Me: ok my first one piece fic to tell the truth I'm very nervous about it

Vapor: why and why are me and Nozomi here

Nozomi: hi

Me: because it's a pretty cure, pokemon, slight Zatch bell, very minor digimon (no seriously like only two charters), some sonic, and Naruto cross over, and maybe some sailor mon and mewmew power, defiantly azumanga Daioh.

Vapor: ok then


Prologue pt 1: the kidnappings and gifts


There are many worlds to be know all connected in a way but unable to touch each other unless needed or forced. Take the one piece world for instants it has many versions but none touch but all are similar. there are two that are very similar both have pirates both have pokemon but their very different. But we shall see how their different now.

A cloaked man was on a building his cloak was a blue color. His eyes which could be seen were a sea green. He was holding a pokemon egg. "first time to give the young one his gift" said the man. He some how teleported to a small island were he knocked on the door of a house and left the egg with a note.

"now before my siblings start their plan" he said teleporting to a day care he walked up to the old man their "the next children will get their eggs but not now"

"I see" said the man "you know out of you and your siblings you've always hated this idea". the cloaked man nodded.

two years later the man again was holding a pokemon egg. "first is the book keeper" he said before teleporting into a baby's room the baby had black hair, brown eyes, and white skin. He handed the egg to the baby "take good care of you self Kiyo" said the man before leaving. A few minutes after a woman teleported in. she had a blood red cloak on and she had black eyes. Baby Kiyo started Crying as she picked him and his egg up. She teleported away and put him on the same door step as the egg was put with a note and knocked on the door and left. A woman opened it and was surprised to see the crying baby at her door step. She picked baby Kiyo and his egg as well as the note and went in side.

"one down" said the woman a man in a black cloak with blue eyes teleported next to her.

"should I do the next" he asked

"capture the girl because if I do I'll try killing her" said the woman

"very well Blood" said the man

"dismissed Kyrill" said Blood the man teleported a way "next will be a year later" then she teleported away.

With the man he was with the day care man again. "well Guardian next time is two targets isn't" asked the day care man

"yes but I have delayed the girls capture" said Guardian

"did you read that fic again" asked the day care man

"yes sal I did" said Guardian

"don't say it" said sal

"alright" said Guardian

A year later Guardian had the egg. He teleported first to an hospital were an new borne blond baby boy just lost it's mom. He went in were the baby was a man was their. Guardian knocked out the man went in to were the baby was. He handed the egg to the baby " I wish I could prevent the next events but I can only delay them and prepare you young ones Naruto" he said Before teleporting away. Then Blood teleported in.

"dame my brother and his meddling" she said teleporting with the baby and the egg. She teleported in front of the door and placed the baby who had white skin, and bright blue eyes.

A few months later (it's November now)

With Guardian he handed a pink haired baby girl an egg "be careful Nozomi my sister dislikes you a lot just keep you hope and dreams" he said before teleporting then Kyrill teleported in.

"who the heck of my sibling put rubber chickens in my cloak drawer" he murmured Picking up baby Nozomi and her egg. He teleported out of the room. He meet with blood at the house and sat the baby who was crying down and knocked on the door. They teleported away as a woman holding a one year old Kiyo with a three year old boy behind her ,with Naruto in a crib just a little out of sight being watched by a boy. He had black hair and eyes and white skin he was Monkey D. Luffy. The baby put on the door steep also had white skin. The girl had pink eyes. The woman picked them up with out dropping Kiyo or dropping ether her or the egg.

"what's next" asked the woman with a sigh

"maybe a black haired boy" said little Luffy his mother looked at him.

"Maybe maybe" she laughed shutting the door

With Guardian and sal "the last one" sighed Guardian "I wonder how the parents take it"

"didn't you say that Naruto doesn't have parents" asked sal

"yes but I know their spirits are watching him" said Guardian

"ahh wise just like you sister wisdom" said sal

"who decided to help her younger brother with her sisters hope and faith and her brother dream" said a cloaked girl. Her cloak was purplish pink and her eyes were sky blue. Then another girl came from behind her and had a light pink cloak and neon blue eyes. Then a girl with a light purple cloak and dark blue eyes teleported next to Guardian. Then a man with a normal pink yes pink cloak with cerulean eyes teleported next to him. He looked at each of them.

"thank you" said Guardian

"no prob bro" said Dream

"so who should we watch" asked Hope (light pink)

"I'll watch Kiyo" said wisdom

"I want to watch Naruto" said Faith (light purple)

"I'll watch the next one" said dream

"I'll watch Nozomi" said Guardian

"ok now that's done what's next" asked Sal

"who want's to try and get ninjas from Naruto's world who won't judge Naruto or Gaara because of the demons" asked Guardian

"why Gaara" asked Hope with a sweat drop

"I just have that odd felling" said Guardian the rest of his sibling stared at him

"more babies were taken with out your knowledge" asked Dream

"probably oh and I think angle gave them eggs" said Hope with a small sigh

"yae she probably did though I don't know were they were taken I just hope that we can protect them" said Guardian

"especially with blood's dislike of Nozomi" said Fate

guardian sighed 'if angle and possibly Devil were helping things would be better' he thought. Then he looked at his siblings now gambling with each other. 'though I'd have to say we have our quirks' he thought with a sweat drop. "full house" said Hope putting down her cards the others moaned. Guardian sweat dropped.

Another year later "dame it hopeā€¦I wonder how she got the monkey (this joke is recurring in most fics I read)" said Guardian he again was holding an egg. Then he teleported to were a young black haired baby with white skin, black eyes, and z shaped like marks on his cheeks was he gave the baby the egg. "finally I' done with the years of waiting but I'm sorry little Ash I cannot stop what comes next" said Guardian disappearing. Then blood did what she always did kidnap the baby and it's egg and set it on the door step knocking on the door and getting the woman to come out and see the child. Of course her newest adoptive child was what Luffy had said. so she sweat dropped.

"Luffy was right" she sighed picking up the child and it's egg

With guardian he sighed why his brother just came in drunk no not Dream or Kyrill it was his brother devil who wore a black cloak with blood red fires and skulls on it.

"well at least he's helping us" he said

With hope she went to the hyuga clan spot were two identical men were talking they were brothers as one could tell. She snuck past them with her Chakuraless body and great invisibility spells. She went copied all the scrolls their left and went and copied other scrolls in the other parts of the village she copied all of them. Then left the village with a lot of shuriken and other weapons. Then went to other lands and did that then went back to the place with her brothers.

With the 4 (counting sal). "ok I know only a few would that the two like that I discovered several other kids were kidnapped and we are going to teach the every thing I wrote down" said Hope

with dream he was buying books lots and lots of books why well because one they were on pokemon mostly as well as other subjects two he was not going to steal information like his sister did. "why couldn't the others do this" he sighed then when every thing was bought he left with his purchase.

Back at sal's "ok now every one's here" said Guardian as a girl wearing a white cloak with a gold feather design sat down.

"Not every one Ninja is wanting to help" said Devil

"doesn't she hang out with Akno" asked dream twitching

"yes but she also hangs out with Kakashi, Iruka, the third Hokage, and some of the hyuga's" said Angle every one sweat dropped

"doesn't she also hang out with Little Len Hikari (and yes this is some what back ground for Len)" asked Hope

"yes but she's in another dimetion remember were we don't exist" said Angle every one sweat dropped till a window broke and a girl about 12 with black hair with dark purple streaks in it, black skin, brown eye. She wore a dark purple full body black jump suite with fish net on part of her leg (right) were it was actually cut (jump suite) off and bandage on her arm (left) were it was torn off (jump suite) she also had a weapon pouch on the fish net leg.

"nin what have we told you about breaking in here" Yelled devil

"don't do it" she said putting slightly to showing her bottom lip (only) had purple lip sick on it. The others sighed.

"it's alright by the way why the HELL do you look 12 your friggin 3" said devil. This was true while they may not look the age they are but they can chose to look how they want though they may not be that age.

"but I'm a ninja" she said pouting "I have to look twelve or some thing" the others sighed they could not win against their youngest sister no matter what.

"well what's next" asked Angle they looked at her and Nin (which is he nick name).

"when their old enough you two will teach them Jutsues" said Guardian

"why" asked Nin

"because only you two have chakura" said Hope

"oh right" said both with sweat drops

"so when is this plan going into action" asked Dream being the only boy with a girl's name

"when Luffy is 7" said Guardian

"that long" asked Every one with confused looks

"a couple days before he eats the gum gum fruit" said Guardian the others nodded in under standing. So that's how their few year wait started.


Me: wow this is a long ch

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