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*Spoilers for AAI*

"Agent Lang!" Miles Edgeworth exclaimed as he opened his office door. Miles scrutinized the agent for a second when he realized there was something different about him; Lang appeared to be more relaxed than normal. However, his eyes still held their sharp predatory edge. "This is a pleasant surprise. To what do I owe such a visit?" Miles asked as he gestured Lang into his office. He watched the agent give his office a quick sweep with his gaze before turning to face Miles.

"I came by for two reasons," Lang pulled out a small package from the small brown paper bag he was carrying and handed it to Miles. "The first being, I heard it was Sis' birthday. I wanted to give her this to express my gratitude for helping me..." He paused as Miles took the present. It was a medium sized blue ceramic pot that was wrapped in cardboard, showing a picture of a beautiful blue and yellow orchid. Miles smiled. "Your reaction tells me she'll like it?"

"She'll be surprised and pleased." Miles walked over to his desk and set the pot down. "She loves orchids! And I believe she mentioned, in her own way of course, that she was looking forward to working with you in the future."

"Ha ha!" Langs deep laugh echoed throughout the office. "Even after I put her life on the line, she still likes me?"

"Well, you had good intentions." Miles circled around his desk to his tea and poured himself a cup as he offered one to Lang who refused, stating that he was never fond of tea. Miles returned to his original spot in front of his desk and leaned on it easily as he continued their conversation. "Plus, I'm sure after working with you on such an intense case, she has... accepted you... as an equal." Miles paused to take a sip of his tea and almost regretted his words as he watched Lang bristle.

"An...equal?" he growled.

"Yes, a worthy agent, equal to her prosecuting prowess." The grey-haired prosecutor chuckled despite himself. Lang narrowed his eyes at him and Miles thought he was going to leave his office in a fury.

"All you prosecutors are the same." He stated as he looped his thumbs in his pockets. Miles couldn't help but watch how the agents body moved under his leather. "All you think of is comparing others to yourself." Miles brought his gaze up quickly to meet Lang's bright hazel eyes. He thought he caught a quick smirk on the agents face, but it was so fleeting he couldn't tell. He turned his head to set his cup on his desk to hide his flushed face.

"No, we are not all the same, Agent Lang." Miles answered him evenly. "Franziska is... a unique woman, brought up under a strict hand in a strict household. There was only one thing to strive for – perfection. She's..." He paused to find the right words. "Franziska is coming to terms with the fact that perfection is unattainable."

Lang contemplated this for a moment as he held the other's gaze. He decided that was a conversation for a later time.

"Is she flying back to Germany?" Lang strolled over to Edgeworth's desk and set his bag down. He stood next to Miles for a moment, as the latter contemplated the gift. This time, the smirk was evident as he crossed his arms.

"She is flying there today." Miles glanced at his watch to avoid Lang's scrutinizing gaze. "In fact, she should be landing in New York to catch her cross- Atlantic flight at any moment. I am expecting a call from her. If you like, I can tell her you stopped by?" He asked as he picked up his tea and took a sip. Lang smiled and exposed his pearly white teeth.

"I would appreciate that, Mr. Edgeworth." He pressed his palms together in front of his face in a gesture that Miles had become familiar with over the course of the past couple days. Lang then fell silent as he wandered around Miles's office, running his fingers over the leather bound books and boxes of case files. He stopped when he reached the small chess table. Picking up one of the blue pieces, he observed there were more of these than the red ones. He pondered the significance of this, but let it go.

"Since you are a formidable prosecutor, I expect you would make a formidable opponent in chess?"

Miles raised a curious eyebrow at Lang. "Would you care to find out?"


Two hours passed as they sat at the chess table contemplating their moves.

Suddenly Lang threw his arms behind his head and stretched his lean body in the chair. Miles couldn't help but watch him in the periphery of his vision. He was definitely a handsome man. He's in good shape and he's smart. Miles cleared his throat and realized that Lang had asked him a question.

"I'm sorry, what did you say?" Miles brought his head up from the chess board and silently chastised himself for thinking such thoughts about the agent in front of him.

Lang chuckled as he stood and stretched again. "I was just asking if we should take a break to stretch..." He paused and twisted his torso and Miles cringed as he heard the vertebrae crack. The prosecutor stood as well and stretched himself, then walked over to pour himself some more tea.

"I also brought you a small token of my appreciation." Lang was at the large desk opening the paper bag. Miles watched with guarded curiosity as he brought out two containers. Lang licked his lips as he walked over to him and placed one in the prosecutor's hand. Miles smiled as he read the label on the small plastic container. Chocolate Mousse pudding.

"So, we finally get our just desserts huh?"

"Of course!" Lang laughed his hearty laugh. "What would a victory be without a celebration?" A sober look came over his face for a moment. "I don't suppose you have a spoon or something?"

"Yes, I do." Miles smirked as he turned and produced two silver spoons from a drawer hidden beneath his tea set.

"Why am I not surprised that you have spoons?" Lang said lightly as he took the spoon from Miles.

"I...don't know?" Miles said slowly before he licked the mousse from the thin film that had covered the container. Normally Miles wouldn't have eaten anything like this, but he couldn't say no to this interesting little bit of irony. Plus, it was an expensive brand, much to Miles' taste as he tried to suppress a groan. It was lovely and light and... Mile's eyes flew open when he felt Lang's eyes on him. But it wasn't a disgusted look; there was something feral in his eyes. Miles quickly averted his gaze as he picked up his spoon to dip it into the creamy delight he held in his hand. Lang followed suit and he wondered where the warm feeling that suddenly washed over him came from.

"This is delicious." Miles said between spoonfuls. "Thank you, very much."

"You are welcome, and you're right it is delicious." Lang suddenly had the crazy urge to find out exactly how delicious it was from Miles' point of view. The way that Miles was licking his spoon was driving him mad. He tried to keep his mind off that. He had only had a couple of sexual encounters with men, and to say they were dissatisfying would be a lie. Course, there was a woman involved in both cases but it was still very erotic.

Lang's curiosity got the better of him as he prowled slowly over to his prey. Miles was so preoccupied with the mousse that he didn't notice Lang standing right in front of him, watching him slowly and deliberately lick the creamy chocolate off the spoon with his long pink tongue. He watched as Miles savored the mousse before swallowing. He watched as Miles' gaze locked onto his, and Lang held it, waiting for the realization that Miles was cornered. Miles bit his lip and opened his mouth to say something, and was greeted with a spoonful of the dessert. He gulped loudly as he tried to hide his surprise. Lang watched as he slowly pulled the spoon out of Miles' mouth; watched how Miles' full lips enclosed around the spoon imagining other things in that hot mouth.

"Lang, I..." The agent put a finger over his mouth and shushed the prosecutor. Dipping his spoon into Miles' mousse, he brought it to his own mouth and watched as a small change came over the prosecutor's face. The heat coming off the others body all of a sudden gave Lang the push he needed to do what he did next. Carefully taking Miles' face in his hands, Lang placed his lips over the prosecutor's. Miles held his breath as he parted his lips to let Lang in. His tongue brought with it all the delights of the chocolate mousse. Miles tried in vain to suppress a moan as his hands came up to brace himself against the agent in front of him. The chocolate mingled in their mouths as they battled for dominance.

Suddenly, Lang pulled away and chuckled and Miles made a small noise of protest as they parted. He opened his eyes to see Lang leering at him, then laugh his hearty laugh. Miles' brow knitted together in confusion.

"I see that we're gonna have some power struggles if we decide to continue...our little tryst."

Miles finally understood. He licked his lips. Chocolate. "I would be willing to continue our little tryst in a more suitable setting."

Lang could feel the fire slowly building in his belly again and took a deep breath to suppress it. He gave Miles a sidelong glance. "Mr Prosecutor," He gestured around Miles' office. "What's a more perfect setting than this?" He paused and leaned into Miles, letting his breath drag across his cheek to his ear. "Where we could be caught at any time?" He flicked the others ear as he pulled away. Miles swallowed visibly, and Lang smiled at him. Miles was speechless as every fiber of his being just wanted to feel every part of Lang's buff body pressed against him. Lang smiled his wolf-like smile.

"Mr Edgeworth... I must bid you farewell." He placed his palms together and bowed his head. "I hope to see you soon!"

"As I you, Agent Lang." Miles said after getting his voice back. He watched as Lang stalked out of his office.