5 years later: Corneria…

"Wow! Dad, we're like a skyscraper!" the young vulpine eagerly clawed at his father's head, thrilled to see the world from a new perspective. Fox grinned as the kit's small shoes bounced off his chest painlessly. While he was aware of his wife, Krystal, somewhere behind them, most of his attention was focused on the hyperactive blue kit riding on his shoulders.

"Someday, I'll take you into space. Then you'll be taller than the whole planet," smirked Fox. While he couldn't see the kit's face, he was sure that his eyes were bugging out of his head. Fox laughed at the thought, while claws once again raked against his head.

"MOM!" yelled the kit. "DAD SAYS HE'S GONNA TAKE ME TO OUTER SPACE!" Fox turned around and smiled meekly at his wife. She winked at him and grinned back.

"That sounds like fun Marcus, but won't you miss earth? There's no ticklefighting allowed in space!" With that, Krystal rushed up towards her cerulean offspring, tickling his sides. Marcus began laughing and trying to get away from his mom's hands.

"Hey, hey, hey!" laughed Fox. "Take it easy! You're going to bash my brain in!" Marcus started to clamber down his father's back onto the green grass below. He was wearing the yellow jumpsuit he had received from his uncle Falco for his birthday. The suit bore the insignia of Falco's G-Zero racing team, with the words "Pit Crew" emblazoned on the front right breast pocket.

"Hey dad?" asked Marcus.

"What is it, kiddo?"

"What's life about?" Marcus turned to look at his father, their eyes meeting.

"Life," began Fox. "Is just a big quest for meaning." Krystal snaked her hand into Fox's as they watched Marcus play with the clumps of grass and mud.

"Hmm," pouted Marcus. "I don't get it."

"You will when you're older," stated Fox.


Krystal and Fox tucked in the small blue vulpine. He was peaceful and angelic when he slept, a sharp contrast to the bundle of energy he was in his waking hours.

"You know," Krystal whispered. "If he wasn't blue, he'd look just like you." She leaned her head on his shoulder and sighed gently. Fox wrapped an arm around her waist and nuzzled his cheek onto the top of her head before pulling away and kissing her gently. "So, Fox…" she asked.


"If life is a quest for meaning, have you found yours yet?" Fox gently led her out of the room and put his hand under her chin so he could look into her eyes.

"I hope this is an okay answer," he stated. With that, he kissed her passionately and held her in his arms. Sweeping her off her feet, he carried her to the bed room, where in between moans and sighs he assured her that he had, indeed, found the meaning of his life.

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