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Chapter 4

Rauru waited patiently on his platform in the Chamber of Sages. He had summoned the Sages, they would be there. He sensed the travelers' incoming. Then he frowned. What's this? Several of them seemed to have brought someone else with them! This couldn't be tolerated. They didn't belong here! He sighed to himself. He would handle it as soon as they got there. They arrived. Saria and her fairy Patch appeared on the Forest platform followed by the Deku Queen. Darunia appeared on the Fire platform, followed by Darmani. Ruto appeared on the Water platform, followed by Lulu. Nabooru appeared on the Spirit platform, followed by Poehunter. Impa appeared, alone. As Rauru had hoped, Link and Navi appeared on the Courage part of the Triforce platform in the center of the chamber. He was relieved as well when Zelda appeared on the Wisdom portion, though he was a bit surprised that she had a fairy with her. He was most surprised when Skull Kid and Tael appeared on the Power portion. All
of the newcomers stared around in disbelief and awe at the chamber. The Sages were not happy that they had hitched a ride. Before any words could be dealt, Rauru quickly teleported the Queen, Darmani, Lulu, and Poehunter back to wherever they had come from. He was surprised when he found that Skull Kid wouldn't teleport. How odd. With the distractions gone (except for Skull Kid, who decided to keep his mouth shut) Rauru was able to start the council. He coughed to get their attention. "My fellow Sages, we have an emergency on our hands, but of course you knew that. But do any of you know what has caused the emergency?" Everyone shook his or her heads. "I have a hint. Half an hour ago, I sensed a powerful spell being cast from the direction of the moon. It was of an interdimensional nature, and has ripped the land of Termina from the face of its planet and dimension, and transplanted it onto our own. I have no idea who has done this or why, but I know it could be something
dangerous. We must keep our eyes open. Do any of you have any clues?" Saria and Skull Kid raised their hands. Rauru frowned at the imp. "Who are you, anyway?"

Skull Kid coughed. "My name is Skull Kid. I'm an imp from the forest. I have an idea about what's causing this. Not much, but a little."

Rauru and the other Sages were interested. "Tell us, what do you know?"

"When the spell in question was being cast, all the fairies and myself heard a faint scream. We're not sure why, but it caused us all excruciating pain. It had no effect on the humans."

Rauru thought. "Did any of you hear this scream?" he asked the Sages. All of them shook their heads, except Saria.

"I heard it! All of us Kokiri, our fairies, even the Tree were affected by the scream."

"I have another clue!" said Skull Kid. "A giant talking owl crashed into our restaurant and talked to Link about this! Since I was rolling around in pain, I can't remember it too well. Link, what happened with that owl?"

Link shrugged and spoke. "Well, he was my old friend, Kaepora Gaebora..."

"Did you say Kaepora Gaebora?" exclaimed Rauru.

"Yes. Why?"
"That's my father's name!"
"You have a father?" said Nabooru, surprised.

"Of course I had a father! What, did you all think that I was just created like this?" They said nothing, looking down. Rauru grumbled. "Continue."

"Kaepora said that two evils were behind this, but he went into a coma before he could tell us who they were."

"Oh, well. At least we have a clue or two, sort of. Let's hear the damage reports." Everyone groaned. Rauru ignored them. "Saria! How are things in the forest?"

Several hours later... Link and co. reappeared outside the Temple of Time, exhausted. The sun had just set. "Ugh!" said Navi. "That was one looooooooooooong meeting!"

Link groaned. "I was starting to fall asleep when Rauru started blathering about the whole time-space continuum thingy being messed up. I have no capacity for quantum physics."

Zelda nodded. "I know I'm supposed to be the leader of the Sages and everything, but I never want to go to another meeting like that again! Rauru dominated the entire conversation."

"Hey Zelda, if you're leader of the Sages, why don't you just ban meetings that last longer then two hours? Or when you do have meetings, cut them off at that point. It'll make everyone except Rauru happier." Suggested Tatl.

Zelda cheered up. "That's an excellent idea Tatl! I think I'll bring it up at the next meeting. I'm sure we'll get a majority vote to pass the ban."

Skull Kid rubbed his legs. "I had to stand up the entire time! If I sat down, Rauru would have yelled at me. I don't think I can walk for a while."

Link leaned down and picked Skull Kid up, placing him on his shoulders. "That better?"

"Much. I'll try not to choke you or anything, okay?"

They walked back to town. Just before they headed into the marketplace, Zelda decided it would be better if she stay as Sheik until they got back to the Castle. After transforming, she led the group through the less crowded marketplace. In the last six hours, everyone seemed to have settled down and were successfully trying to deal with the whole situation. As they reached the castle's first gate, Link saw a familiar purple-haired man arguing with the guard. "Look, I really have to get inside the castle! I need to speak to whoever's in charge!"

The guard didn't budge. "You can't get in without a written invitation from Princess Zelda."

"But I'm Dotour, the mayor of Clock Town! I have VIP credentials!" said Dotour, showing his credentials.

"They look pretty fake to me. I've never heard of this Clock Town. There are more important things for me to deal with right now, such as guarding this gate from trespassers."


"Leave now or I will have to forcibly escort you off the premises." Dotour sagged and started heading back to town.

Link walked up to the guard and flashed his pass. "It's okay, Pierre, he's with me." The guard reluctantly opened the gate, allowing the foursome to pass through.

Dotour thanked Link profusely. "Thank you, mister...what is your name?"

"I'm Link."

Dotour gasped. "Link? The one who saved us from the moon ten years ago? The one who rescued me from a looooooooong meeting? The one that brought happiness to my son and made me a grandfather?"

"Yes. I am the one and the same."

Dotour said nothing for the rest of the journey to the castle, he just kept gaping at Link. They made it inside the castle. "Link, I think my legs have recovered. You can put me down now."

"Are you sure?"

"Not completely, but I don't want to inconvenience you or anything."

Link bent over, allowing Skull Kid to get off. He seemed a bit wobbly, but he could walk. As they reached the throne room, Sheik stopped them. "Wait here. I'll go get Zelda. Come into the throne room in five minutes." She went inside, followed by Tatl.

Dotour finally decided to talk to Link. "Link, why didn't you tell us you were from another dimension?"

"You wouldn't have believed me."

"True. That fairy on shoulder doesn't look like the fairy you had when I met you."

"She's not. This is my real fairy, Navi. Tatl was sort of a temporary replacement. It's a long story." Dotour nodded. They waited. "So, how are Anju and Kafei doing?"

"They're doing fine. Kafei is helping run the inn since he's not interested in being my successor. Perhaps my grandchild will be. Ah well. In any case, my grandson is named Tortus, after Anju's mother. He has his mother's eyes, and his father's hair."

Link nodded. Finally, the five minutes were up and they went inside the throne room. Zelda was sitting on the throne. "Link, I suggest you go explore the castle while I'm talking with Mr. Dotour. This could take a while. Go eat dinner or something." Link and Skull Kid nodded and left. "Now, Mayor Dotour, what is your business?" Link and Skull Kid walked about, the castle, looking in the rooms, admiring the priceless works of art and stuff. They worked their way to the dining room, ate dinner, and went back to exploring. Eventually, Zelda found them and told them that they should stay the night. She had made the Mayor feel a little better, and they could escort him back to town in the morning. He showed them to the guestrooms. Zelda left them there, Tatl still following her.

Skull Kid frowned. "You know, Tael, I get the feeling Tatl's taken a liking to Zelda."

"Yeah, I hope that isn't a problem when we have to leave tomorrow." Said Tael.

"Link, what do you think? Link?" Skull Kid turned to see Link and Navi were testing out the beds.

"These are incredibly soft and comfortable!" said Link.

"Yeah, they're almost as good as the beds back in Mesmoria were." Said Navi wistfully.

All over the land, the people were getting organized and going to bed, deciding they would try to sort things out a little more in the morning. One by one, everyone in Hyrule fell asleep. However, two villains were still awake. On the moon, Ganondorf and Majora kept their vigil as the time passed. The silence on the moon was utter and complete, except for the occasional conversation. "Is it time yet?" asked Ganondorf.

"For the one thousandth time, Ganondorf, not yet! We do not strike until midnight!"

"But why can't we do it now? Everyone's asleep! In fact, why are we even waiting until midnight to attack in the first place?"

"I already told you, for a more dramatic entrance! If we show up in the middle of the night, it will frighten the people more, allowing me to feed on their fear, strengthening myself."

"Wouldn't we be just as frightening in broad daylight?"

"Many people are afraid of the dark. If we attack at the darkest time of the night, people's fears will be amplified because of panic. They will not be able to properly see what is going on, and will be very afraid."

"But I thought we were going to burn buildings down! Won't that allow them to see what's going on?"

"A fire at night is more frightening because it only illuminates certain areas. People will be able to see a little better, but not much."


"If you ask me if it's time yet or complain about this waiting once more, I shall revoke your status as second-in-command and eat you alive." Ganondorf clammed up. They waited, staring up at the planet high above. Finally, Majora stood up.

"What is it?" Asked Ganondorf.

"It's time."

Link rolled over in bed, grinning. He was having a very interesting dream. Of course, if I told you about it, I might have to change the rating on this fic. Link frowned. Odd. All of the screaming and explosions and malevolent booming laughter were ruining his dream. Wait a minute. Screaming and explosions and malevolent booming laughter? He woke up, to find that the screaming and explosions and malevolent booming laughter were real. He bolted out of bed, disturbing Navi. "Huh? Link, what's wrong? It's the middle of the night! Hey wait, what's that racket?"

Link changed into his Kokiri Tunic, equipping his various weapons as well. "Navi, I think something is happening in town. We have to go check it out."

"I'm coming." Said Skull Kid. Link turned in surprise. Skull Kid was already dressed in his normal clothes, with Tael resting on his hat. "I'm a light sleeper." He said, explaining why he was awake.

Link nodded. "Let's go." They ran through the castle for the front gate. Zelda was already there as Sheik with Tatl. "I guess you're coming too?" She nodded. "Then let's hurry!"

The six of them ran out. They could clearly see the town was on fire. They could hear a malevolent booming laughter over it all. For Link, Sheik, and Navi, it sounded strangely familiar. Sheik stopped. "Skull Kid, are you any good at fighting?"

Skull Kid pulled out the dagger his mother had given him at his creation. "This dagger magically endows me with the prowess to use it properly, so yes."

"Good. I think you'll need it."

"Hey! I think we have some more important things to deal with here!" said Tatl. Back on track, they ran into town. Most of the screaming had stopped, as many people had either successfully evacuated or were dead.

The laughter could still be heard. "All right," said Link. "I'll hit whatever's doing this head on. Sheik, you hit him from behind if you can. Skull Kid, if it looks like we need help, do what you can." They continued, running for the source of the laughter. They found it. In the marketplace, they found a being floating high in the air, cackling. Its back was turned to them. Laughing, the figure prepared to hurl a thunderbolt at the Stock Pot Inn. Link whipped out a Light Arrow and shot at the figure. The figure screamed and turned around. Sheik, Navi, and Link gasped. "Oh no..."

"It can't be..." said Sheik.

"We locked him away in Hell..." said Navi.

"What? Who is it?" asked Tael.

"Who am I?" said the figure. "I AM GANONDORF! I have returned to take my revenge on those who imprisoned me in the first place!" he said, glaring at Link and Navi. "And I have no idea who you other people are, but since you're obviously Link's friends, I'll just kill you."

"I'm actually Princess Zelda in disguise." Said Sheik.

"You are?" said Ganondorf. "Then how come you don't have any"

"Enough about that!" snapped Sheik.

"Whatever. In that case, I'll have my revenge against you as well. I can't kill you though."

"What? You're not going to kill us?" asked Link.

"No, I'm not. Somebody else will have that happy privilege, unfortunately. Now, taste electric doom!" he said, hurling a thunderbolt at Link. Link slashed at it with his sword, expecting it to be deflected just like it had been in the battle in that erased timeline. Instead, the contact of the metal with the thunderbolt electrocuted him.

"Ahhhh! What the hell? It worked last time..." he moaned as he struggled to get back up.

"That's because you had the Master Sword last time. Now, your sword isn't even remotely sacred. Even the Kokiri Sword would probably work better on him than that normal sword." Said Navi.

Ganondorf cackled. "The pipsqueak's right! That sword won't work on me! Wait, we've never fought before. What is that bug talking about?"

"Nothing you would understand. But let's see how you like another taste of Light Arrow!" Link shot another Light Arrow at Ganondorf, who was too surprised to block.

"Arrrgh! What is that thing? Oh well, I bet you can't hit me with another one!" Link did. "Arrrgh! Why does it hurt so much? It's just a stupid arrow! All right hero, I dare you to do that one more time!" Link did. "Arrrgh! You'd better not do that again! Arrrgh! Stop that! Arrrgh! I told you to...Arrrgh! Stop that! Arrrgh! For the...Arrrgh! Last time...Arrrgh! Stop that! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh!" The heroes couldn't help laughing. Ganondorf glared at them furiously. "You dare? Take this!" He hurled a large fireball at Skull Kid, who barely got out of the way in time. "Ha ha! Take some more of it!" Cackling, he hurled multiple fireballs at the group. Link and Sheik were able to shield themselves, but Skull Kid wasn't so lucky. He barely dodged the fireballs.

"Hey! That wasn't very nice!" said Tael, flying into Ganondorf's face, jingling. Scowling, Ganondorf tried to swat Tael out of the way. While he was distracted, Link shot him with yet another Light Arrow. Ganondorf tried to charge up another fireball, but Tatl and Navi flew into his face, jingling like mad. With the three fairies preventing Ganondorf from attacking, Link was able to take easy potshots on him. Sheik joined in, hurling blasts of light. Not wanting to miss the fun, Skull Kid fired Deku seeds from his slingshot. Ganondorf screamed in pain and rage. He kept trying to swat the fairies away. Whenever he got a little too close, they gave him a shock. They were wearing Ganondorf down.

Link grinned. "This is much easier than the first time."

"Well, you didn't have three fairies helping you the first time." Said Sheik.

"Yeah! Actually, I didn't have...oh no."

"What?" asked Skull Kid.

"The first time I battled Ganondorf, he used waves of darkness to prevent Navi from getting close. I hope he doesn't realize he can do that."

"Let's keep hoping." Said Sheik, firing another blast of light.

Unfortunately, that hope ran out. "ENOUGH!" roared Ganondorf, letting out a wave of darkness that knocked the fairies away. He was very angry. "I have been hit by 100 blasts of light in the last fifteen minutes, not to mention 50 seeds. I have had enough!" He hurled multiple thunderbolts and fireballs. Skull Kid, who saw it coming, was able to shield himself by jumping behind a cart. Sheik and Link shielded themselves like they had before. When Ganondorf's assault was over, he grinned evilly, a crazy gleam in his eye. "You may have survived my attack, but you'll never survive his!"

The six stared at him blankly. "Who's he talking about?" asked Sheik.

"Kaepora said two evils were behind this merge. Ganondorf must be one of them!" said Link.

"Then who's the other one?" asked Skull Kid.

"Why don't I introduce you to him?" asked Ganondorf. He raised his right hand, the Triforce of Power glowing brightly on it. It unleashed a tremendous flash of red light. When it faded, the group looked around.

"Nothing's changed." Said Navi.

"Yeah, where's your partner?" asked Tatl.

"Maybe he ran away like a cowardly dog." Said Tael.

Ganondorf chuckled. "I suggest you look up."

They did. And gasped once more. Skull Kid fell to his knees. "No, no, not again!" he wailed. Tatl started crying. Tael was aghast. Link stood there solemnly, with a look of disbelief on his face. Navi and Sheik couldn't understand why the others were having such a bad reaction, although what was above them was very unsettling. It was the moon. And it had a grinning face.

Ganondorf laughed again. "He will be here in moments. And when he does, this world is doomed."

From the moon, a flaming object fell. It was too far away to be identified, but it was getting closer each second, moving thousands of miles per second. Skull Kid took a step back. And another. And another. He knew what was going to happen. He knew what the object was. He knew who it was. He knew Link had an idea of who it was, but couldn't believe it. Skull Kid could. And he was afraid. Skull Kid ran, looking for a building he could hide in until it was all over. He hid inside a house, and sat there, cowering, beneath a window. "Skull Kid, what are we doing?" asked Tael.

"We're being cowards, Tael."

The flaming object approached. It sped up tremendously, reaching the ground in seconds. As it got a mile away from the ground, it slowed down, still getting closer and closer. Finally, it stopped a mere two feet off the ground, still flaming. The flames subsided. The object dropped to the ground. It was twenty feet tall. It had two dinosaur legs, with nasty talons. It had a heavily muscled torso, in configurations unfamiliar to anyone not from Hell. Its arms were equally muscled, with massive claws. Spines grew from its back. It was red, with black stripes on the limbs and green veins. Its face was most shocking. It was multicolored, with spots and stripes. It was like the face of a dinosaur, but with a blunt snout. It had two horns on the back of its head and eight spines sprouting from its lower jaw. The eyes were huge and filled with an evil light. It looked at the world around it and laughed. "At long last, I am free! Free to take my revenge! I, the demon Majora, have
returned! Ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

Link gulped. "M-Majora? You've changed..."

Tatl squealed. Navi hid behind Link's head. Sheik stared in horror. "That's the one that tried to bring down the moon in Termina?"

"Yes. He was just a mask! What's happened?"

"Ganondorf happened. His Triforce gave me the boost I needed to free myself! My father sent us back here to prepare the way for him. He gave us specific orders not to kill Link, but I don't think he would have a problem with me killing your girlfriend here."

"No! Don't kill her." Said Ganondorf.

Majora was surprised. "Why not?"

"She is the Princess Zelda in disguise. She helped to thwart me, I'm sure of it. She gave the Ocarina of Time to him in the first place, and kept me from getting my hands on it while it was in her possession. We should let your father handle her."

Majora pondered. "Come to think of it, I remember Link having an ocarina with him when he summoned the giants to stop the moon. That was the Ocarina of time, wasn't it?" He turned to Sheik. "If Link had never received the Ocarina, he would never have locked Ganondorf in Hell. In fact, he never would have been able to defeat me in the first place! Because of you, I had to wait ten years to be free, and my father would have been unleashed much sooner as well if you hadn't interfered! In a way, I guess you are indirectly responsible for both of our previous defeats. You are correct, Ganondorf. We should save her for my father." Majora grinned. "Of course, father didn't say we couldn't play with them a little, now did he Ganondorf?"

"No, he didn't." said Ganondorf, grinning wickedly.

"Then lets have our fun. You play with Link, while i have a game with the darling little girl. Let's play!" Majora crouched, then leapt at an amazing distance. When he landed, he ran down one of the alleys. Sheik raced after him.

Ganondorf grinned at Link and Navi. "Looks like it's just you and me, kid."

"I'm twenty years old."

"You're still just a kid compared to me. Now, if you think I was strong before, watch this new trick I learned!" He raised his right hand, the Triforce of Power glowing. Ganondorf was encompassed in red fire. In the fire, he grew, getting bigger and bigger. His features changed as well, becoming more monstrous by the moment. He dropped to the ground as he lost his power of flight. The fire faded away, revealing Ganondorf's new form. He had cloven hooves, like a bull. He had green scaly skin. He had a tail like a stegosaurus, with spikes on the end. His chest was heavily muscled. In his massive forearms, he wielded two huge broadswords. His fiery red hair grew into a mane. He grew strange horns from the side of his head. His eyes were completely white. He still retained his necklace and head ornament. His flexible, reptilian snout twitched and snorted. His mouth was filled with razor sharp teeth and twin tusks. He roared. He had become Ganon, Beast of Doom. He grinned at
Link, who stared at him unafraid. "Well? Are you quaking with fear over my transformation?"

Link smiled. "Not really. I know how to beat you. Navi, Z-target him!" Navi obeyed.

Ganon chuckled in a guttural tone. "Do you really think your fairy will help?"

"Taste Light Arrow, beast!" said Link, reaching for a Light Arrow, only to find he was all out. "Uh oh."

Ganon laughed. "No sacred arrows, and no sacred sword! You don't have a chance of beating me!"

Navi was worried. "Link, he's right. We have no way to beat him."

Link scowled, then thought of something. He grinned, then laughed. Ganon frowned. "I find this situation amusing, but why do you?"

"Because I already wield the weapon that will bear your downfall, monster!" Skull Kid peeked out the window of his hiding place, hoping Link would win. He knew if Link won, Majora would be up against two fighters. He might not be able to handle what Link was about to do. Link raised his right hand, the Triforce of Courage glowing brightly on it. Link focused on the Triforce, channeling his strength into it. The Triforce glowed even more brightly. Ganon winced. Navi stared in wonder. Link was engulfed in green fire. As the fire burned, he changed, becoming fifteen feet tall. His pants were black. He wore black armor, with a triangle on the left-hand breastplate and a crescent on the right. His tunic and hat had turned white. His hair and eyes were white as well. His face was covered in blue and red battle-paint. His shield was gone, and his sword had changed as well, becoming a ten-foot long broadsword, formed of two interlocking blades, making a double helix, which emitted
bluish sparks.

Ganon stared in disbelief. So did Navi. "What-what-what have you become?"

Link smiled. "I am Oni Link, the Fierce Deity. I doubt you can stand up to my strength, beast." He raised his awesome sword. "Prepare for your defeat."

Navi flew over. "Wow...Link, is this what you did when you battled Majora the first time?"

"That's right."

"Then you'll need my help. Right! Z-targeting on!" she flew back to Ganon's face.

Ganon seemed a bit unnerved by the transformation. Oni Link took advantage of the situation and fired a disc of light at Ganon, expecting it to stun him. Instead, Ganon lashed out with his own sword, batting the disc back at Oni Link! Oni Link slashed back, deflecting the disc, but so did Ganon. The disc went back and forth several times until finally it hit Ganon square in the face. He roared and shook his head. Oni Link ran around Ganon's back and performed a mighty jump attack on his tail. Ganon screeched in pain and spun around, dealing Oni Link a blow with one of his broadswords. Oni Link screamed and was knocked back several feet. Ganon charged. Oni Link quickly recovered and jumped out of the way, just as Ganon ran by, smashing into the closest building. Before Ganon, could back out, Oni Link stunned him with a disc then performed another mighty jump attack on his tail. As Ganon spun around, Oni Link backflipped to avoid Ganon's deadly counterattack. Ganon ran
forward, swinging his swords. Oni Link blocked with his own sword. He continued to backflip away from Ganon's attacks. Ganon was getting frustrated. Skull Kid could see that Ganon's strength was not speed. Oni Link dashed behind Ganon and performed another jump attack and backflipped before he could be decapitated. He repeated the process twenty more times. Ganon seemed to be tiring, but so was Oni Link. Oni Link hit Ganon with another light disc and ran to Ganon's behind as before. Once again, he did a jump attack, then backflipped away, barely dodging the swing. Ganon was frustrated. Then he had an idea. He backed away, until his back was touching a wall. He crossed his swords, which started glowing as Ganon concentrated his energy on them. With a roar, Ganon unleashed the energy, which raced across the empty marketplace in the form of an unstoppable energy ball. As the ball was about to hit Oni Link, he swung at the ball, attempting to deflect it. That was his mistake.
The instant the ball made contact with the Helix Sword, it exploded! Oni Link and Navi were knocked backwards, screaming in agony. Skull Kid had to shield his eyes from the blast. When it faded, he looked out the window and gulped. The entire marketplace was charred. All the stalls and wagons and carts had been destroyed in the blast. Oni Link was lying against a wall, which had cracked from the impact. His hair was singed, his sword was blackened, and his armor had been shattered. Navi lay only a few feet away from him, her wings limp, and her glow was very, very, very dim and flickering. Skull Kid moaned and went back to cowering under the window. He could hear Ganon's laugh. He slowly approached Oni Link, wanting to savor the moment. Tael panicked. "What do we do what do we do what do we do what do we do what do we do what do we do what do we do?"

Skull Kid was too terrified to answer. He thought to himself, We'll stay here Tael. Where it's safe. When both of those two big bad monsters are gone, we'll go out and head back to the forest. We'll be safe back in Mesmoria. It's too sacred for Ganon and Majora to enter. Yes, we'll stay there completely safe as Majora destroys the world and releases Satan onto the universe. Yes, we'll be perfectly safe. But what will we tell Spryte about Navi and Tatl? A part of him asked. We'll tell her they died trying to save the world. And you think she'll take you back? After you hid here like a coward, not willing to go out and save her daughter and adopted daughter from death? What kind of friend are you? A cowardly one. Fool. Any real friend would try to save them. You dare call yourself anything but a failure? If you are not a friend, then that is what you are. A failure. Better a live failure then a dead friend. Is it really? No. But I'm too scared to go out there! Don't you
remember what you told Link, on that day ten years ago? Not really. Let me refresh your memory.

The next morning, they were all set. Link was waiting on the platform to be changed back to human. Navi, Tael, Tatl, Spryte, and Skull Kid (still a fairy, otherwise he wouldn't really be able to live in the palace) watched. The green fairies showed up and cast their magic, changing back to normal. Link stepped off the platform. Navi flew into his hat, just like old times. As he headed towards the front gate, he said his good-byes to all his friends. Just as he was about to play the Melody of Mesmoria, Skull Kid flew up. "Link, wait!"

Link turned around. "What is it?"

"I just wanted to say...thank you. Thank you for everything. You've given me an adventure, friends, a home, a family, and my life. I don't know if I'll ever be able to repay you, but I just want you to know that I am your imp. If you ever need anything from me, I'll do it. I just wanted you to know that."

Link was touched. "You care that much Skull Kid?"

"Of course I do. Now, if you don't mind, I have to get on home. My new mom is calling me. Good bye, Link." He flew away.

"Good bye, Skull Kid," whispered Link. "I'll never forget you."

Don't you remember? You promised him you would do anything for him. And you're just going to let him be killed by the Devil? Skull Kid thought about that. He stood up. "Tael, we're going to do something."


"Rescue our friends." He pulled his dagger out of his boot and ran outside, followed by Tael.

Ganon was walking very slowly towards Oni Link. He was almost there. Skull Kid snuck around the debris from the carts and booths, trying to get behind Ganon. He made it and quietly walked up to him. Ganon leaned over Oni Link, who was starting to recover. He chuckled. "Did you really think you could defeat me, kid? I am the Great King of Evil! I don't lose that easily." Skull Kid leapt onto Ganon's back and started climbing up. Ganon immediately noticed him and started trying to shake him off. Skull Kid kept his grip and kept climbing until he reached Ganon's neck. Ganon fiercely tried to knock him off. Locking his legs around Ganon's neck, Skull Kid drove the holy dagger into Ganon's mane. Ganon screamed as the holy blade made contact with his flesh. He writhed in agony, knocking Skull Kid off. As he roared in pain, the dagger paralyzed him. As he stood there frozen, Oni Link grunted and got up, grabbing his sword. Shouting, he charged Ganon, with a final jump attack, he
brought his sword down, severing Ganon's tail. Ganon shrieked and fell to the ground, unconscious. Navi moaned and weakly fluttered onto Link's shoulder.

Oni Link panted. "Thanks, Skull Kid."

"Just repaying a favor, man. And to help you even more..." Tael flew over Oni Link and Navi, sprinkling them with fairy dust, healing their wounds. Refreshed, Oni Link grinned. "Come on, we've got to save Sheik!"

"Hold on!" said Skull Kid. He reached into his pack, pulling out the vials of fairy dust. He ingested the purple, yellow, gray, and black dust, making himself faster, stronger, invisible, and able to fly. Oni Link could still see Skull Kid thanks to his new body's magic. Hopefully, Majora would not be able to see him. They ran off, trying to find her.

Sheik moaned and fell to her knees, her energy spent. The last spell she had hurled at the demon hadn't even fazed him. All her light blasts seemed to do was make him angry. She panted. Majora loomed over her. He smiled. "I must commend you on your efforts. You fought nobly, but poorly. You should have realized that it would have hurt me more if you had splashed some holy water on me. You could even have escaped to the Temple of Time and attacked me from just inside the door! None of my attacks would have been able to affect you in there! But it's too late now. And you call yourself the Guardian of Knowledge! Hah!" Sheik moaned again, cursing herself for not thinking of that option. Majora chuckled and leaned closer. Tatl flew into his face, glowing at maximum intensity and jingling. The demon recoiled, flinching. Grimacing, he grabbed Tatl. His hand smoked, but he didn't seem to notice. Tatl jingled a little more desperately. Majora grinned and started to squeeze.

"N...n...no..." wheezed Sheik, clutching her chest in pain.

Majora grinned. "Ah, the little bug means something to you, does she? Well, I hope you don't terribly mind her death." He squeezed harder. Suddenly, a blast of light hit him from behind. He screamed and let go of Tatl. Taking this opportunity, Tatl healed Sheik. Majora turned around, snarling. He saw Oni Link, Navi, and Tael, but no Skull Kid. Majora was surprised. "What happened to Ganondorf?"

Oni Link kept his expression hard. "He killed Skull Kid. I cut his tail off in fury, knocking him out. You will pay for what had been done, demon."

Majora's response to that was a meteoric fireball, which Oni Link deflected. Majora let the fireball hit him, showing no reaction of pain. He laughed at Oni Link's surprise. "Did you really think one born from hell could be hurt by fire?" He hurled more at Oni Link, who ran towards Majora, swerving erratically to dodge the fireballs. While he was occupied, Sheik hit him from behind with another light blast. Majora turned to attack Sheik, only to get hit from behind by a disc, stunning him. Oni Link ran up and performed multiple jump attacks, damaging Majora with his now-sacred blade. He quickly got far away as the demon recovered. Majora backed up, not quite sure how to handle two opponents at once. Then he grinned and started charging up a twin blast, when an attack that hurt far more than either of Oni Link's or Sheik's hit him from behind. Majora screeched in pain. He looked around trying to see his attacker, but could not. He was paralyzed with pain from the attack. The
attack had been of course, Skull Kid's dagger. Majora could not see his attacker because Skull Kid was invisible. Skull Kid, using his super strength, grabbed Majora by the back spines and flew into the air, suspending Majora. Sheik stared in confusion.

"Who is doing this?" she asked.

"It's Skull Kid. He ingested fairy dust." Said Oni Link.

"Ah. Before we start to take advantage of this, I want to compliment your transformation. It's quite handsome." Oni Link grinned. They turned to the suspended demon. Tael, Tatl, and Navi were right in his face, glowing at maximum, causing the demon more pain and targeting him for Oni Link and Sheik. The duo unleashed attack after attack on Majora, hitting him with light magic again and again. The double attacks, plus the fairies' attack and the holy dagger in his back were really starting to wear Majora down. Finally, he roared and flexed his body muscles, popping the dagger from his back, which fell to the ground. He then electrified his skin, causing Skull Kid to drop him. Majora swatted the fairies away, then charged Oni Link and Sheik, who were desperately pelting him with attack after attack while moving backwards. Finally, they gave up and just ran. Skull Kid dived, trying to get his dagger back. Majora turned around, stopping his pursuit of Oni Link and Sheik, who
hadn't noticed he had stopped. Mentally scanning the air, he found Skull Kid and tossed a spell over in his direction. Skull Kid got hit. Suddenly, the effect of the fairy dust was reversed and Skull Kid was suddenly visible, and no longer flying, super strong, or super fast. He wailed as he fell five feet to the ground. He quickly grabbed his dagger, unsure what to do. Majora began to charge, but got hit from behind by Oni Link and Sheik. While he was stunned, Skull Kid ran up and started stabbing the demon with his dagger. Majora shrieked. Whenever he started to move, Oni Link and Sheik hit him again, allowing Skull Kid to stab him some more. To make it worse for him, the fairies stayed right in his face, jingling loudly and glowing at maximum brightness. The demon was starting to look very ragged. As he was stunned and hit again, Majora's mind raced, trying to find a solution.

Finally, he found one. As he came out of stun once again, he quickly leaped high into the air, dodging the attack, which nearly hit Skull Kid. While in the air, Majora fired dozens of meteoric fireballs, showering the group with a rain of fire. As they dodged, Majora got to the ground again and pounded the ground with his fist, causing a shockwave that knocked them off their feet. He prepared to unleash another attack on the stunned heroes, when he got hit from the side at high speed by a huge, feathery bullet. The demon was hurled away, smashing into a building, which collapsed around him. The thing that had hit Majora shook his head, hooting. "Kaepora Gaebora!" cried Oni Link.

Kaepora hooted. "Link, I have something very important to tell you. I have scanned Skull Kid's mind and found something of great importance imprinted on his subconscious. It is..." Majora erupted from the ground with a roar, stopping Kaepora. Before anyone could make a move, Majora spewed out a massive stream of fire breath right at Kaepora. Kaepora screeched as he was engulfed in flames. When Majora finally closed his mouth, the wise owl fell over roasted alive. (Or is it barbecued? Grilled? Toasted? Fried? Baked? Cooked? Broiled? Boiled? Microwaved? There are way too many terms for how food can be changed with fire.)

The party stared in horror, Skull Kid most of all. Kaepora had been about to tell them something very important, something imprinted in Skull Kid's own brain! But what could it be? They would never find out now. Majora laughed. Sheik and Oni Link turned towards the demon, their eyes burning with fury. Oni Link raised his sword. Sheik raised her hands. Skull Kid kept staring at the burning corpse, still thinking of the owl's death. Navi and Tatl flew up, their glow at maximum, crackling with electricity. Tael was on Skull Kid's shoulder, not sure how to comfort his friend. "No..." whispered Skull Kid.

Sheik and Oni Link prepared to hit the demon with the most powerful light magic they could muster. Majora grinned and gestured. Suddenly, Oni Link and Sheik were trapped in two red crystals, their fairies sealed with them. The crystals floated a few feet into the air and over to Majora. The two banged on the crystals, trying to get out, but could not. Skull Kid slowly turned from the corpse of the brave, wise owl, turning towards the demon, his eyes full of hate and rage. Majora smiled. "It's over now, slave. Come to your master. I don't need you for a host anymore, but I'm sure I can use you for something. Perhaps housework Or"

"No." said Skull Kid.

Majora frowned. "You are my slave. You don't have any say in this matter. If I want you to do housework or toilet-cleaning, you'll do it."

"You don't understand. I don't just mean that I won't do you housework, I mean I'm not your slave. I was emancipated ten years ago this Carnival of Time. Do you understand me?"

Majora looked angry. "You dare rebel against your master?"

"You're not my master. You just think you can order people to do whatever you want. You can't do that. You don't own me. I am my own person."

Majora had an unreadable expression on his face. "SO, my little slave has evolved a will of his own. Too bad. My father never said I couldn't kill you, so I see no reason why I shouldn't." He started walking towards Skull Kid. Tael tried to distract Majora, but he was too intent on Skull Kid to notice him. Tael finally gave up, flying back towards Skull Kid. Skull Kid didn't run. He stood there, staring Majora down. The demon stopped a few feet away, considering. "Hmm. Should I kill you slowly or quickly? Let me think...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!" Majora screamed for Skull Kid had dashed over and thrusted the dagger into his torso while he had paused. The dagger paralyzed Majora. He was leaned over in pain. Skull Kid took advantage of this and jump-kicked Majora between his legs, hard. Majora shrieked once more and fell over, unconscious. Skull Kid left his dagger in, knowing Majora would only stay out as long as the dagger was in his
torso. He walked over to his friends' prisons trying to figure out how to break the crystals. He then noticed that they were frantically yelling something, but the crystal was soundproof. Finally they just kept pointing at something behind him. Skull Kid turned around and got hit on the head by the butt of his dagger, which had been thrown at him. Rubbing his forehead, he picked it up, then gasped as he saw who had thrown it. Tael screamed. Majora was up. He looked very angry. He was panting and clutching the wound from the dagger, he was still covered in scars from where he had been stabbed before, and his eyes were bloodshot. "You dared to hurt me. I will kill you quickly. Very quickly. But I will make sure the last thing you feel before you leave this world is excruciating pain. SO prepare to feel my ultimate attack-the Demon Flare!"" Majora started concentrating, his veins bulging, his muscles quivering. His eyes began to glow brighter and brighter. The air around him
started to waver and blur, as if it was under great heat. It was. Majora started glowing red, faintly at first, but steadily growing brighter. Skull Kid considered charging, but knew the air around Majora was already so hot he would probably combust if he tried to reach the demon. Skull Kid and Tael looked around desperately, trying to find a way to escape. They could not. They were in an open square, and all the buildings were locked.

"Skull Kid, what do we do?" asked Tael desperately.

"We die, Tael. We die like heroes." The pair watched solemnly as Majora continued to charge up his attack. Oni Link, Navi, Sheik and Tatl watched helplessly from their crystals as the brave imp stood there, preparing to meet his maker (literally). Majora's glow had changed from red to white, and kept getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger still. Finally, he was a blazing white. The air around him was not only wavering; it was flickering and becoming opaque from the heat. Skull Kid and Tael stood there, staring straight ahead as Majora unleashed the attack. It raced towards him, a huge blast of fire, like a nova. When the intense glare from the heat faded, the surrounding square was completely incinerated. The buildings all around were charred a permanent black. The ground smoking and melted closer to Majora. Skull Kid and Tael were gone. The prisoners cried, for they had lost a good friend. They cried, for the world was doomed. They cried, for when the sun rose, it
would signal the dawn of a new age. The dawn of the reign of Majora. The Dawn of the Demon.


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