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The giddy laughter of a female echoed off the building as two shadowy figures ran around the side of the building that Miles had hoped would hide them. With their hearts racing and their pants around their ankles, both Lang and Miles ducked down behind the car.

"Oh, looks like someone else had the same idea honey," A female voice said in German. She giggled and pointed at the car.

"Well, we might as well put on a show, since we are in the spotlight!" A deep male voice slurred his German. He suddenly grabbed the female and planted a deep kiss on her.

Miles groaned and rolled his eyes. He tried to pull his pants up, which was proving difficult, given the crouched position he was poised.

"What are you doing?" Lang looked at him incredulously. "Did I tell you to pull up your pants?" His voice was low and seemed to rumble through his whole being.

"Lang, you can't be serious?"

"Mr. Edgeworth," The agent shifted his weight, clearly uncomfortable. "Not even two seconds ago you were begging me to fuck you. Are you sure you want to stop now..." He shifted again, then let a low growl.

Miles looked at him with a mixture of amusement and curiosity.

Lang glared, then huffed. "Okay, you might be right, this is completely uncomfortable, but we must revisit this...situation."

"Of course." Miles agreed as he licked his lips. "We'll let the two love birds be." He nodded his silver head toward the two who were making out heavily against the building.

The agent finished pulling up his pants as Miles started to stand up but was swiftly stopped by Lang's firm grip on his wrist. Miles turned a surprised gaze on the investigator whose eyebrow was cocked seductively.

"I'm driving."

The statement was so decisive that Miles could only stare bewildered at the other.

"Did you hear me?" Lang growled. "I'm driving."

It took another bout of giggles to tear the prosecutor from the warm hazel gaze, as he glanced over at the couple making out fifty feet away from them.

"Er...Yeah...yes," he shook his head and dug in his pocket for his keys and dropped them in the others open palm.

"Thank you, Mr. Edgeworth." Lang brought his palms together, letting the keys dangle, as he bowed his head deeply. "Lang-Zi says: He who expresses kindness will receive gratitude tenfold."

He stood and let his hand linger on the others cheek, then walked slowly to the drivers side.

Miles paused to gather his thoughts as he touched his cheek where Lang had a couple seconds before. He shook his head, then followed suit to the passengers side.

The two lovers looked up as soon as both men shut their doors. Lang revved the engine and smiled his wolfish grin as he drove away.


"Miles Edgeworth," Lang started twenty minutes later as they were accelerating down the Autobahn. "You were correct about this car, and the speed. This is even more liberating than driving around the track at the Daytona Five-Hundred."

"I'm glad you agree," Miles had just quit fidgeting and found a comfortable position. He wasn't used to being in the passenger seat, and he had a feeling he was going to have to get used to this if he was going to spend any quality time with Agent Lang. He continued, "Even though I don't know what this Daytona Five-Hundred is."

"HA!" The agents laugh made Miles jump. "Oh, you really are a pretty-boy aren't you?"

"I-...er...no, I don't know what you mean." He started moving uncomfortably in his seat again as Lang reached over to squeeze his thigh.

"I'll break you in time, Mr. Prosecutor."

Licking his lips and swallowing nervously, Miles fought back the moan that was threatening to escape as Lang's fingers brushed his cock for the thousandth time that evening. When those fingers rested on the back of his neck, he held his breath, then shivers of ecstasy made their way involuntarily down his spine as Lang rubbed his hairline. He knew he was going to go off shortly if he didn't calm down.


"Well, well, well," Lang teased thirty minutes later as he was surveying Miles's flat. It was all modern, glass and brick and warm dark tones and he approved. "I'd say Mr. Prosecutor makes a good living for himself."

Miles had walked promptly to his kitchen to prepare a couple of glasses of brandy for them. He needed to keep his mind off things for a minute as he drew a deep breath before walking out to the living room.

"I prefer the finer things in life, yes." He smiled as confidently as he could as he handed one of the glasses to Lang.

"Let's toast then," Lang held his glass up and Miles followed in kind as he cocked an eyebrow at the other. "To a new found friendship, work partnership...and hopefully more!" Lang grinned coyly as he bumped his glass gently against Miles's. The prosecutor couldn't help himself and he blushed as he drank his brandy. He sighed and closed his eyes as he reveled in the warmth of the liquid slipping past his throat. When it hit his belly, the warmth seemed to spread throughout his entire being, and he sighed deeply. When he opened his eyes he found that Lang was staring at him, the familiar feral look in his eye.

Miles was suddenly uncomfortable under the other's scrutinizing gaze as he cleared his throat and looked away. "Sorry, I rather enjoy this particular brandy."

"Please don't apologize, Mr Edgeworth," Lang reached out to brush his bangs out of his face. Miles was unaware of Langs proximity and flinched slightly at the motion. Lang paused with his hand at Miles's cheek and the prosecutor hesitantly leaned into it.

The other smirked again and took another drink of his brandy as a thick silence hung in the air. Miles licked his lips and Lang couldn't take much more. He had to feel those soft lips again and captured them in a passionate kiss. The taste of brandy lingered as they parted. Miles heard what sounded like a low purr coming from the agent as he sipped his brandy and proceeded to take Lang's glass and set it on the nearest table. He would have normally taken them into the kitchen, but his libido was on fire and he wasn't able to contain it any longer.

"Hey, pretty boy I-" Lang was cut off by a kiss from Edgeworth. There was a slight hesitation from Lang, and Miles thought he had overstepped his boundaries, until the agent raised his hand and ran it through the silver hair and the other hand started on his shirt. Miles sighed deeply into the kiss as Langs warm hand touched his own cool skin. He quickly shed his magenta jacket as Lang snaked his arm under the shirt to the small of Miles' back and pulled him closer. The close proximity of their bodies made for intense body heat and Lang moved his kisses to Miles' jaw and surprised the prosecutor by taking off his cravat in a quick fluid gesture. For a split second, he wanted to see where it landed but Lang's teasing chuckle drew him back.

"You really want this don't you?" The husky voice in his ear made the fire in Miles' veins burn hotter as he grabbed the agents ass and pressed his hips into the others.

"I've wanted you since you fed me that pudding." Miles replied breathlessly as he started unbuttoning Lang's shirt.

"You liked your just desserts?" Lang 's voice was barely a whisper as he untucked the prosecutors shirt.

The silver-haired man groaned loudly and nipped at the agents neck in response. Lang suddenly grabbed the others forearms and pushed him back just far enough to look at him through narrowed eyes.

"Thought we agreed...no marks..." He hissed.

Miles opened his mouth to say something but the fire in the agents hazel eyes was overwhelming. Lang's hand made its way up to Miles hair and grabbed it and pushed the other down.

"Let's make good use of that pretty mouth, shall we?" Miles was on his knees now and Lang was caressing his jaw, coaxing his mouth to open. "Remember, only teeth."

Miles looked up with lust filled gray eyes as the agent ran his thumb over his pink lips and moaned. He loosened his thick black leather belt and Miles caught it in his teeth, then proceeded to slowly and languidly undo the rest of his pants. As soon as the black pants were pooled at his feet, Lang brought the prosecutors face to his cock that was fighting against the soft material of his boxer-briefs. Miles grabbed the others hard thighs for balance as he ran his mouth and hot breath along the length of the others cock. Then, he grabbed the elastic of the briefs and slowly and uneasily started to peel them off. His patience waning, Lang helped as he looped his thumbs in the material and Miles leaned back to watch the cock release itself from its confines. He heard a hiss escape the agents lips when it hit the cool air of the flat. Miles was poised to take the thick member into his mouth when Lang suddenly grabbed his hair and stopped him.

"The blinds!" He exclaimed breathlessly, his voice breaking into the heavy lustful air. "You should close them."

Miles cocked his head slightly at Lang. "I would have pegged you as the voyeuristic type."

"Why?" Lang grunted as he let go of the others hair and hurriedly pulled up his pants.

Miles stood and walked over to his giant picture window that looked over Berlin and paused. "Because you were willing to fuck me in front of that couple. Are you sure you want me to close these?"

Lang narrowed his eyes at the prosecutor. He didn't take Miles as the teasing type. Yet here he was, one hand poised to close the blinds, a sneer on his soft lips. On one hand, he wanted nothing more than to give Miles something other than the view to think about every time he looked out the window. On the other hand, he hoped he would have the chance to do some thing to that effect in the future; he was enjoying his time with Miles.

"Close the blinds."

With a flick of his wrist, the blinds closed and Miles slowly walked back to his lover, who had found his discarded brandy and took a sip. Langs bright eyes watched Miles' pale, lithe body move under his un-buttoned shirt as he drank. Before he could tell him what to do, Miles was kneeling before him again. Lang dropped his trousers and set the glass back down on the nearby table. Before the agent could react, the other had the head of his cock in his mouth, his tongue lapping at it causing Lang to moan loudly. The agent threw is head back and howled as Miles took in his full length and started an erotic rhythm that set the others blood on fire.

"Miles, nngghhh..." Lang started as he closed his eyes started to stumble, his knees getting weak. Miles leaned back and caught the agents hand and watched as he gathered himself. The warmth emanating from him was intense and Miles noted that the others palms were slightly sweaty. He smiled to himself, proud that he had partially undone the animal in Lang. He took his other hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his own pants and reached into his boxers and started a lazy rhythm on his own cock.

Agent Lang opened his eyes to one of the more erotic scenes he'd seen in a long time. Miles head was tipped back slightly and his lips were slightly parted, his eyes closed, his hand down his pants. He bent down and kissed Miles, who was surprised at first, but gave into his passion. Before he knew it, Miles was on his feet again. Lang grabbed his hand and followed the rhythm that Miles started, then forced his hand off. The prosecutor groaned into their kiss at the change of contact. He grabbed the others shirt and pushed it off his shoulders and Lang threw it off and did the same with Miles' white shirt, and his boxers, which were now pooled at the prosecutors feet. Lang grabbed the back of Miles head and kissed Miles with wild abandon as he grabbed his hips to feel the others body against his. The prosecutor was suddenly unsure of himself and grabbed onto Langs ass to steady himself. The sensation of skin on skin set both men on fire as a low growl emanated from Lang's throat. He grabbed both of their cocks and started rubbing them together. Miles couldn't help himself as he started squirming and the agent reveled in the small noises of ecstasy that were coming from his lovers throat. He moved his ministrations to Mile's throat, and his passion intensified tenfold as a loud moan escaped from the others mouth.

"Move to the back of the couch." Langs hot breath on Miles's ear almost put him over the edge and he had to pause to catch his breath. He stepped back and blinked at the agent as he noted a sheen of sweat on his brow.

Lang grinned wolfishly at his victim as he watched him step back and catch his breath. He bent down to get into the pocket of his pants and pulled out the small bottle of lube he had earlier. Miles stumbled his way to the back of his couch and Lang caught him in a quick kiss then spun him around and nipped at his neck and ear as he wrapped his arms around Miles pale torso and let his hands explore the soft skin. Miles, in the meantime, had to steady himself with one hand on the couch and the other on Langs hard thigh. Langs left hand drifted over the others stomach and down to his cock and continued the rhythm that he had started earlier as Langs touches set his skin ablaze. The agents right hand masterfully opened the bottle of lube and he squeezed some onto the others cock and Miles let out a small cry at the coolness of the liquid. Miles cock was so hard it hurt and when Lang started rubbing with both hands to get all the lube he could on them, the prosecutor had to stop him. Langs chuckle seemed to emanate from his whole being as he carefully parted his ass and steadily pushed two fingers inside. Miles cried out and cringed at the sharp pain that was quickly replaced with pleasure as Lang whispered his needs into his ear and stroked his cock at the same time.

"Are you ready for me?" Lang asked as he pushed another finger into Miles and paused, letting the other settle into the sensation. Miles bit his lip and nodded as his eyes started to water. Lang continued his slow rhythm on Miles ass and cock, then slowly pulled out and heard the other sigh. Quickly retrieving the lube where he dropped it, Lang slathered his own cock and more on the others ass as Miles rubbed at his own cock. Lang suddenly, but gently grabbed Miles chin and turned him and kissed him softly and longingly. He carefully slipped his cock into Miles as he hissed and held his breath. The agent paused, and waited for Miles to breath again, then kissed and pushed in further.

"Nngghhh..." They each caught their breath as Lang rested his forehead on the others shoulder. Then he suddenly grabbed the other around his waist and picked him up carefully, and skillfully walked around to the front of the couch and sat down. Miles was speechless as he tried to get his bearings and turned to straddle the agent.

"Ready again?" Lang asked as he scooted to the edge of the couch and leaned back. He rested his hands on Miles thighs and considered the contrast of skin tones for a moment. Then as Miles nodded his acquiescence, he spread himself and lowered himself onto Lang's cock, slowly letting it fill him inside. Lang started purring and he ran his hands over Miles's torso as the prosecutor moved his hips slowly. With his silver bangs falling into his face, Miles stole a glance at Lang who was watching him through lustful eyes. They held each others gaze until Miles grabbed his cock and started stroking himself. Lang started moving his own hips as his own lust was being pushed to its limit.

"Lang..." The prosecutor suddenly cried out. Not able to hold back anymore, his rhythm became scattered and his muscles suddenly clamped down onto the agents cock. Fire and ice coursed through Miles's veins as he threw his head back and cried out, releasing himself on both of them. The light show that had formed behind his eyelids was starting to subside, but the blood rushing through him was roaring in his ears.

Suddenly, he found himself caught in one of the most fiery kisses he had experienced in a while. Lang had a hold of the prosecutor's hips and held a steady rhythm , until he suddenly stopped. Miles could feel him shaking so much, he thought he was caught in an earthquake for a moment. He heard Lang whispering in a foreign tongue that he vaguely recognized as Lang's native language. He could feel his hummingbird heartbeat and nuzzled his neck as he suddenly felt the agent stroking his hair lightly.

It seemed so out of character for him that Miles leaned back to look at Lang. He had the most peaceful look on his handsome face as a small smile formed on his lips.

"Thank you," He moaned as he leaned forward to meet Miles's soft lips. He softly brushed Miles's silver bangs out of his face as they kissed slowly and deliriously. Miles could feel Langs cock getting hard again inside him.

"Agent Lang, I don't think I..." Miles started as he hesitantly pulled away. The other laid a finger on his lips to stop him.

"Please, Miles," Lang never begged, but the intoxicating feeling of Miles all around him was starting to undo him. "I need to feel you again."

Miles felt himself moving again as the agents cock completely filled him. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to focus on the desire that surrounded them. He hadn't fully recovered from their last copulation and there was a pain that was slowly consuming him.

He braced himself on the agents solid chest as a light show started on his peripheral vision.

"Miles...Miles..." The voice was deep and far away and Miles couldn't grasp who or where it was coming from.

"Miles stop!"

Miles surroundings suddenly came into sharp focus as he let out a deep breath. He felt a slight pressure on his arms and realized that Lang had a gentle yet firm grip on his arms.

"You are shaking," Lang said, concern coloring his voice. "We don't have to do this again..."

"No, I'm fi-" Miles paused as the world around him started to spin and he became weak. He put a hand to his head, then collapsed onto Lang, who started to laugh quietly and wrapped his arms around the pale man.

"I knew I could break the Demon Prosecutor."