets began rotating, slowly, around the sun. Rauru looked at it for a moment. "So it's time again," he thought. Today was the beginning of the solar equinox, a month-long period in which the planets of Hyrule's system begin to align. It happens each year at the same time. To an extraterrestrial observer, it may appear to be a simple planetary alignment. But to a Sage like Rauru, it was something more. At the end of the Solar Equinox, the five planets are aligned for six hours, from midnight to dawn. In those five hours, a magician in that system could do many great things. The magical pyrotechnics that occurred during those six hours always cheered Rauru up, and he was looking forward to the mystic fireworks automatically caused by the alignment. He grinned. "Looks like I have to make a few preparations," he thought.

Lost Woods, Kokiri Village, Link's house: Link grumbled and rolled over, trying to ignore the alarm. Navi kept shouting in his ear and jingling, trying to wake him up. What did she want? She kept saying something about how today's the day…Link shot up, startling Navi. "Dear Farore, today's the day!"

Navi scowled. "That's what I've been saying for the last hour!" Come on, we've got to hurry and buy the ring before we're too late!" Today was the day Link was going to propose to Zelda. He knew he loved her and knew she loved him back. He had already found a ring, but he had to save up for the last five years before he could afford it. He was going to buy the ring today, but had to get there before the store opened and somebody else might buy the ring. Navi interrupted his train of thought. "Don't forget, today's Saria's birthday, so give her your present before you leave." Link ran into his bathroom, slamming the door to keep Navi out. "Humph! You'd think after all we've been through, he wouldn't mind me seeing him naked!" she grumbled. Link came out twenty minutes later with a new change of clothes.

"I'm ready to go! Where's Saria's present?"

"It's over here, on your table."

Link grabbed the present, an emerald he had found deep in the Lost Woods, and headed for the ladder. He climbed out of his house and headed for Saria's House when he ran into Saria. Literally. "Oof!"

"Ouch!" Saria and Link staggered to their feet. Saria quickly recovered. "Link! I was just coming to see you! Are you ready for the party?"

Link sighed, unhappy. "Saria, I don't think I'm going to make it to the party on time."

Saria looked crestfallen. "Why not?"

"Today's the day I propose to Zelda."

Saria gasped. "Really? It's about time you two hitched the knot. Do you have enough money for a ring?"

Navi answered for Link. "He has 2000R in his wallet."

Saria was impressed. "Wow Link! Where did you get that much money?"

Link grinned. "I found it."

Saria looked sad again. "It's too bad you can't make it to the party."

"I'll be there later. But since I won't be able to see you blow out the candles, here's your present." He handed over the emerald.

She gasped. "It's beautiful! How did you get it?"

"I found it."

Saria smiled, cheering up. "Thanks Link. You can go now. Patch and I have a party to get ready for! She ran towards her house.

Link smiled. "Navi, get close." Navi went into his hat. Link played the Prelude of Light on the Fairy Ocarina, warping to the Temple of Time.

Hyrule Castle Town, Hyrule Castle, Zelda's Room: Zelda yawned and woke up, rolling over in her comfy bed. She looked out the window, smiling at the lovely view of Hyrule Field it granted her. She noticed the calendar on her wall, and how today's date was circled on it. She gasped. "Oh Nayru, today's the day!" She ran into her bathroom to get ready. Her father was out of town for a month on a diplomatic mission to another country. Zelda was in charge. A week after her father left, Zelda had received a letter from someplace she had never heard of, a city called Mesmoria. She had no idea who ruled this city or where it was, but the letter stated that an ambassador from the city would appear in the throne room at eleven-o-clock on the stated day. The name sounded strangely familiar, but she couldn't place it. Had she heard about it from somebody? She couldn't remember. Her Triforce hadn't given her any hints, but she knew to believe the letter when it disintegrated after she finished reading it, indicating powerful magic. She finished getting ready and checked the sun's position. She gasped again. It was ten fifty! Only ten minutes until this ambassador appeared. She raced to the throne room, deciding to send the guards out of the room so they wouldn't attack the ambassador when he/she/it appeared.

Mesmoria, Fairy Palace, Skull Kid's room: Skull Kid woke up on time, washed, and checked his calendar, confirming his suspicions when he saw today's date circled on it. "Today's the day," he thought. His surrogate mother, Queen Spryte, had recently decided to initiate trade with the Hylians. However, she needed an ambassador to go to Hyrule Castle and speak to whoever was in charge about making a trade alliance. Skull Kid had volunteered for this mission. Tael and Tatl volunteered as well. Spryte reluctantly agreed to let them go. After breakfast, Skull Kid was going to be changed back to his old form and transported with Tael and Tatl to Hyrule Castle. Of course, they didn't know exactly where it was; they could only approximate from Link's stories and maps. Half an hour later, at ten fifty five, Skull Kid was on the transformation platform, ready to be returned too normal. Tael, Tatl, Spryte, and pretty much everyone else in the city came to watch. The green fairy-mages worked their magic. Skull Kid felt his wings shrivel away, his body to grow and change, his clothes reweaving out of thin air. Within moments, he was an imp. He hugged himself out of glee. He had loved being a fairy, but he hadn't realized how much he had missed being an imp. Tael and Tatl hugged him, happy to see him in his normal state. The mages prepared to cast the teleport spell. As they prepared, Spryte flew up to them.

"We are not sure where exactly Hyrule Castle is, but we are approximating. We have a 90% chance of landing you in the Throne Room."

"And if we're in the other 10%?" asked Tatl.

"You should land near Hyrule Castle, but not necessarily in the throne room. Or on solid ground."

"Why don't I like the sound of that?" muttered Tael.

"Don't worry, we'll be fine." Said Skull Kid. "My instincts tell me we'll survive the journey. And my instincts are never wrong."

"Oh, yes, and to return, you just need to play the melody of Mesmoria at any point in the forest." Spryte gave each of them a kiss, then flew back into the crowd. "Good bye, my children!" she called. The mages flew around the trio, showering them with fairy dust. And then, a blue portal appeared underneath Skull Kid's feet. It's blue light bathed the trio, forming a crystal around them. The crystal spun and disappeared, leaving the platform empty. "Good luck," whispered the queen.

Hell, Infernal Citadel, a certain bedroom: The bedroom was palatially decorated. There were fine carpets and portraits, tapestries covered the walls, and the ceiling was painted to depict a horrific scene. The bed was huge, as if intended for an occupant of large size. However, what was surprising was that the room was empty of any occupant. What was even more surprising was the pedestal in the middle of the room. On the pedestal was an upraised cushion. On the cushion lay a mask. It was a strange mask, shaped like a heart with two horns and eight smaller spikes on the sides. The mask was colored strangely, all reds and purples with many strange designs and symbols painted on. But the most curious thing about the mask were its eyes. The eyes, although painted on, looked alive. The eyes were a dull red, with normal pupils. There did not seem to be any eyeholes for a person wishing to wear the mask. And then, the eyes lit up. The mask awakened. It stared at the ceiling for a few moments, then sighed. "SO it wasn't all a horrible dream after all." Majora, Demon of Power and prince of Hell, floated off of his pedestal dejectedly. Ten years ago, a young boy named Link had defeated him on the verge of destroying a world. Transforming with aid from a holy relic, the boy was able to slay the demon, exorcising him from the mask his cousins Din, Nayru, and Farore had imprisoned him in. As he was forced back to Hell, Majora had expected to regain his true form and eventually regrow enough organic material to have a body in the mortal world, but his cousins had cursed him so well that even in spirit form he was a mask. For ten years he had been waiting for his father to find a cure for his curse. So far, nothing had worked. Majora sighed once again. Why did he bother getting up? He should just go back to sleep. As he was about to go back to his pedestal, Majora felt he was forgetting something. Then he noticed the calendar. He noticed that today's date was circled on it. Majora realized that this was it. He laughed at his foolishness, not believing he could have forgotten what today was! "Hahahahahaha! How could I have forgotten? Today's the day! The day father promised he would have a cure for me!' The night before, Majora's father had informed him to meet him the next morning in the courtyard to be cured. He had found a way, but Majora would have to wait until the next day. And that day was today! "At last! At last! I shall finally be free of this curse! And then, my enemies will tremble in fear as the demon Majora walks the mortal dimensions once again!" Eager, Majora flew out of his room, heading for the courtyard.

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