By the first of October Maria had moved into Grimmauld Place and Filius Flitwick along with Hermione and Severus was able to develop a location spell to be cast in the Department of Mysteries veil. They had to explain everything to Kingsley so they could have permission to enter the room with the veil. The minister insisted on being present and asked Madame Pomfrey to be there as well. To complete the group Minerva McGonagall was present as well. It was a Saturday morning when they all met at the ministry.

The spell was cast and Severus's voice could be heard from outside the veil, they hoped Sirius heard it on the inside. Hermione had to stifle a giggle when she heard Severus refer to Sirius as a flea bitten mangy mutt. She hoped it would annoy Sirius enough that he would follow the voice to exact revenge. She also hoped that the theory that he was alive behind the veil was right. Regardless of how well they were doing she knew Harry and Remus both needed Sirius.

Inside the veil Sirius Black wandered much as he had since he fell through. It took him a while before he realized he was in some kind of limbo and not dead. He couldn't find his way out, the doorway he fell behind seemed to vanish. He didn't have need for daily sustenance, the veil took care of that somehow, he was however disoriented most of the time. Time was another issue, he had no idea how long he was there, he didn't know if it was minutes, hours, days, months or years. For so long there was nothing, nothing but the same voices every day. Nothing until a few moments ago when he heard Snapes voice calling him a mangy mutt and telling him to follow his voice. He didn't know why he trusted Snapes voice but it was the most familiar thing he heard since he fell beyond the veil, so he followed the voice as it got louder.

A half hour later much to the disbelief of everyone present a very bedraggled and exhausted looking Sirius Black emerged from the veil. He looked weak but much better than they expected. Madame Pomfrey and Severus gave him the potions to replenish his nutrients and did diagnostic spells to see if there was any damage to his body. They were surprised to see that Sirius Black was much the same as he was when his cousin's curse sent him past the doorway. Sirius was surprised to see a very grown up and beautiful Hermione with a glamour free Snapes protective arm around her.

Sirius had a million questions and it was agreed that the best place to answer those questions would be a Hogwarts in the headmistress's office. So one by one they apparated outside the gates, Sirius had to side along with Severus and made their way to Minerva's office under a disillusion charm so they weren't noticed by students. Sirius Black sat down and was brought up to date on everything that happened since the battle at the Department of Mysteries by everyone including Albus Dumbledore.

"So you're telling me that Snape killed you under oath to solidify his standing with Voldemort, and Harry was able to defeat the bastard by being killed himself?"

"Yes, by getting rid of the last horcrux Harry gave Tom back his soul and came back to kill him. Severus survived Nagini's bite and has been completely exonerated of my murder considering it was on my orders and I was dying anyway. All is well now Sirius." Dumbledore explained to the animagus. "What about Moony?" Sirius asked about his best friend.

"Remus is fine Sirius, he's at Grimmauld Place with Harry. There are just some things you should know." Hermione went on to explain about Remus's marriage to Tonks and divorce, she told him about Teddy and Samantha. She also told Sirius about Harry and Maria. After Sirius used the Headmistress's guest bath and dressed in clean robes she had given him he came out and talked a little more with Severus. The two decided to put the past behind them and try to get along considering they will be living with each other for a bit.

There was no easy way to tell Harry and Remus that they had brought Sirius back from the veil so they decided to just head home and tell them. It was Saturday night and both Harry and Remus were home with their significant others and were enjoying the evening watching a movie. Hermione and Severus walked into the sitting room and Harry paused the movie when he saw the serious look on their faces.

"Look Harry, Remus there is no way to say this so I'll just tell you." Hermione took a deep breath, " Severus was researching the veil and I had a theory, we worked together and with help from Filius we developed a location spell to find Sirius and bring him back."

"What?" They both said.

"How?" Remus stood.

"Did you…"Harry started to say.

"Did it work?" Remus asked.

"It did." The voice came from the man standing in the doorway. Both Harry and Remus were speechless. Before them stood Sirius Black, godfather and friend. Samantha and Maria were smiling through their tears as Harry and Remus hugged Sirius.

Harry introduced Maria to Sirius and Remus introduced Samantha. Everyone went into the kitchen where Kreacher fainted when he saw his former master. Once Hermione revived the elf she explained what happened. Kreacher then asked Harry who his master was and Sirius exchanged a look with Harry.

"Kreacher things will stay as they have been for now; there is plenty of time to figure things out."

"There's nothing to figure out Sirius, I haven't touched any of the inheritance from you except for the house of course. It will all be returned to your name on Monday."

"We'll talk about that later Harry. Now tell me about everyone else? How are the Weasley's?"

They told him how the Weasley family was and how Ginny and Ron were back at Hogwarts. All this while Sirius was looking at Hermione and Severus wondering if the two were a couple, his question was answered when an annoyed Snape told him to stop looking at his witch.

"So you two are a couple. I thought as much but wanted to see how long it would take Snape before he bit my head off." He looked at Teddy who was in his arms, "Well little man it looks like we are the only bachelors here at Grimmauld Place."

"You know Sirius you were cleared after the war; you're free to go out prowling as much as you want." Harry said.

"Soon Harry, soon. For now I think I'll just enjoy being alive and free."

The next day the Daily Prophet had arrived with the headline, "Notorious Sirius Black Returned".

The article went on to report that Sirius Black, who was cleared of all charges, was brought back from beyond the veil by none other than the brains of the Golden Trio Hermione Granger and former Death Eater/Spy Severus Snape.

An hour later the floo was busy with visitors. The Weasley matriarch came to fuss over
Sirius, Arthur had questions and Fred and George sat in awe of the former marauder. A tearful Andromeda Tonks came through to hug, laugh and cry and she was accompanied not by her daughter but by her sister Narcissa. Harry had told Sirius about how Narcissa put her life on the line to save his during the final battle.

The three cousins sat together and talked and Sirius and Narcissa made amends and decided to make an effort to get along. Narcissa's views on pureblood supremacy had diminished since the war as had her husband's. They had feared for their lives but mostly feared for Draco's life if they hadn't gone along with Voldermort's plans. Contrary to what most believed Lucius was more content with business and building his riches than lording over the Wizarding world. He was still arrogant but as arrogant as most of the worlds wealthy.

When everyone had gone Harry, Remus, Sirius and Severus all went into the library to chat. Hermione told Sam and Maria that meant they were breaking out the Firewhiskey.

"And they didn't invite us?" Sam laughed.

Hermione raised her wand and summoned a bottle of wine and three glasses. "Why should they have all the fun? I'm just glad Harry and Severus were able to get electricity working here, now we have a chilled bottle of wine. Come on girls let's drink a toast to friends and family."

"Speaking of family, my mother is curious and would like to meet Sirius." Sam said.

Hermione laughed, "So do my parents and grandparents. It looks like we may have to have a family get together soon to introduce Sirius to our loved ones."

"Sounds like a plan. So Hermione, Severus said the two of you were going to look for an apartment together."

Hermione nodded, "He asked me to move in with him, we wanted to wait until we rescued Sirius before we started looking."

"Hermione I know Harry will miss you." Maria said.

"So will Remus, he adores you."

"And I'll miss them too but we won't be moving too far away and we haven't found a place yet."

In the library the men were having a similar conversation.

"Severus I hope your decision to move has nothing to do with me coming back?"

"No Sirius it doesn't. I have put all of that behind me. I found a buyer for Spinners End, a contractor wants to start a new development there. I asked Hermione to move in with me and she said yes. We wanted to wait until after we rescued you before we started looking. Hermione wants to live nearby; she doesn't want to move too far away from any of you or her family." He explained.

Harry was happy for his friend, even with the age difference she and Severus were a perfect match. He would miss her but he knew they would both be moving into serious relationships. He looked at his former professor and smiled.

"Do I have to have the "you hurt her you suffer" talk with you Severus, or is it already understood."

"Potter I know better than most how protective you two are with each other and no you don't need to have the talk with me. I met her grandfather, remember."

Sirius was curious, "Who is her grandfather?" When they explained he laughed, "The little know-it-all is full of surprises, you better watch yourself with little Miss Granger or granddad will send James Bond after you."

"Bond's MI6 Pads, not MI5 though I suspect there's more to Sir Alec than meets the eye." Remus corrected.

"Of course there's more to meet the eye, he's in charge of the National Security Service, but to me he's Granddad and for some reason he wants to meet Sirius, as do my parents and Sev's aunt and uncle." Hermione said from the door with a grin.

"Well it looks like we will have another Sunday Brunch, it's becoming a tradition." Harry said grinning; he couldn't remember ever being happier. He was free of the red eyed menace, he was actually friends with his former potions professor, his godfather was back from purgatory and he was falling in love. All was well in Harry's life.

This is the end of this part of the story, there will be a sequel at some point maybe with a little mystery but I think I will be writing a few one shots for a bit. To those of you who have left reviews thank you. Just to clarify a few things, I know I don't have a lot of magic in my stories and that is because I focus more on the relationships. As far as having a few muggles in the story I would like to think that in Harry Potter world there is a new outlook on Muggle/Magical people relationships, and also because there are very few prominent female roles to pair up the very sexy marauders with.