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Prologue pt 2: nin, brago, and devil fruits


Two days before Luffy ate the fruit. Running through the town was a 7 year old monkey d. Luffy wearing a white t shirt with an anchor and the word going across it in blue, grey shorts (no I did not have good reference pics) and sandals, 5 year old Takamine d. Kiyo wearing a white shirt and blue pants with black shoes(more angry at his brother who was an idiot), 4 year old Uzamaki d. Naruto(who has the scars now) wearing a white shirt with a red swirl on it, black shorts and shoes, 4 year old Yumehara d. Nozomi (who was the only girl and actually limping on crunches due to leg injury) wearing a pink t shirt cream colored shorts and flip flops, and Ketchum d. Ash wearing a black t shirt blue jeans and tri colored tennis shoes. They all together were know as the D siblings. Their pokemon which consisted of Luffy's chimchar, Kiyo's abra, Naruto's Vulpix, Nozomi's shiny pink wurmple, and finally ash's pichu also chased Luffy. As anyone could see Luffy did something stupid and that's why his siblings were chasseing him. "Luffy get back here" shouted the limping Nozomi.

"ok what's going on here" said Nin who now looked 15 with longer hair put in a bun other wise she looked the same.

"oh nin-sensei we were chasing Luffy cause he was pestering the meat sails man again" said Nozomi

"really" asked Nin with a laugh

"really nin-sensei oh but that's not why Kiyo-nii is chasseing him or Naruto-nii but they are doing it for a reson" she said then Nin noticed Nozomi's bandaged up Leg.

"what happened their" asked Nin

"she almost fell down some stairs and Kiyo-Nii caught her" said Ash joining the conversation.

"oh really I'm sorry Nozomi" said Angle walking up she no longer had the cloak showing her long wavy blond hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and her white version of Nin's out fit her hair was surprisingly in a braid.

"it's ok angle-sensei" said Nozomi

"it is Nozomi-nee" said Ash Nozomi nodded

"ok then let's get every one and continue training" said Nin

"hiaaa" said the two youngest D siblings before running/limping off.

Two days later "one two three I see Luffy" said Nozomi through binoculars

"what's he doing" asked Naruto then he saw a shocked look on her face.

"he stabbed him self under the eye" said Nozomi true they herd their brother and Shanks crew. Naruto and Kiyo got tick marks. Nozomi and ash sighed before all four jumped up. ok correction Naruto and Nozomi did they carried the other two up. Then they hit Luffy shouting…

"LUFFY YOU IDIOT" the crew laughed a little till the saw Nozomi's leg (note they didn't see the kids yester day).

"Nozomi" started Shanks who had this sort of reddish hair, white slightly tan skin, black eyes, and had three scars over his right eye, wore a white slightly unbuttoned shirt, brown pants, a black captain's coat, sandals and unmistakably a straw hat with a red band around it.

"I almost fell down the stairs but Kiyo-nii caught me" said Nozomi the wound on her leg had actually started bleeding. Oddly enough the wound was shaped like a butterfly. Then a pokeball on her waist shook and out came a pink and creamed colored ralts.

"ral" said the ralts looking at it's trainer (translation: you ok)

"I'm fine" she said smiling

Later at a local bar Shanks and his crew were drinking Grog (will someone tell me what the kind of alcohol that is it confuses me). Luffy and Nozomi had their wounds treated. Of course for some reson they toasted Luffy's courage then to a great voyage.

"I'm going out for a bit" said the three boys that weren't Luffy then went out while Luffy lied about that not hurting and shanks calling him a liar.

"I'm not the least bit afraid of getting Hurt!! Take me with you on your next voyage!!" yelled Luffy "I wanna be a pirate too!!!" to say the least his sister sweat dropped and Shanks laughed.

"Luffy-nii you need to learn how to swim first" said Nozomi with her sweat drop growing "it is why people call you anchor and your not really a strong fighter even with nin-sensei and Angle-sensei"

"but if I don't fall overboard then it doesn't matter if i'm an anchor!!" Yelled Luffy "and I am a strong fighter" Nozomi sighed at her brother's persistence.

"Luffy-nii" she said

"I've been training" he said punching air "my punch is as powerful as a pistol"

"A pistol eh? Is that so…" said Shanks

"No it's not Luffy-nii" said Nozomi

"are you doubting me" Luffy asked angrily

"calm down Luffy-nii you can always be a pirate when you grow up" said Nozomi

"now Nozomi stop filling your brother's head with crazy ideas" said Shanks

"but it's true" said Nozomi "5 berries shanks is just messing with him"

"we aren't betting against gold thumb Nozomi" Yelled every one in the room. The reson for this is cause so far Nozomi had a lot of nick names; the one they used was her betting one which it should be known she always wins always.

"well captain maybe we should take the kid with us just this once" said a random crew member

"aye" said another Luffy smiled before

"Luffy-nii cant he's got ninja training with nin and angle sensei" said Nozomi

"besides one of you would have to stay behind" said shanks

"sorry Laddy you've just been Beached Let's drink" said one of the men as the line of men that had formed turned around.

"hey I thought you were on my side" Yelled Luffy at the line.

"Luffy-nii" sighed Nozomi

"you just to young kid" said Shanks pointing a spoon at Luffy "maybe in 10 years I'll give you a chance" . Nozomi covered he older but more childish than her brother's mouth at that moment. Then Nozomi and shanks got an evil smile at the same time. It was very creepy, so creepy it would have beaten the creepiness of any villain that was creepy.

"hey Luffy-nii why don't we drink some milk" said Nozomi and shanks put it in front of him.

"oh boy thanks" said Luffy before drinking the milk. Then the two that got the evil smile laughed.

"L-Luffy-n-nii P-pirates d-don't d-drink m-milk" laughed Nozomi


"your fault for falling for it" said Naruto walking in "you know sis is a master of tricks and traps"

"you for got using weapons, being a good weapon smith, betting, and certain jutsus" said Nozomi with a slight smile

"you for got being hopeful, cheery, easily making friends, making explosives, item finding, and avoiding death" said Naruto who dogged a punch from his sister; because of the last one. Then they over herd Luffy saying put it on my treasure tab. They sweat dropped at the conversation between Luffy and shanks then. Then Makino said some thing that made the sweat drops grow. Then Luffy and Shanks started another talk which they tuned out.

SLAM. Nozomi got a tick mark she had paid for damage done to the bar door last time some thing HORRIBLE happened (Naruto fans three guesses what). "ok who is the basterd that did that cause who ever it is now OWES me a lot of berries" yelled/growled Nozomi. Luffy and Naruto looked at their sister and KNEW that the man would not walk for the rest of the day. The man was Higuma the bear who had a run in with Nozomi once while she was training to make weapons. he ended up spilling the materials she was using. Let's just say he is now afraid of female ninja weapon users that make explosives. Then lets then say Higuma turned around and walked out with a scared look.

"umm Nozomi what did you do to him" asked Naruto. Nozomi chuckled Darkly with a slight evil look.

"let's just say he can never reproduce any more" said Nozomi every one was shocked. Luffy almost dropped a fruit he was eating.

"well well what do we have here" said a voice every one looked at the door to see blood with a sword in her hand.

"who are you" asked Naruto with a growl

"looks like my sister nin and angle and my brother smith never told their students about me" said blood the kids eyes widened.

"Y-you're B-Blood" said Nozomi scared she had herd that this particular woman wanted to kill her.

"that's right" said blood preparing her sword. Then she rushed at Nozomi. Shanks got in blood's way. Luckily for him she didn't swing and the blunt end hit him. Though he was hit in to a wall. Then a orb thing came at blood. She dogged and turned to the door. It was Guardian with out his clock showing his gold colored hair and slightly tanned skin. Ha was wearing a Blue t shirt, black pants, and blue shoes. Be hind him was a four year old that looked like a demon with dark purple and black hair, pale skin, and well it was really hard to tell his eye color ether black or a really dark purple wearing a purple shirt and black pants.

"guardian-san" said Nozomi then she noticed the four year old. She walked up to the four year old boy. "hi I'm Nozomi" she said Holding out his hand.

"brago" said the boy slightly cold (which is hard to do if your four).

"brago be nice" said Guardian before looking at Nozomi "Listen Nozomi I know your training to protect you self but I want you two to try to get along because nether of you will be able to fight by your selves". the two stared at him he chuckled a little. "now Nozomi can I see you wrist your's too Brago" said Guardian the two replied, brago reluctantly, Nozomi willingly. He put his hand over there wrist. His had glowed a blue gold (I know that would usually make green use your imagination people). When he took it off Brago's wrist was the same but Nozomi's wrist had some weird writing on it (in the battle for mamodo king it would be his first spell).

"umm Guardian-san what's this" asked Nozomi

"read it and find out" said Guardian

"umm you for got I can't read yet" said Nozomi. Guardian sweat dropped he did forget that.

"umm well as soon as you can read please look at it" said Guardian "Bye". he teleported out of the room. Brago was muttering things about how kids should not follow strange men in to portals(one of the many things he will learn).

"oh my" said Shanks who though injured got up.

"what the-" Naruto stopped "I'm going to check on Kiyo-nii and ash". he ran out the bar.

"hu wonder why Naruto-nii is so Worried" said Nozomi

"I'll go find out" said Luffy he started to run

"wait Luffy-nii" said Nozomi grabbing her brother's arm to find it stretch. Brago ,who had gotten some thing to drink, spat out his milk in shock, Nozomi almost fainted, the members of shanks crew were shocked.

"umm Luffy-nii did you eat the fruit in the chest" asked His sister after calming down.

"yes" said Luffy

"BAKA" shouted Nozomi hitting her brother on the head VERY VERY hard and VERY painfully. "that was a devil fruit though I don't know the details Shanks said it was very bad if you want to swim" she said.

"wha-" started Luffy

"what is a devil fruit" asked Brago

"it's a fruit that if some one eats it gives them a power but removes their ability to swim" said Shanks

"any thing else like if you eat two devil fruits" asked Brago

"you'll explode if you eat two devil fruits" said shanks. Then Brago choked slightly on the milk he was drinking. Then a clone of Naruto (they could tell because it was slightly paler than him) came to the door.

"you got to hurry some on forced these wired fruits down ash and Kiyo's thoughts" said the clone.

"NANI" Yelled Nozomi before grabbing brago and running out the door.

"umm before I leave what devil fruit did Luffy eat" said the clone (Naruto left one to here any thing that went on while he was away).

"gum gum fruit" said Shanks as they ran to find Naruto and two clones of his holding ash and Kiyo. Both of the boy's being held were coughing ferociously. The clone that led them their disappeared in a puff of smoke. Naruto had to sigh at what he learned from the clone.

"Luffy-nii you are truly an idiot" said Naruto to his brother. Then brago walked behind Naruto and picked up a piece of paper.

"hey brago what's that" asked Nozomi looking at the note.

dear D siblings…and who ever else read this

We have forced Ketchum d. Ash and Takamine d. Kiyo to eat devil fruits. Ketchum has been forced to eat the gem Ryuu fruit and Kiyo was forced to eat the intelo intelo fruit.

Signed Blood's minions

"bakas" said Naruto at the note slightly growling

"let's go home we have to get these two checked up on and introduce brago to the family" said Nozomi

The next day "mayor" said Makino as she came in his office with the three four year olds.

"what's the matter Makino" asked the Mayor

"Luffy-nii is getting beat up by the Bustards of Mountain Bandits" said Nozomi. The others in the room sweat dropped and sighed the knew (except brago) about Nozomi's hate for the bandits.

Tiny bit later the group of five made it to the scene were Luffy was being beat up. "usually I would go and kick their (censored all you should know is no 4 year old should be able to curse this much) and get it over with but baka-boss didn't see me" sighed Nozomi

"umm sis were did you learn who to speak like that" asked Naruto

"pirates and Marines that aren't Shanks" she answered

"I'll have to deal with them later" growled The mayor

"sis you've got to stay away from the docks from now on" said Naruto

"HEY YOU LAVE HIM ALONE" yelled the Mayor

"ya Luffy-nii is an idiot but he didn't do any thing to you" said the two 4 year old adopted siblings.

"please I'll do any thing you want" said The mayor

"mayor, Naruto, Nozomi" said Luffy

"sorry but he attacked me and called me names it's unforgivable and I won't lets some girl beat me for it" said Higure

"nobody came to greet us at the harbor" said Shanks walking up "I was wondering what was going on"

"shanks" said the four year olds

"ash and Kiyo filled me in" said Shanks as ash and Kiyo appeared from behind him with their pokemon.

"really Kiyo-nii just had abra teleport us their and we told him Luffy was being beaten up" said Ash

"pichu pi pichu!" said the little electric type (translation: Luffy you said you punch was as powerful as a pistol Liar!). Ash sweat dropped at his pokemon.

"uhh er" said Luffy not under standing the pokemon.

"you better back off" said the bandit leader

Shanks started walking toward him. One of the lesser bandits pointed a pistol at him. "didn't you hear him don't come any closer" the bandit said "Or I'll blow your head off"

"you're putting your life on the line by pointing that at me" said Shanks

"hu what are you talking about" said the bandit

"I'm saying it's not safe to point guns" said Shanks ad the man was shot in the head by one of Shanks crew members. Then Nozomi raided his body.

"nice one" said Naruto

"that didn't look fair" started Kiyo

"but they are pirates not saints" said Ash

"none of this is you business" said Higuma

"NOBODY HURTS MY FRIENDS" yelled shanks then the mayor paid Nozomi 10 berries.

"you Pirates think you can stand up to my mountain bandits" said Higuma "kill them"

"die" roared the bandits charging

"bakas" said Nozomi before throwing a ton of needles and kanea knifes as well as shrunken. The bandits were dead after wards. Then in a panic Higuma threw a smoke bomb down. When the smoke cleared; He was gone with Luffy.

"to the ocean" said Nozomi seeing her smart brother and younger brother weren't their ether. The others sweat dropped at her.

"why me" sighed Brago

Out on the ocean "hahaha" laughed Higuma

"baka you an idiot if you think our sister doesn't know were we are" said Kiyo

"as if they'd listen to a little girl" said the man the brothers looked at each other and then him.

"ya they would" said Ash

"chim" said Luffy's chimchar coming out of it's pokeball. ( translation: your dead)

"meh I still wont need you three any more" said the baka kicking them. Then the Local sea king ate the Baka. But it looked at the three boys that couldn't swim.

"were dead" said Ash in panic

"pichu" said His pichu trying to hold him up (translation: ya think) the sea king charged at them. "PICHU" (translation: WHY US)

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH" screamed the boys and the two pokemon that were awake.

CHOMP "shanks" said Luffy as he saved them.

"get out of here" said Shanks to the sea dwelling beast. The beast left in fear.

"shanks are you ok" asked Kiyo seeing his arm was ripped off by the creature.

"I'll be fine it's just a small price to pay" said Shanks. They nodded understanding though Luffy and Ash were crying. Though Shanks later regretting telling them that because their sister found out and well it wasn't pretty.

Later (…sorry not sure what day it is) "so your not coming back after this voyage" asked Luffy

"that's right" said Shanks "we've been using this harbor as a base of operation for a long time. Maybe too long"

"why you sad Luffy-nii" asked Nozomi

"yeah I' sad" said Luffy who looked at shanks then "but I'm not going to ask you to take me with you. I'm going to become a pirate on my own"

"it wouldn't do you any good. You're still to little" said Shanks

"You can't become a Pirate Now Luffy-nii" said Nozomi and Naruto

"don't say that Their's no way he can become a Pirate" said Shanks

"oh Yes I will" yelled Luffy "one day I'll have a ship and a crew Better than yours!! And we'll have the biggest hoard of treasure in the world!! I'm GONNA BE KING OF THE PIRATS!!"

"your gonna be better than us huh" said shanks now starting to take off his hat "well then…". he put it on Luffy's Head "do me a favor Keep this hat safe for me". Little to say Nozomi fainted in her brother's arms. "this hat mean's a lot to me. Promise me that you'll give it back to me someday when you become a great pirate" shanks said walking away.

"that kid is going to make something of himself" said Shanks first mate

"yeah" said Shanks "he acts just like I did when I was a kid." tiny bit later (like a minute or so) "Weigh the Anchor!" yelled shanks "Raise the sails! Were off with the tide"


Me: well that was dramatic

Nozomi: umm why do I talk like that

Me: well for one you aren't raised by your real mother and two you were raised in an area with a lot of cursing

Vapor: why does she and Naruto talk at the same time

Me: well I'm not sure but I think their birth dates are a month apart and their the same age so their as close as twins

Vapor: alright every one see you next ch