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As soon as Harry Apparate to his manor he ran his hand through his hair, took a deep breath and screamed in frustration. He could not believe he did that. He really liked Ginny and now he wreaked it all.

I never think when I get mad. Maybe Hermione's right and I need to start thinking before I open my mouth. Harry thought upset.

I'm so stupid and it's not like tomorrow I can say oh sorry I was just joking. Everyone would have a field day. Harry could already see the head line; Harry Potter Man-Who-Fake-His-Own-Engagement; or Harry Potter MWFHOE for short.

Dear lord what is Hermione going to say she can't know. What if she is hurt that I didn't tell her we were dating? No its ok I'll just say that we were planning on telling her about the engagement on Monday and she knows I don't like to talk about my love life. Harry thought scared of Hermione's reaction if she didn't believe him.

"That will work; I hope." It even sounded desperate to his ears.

Harry fell asleep with images of Hermione cursing him for not telling her. Needless to say he didn't fall into a very peaceful sleep.


Ginny had done a lot of stupid things in her lifetime. You can't have brothers like Fred and George and not of done some really crazy, stupid things but this was by far the worse.

Pretending she was engaged to Harry Potter the most eligible person in the World. He was ahead of singers, princes, and models he was the best guy out there, according to the magazines anyway. She had no idea what she was going to do. Sure she would have loved to be dating Harry but she was more worried about what her mom was going to say when she found out it was all a lie, and the worst part is that she really likes Harry.

All Ginny could say is that she was happy that no one knew but she would have to play along for a bit and not tell anyone it was a lie; ever.

"GINEVRA MOLLY WEASLEY OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW YOUNG LADY BEFORE I BRAKE IT DOWN!" Was what not only Ginny but her building woke up to this morning.

It took Ginny a moment a minute to get her bearings put once she did her face held a look of pure terror once she realized why her mother was pounding on her door at 6 in the morning.

"YOU HAVE A LOT OF EXPLAINING TO DO YOUNG LADY! NOW OPEN UP THIS DOOR" Molly Weasley yelled through the door of her daughter's flat.

After that it took Ginny about five seconds to run to the door and let her mother in who looked nothing short of livid.

"Hey, mom what brings you to my part of London" Ginny said weakly knowing that she was in trouble.

"Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and read in the paper that my daughter is ENGEGED TO HARRY BLOODY POTTER WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO SAY FOR YOURSELF" Mrs. Weasley yelled.

"Surprise" Ginny tried.

"Surprise, Surprise, SURPRISE THIS IS NOT A JOKE GINERVA YOU HAD BEST START EXPLAINING". Looks like that didn't go over to well Ginny thought.

"Well mum, Harry and I are in love and we meant to tell you guys first but Harry was getting mad that everyone was trying to throw themselves on him. Which is just sad if you ask me? I mean I was right there and Harry could tell that if one more girl flirted with him they would be dead." Ginny said in a rush, well most of it was true she was about to hex some of those girls if they didn't lay off, but Harry doesn't need to know that Ginny thought.

"So you meant to tell us right away Hun" Mrs. Weasley said.

"Of course mum he knows how important my family is to me and we were going to say it during Sunday dinner at the Burrow tomorrow. I'm sorry you had to find out like this mom." Ginny said all the while hoping that she believed her.

"O my little baby girl is getting married" Mrs. Weasley said getting all teary eyed and giving Ginny a bone crushing hug.

"Ya, that's right I'm getting married. I have plans with Harry in a few hours and I'll bring him home tomorrow so I can introduce you guys." Ginny promised.

Mrs. Weasley left after an hour and a half most of, which involved crying and making food.

By the time she left it was already 9:30 so Ginny got ready to go. At eleven on the dot Ginny stepped in the fire place and said "Potter Manor", just as Kate and Luna came through the door hoping to find Ginny and find out what is going on.


When Harry woke up at around 9 and he was nervous. He knew he didn't have to worry about Hermione because she was in Paris for business until Monday. He got dressed in some workout clothes because he knew running helped get things off his mind.

Harry was quite thankful that Minerva had Teddy for the day he did not really want Teddy to meet Ginny if she wasn't going to be around for a while. It hardly seemed fair that a fair amount of people where taken out of Teddy's life before he could really get to know them and Harry refused to let it happen to him again. At least not if it was in his power to do so.

By 10:30 he had showered, gotten dressed and ate but he still had to wait half an hour so he thought he might as well read what the Papers were saying.

Harry Potter has found love!

It is our duty to tell the people of London that heartthrob Harry Potter has found love at last. Harry Potter, 21, the defeater or you know who, and famous seeker has fallen for one Ginevra, Ginny, Weasley age 20.

Harry Potter and Ginny Weasley announced their engagement to us last night at a Quidditch League gathering. It seems that Ginny Weasley has done what most people have only ever dreamed of she has captured the heart of Harry Potter, The Chosen one. It is a sad day for all the women out there who have been trying to win his heart. Here at the Daily Prophet we wish both Harry Patter and Ginny Weasley the best in their engagement.

Harry couldn't even bring himself to read the other articles on his and Ginny's engagement. Harry was so deep in thought that he jumped up in surprise when he heard one of his many house elf's say ,"Master Harry, Miss Weasley is here do you want Mindy to bring her." Mindy said.

No thank you Mindy I will go get her thanks though" Harry said standing up and walking down to the floo room.


When Ginny walked out of the fireplace she was in shock. It was beautiful everything in the room was hand craven from cherry wood. Fireplaces lined the back wall of the room. There were what looked like 20 different fireplaces and there were five red couches in the middle of the room with tables and some really comfy looking black chairs.

She had been looking around the room for five minutes when Harry walked through the main door directly across from the fireplaces.

"I'm sorry about you having to be stuck in this room for so long but I had to add you to the wards so you are able to come and go." When Ginny gave him a confused look he continued

"If you aren't programmed into the wards you would have to stay in this room until someone programmed you into them. Also magic doesn't work for any not programmed into the wards but only in this room." Ginny who was still trying to take everything in just gave a nod as a reply until she remembered what she was doing here.

"Right so Harry, what the hell was that last night? You owe me big by the way because at 6 this morning my mum came banging on my door. She was so upset that she was last to know and then she was balling because she was so happy her only daughter is getting married" Ginny said with a slight edge to her voice.

"I know I really am sorry but I don't think we can go back on the engagement thing just yet," Harry said putting his hands in front of him.

"Ya think!" Ginny said sarcastically.

"My mom is so happy to be able to plan a wedding and now she wants to meet you. You are going to have to meet my dad and brothers as well" Ginny finished.

"Okay Ginny we can get through this, first let's go get something to eat" Harry said as he took Ginny's hand and led her through the house.

"How big is this place," Ginny asked unable to stop herself from letting that question slip out.

Chuckling Harry told her "It's huge. It took me so long to get use to it."

Without waiting for Ginny to say something Harry continued. " It is four stories tall, there is a library, which takes up most of the East wing of the house but it only starts on the second floor and goes up to the forth."

"There is one master bedroom, which is too big for one person so I just stay in a suite. On the first floor we have a formal dining room which can fit up to a hundred. A grand ballroom, two kitchens one for the elf's and the other for the family, an office with is only used for formal meetings, about six bathrooms, give or take." Harry said with a smile.

"A formal sitting room and the floo room which is the only place you can enter from other then the main entrance. The main entrance is like Hogwarts except it has to stair cases that met on the second floor landing. The grand entrance is huge once you leave the floo room you are standing in the entrance." Ginny tried to say something but nothing came out.

"On the second floor it has a gym, pool, entertainment room, and a playroom for the kids, an arcade which I must show you it is really cool I am sure you would love it. Two sitting rooms 10 bathrooms, a dueling room, 4 offices but these ones are private ones I use one and Hermione has another one. Only family and family friends are allowed on the second, third and fourth floors. The third for is all guest bedrooms there are about 50 with on attached bathrooms, plus part of the library. Oh right there is also a sitting room and a tea room." Harry added almost forgetting the last part.

"The fourth floor is just rooms for the family members. There is the master, which is a huge and there are 10 suites. All the rooms have furniture and there are 50 house elves that take care of the house and the land. Then on the outside there is over 500 acres, there is a quidditch pitch, a pool, a forest, and a green house. There are more rooms that I missed but if I told you everything we would be here for a while" Harry looked back at Ginny, who had stopped walking at the second floor part and stopped breathing from the looks of it at the mention of the quidditch pitch, was shocked.

Trying to lighten the mood Harry said, "Ya well it's not much but its home."

"Not much" looks like Ginny was breathing again Harry thought.

"This place is huge how can you not get lost in this place. Well how about we talk about our engagement first then you can show me that quidditch pitch." Ginny said.

"That sounds great. Good point lets go to the kitchen cause it's now lunch time and I am going to cook you something amazing to make up for the whole engagement thing." Harry said with a smile.

"Harry let me let you in on a Weasley secret. The way to our hearts is though the stomach." Ginny said with a laugh.

Ginny who thought she couldn't be more amazed just walked into the kitchen and realized she was so wrong.

The kitchen was breath taking it was her dream kitchen. First it was huge and had a table that could fit 10 people and had a marble island in the middle of the kitchen that was the size of a single bed. The counters were marble as well and the tiles on the floor were beautiful granite. There was a large fridge, and the cupboards were painted an off white to match and brighten the room up the whole kitchen was a soft yellow. There were also pots and pans that hung above the island and a nice stainless steel oven to match all the other stainless steel appliances.

"Wow" was all an awed Ginny got out. As Harry started to get out some pans and what looked like steak he started talking to Ginny.

"I know it is a lot to take in but this was my parents' house I didn't choose it. Although after awhile it did start to grow on me but I have added my own touches all throughout the house. Anyway what do you think we should do" Harry asked.

"Well my mom thinks we are engaged so that means we are engaged cause I do not want to break it to her that all this was a lie. What I'm thinking is we set a date for the wedding in a year let's say. Then after about eight months we have this huge fight and break it off and go our separate ways." Ginny suggested.

"Hmm… I like that idea but I think we should wait until the wedding day. Wait hear me out," Harry said quickly because it looked like Ginny was about to interrupt.

"If we do it at the last possible second then no one can think it's planned. Think about it if you were going to break off the engagement at six or eight months we would be able to get all our money back and that would just look odd." Harry said as he flipped a steak.

"Ok fair enough we will do it your way. But we have a new problem. I told my parents that I was going to introduce you to the family tomorrow at Sunday dinner at the Burrow." Ginny said looking at him with a look that clearly said how will we do this?

"I don't really see a problem Gin," Harry said.

"Really you don't see a problem how about the fact that we know nothing about each other. Don't you think two people who are engaged to be married should know stuff about each other? Like all the little things" Ginny said looking at Harry.

"Fair point so we have until Sunday dinner to get to know each other really well it seems. Ok I'll ask you a question and we will go from there. So what is your family like?" Harry finally asked after some time.

"To me family is the most important thing. I have 6 older brothers." When Ginny said this she looked at Harry who didn't show any signs for fear; which is a good thing because she always says that first when talking about her family. Cause they have to be strong and brave enough to handle those over protected gits.

"Bill is the oldest. He works in Gringotts as a curse- breaker. He is married to a French half Veela named Fleur. Um… two years ago they had their first child Victoire and she is adorable she has strawberry blonde hair and blue eyes. Next is Charlie and he works in Romania with dragons he hasn't settled done yet and my mom is getting pretty upset about that." Ginny said with a chuckle.

"Next is Percy he was such a prat. In my forth year he sided with the Ministry when we believed you that Tom was back. Then there is Fred and George I am the only person who can tell them apart." At Harry's confused look she continued.

"Fred has a freckle on his right side of the eye and George on the left but they are so small it is hard to tell. Fred and George are pranksters if you want them to be okay with you can prank them or laugh when they prank you." By this point Harry was really considering taking notes.

"I remember them the famous Weasley twins. I will always remember their grand exit." Harry said with a chuckle.

"Please don't bring that up they love to brag about it. I mean at first it was awesome but after a while of them talking about it it became boring rather quickly." Ginny said with a roll of her eyes.

"Last is Ron he is a year older than me but he is noble, stubborn, great at chess and he loves quidditch and food. Only Bill is married but Fred and George have been dating girls. I think George is in love with my roommate Luna Lovegood and they are dating at the moment. Fred, though, he's in," Harry raised an eyebrow as if asking who she was.

"Katie Bell," Ginny answered.

"But he doesn't have the guts to ask her out yet. Percy is in love with the Ministry and Ron hasn't found the right girl yet. My parents love each other very much and they we really good about trying to give everyone attention. My dad works for the Ministry but loves muggle things my mum is one of those mothers who will love anyone, but will fight to the death for one of her kids. We all have bad tempers though my mum's, Ron's and mine will go off pretty easily the others you have to wait a little; but when they go off watch out. Yet no one is as scary as my mum and me." Here Harry nodded because he had heard some of the Howlers that went off in the great hall.

"That's about it for me what about you". Ginny said.

"My family is mainly people I have come to think of as family; since I don't like my blood realities although I still stay in touch with my cousin Dudley." Harry said quickly because he didn't like talking about his aunt and uncle.

"Firstly a lot of the people I came to see as family have passed away. My godfather, Sirius Black, most people don't know that he was my godfather but he died protecting me. He was also the closest thing I had to a father." Harry said with a sigh, even after all this time it still upset him.

Ginny couldn't help it when she put a comforting hand on his arm. Harry gave a small smile at this.

"Then there is Lupin and Tonks. Lupin was like another father to me and Tonks was like an older sister to me, only because she said she was too young to be a mum. But both of them died in the final battle. Lupin and Tonks had a son Teddy after Tonks dad and I was named the godfather." Harry said proudly.

"Teddy stays with me because his grandmother wasn't able to handle it. A couple of weeks after the war ended and all the funerals were over she just upped and left. She did leave a note saying how sorry she was and ever since then I have taken care of Teddy. I always have and always will put Teddy ahead of everyone I think I missed two games last season because Teddy was sick and I wanted to look after him. I really do love him like my own son but I will always make sure he knows who his parents were. I did consider adopting him, you know give him the last name Potter and all that but I want it to be his choice because I could never even think of replace Remus or Tonks." Harry rambled.

"Harry I doubt you could ever replace them but that doesn't mean Teddy doesn't have enough love in his heart for two fathers. All you have to do is make sure that Teddy knows who his real parents were and why they did what they did. Besides I can tell from the why you talk about him that you think of him as your son. It isn't wrong to a father doesn't always have to be biological. A father is the person who makes you feel protected, loved, who you go to for advise, and who loves you unconditionally." Ginny said softly.

"Thanks I think I needed to hear that." Harry whispered.

"You're welcome Harry. So who else is in your family?" Ginny said wanting Harry to continue now that they have started to open up to each other.

"Then there is Dumbledore he was like a grandfather to me. He would always listen and help me when I was stuck; he also told me about my parents which was nice. Also I remember when Sirius died I trashed his office and throughout the whole thing he was calm and didn't even care." Harry said with a slight chuckle at the memory.

"Then there is the Granger's they took me in they are kind of like parents to me. They were always so kind to me and let me into their home. Last their daughter Hermione she is like the sister I never had. We have been close ever since I saved her from a troll in my first year. She is always there when I need her and she isn't afraid of kicking my butt back into shape. I have other friends but those are the people who I think of as family." Harry finished.

So it went on both asking and answering questions. There was laughter and tears but by the time Harry was walking Ginny out they had found out a lot about each other.

Something that Harry noticed was that they could talk about anything for hours on end.

"So Gin how are we getting to your house tomorrow?" Harry asked just before Ginny was going to get into the fireplace.

"Umm you can floo to my house at about 2 but just wear jeans and a top don't go overboard. Floo to 124 Kent Place," Ginny said and turned to walk into the fireplace when she suddenly turned around.

"I had a really great time with you today Harry" Ginny said.

"Me to Gin I don't remember having this much fun in awhile." Harry said as Ginny hugged him and gave him a kiss on the check.

"I'll see you tomorrow Harry. Bye." And with that Ginny was gone and Harry saw it was 4 in the morning they had spent 17 hours talking none stop; he didn't even have a chance to show her the quidditch pitch.

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