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The patient in 319 was a difficult one. He stumbled into St. Mary's in late May having lost a great deal of blood and suffering from a snake bite. The nurses at the emergency room had never seen anything like that bite; it had to be from a rather large snake. The man said it was a pet snake that bit him; the nurses wondered what size snake could have done that kind of damage. They stopped asking questions when Dr. Pearsall came in having been called in at the request of the patient. It seemed he knew her. The doctor immediately took care of the patient chastising him for not seeking medical help sooner, he told her to stop mollycoddling and just do her job, 'you insufferable woman'. Several weeks passed and the patient grew stronger, the poison the snake had released was taken care of before he went to the hospital, the blood loss and the infection from the bite is what needed to be attended to. Mr. Prince, that was the patient's name, had become restless and wanted out of the hospital, Dr. Pearsall told him he was too weak from the infection and blood loss to care for himself in that hovel he called a home and would only be released when she was satisfied he would be cared for. She offered her own home and he told her he would not stay with that other insufferable woman who went by the name of Estella.

Doctor Pearsall did the only other thing she could, she wrote a letter to a Minerva McGonagall the way he had told her to do a few years ago when he foresaw there was going to be a war. Just as he had said an owl appeared for Samantha to attach the letter and it took off immediately. She only hoped her patient would not be angry with her but she loved him and she wanted him taken care of. If he wouldn't let her take care of him she would make sure someone did.

All the way in Scotland an owl appeared at the headmistress's window tapping incessantly. An older woman came bustling out of her private rooms to open the window and retrieve the note. Her eyes went wide when she read the content and immediately contacted the people she knew she could trust to deal with the matter. Heading to the floo she called the fireplace at 12 Grimmauld Place and called out the name of one of the most loyal and trustworthy people she knew.

Dr. Samantha Pearsall walked down the corridor dreading her meeting with her patient; she received a note late last evening telling her that representative's from there order will be there to collect the patient and bring him to a location where he will be cared for. She was going to inform him this morning that he would be released when she heard raised voices and she knew she was too late.

"I do not need to be taken care of Lupin, I am not an invalid." She heard the sneer in his voice.

"Severus the doctor told Minerva that you would need assistance for a few weeks, now stop being stubborn." Samantha wondered who the owner of the raspy voice was.

"Why do you people care? You left me for dead!"

"Well if you had stayed put I would have got back to you, but when I got there you were gone. I thought one of the Death Eaters got to you." Another male voice but younger.

"Professor you were dead, I checked for a pulse, you didn't have one." That was a young female voice this time. Samantha hesitated outside the door until she heard Severus's voice once again.

"Miss Granger you insufferable know it…"

"That is enough Severus Snape!" Dr. Powell walked into the room.

"Samantha how dare you call these people!"

"Severus you cannot go home alone. Someone needs to care for that wound and give you the antibiotics. Enough already, if you don't go with them you are coming home with me, mother would be thrilled." She raised an eyebrow at him and Hermione thought that movement was very familiar. She also noted that the doctor had an American accent, New York she thought.

At the mention of her mother Severus Snape folded his arms and scowled.

"You cannot mean for one of them to give me…"

"One of them or mother, which will it be?"

Hermione didn't know his scowl could get any deeper; it was almost like a pout. She was shocked this muggle doctor could silence the potions master.

Remus was amused by the interaction between doctor and patient. He looked at the beautiful dark haired doctor and wondered how Severus got so lucky.

"Severus you better tell them who I am they look like they are in shock."

He looked at the faces of the people in his room and almost laughed. His next question was addressed to harry.

"Is he really dead?"

Harry Potter was taken aback by the question but then answered him. "He's dead as a doornail."

"Thank God. Then Lupin, Potter, Granger meet my cousin, my muggle cousin Samantha Pearsall."

"For heaven's sake Severus they have first names." She looked at the three and introduced herself as Samantha and shook each hand asking for their first name. Samantha found out the raspy voice belonged to Remus Lupin, a rather handsome man. The two younger people Harry Potter and Hermione Granger. She knew those names from reading them in the paper Severus had sent to her family to keep them up to snuff on the happenings in his world.

"That would make your mother his…" Hermione didn't answer because Snape interrupted her.

"My aunt, she is the most insufferable, nosy, coddling woman known to mankind, enough so to give Molly Weasley a run for her money." Hermione saw his scowl soften when talking about his aunt.

"Samantha may I ask how you kept him here, he is a wizard after all, he could have just disapparated." Hermione asked.

Samantha smirked and reached into her pocket for something, coming out with a wand. "He can't disapperate without this." She handed him his wand and watched his scowl disappear.

"Now who will be taking care of the wound and administering the antibiotics?" she asked.

"I guess I will, but Samantha, Professor Snape is a wizard and wizards respond differently to muggle medicine."

"Very good Hermione, yes they do, though you really have nothing that can combat this type of infection. Even snarky over there agrees. Severus was able to administer his anti-venin to rid himself of the poison but he waited too long to come for help. His infection needs to be eradicated by the antibiotics I have prescribed. It must be given subcutaneously."

Hermione saw the questioning looks on Remus and Harry's face and told them what that meant.

"Do you have a problem giving him a shot?"

"Not at all" Hermione said and smirked.

"I bet." She heard her former professor say while Remus and Harry snorted. "May I have some privacy to dress?"

"No," said Samantha, "Hermione and I will step out so I can give her instructions; the gentlemen will stay and make sure you don't make a run for it." With that said she walked out of the room followed by Hermione.

It didn't take long for Severus to dress; he had refused any offer of help from the two men. He was still a little weak but did not want to appear so to a marauder and his rival's son. They left the room and followed Samantha to her office where she told them they could disapperate from there. She told them she would like to visit within a day or two and asked how she would know the house. Harry told her where to go and stand, he would change the wards on the house to recognize Samantha and she should have no problem seeing the entrance to the house.

Severus hugged his cousin and thanked her for taking care of him. Hermione watched the gentle and loving way Snape acted with Samantha. There was a definite fondness there; she imagined there were many things about Severus Snape they didn't know.

They arrived at the Black house and Harry was going to show Snape to his room but the former Professor refused saying he had been cooped up in a room for weeks and needed different scenery. They went to the kitchen where Kreacher served tea and sandwiches. That was when Hermione couldn't hold back any longer, she had to know.

"Professor how did you do it? I know I took your pulse, there wasn't one, how did you…oh my you took the draught of the living death potion. That's why you didn't have a pulse."

"20 points to Gryffindor Hermione, and don't call me professor. I am not your professor anymore and will never be anyone's again." He seemed relaxed now.

"Severus, why did you keep your family a secret? Were you that worried about Voldermort harming them?" Remus Lupin asked.

"Yes, though I complain about her I love my aunt, uncle and cousin. Yes Potter I know how to love. Estella though being the meddler that she is is an incredible woman and my uncle is a good man. I know you saw in my memories Harry that my father was abusive. Estella is his younger sister, she moved to the states to get married when I was seven. I spent many summers in America with them when I was a child and that's where she noticed the abuse. She had confronted my father and he denied it, my mother covered for him because she was afraid. They had a falling out and he banned her from his home. When I started at Hogwarts I kept up a correspondence with her and my uncle and after the first war was able to visit them regularly whenever I was on break from school.

"When Voldermort returned and Albus asked me to spy again I had warned my aunt and her family. I wanted any connection to me severed. They however would not allow it. They had since moved back to England and Samantha did her residency here. I made them promise to stay away from me and Spinner's End. They were fairly safe since no one except Albus knew they existed. Voldermort and his followers are not wise in the ways of muggles; any decent researcher would have found out that Tobias Snape had a sister. They never bothered."

Hermione and Harry couldn't get over the fact that he called them by their first names. Sitting there in the kitchen they saw the fearsome professor as just another wizard dressed simply in a pair of slacks and white shirt. It began to dawn on the two that Severus Snape had played a role for seven years. Oh he was still a bit snarky but not unbearably so.

"Was it an act?" asked Harry.

"Was what an act?" smirked Snape.

"Your hatred of me, Hermione, Gryffindors in general? Was it an act?"

"Most of the time, I admit I did not care for your celebrity status in the school and yes I know you didn't ask for it. I was always difficult in the lab though, too many accidents can happen and the students were under my care. I had to make sure the Slytherin students thought I hated you since Albus and I both knew Voldermort would be back."

They talked a little more, Harry, Hermione and Remus giving Severus a firsthand account of the events leading to Voldermort's death. As they were talking the floo activated and Tonks came in the kitchen carrying a sleeping Teddy. He was only a few months old and the apple of his father's eye. Tonks put Teddy in his room and came down to the kitchen to join in the conversation.

Severus was starting to get a little tired and excused himself to go take a nap. Harry showed him to his room and told him Hermione decided to redecorate the old house and tried to clean as much as she could every day. They were all staying on the third floor while Hermione, Winky and Kreacher worked on the other floors. Severus's bedroom was next to Hermione's. Harry was across the hall and Remus and Tonks were at the end with the nursery attached.

At the door Harry stopped and opened it for Severus, Kreacher had collected some of Snapes things from Hogwarts where Minerva had them packed and stored. They were put away in the dresser and closet.

"Professor…um Severus, would you mind if I asked you about my mum? You know, about what she was like when she was a child. I know about her in school from Remus and Sirius but I don't know anything about her or my grandparents for that matter."

"Your aunt never talked about Lily or your grandparents?" Severus asked surprised.

"Severus my aunt never talked to me other than to tell me what to do or how worthless I was. No, I really don't know anything about mum. I don't even know what my grandfather did as a living; there weren't even pictures of them in the house."

Severus was dumbstruck; he couldn't believe Petunia could be that cold. He thought she loved Lily and her parents. What could have happened to harden her heart he wondered.

"I'll tell you whatever I can Harry. I only met your grandparents a few times but they were kind to me. I need to take a break right now."

"Of course, dinner should be ready at six, and then I think Hermione said she would change your dressing and give you that shot." Harry smiled.

Severus snorted, "The little know-it-all can't wait to stick me with that needle." He nodded at Harry and went into his room to reflect on the day so far. As he lay down on the soft comforter he decided staying here a few weeks wouldn't be so bad after all.

Dinner was a simple fare of roast chicken, potatoes and vegetables. Kreacher and Winky understood their master's simple tastes. They also knew their collective penchant for sweets so there was always a nice dessert after dinner. The group took tea in the sitting room and that was where Severus noticed the television.

"What are you doing with a television?" He looked at Harry and Hermione knowing it was one of them that brought it there. "Did you get it to work?" Hermione could swear his eyes lit up.

"Not yet but Hermione and I want to try. It's our project until we take our Newts in September."

That was news to Severus, "Your taking your Newts in September? The ministry is allowing that?"

"They are allowing all Seventh Years the option to take the Newts early or return to Hogwarts. Harry and I decided to take our Newts early. After last year school really does not appeal to either of us right now. I know I will go to a wizard University soon enough but I think I would like to take some muggle classes first, bring me up to date with technology and politics."

"I am joining the Auror program after I take my Newts, Ron is returning to Hogwarts; Molly didn't give him much of a choice." Harry added.

"Speaking of the red headed third of the golden trio, where is Mr. Weasley?"

Hermione averted her eyes and there was a blush showing on her face. Harry decided to ease her embarrassment.

"Ron lived here a few days after the battle, and then he decided he should go back home after Hermione told him she was only interested in him as a friend. He didn't take it well and expected me to take his side, when I didn't he left. He hasn't been back here since and neither has Ginny." He explained.

"I thought you and Miss Weasley were a couple."

"We were but things change. Ginny and I want different things, she wants to get married right away and I want to just be Harry for a while. Not the Boy Who Lived or The Boy Who Killed the Beast but just plain Harry, an eighteen year old guy who just wants to be liked for himself not what he could do."

"So it's just been the four of us and Teddy. Our house was destroyed by death eaters and while we are deciding what to do Harry graciously offered to let us stay here. Next week I will be starting a new job at the ministry as the new head of The Department of The Regulation of Magical Creatures." Remus added to the conversation.

What happened next shocked everyone, Severus Snape smiled and it transformed his face. "Congratulations Remus, I know it took a long time for you to be accepted into our society. Status as a war hero has helped, along with Shacklebolt as Minister."

"What will you do now Severus, Harry made sure you were pardoned right after the war ended? Will you go back to teaching?"

"No, that part of my life is over. I will like to travel again and do some potions research. The perks to being a Hogwarts Professor for so long and not having much of a social life are that I have a nice savings and made some smart muggle investments. I have over one hundred patents so I will be fine."

"You made muggle investments?" Harry asked.

"Of course I did. My uncle advised me, he works in finance. The Wizarding world could learn a great deal from muggles. The advances they've made in technology is astounding."

Tonks joined the conversation, "Why does everything come back to muggles? Muggle contraptions, investments, doctors, we're not muggles. My father use to think we could merge the two worlds, we can't"

"Tonks my parents are muggles and I am hoping to reunite with them soon. I grew up muggle and so did Harry. It's part of who we are. There are things in the muggle world I like," she motioned to the television, "like the telly."

Severus laughed, "I wouldn't mind a little television myself, I haven't seen a Man U game in a while." He explained to Remus and Tonks that he was talking about football.

"Well I for one would really like learn how to use a computer. Imagine all the information you can get in just seconds on the internet." Hermione said.

"I love flying on a broom but I always wanted to know what flying in a plane is like."

Hermione answered with a grimace. "Not much better I'm afraid, I hate it."

"Hermione you just hate flying at all. You weren't too fond of a hippogriff or a thestral and I won't remind you of the dragon," Laughed Harry.

"Severus there is something about flying I did want to ask you." Remus looked pointedly at his former classmate.

"Since I was eighteen and you don't want to know how I learned. Suffice it to say it was a do or die situation." He answered knowing Remus wanted to know how he knew how to fly without a broom.

"I hate to admit this but I am tired, I think I'll go to my room now." Severus got up and tried to avoid Hermione.

"Not before I change that dressing and give you your shot." Hermione reminded him.

"Bloody know-it –all. You couldn't let me go this one time. Well come on Miss Granger let's get this over with." He smirked and went to the stairs."

"Oh for heaven's sake it's a needle, the man faced a dozen worse fates." The others in the room heard Hermione mumbling.

Harry looked at Remus. "Is it me or is his appearance changing?"

"That's what happens when you stop reinforcing the glamour you have on. Severus has had a glamour on for ages, since he was young. I guess he wanted to appear intimidating in every way."

"You mean he wanted to look like an ugly git?" asked Tonks.

"I suppose, I asked him about it when I was teaching at Hogwarts, he told me it served a purpose. That was it. Severus was a handsome young man Harry, what you may have seen in his memories was his interpretation of himself."

"The man becomes more complex every day. Well I am a bit tired myself, I'll see you in the morning." Harry left.

On the third floor in Severus Snapes room Hermione was measuring out the antibiotics so she could give Severus the shot. Then she was going to change the bandage. She had everything ready and turned around only to stand and stare at the sight before her.

Severus had removed his shirt, he was standing by an armchair glaring at the needle. It wasn't the glare that stopped Hermione; it was the half naked man in front of her. A very well put together half naked man. His torso was lean but well defined. There were scars but you ignored them in deference to the rock hard abs. She caught herself staring and then looked at his face. He was still glaring at the needle but something was different, he seemed younger.

"It's only a needle Severus. It will take seconds."

"Hmmf." Was his answer and he sat in the chair. Hermione laughed and went over to him. "I promise I will do my best not to hurt you, and afterwards maybe I'll give you a lolli-pop just like my parents use to when I got my shots."

"That's very funny Granger. Get over with it will you." He held out his arm.

Hermione used alcohol to clean the surface of his skin and then pinched the area where she was going to inject the antibiotic. It was over in mere seconds and Severus didn't even wince.

"Hmm why is it a mere eighteen year old can do something more efficiently than grown trained nurses? It hurt every time they did it."

"It may have to do with your pleasant demeanor. Nurses get their revenge on unruly patients." She turned and went to get the bandages and saline solution. It gave Severus a chance to get a good look at his former student's very womanly body. She was an adult now and lost all that awkwardness that comes with the teen years. He had to wonder why Potter hadn't staked a claim on her. She was beautiful. Her hair seemed tame now falling down her back in waves. She wasn't tall but wasn't tiny either. She had what was called an hourglass shape; Hermione Granger was well put together. Severus scolded himself for looking, remembering she was his student a year ago, well technically more than a year ago he reasoned with himself.

He was brought out of his thoughts when the witch came over and started removing his bandage. The wound was beginning to heal but the skin was reddened and Hermione knew he would have yet another scar adorning his body. His very sexy body she thought to herself. She had seen Ron and Harry shirtless and though both were handsome and fit neither had given her the tingly feelings she had now looking at her former professor.

"Whatever happened to that dam snake anyway?"

She looked at him,"You mean you don't know?"

He shrugged, "By the time Samantha got me the Daily Prophet, descriptions of the battle were old news."

"Well Neville decapitated it when Voldermort came to the school with Harry's body. Harry told Neville the snake was a horcrux and to kill her regardless of what state Harry was in." She retold that part of the battle.

Hermione continued to clean the wound and Severus asked her how they escaped Malfoy Manor.

"I was with Voldermort when he was told they had you prisoner. I was trying to find a way to get help to you, that's when I summoned that house elf that fawned over Potter."

"You summoned Dobby?"

"It was the only way I could get help to you. Dobby knew Malfoy manor well and could get in easily."

Hermione stared at her former teacher, "Thanks to you and Dobby I was able to get away from Bellatrix and Greyback."


"Bellatrix was torturing me with the Cruciatus curse and promised me to Greyback."

Severus stiffened, it was bad enough the evil witch tortured Hermione but to hand her over to that monster made it even worse.

"How long did she torture you?" He asked afraid of the answer.

"About a half an hour," Hermione answered.

"Good God Hermione, do you have any…"

"Side effects? Not anymore. It was pretty bad when we were at Bill and Fleurs but Fleur is very good at healing. I still get some pain but each day it gets better and I have some scars."

Severus grabbed her hand, "I'm sorry, I wish I was able to get help to you sooner."

Hermione smiled, "Don't be ridiculous. If Dobby didn't get there when he did I would have been Greybacks latest victim." She shuddered and then looked at his face as she put the new bandages on.

She noticed that the lines that had been there earlier were disappearing. His nose was straight and his skin was no longer sallow. He looked younger and handsome. Realization hit her.

"A glamour Severus? You have had a glamour on all these years?"

"You've noticed."

"How could I not, you're…"

He grinned and Hermione suddenly felt very warm. "I'm what Hermione?

"Handsome, good lord if you looked like this in school…"

He interrupted her, "That's exactly why I had put up a glamour. In the beginning it was because I started teaching so young, then it was because I needed everyone to keep their distance. I only let the glamour down when around my family. I had to avoid student crushes."

Hermione snorted, "You really have no idea do you?"

"What are you talking about?"

"What I was going to say before you interrupted me was that if you looked like this in school girls would have done more than had a mere crush on you. You didn't know you were the subject of schoolgirl fantasies?"

He stared at her, there was no way the girls at Hogwarts had fantasies about their greasy git of a potions master. He had worked very hard to maintain that persona to keep them away.

"I think your referring to Lupin not me."

Hermione laughed, "Severus there were many sixth and seventh year girls who wondered what the potions master was like outside of school and in the …"

"Don't be ridiculous, what could they have possibly seen in me?"

"You really are clueless? Your intelligence for one thing, you are very graceful when you walk, and that voice of yours…" She had to stop, she was giving herself away. She turned towards the small table in the room to clean up when she felt a presence behind her.

"My voice?" He was right behind her and Hermione resisted the urge to lean into him.

"Hmmm? Oh yes you have a nice voice, well it's late I better get to bed." She walked to the door hoping her blush wasn't so evident. "Good night Severus."

"Good night Hermione," he purred and she closed the door quickly behind her. Interesting Severus thought. The little minx was talking about herself, he was sure of it. Well that made things different didn't it. If it wasn't for the age difference he wouldn't think twice about pursuing her. Personally age didn't bother him; it was acceptable in many circles for a man to marry a much younger woman. Hermione was twenty years younger but mentally she was his equal. He took off his pants and went to bed wondering if Hermione would be interested in an older man.

The next day Severus woke up a bit disoriented at first but then remembered he was the guest of one Harry Potter until his doctor saw fit to allow him to return to his own home. Stretching and rising from the bed he thought about last night and the beautiful Miss Granger who tended to his wound. She certainly grew up in a year; actually if he was honest with himself he noticed she had grown up her sixth year when that idiot Weasley was running around school with the Brown girl.

Severus made his way to the connecting bathroom and took a shower, he charmed his bandages to repel the water so he did not soak them. Refreshed and dressed he made his way down to the kitchen where he stopped short at the sight before him.

Hermione was standing at the stove frying something in a pan, which was not the sight that stopped him. It was what she was wearing or rather what she was not wearing. She had on a tank top that ended right above her midriff and a pair of low slung shorts, barefoot. If he didn't already look at Hermione as a woman he did now. He was about to say good morning when he heard a whistle behind him.

"Mione if you weren't my best friend and like a sister to me I would stake my claim on you right now."

The witch turned around and glared at her best friend. "Stake your claim, Harry Potter I am not something to claim." She had her hands on her hips and her hair fell loose down her back, Severus thought he never saw anyone look more beautiful.

"Aw Mione you know what I meant." Harry said and kissed her on the cheek as she swatted at him with the spatula. Harry avoided it laughing and poured himself and Severus a cup of coffee.

"Good morning Severus, did you sleep well?" She asked sweetly.

"The best sleep I had in weeks. Where are Remus and Tonks?" He looked at the clock and noted the time.

"Tonks left early and Remus took Teddy to Andromeda's, he has a meeting with Kingsley today about his new job."

"So it looks like you are stuck with us today. Care to try getting that telly working?" Harry asked.

"Sounds like a plan, tomorrow is Wednesday there should be a game on."

Harry laughed, "I would have never imagined you a fan of football."

Severus gave him a Snape glare, "I am half muggle you know, if there was one good thing the man ever did it was to take me to a game or two."

"My father said that David Beckham will be the next superstar, he's a midfielder with the team."

"Hermione Granger did you just show an interest in sports? All these years we had to beg you to go to a Quidditch match!"

Severus snorted, "Hogwarts didn't have the likes of Beckham on any team."

"Or anyone that hot." Hermione added and set plates of bacon and eggs down in front of Harry and Severus. She laughed when she saw the glares she got from both men.

"Oh please Harry you know your gorgeous," she looked at Severus when he snorted, "And you weren't exactly the personification of charm then, and neither of you better mention Malfoy. I'm just saying Becks is a draw for women."

Another snort came from her former potions professor, "If you like the pretty boy type."

Hermione had her cup to her lips, looked over the rim and said, "Oh no we much prefer the snarky type."

Harry watched the exchange between his best friend and former teacher. Interesting he thought. He hadn't seen Hermione this animated in a discussion since Ron left. Severus Snape was full of surprises lately and this light banter with Hermione was just another indication that they really didn't know all there was to know about the man.

Harry looked at Hermione, "Why are you dressed so skimpy today? Not that I'm complaining mind you." He had the nerve to wink at her.

Rolling her eyes Hermione pointed her finger out the kitchen window to the back of the house. "It's probably the nicest day we will have all year, I am going to take advantage of the weather and sunbathe."

Severus and Harry looked at each other, "So is it safe to assume there's a bikini under there?" Harry asked and Severus raised an eyebrow.

"A blue one, now why don't both of you go and work on the telly so we can watch a movie tonight." She got up and walked over to the back door pulling her top off to reveal the blue bikini. Severus and Harry stretched their necks to watch her remove her shorts and lay down on a lounge she must have conjured with a large book in her hands.

"Explain to me again why you're not with Hermione." Severus said.

"She's my best friend and it would be awkward, it doesn't mean I can't look at a beautiful woman. You didn't seem to mind the show." He glanced at his former professor.

"Contrary to what all of you thought, I am a man not a bat. She definitely grew up."

Harry smiled, "Yes she did, we all did. We had to. I don't think I expressed to you how grateful I am to you for all you did to protect me all these years. Without you we probably would have lost the war. Thank you."

"It was a debt I owed both your parents. You certainly didn't make it easy. You and your two counterparts made my last years at Hogwarts interesting. Are you still friends with Weasley?"

Harry took a sip from his cup, "I still hang out with him once in a while but since Hermione told him she just wanted to be friends we haven't been the same. When I broke it off with Ginny he was angry too."

"Why did you really break things off with Miss Weasley?"

Harry took a breath, "It's like I said last night. Ginny thought we would get married as soon as she graduated, I want other things. I never had a normal life, I just want to be a guy for a while and start a career. I'm not ready for that serious of a relationship, hell I've never even taken a girl to the movies."

Severus laughed, "Do you have someone in mind?"

A telltale blush came over Harry's face, "There's this muggle girl who works in the diner I use to go to before sixth year. I was going to ask her out the night Professor Dumbledore came to get me to visit Horace Slughorn. I didn't get the chance to ask her out then but I've been there a few times in the past few weeks and she still works there."

"She saw Albus? Good lord what was he wearing?" Severus looked mortified.

Harry laughed, "A Hawaiian shirt and shorts with sandals, when he went to use the loo I told her he was my grandfather, a professor of physics who was visiting."

"So you want to ask this girl out on a date?" Severus asked.

"Yeah, I asked Remus for his advice and he didn't think it would be a problem. Tonks thinks I'm crazy for letting Ginny go, and Hermione is very supportive."

"I don't see a problem either Harry, it's only a date. Your right you should start being a regular guy, don't let anyone tell you how you should be, your life has been dictated to you for years. Enjoy being a guy and being young."

"Thanks Severus, maybe you should take your own advice. Meet a nice witch and get married."

Risking a glance out the back door Severus said, "I may just do that Harry. Now I believe we were told to fix that television so someone could watch a movie tonight."

Hhhhhhhe stumbled H