AN: This is AU and Harry has never been close to the Weasley and Ron was never friends with Harry and Hermione. It goes the same as the books and this takes place after the Final Battle about 4 years after so Harry is 21 and Ginny is 20. Ginny wants to be a sports reporter in the Daily Prophet and Harry is a famous quidditch player. Everyone is still dead except for Fred; I'm sorry people I just couldn't do that. OK so Harry is rich, lives in a huge house, and is still Teddy's Godfather and is best friends with just Hermione cause Ron never sat with him on the first train ride. OH yeah and harry is smarter, more powerful, funnier, then in the book cause I always thought that harry should be. Sorry for making this AN so long I'll work on it.

Bloody hell, how to they always know where I am, was the only thought going through Harry Potter's head at the moment.

Because at the moment he was being chased by what looked like about 15 fan girls. Stupid fan girls can't leave me alone for 10 minutes. After crossing a couple streets and ducking behind a corner he started to slow down. After quickly looking back it seemed like he had lost them.

"Ok Harry a few fan girls have chased you into the middle of muggle London now…Oomph".

While Harry was talking to himself he bumped into someone. "O shoot that's hot." The woman said causing Harry to remember his manners.

"I'm so sorry," Harry said as he helped pick up the stuff that had fallen out of the woman's bag.

After picking up a pack of paper he saw a silver coin something that looked just like a… "Are you a witch?" Harry asked suddenly.

As soon as those words had left his mouth her head snapped up. She looked at Harry in shock and disappointment flashed across her face. Harry was about to tell her about how he noticed the sickle but when their eyes meet Harry's stopped breathing. This woman was breathtaking: she had red hair. But not normal red no she had so many different shades of red that it looked as if her porcelain skin was framed by fire: alive and fierce. Also she had the most gorgeous deep brown eyes he had ever seen.

"I…. How did you know?" The woman said sounding disappointed at being found out.
"I thought I was getting the whole muggle dressing down? Great now I've made a fool of myself by walking around muggle London looking like I can't even dress myself." She continued allowing Harry time to get his head straight.

Once he thought about what she was saying he started chucking. "What are you talking about...haha." Harry saw anger flash across those beautiful brown eyes and decided to quickly backtrack.

"Umm…. What I mean is…..That is to say…you look like a muggle I just noticed that you had a sickle." Harry explained.

"O right," she said embarrassed.

"I'm Ginny by the way, Ginny Weasley it's nice to meet you…." Ginny said with a slight blush on her face.

"Oh I'm -" But before he could even say his name the two of them heard a shriek of "OH MY GOD IT'S HARRY POTTER".

"Bloody hell!" Harry yelled as he scrambled back to his feet.

"I thought I had lost them I am so sorry Ginny but I have to go." Harry said quickly helping Ginny to her feet.
Harry had made it five steps before he remembered the stuff in his hands. "Sorry those are yours, now I really have to go." Harry said handing Ginny her stiff and sprinting away from the 15 girls that somehow found him.

Ginny watched as Harry Potter ran off followed by what seemed like a herd of crazed fans. "Hmmm his faster than he looks." Ginny commented after getting over her shock.


By the time Ginny had made it home she had worked herself into frenzy: she had pictured herself meeting Harry Potter in so many ways but not like that.

I can't believe it. I meet The Harry James Potter. Me little old Ginny Weasley meet Harry Potter and of course I made a fool of myself. Ginny couldn't stop the blush that crossed her cheeks as she thought about how they met.

Who goes on and on about whether or not they look like a muggle. Ginny thought upset and thinking about all the other less embarrassing things she could have said.

But he has such a nice laugh; it's so deep and it just makes you want to laugh with him. Ginny caught herself from drooling.

Oh snap out of it Ginny when he started laughing you were so mad that you were ready to hex him right then and there: muggles be damned. Ginny couldn't help the mental image that popped into her head.

But then when I looked up and saw those eyes. Ginny mentally sighed.

They were a deep emerald that I didn't even know was possible. And his jet-black hair that looked windswept and fell just right into his face. She was doing it again.

Oh come on Ginny he is out of your league. Pull yourself together Ginny you are going to forget about him there is no need to tell Luna about this. Besides I just think he looks handsome nothing else; it's not like I like him. Ginny firmly thought to herself.

"Ginny, Ginny, GINNNNNYYYYY!"

"Sorry Ron what was that," Ginny said as she shook herself from her daze.

Ron looking very annoyed answered, "Were you even listening to me? I just told you that I have an extra ticket to a Quidditch League gathering at the Ministry for tonight. Meaning that if you were to come you might be able to talk to some people about the reporting job seeing how EVERYONE will be there."

He finished with a smug your welcome look on his face but Ginny didn't even care since this is it her chance to get her dream job. All I need is something to wear. Ginny thought.

"Really Ron this is perfect tonight what time will you be here? I don't know if I have anything to wear oh, but it doesn't matter what time?" Ginny said getting herself frazzled.

"I'll be there at 6:30 with a basket of food mom says you are looking underfeed" Ron rolled his eyes while saying this.

"Ron you know that mom never thinks I'm not underfeed. Anyway I have to get ready I have what like 4 hours bye" Ginny said to Ron as she left the fireplace.


"Ginny what is taking you so long we have to be there in five minutes come on?" Ron said annoyed.

"Oh shut it Ron I'm ready, bye Luna" Ginny was about to leave the room when Ron gave her a look.

"And Kate," Ginny added reluctantly.

"Be back later" Ginny yelled as she was running around the flat looking for some last minute things.

Ginny was wearing a beautiful emerald green halter dress. It was tight on the top and flared out as it passed her waist. She paired it with some black high heels and a matching black purse. Ginny had planned to wear this outfit to a date with someone her mum had set her up with but the date just didn't happen.

"You look good Ginny now come on I'll Apparate us" Ron held out his arm for Ginny and the next second Ron and Ginny were in front of the Ministry.

Walking through the entrance Ron wished Ginny good luck with talking to the editor of the Prophet and left Ginny after seeing someone who he had to speak with.

"Let's do this. Ginny you can do this the editor is just over there deep breath" Ginny mumbled to herself as she walked over to the editor of the Prophet before she lost her courage to do so.

However a flash of black caught her eye distracting her. Harry Potter in a black muggle tux; he looked so handsome she couldn't help herself as she changed directions so she was now going to him.


Harry was bored; he was bored out of his mind. He had no idea why he came to these stupid Ministry things he could be at home right now with his son. Spending a night with his son is what he thinks a fun night should be not being stuck in a tux talking to people who only wanted to talk to "Harry Potter".

All he need was an excuse to leave Harry thought as he laughed yet again at what this person called a joke. And then he saw a flash of red. The red hair belonged to none other than the girl he had met on the street this morning and she looked beautiful.

"Excuse me gentlemen, but I just saw someone whom I need to speak with" and without another word he left.

It looked like she was looking for someone so he came up behind her and said, "Ginny, right".


That voice she would never forget that voice as she turned around and came face to face with none other than Harry Potter himself.

He looks so good she thought then she remembered that he had just said something. "Ya that's me I'm surprised you, The chosen one, the boy who lived, The Harry Potter remembered little old me," Ginny said with a small smile.

"How could I forget?" Harry said with a smile that made Ginny literary weak in the knees.

"I'm pretty sure I ran over you, spilled your coffee, made you drop your purse and made you think that your outfit didn't match? And please call me Harry, I'm just Harry" Harry said laughing.

"Well, just Harry don't forget about the part where you ran away after your fan club found you" Ginny teased. Ginny had no idea where this confident personality was coming from. But she wasn`t going to question it: not when things were turning out do well.

"I'm sorry about that they don't leave me alone in fact I'm surprised I haven't been mobbed yet. One of the many reasons I don't like going to these things." Harry replied.

Ginny completely agreed "I know if the editor of the Prophet wasn't here I would be at home in my pajamas watching TV." Ginny said with a smile.

"What do you need to see the editor for?" Harry asked.

"Oh well I love to write and I wanted to be a reporter, but only for sports I couldn't do the gossip part." Ginny replied as she spotted something over Harry's shoulder.

"Harry I hate to break this to you but there are about 30 girls coming at us at a very fast speed." Ginny said in a way you could tell that she was trying not to laugh.

"What? Bloody hell, how did they get in and how do I get them to stop following me" Harry questioned.

"I don't know but one thing I do know is that I am going to move away now so I don't get trampled" Ginny replied laughing.

Without waiting for a reply Ginny moved away right out of the mob zone; Harry was not so fast.

He was mobbed by about 30 fan girls and 15 reporters came all yelling different things, "Marry me Harry Potter" "We love you Harry" "Mr. Potter what do you think your chances are against." "Please Harry I love you" "Harry we are meant to be".

"Mr. Potter yesterday you were seen with-". Harry was use to this thing so he took out his wand and whispered, "Sonorus".

"Everyone I think it would be best if you left and I shall answer questions at the next press release thank you." Harry said calmly: this was not unusual for him.

"Please Harry why won't you give me a chance to prove my love for you" someone from the crowd yelled.

"I am truly very sorry but I am not interested" Harry said gently.

But she kept going on and on until Harry found himself get so mad he yelled the first thing he could think of, "I can't because I am engaged to the love of my life".

After this announcement you could have heard a pin drop everyone was in shock; including Harry himself.

After a few seconds someone asked who and Harry said the first name that popped into his head.

"Ginny Weasley" he said as he took off the charm and held out his hand for Ginny which she took very slowly and gave him a look that plainly said WHAT THE HELL!

All Harry could do was whisper play along in her hear before everyone was talking and yelling and screaming and cheering and opening bottles of wine to toast the happy couple.

After ten minutes of this Harry pulled Ginny out to an empty corridor. "Listen Ginny I know you want to talk about this with me but not here anyone can hear us" Harry quietly begged.

"Fine Harry but you had better cancel all plans for tomorrow because we are going to talk about this. So where do you want to meet" Ginny said.

"I don't normally do this but I'll give you my floo address just say Potter Manor. Floo in around 11: I'll see you then." and with that Harry was gone and after about a minute of deep breathing Ginny was ready and left as well.