A/N: This is an edited and betaed version of chapter two. I'd say it was a tremendous improvement!

Berlin Germany,

Six months later...

Miles drew his bow smoothly over the strings of his cello, the last note of the piece hanging softly in the air. A momentary silence followed before the audience rose to their feet as their applause thundered throughout the theater. The conductor bowed before sweeping his arm toward his Orchestra. The applause grew louder as the conductor gestured for the orchestra to stand.

Miles squinted and saw Franziska in her usual seat in the front row, a small smile on her face. Glancing at the group he had been a part of for five years that surrounded him, a feeling of deep pride rose inside Miles.

Music had been a secret passion of his for a while. After being forced to take piano lessons for the majority of his youth by Manfred, one would think that he would come to despise any music. But playing the piano Miles found to be an escape and liberation to take on a new instrument, and the violin led to the cello which led him to the large orchestra he was playing in now.


"Miles," Franziska said a half an hour later as they mingled with the orchestra members. "as usual, the performance was the pinnacle of perfection!"

"Why, thank you Franziska," Miles replied with a rare smirk, taking the gloved hand she held out and kissed it. "That's very gracious, even for you!"

Franziska's jaw clenched at the teasing tone in her brother's voice, her fingers tightening on her handbag. Judging by the sour look on her face, Miles knew she was out of her element without her whip and he was grateful, at this point, that she didn't have it with her.

"Miles, I can be gracious when I want to be!"

"Well, if I may say, you look more resplendent than usual," Miles cocked a curious eyebrow at her. She was in a clingy little black dress adorned with silver and turquoise jewelry and soft, black leather boots that went to her thighs, a black shawl draped over her shoulders to top off the look. "What's the occasion?"

"If you must know," she snapped before pulling a compact mirror from her delicately beaded clutch, dabbing a bit of powder on her face. Miles raised an eyebrow in surprised response. "I am somewhat undercover at the present..." Her sentence trailed off as she watched the lone male figure coming into the view of her compact mirror, a smile tugging at the corners of her mouth.

"Ahh, there he is," she said with satisfaction, turning to face the man approaching them.

It happened in an instant, a fleeting look across the atrium of the concert hall and Miles felt as though he had been struck by a lightning bolt. Agent Lang was stalking his way across the atrium and Miles' breath quickened for a second when he noted that Lang was not in his usual attire. His jacket was missing but he was in a tight fitting black shirt that was buttoned up, with gold trim on the collar.

Despite himself, Miles couldn't help but watch his lithe body move under the shirt and his pants, which were solid black leather without any print and he wore big black leather Doc Marten boots. The look was complete with the same smirk that he gave when he first met Miles.

"Well, Mr Edgeworth," he commented as he held his hand out for Miles to shake. "I was surprised when the sis here suggested we come to the orchestra for our undercover date. I was even more surprised to find you up on stage." He gave Franziska a nod as he let his warm hand linger with Miles'.

The gesture was not lost on Miles, and he smiled.

"A pleasant surprise, I hope?"

"Yes, actually," Lang let go of the others hand. "I'm not an avid listener of classical music, however I do appreciate a string instrument if it is played well."

"Miles has many talents outside the courtroom," Franziska said casually as she adjusted her black gloves. "Or so I've heard." Her eyes moved from her hands to Miles' steely gaze. Lang looked from Franziska to Miles with curiosity.

"Yes, Franny," Miles smiled as another tense look passed across the woman's face. "But I don't think this is the time or place to discuss such talents."

"Miles, please," Her voice was low and full of contempt. "Franziska, in formal settings."

Lang suddenly laughed. "I didn't realize the sis has a nick-name..."

"Agent Lang!" Franziska raised her voice in irritation, pausing to clear her throat and gather herself. "I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't call me by a nick-name!"

"Yes, of course," Lang said smoothly, taking her gloved hand and kissing it gently. She glared at him, her body tensing like a harp string.

"If you two are through humiliating me," Franziska's voice was terse, wishing she had her whip with her. "I will take my leave."

Miles rested his hand on her shoulder, a smug smile on his lips. "Franziska, you know I only give what's dished out to me."

"Miles Edgeworth, I completely understand." Franziska sighed, dipping her head at him. "Now, if you will excuse me, I will take my leave. It was good to see you little brother."

She surprised Miles with a genuine smile that was full of affection and warmth.

"Touche, dear sister," Miles bowed, glancing at Lang whose perplexed expression made him chuckle. "I bid you farewell."

Franziska responded with a mock curtsy before she nodded and turned to make her way through the thinning crowd.

"Little Brother?" Agent Lang drawled lazily as he cocked his head, his hazel eyes sparkling with mischief.

"Hmm, It's a long story," Miles chuckled, pausing to consider his next words. He tried to decipher the enigmatic expression that spread over Lang's handsome face. "If you are willing to listen, my flat is only a few blocks from here. That is, if you aren't working?"

The agent regarded Miles with rapt attention as Miles sucked in a sharp breath, wondering what Lang found so fascinating.

"Franziska and I were only supposed to arrive here together..." He trailed off thoughtfully as he rubbed his chin. "It would be good if I left with you."


"Ha ha!" Lang's hearty laugh echoed throughout the parking garage. "Mr. Edgeworth, why am I not surprised you drive an Aston Marten?"

"I...don't know...?" Miles asked as he unlocked the car and got in.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you bought it directly from the 007 set," Lang commented as he poured himself into the sleek dove gray car.

Miles bit his lip as he watched Lang run his hands over the gray dash. His large hands moved to the back of Miles' seat, running a finger along the cream stitching in the dove gray leather.

"No, this is definitely not from the set!" Lang's deep voice vibrated through the car.

"I had it custom made." Miles commented as he started the car. "The interior is modeled after the one Bond drove in Casino Royale."

Lang looked around at the interior again as he fastened his seat belt. He hadn't realized that prosecutors made so much. Maybe they made more here in Germany.

'Maybe he gets a small sum from playing in the orchestra,' His thoughts were interrupted as he watched Miles handle the car through the Berlin traffic with ease.

Then another thought struck him.

"I bet she handles well out on the Autobahn."

"Very well, and she's surprisingly a lot faster than you think." Miles glanced at the man in his passenger seat as he paused to maneuver through traffic. He licked his lips as he continued. "Have you experienced the Autobahn yet Agent Lang?"

A small smile came over the others face. "No, I haven't."

"Well then, buckle up," Miles returned the smile. "Because you are in for the ride of your life."

'I hope so, Mr. Edgeworth,' The agent thought to himself. 'I hope so.'

Twenty minutes of small talk later, they were racing down the Autobahn. Miles loved the freedom and exhilaration that the open road gave him and it took all of his self-control not to purr with the car.

"I suppose, to really get a feel for the road and the car, one has to be in the drivers seat." Miles looked over at Lang as shifted deftly. "Would you like to drive, agent Lang?"

Lang licked his lips as he rested his hand on the one that Miles was resting on the gear shift. Miles' breath hitched as the agent leaned over and his hot breath made him shiver.

"I actually like the way you're handling the car right now."

He ran his tongue along the soft spot below Miles' ear and he tried unsuccessfully to hide the moan that escaped his throat. Miles trembled as Lang returned to his side of the car.

"Perhaps on the way back, I'll have a go at her," The blond haired man leered at Miles, who swallowed hard.

"Of course," he said, his voice wavering. He went to shift again and realized that Lang hadn't removed his hand. He shifted his hand on the gear, but Lang never moved his hand. He also never took his intense gaze from Miles. The gray-haired man took a deep breath and shifted, then glanced in his rear-view and once over his left shoulder and changed lanes, maneuvering the lane change and the corner expertly.

Lang moved his warm hand to Miles' leg and he felt a warm sensation growing in his belly. The hand made its way up to the crook of his leg and paused. Miles blinked and tried to concentrate on the road, his breathing becoming heavy. He definitely wasn't a newbie at car sex, but his last encounter was with that man...here on the Autobahn. The warm sensation grew into a small fire as he thought about the things they did in that beautiful car oh so long ago. A hand was near his face now as he started.

"Sorry, didn't mean to startle you." Lang commented as he brushed Miles' silver hair behind his ear, wiping a drop of sweat that had formed at his temple. "You're sweating, Mr. Edgeworth. Is everything okay?"

The other had to clear his throat before he answered, as Lang's fingers slowly made their way to the back of Miles' neck. "I-I'm fine, although its a bit warm in here, don't you think?" He reached to turn on the air and Lang grabbing his hand, placed it on something hard, and it wasn't the gear shift. Miles opened his mouth to say something, but Lang suddenly moved his hips and Miles' hand rubbed along the length of his growing member. The prosecutor sucked in air as he tried to keep his concentration on the road.

"They say speed can be an aphrodisiac, Miles," Lang's hot breath along with the way he purred his name sent Miles over the edge as he felt his own cock getting hard and his breath quickening. "I see it's true."

Lang watched Mile's erection twitch through his trousers. He proceeded to suck on Miles' earlobe, grabbing the hand that was on his cock and placing it on the gear shift. Lang pawed at the prosecutors cock and Miles couldn't help but cry out.

"I-I should pull over," Miles stuttered, clearing his throat. He moved the car deftly through the minimal traffic and found the exit he was looking for.

Lang leaned back in his seat again so Miles could concentrate, keeping his hand on Miles' thigh. The prosecutor found an abandoned building and drove around it, finding the best place to park where no one would see them. Lang stopped Miles before he turned off the car.

"Leave the car and the headlights on."

Miles, so often used to being the one in control, drew in a shaky breath and nodded. He knew he would have to give up that control, and from what little he had experienced with Lang, he had a feeling he wouldn't be disappointed.

Lang's husky voice was at his ear. "Relax Miles. I won't do anything you don't want me to." He kissed his ear as his thumb caressed his thigh. "Now lets get out and enjoy the cool evening."

Miles nodded shakily as they got out of the car. Lang was leaning on the front wheel well on his side and the prosecutor walked around to him. He had his palms together in front of his face.

"Lang Zi says: The wolf is attracted to many traits and many different wolves." He paused and looked up at Miles. His gaze was wild and heated and his gravelly voice sent the same quiver of pleasure down his spine that Miles felt when he drew his bow over the strings of his cello.

Lang continued. "In other words, I know what I want, and I want you, Miles Edgeworth." He held his hand out to Miles.

The prosecutor drew in another shaky breath. Was he really ready to give up control? Was he ready to compromise everything that he knew?

A curious mix of fear and excitement shot through him, together with the seductive feeling that his life would never be the same after this. He brought his hand up and hesitantly rested it in the agents hand, which was warm.

"I understand your hesitancy. I want you to know that I will not let you down. I will not make you do anything you don't want or flat out won't do. As much as I want to...feel you, be inside you, hear you...I will be just as satisfied to stand here and hold you, or talk or..."

In the blink of an eye, Miles' inhibitions took a back seat. He knew this little game that Lang was playing, even if it wasn't on purpose and he was determined to call the agent out on it. Pulling Lang to him with the hand he was holding, kissing him hard, Lang hummed his approval as he flitted his tongue across Miles' lips to gain access.

Miles parted his lips, allowing Lang to explore his soft mouth, the prosecutor moaning quietly as his breath hitched in short, ragged gasps. The fire in Miles' belly grew and filled his whole body with intense heat and desire for the man in front of him. As if he were aware of what he was thinking, Lang tugged Miles closer to him so that their bodies were touching. Miles placed his hand on his chest to balance himself, and he sighed at the feel of solid muscle through the fabric under his fingertips.

Miles longed to feel the warm skin under the shirt and his shaking hands started to undo the buttons. Content with the power struggle of tongues dancing and swirling in his partners mouth, Lang moaned as Miles touched his bare skin with his cool hand.

The agent untucked Miles' white dress shirt and the prosecutor deepened the kiss as soon as he felt the others warm and gentle touch on his skin. It made him vibrate with intense desire as Lang ran his hand over Miles' abs, pleasantly surprised at the slight definition of muscle.

He wanted to see, and, even more, he wanted to touch all of Miles. A low growl formed in his throat as he stepped back and reached under Miles' shirt, tearing the shirt with a loud snarl. Miles cried out in surprise as a couple of buttons flew away.

They were breathing hard, Lang's hands hovering over Miles' supple, pale skin. Lang knew what he favored in a woman, and, to his amusement, found that most of those traits crossed over to his tastes in men - an athletic body that wasn't overly toned but just enough to look healthy. With a casual glance, he could tell Miles took care of himself well.

He placed a hand on Miles' pectoral and the nipple gradually became a hard nub under his palm. The agent smiled wickedly as he wrapped his arm around the prosecutor, pulling him closer. With a graceful flourish, he placed his lips on Miles' stomach, casually flicking his tongue over his partner's heated flesh. Miles had been holding his breath and he finally let it out with a tiny moan. Without thinking about it, his left hand snaked around the back of Lang's head and started to grab his hair, before remembering who was in control.

"Grab it," Lang groaned, his voice startling Miles with its insistence and vehemence.

"What?" Miles asked, breathless as his head swam.

"Nghh..." Lang stuttered as he looked up at Miles through hooded lids. His hazel gaze was hot with desire as he licked his lips. Miles wanted nothing more than to kiss those soft lips again, to feel their delicious smoothness under his once more. "...grab my...hair..."

Miles stared at Lang incredulously, his eyes registering surprise and shock at this passionate request. Was he giving up his control? Could he possibly do what he was being asked to do? He hesitated before testing his boundaries, running his trembling fingers through the agent's soft, golden locks and grabbing a large chuck of hair.

Lang shook the prosecutor's hand off his head and stood, grabbing the back of Miles hair and pulling his head back, exposing the pale neck. He felt the agent's hot breath dragging across his neck, his raspy voice whispering in his ear.

"Don't be afraid, Miles," Lang purred, running his hand through Miles' silver locks to emphasize his point. "I love my hair pulled."

Miles shivered and reached up, grabbing a chunk of Lang's blond hair, a low growl emitted from Lang's throat. Unable to resist Miles' pale flesh, Lang found himself latching onto the startled prosecutor's neck.

"No marks!" Miles cried out, hating that his voice was shaky.

Lang grinned wolfishly as he pulled back to look Miles in the eye, the latter trembling under his piercing gaze.

"Oh, you'll be marked," he said, his voice full of lust. His eyes skimmed up and down the prosecutor's lithe body. "Only you will be able to see it!"

Lang licked his lips, running his hands over Miles' exposed torso with soft teasing caresses that had the prosecutor writing helplessly with burning desire. His left hand blazed a trail up his torso, pinching the nipple, and snaking around the back of Miles' head. Grabbing his hair, he pushed him to his knees.

After getting over his initial surprise at Lang's unexpected action, Miles made quick work of undoing the agents trousers, his fingers shaking as he tried to undo the belt. He watched the prosecutor for a few moments before stopping him, his eyes burning with passion and longing.

"Teeth," Lang commanded, running a finger along Miles' perfect jaw. "I want you to use your teeth only to undress me."

His finger traveled upward, skimming over his lips, tapping them to gain access. Miles parted his lips slightly to let the agent in, eliciting another growl as he sucked gently on his finger.

Lang removed his finger reluctantly as Miles stared in stunned amazement at him, contemplating his first move.

Grabbing the belt that was already halfway undone with his teeth, he slowly undressed Lang from the waist down. Lang was throbbing with anticipation as he squeezed his eyes shut in a half-hearted attempt to control his lust. He wanted more than anything to shove Miles' mouth onto his cock, but he didn't want to scare him off. Despite his arousal, he sensed that Miles would still bolt if he wasn't careful in handling him. Instead, Lang reached down and helped him with his boxer briefs, shuddering as the cool night air flowed over his overheated skin.

Miles wrapped his lips around Lang, sucking him, his tongue swirling around the head, licking and teasing. Lang bit down on his hand hard, trying to suppress the animalsitic howl that threatened to burst from him. The prosecutor gingerly cupped the man's testicles in his hand, fondling them gently, yet firmly as Lang writhed in undisguised pleasure above him.

"Graaahhh...!" He took a deep breath then continued. "Miles...nnghhh...god, that's good!"

Lang was larger than the other men that Miles had been with and he had a hard time not gagging as he took it deeper into his mouth. Wrapping his hand around the member, Miles started an erotic rhythm with his hand and mouth.

"Mmmmnnngggg...St-stop...oh god, stop," Lang groaned, holding the prosecutors face in both hands and drew in a deep, ragged breaths trying to control the fire inside him that was stoked to inferno levels. "I almost came." He shook his head several times, trying to clear it and get a better grip of his roiling emotions.

He stood in silence for a few moments, his hands still resting on Miles' head, before he shakily commanded: "Get up."

Miles slowly rose to his feet, standing in front of Lang. The agent undressed Miles, taking in all his pale skin, kissing different parts of his body. Miles sucked in a sharp gasp of air as soon as his own member was exposed to the cool evening air, Lang's warm hand wrapping around it and stroking him, sending crazy sensations through his body, as the silver haired man moaned his approval. He closed his eyes, resting his hands on his shoulder, his fingers twitching as ecstasy flowed over him.

Lang reveled in the noises coming from Miles as he brought the shivering prosecutor closer to himself, the two men sharing their body heat. The agent dipped his head and proceeded to nibble and lick at the others neck, thrilling in his soft groans as he did so. The fire was growing steadily in both men as Lang prolonged his own lust, so he could relish in the exquisite pleasure of Miles squirming in his arms.

He ran his hands down along the prosecutor's sides, squeezing his bottom with wicked delight, which caused him to stumble forward, their bodies completely touching. Lang moved his hips and his cock rubbed against Miles', causing them both to moan loudly.

"I want to be inside you," Lang whispered through gritted teeth.

"Yes... oh god yes..." Miles groaned. Lang bent to paw through his pants, which were pooled at his feet, reaching into his pocket and pulled out a small tube.

Miles' eyebrows went up in surprise. "Were you expecting to-"

"No." Lang said, his eyes devouring him hungrily. "Lang-Zi says: always be prepared for whatever you truly want to happen." He gave his hard, erect member a couple of long strokes, leaning in to whisper: "Now turn around my dear Miles, I want to look at that fine ass of yours."

Miles turned and pressed his hands against the hood of his car as Lang continued nibbling on his neck. His tongue swiped lazily over the prosecutor's heated and sensitive skin. Miles moaned in unbridled pleasure at the sensation, his body shaking with desire.

Lang popped the top of the tube of lubricant and squeezed, smiling as he felt the cool liquid flow over his fingers. He reached around Miles and spread it over his member, stroking him from base to tip until he was fully covered.

The agent's own erection was throbbing as he rubbed it between Miles' cheeks, thrusting against him until the prosecutor was certain he would explode with all the overwhelming sensations he was feeling. Just when he though he could stand it no longer, he felt Lang's finger gently rubbing his entrance, Miles gasping loudly and thrusting himself back.

"Ready?" Lang mumbled in his ear, his hot breath brushing against Miles.

Miles hesitated, his head swimming with heady delight as he felt Lang's passion growing hotter with every stroke; as much as he wanted to feel Lang inside him, he wasn't sure if the pain would be worth the pleasure.

"Remember what I said earlier," Lang's voice came out in a purr as he licked Miles' earlobe, the prosecutor shuddering in pleasure. "I won't make you do anything you don't want to, but you have to let me know if I'm hurting you." He nuzzled his partner's neck with affection. "Don't be afraid to let me know; I want this to be an enjoyable experience for both of us and I am willing to sacrifice my own pleasure so you don't have to be in pain."

"I-I...don't know what...to say," Miles said slowly. He could feel Lang stroking his member again, making it hard for him to concentrate on talking.

"Please, tell me you're ready," Lang said through gritted teeth. "or I'm gonna let go on you right now!"

"Yes, yes! I'm ready...so ready," Miles cried out as the agent carefully pushed two fingers into him, twisting them in small circles inside of him. He was still stroking himself, grunting in mingled pain and pleasure as the sensations washed over him like a tidal wave, trying desperately to control his breathing when Lang started licking and nibbling at the back of his neck, right below his hairline. His most sensitive spot.

"Ach..." Miles couldn't hold back as his whole body shuddered, throwing back his head and growling in pleasure as the agent continued his exciting caresses.

"Did you..." Lang frowned, pausing briefly as he felt the hand that had been stroking Miles' member; it wasn't wet, making it clear that he didn't come.

"Don't stop," Miles interrupted languidly, his lips curving into a salacious smile as the agent nibbled at his neck, using hard and quick nips, sucking the sensitive skin at intervals.

Miles groaned loudly and Lang smiled as he worked his fingers inside of him and, with patience, eventually squeezed a third one inside, moving his hand in an erotic motion. Unable to contain himself any longer as the silver haired man writhed and bucked, the agent slowly pulled his fingers out, his partner moaning in protest as he did so.

"Are you sure you're ready?" Lang asked, his low, raspy voice arousing him as his fingers continued to tease him.

"Yes..." Miles squeezed his eyes shut and let out a breath he hadn't realized he was holding. "Please...take me, now!"