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Brennan leaned down and paused, her lips hovering just over his. And then she closed the distance and pressed her lips against his. Never once had she kissed someone in the pouring rain like this, and the feel of his lips, so warm…the feel of his soft skin and wet hair was unlike anything she had ever experienced.

She moaned and tilted her chin for better access, slipping her tongue into his mouth and moaning again when his own tongue slid against hers. He was kissing her back, something he'd never really done before. Her hands rubbed over his chest and shoulders, and then she moved them to his sides to gain some purchase. But instead there was a deep squish as her fingers sank into the mud around his body.

"Ew…" she gasped and pulled back, her eyes going wide.

Booth laughed at her, and tried to wipe off her hands, only getting his own messy in the process. "What's that you always say, Bones? It's just dirt. But now you're saying 'ew', hmmm?"

She narrowed her eyes at his teasing. "It was just a reaction in surprise. I'm not opposed to mud. You know that."

Booth smiled and let his eyes linger on hers, keeping his fingers gently touching hers. "Hmmm…I'm not really opposed at the moment either."

Her body had been blocking the rain from hitting him right in the face, but once she'd pulled back, Booth now had to close his eyes and cover his face, "Ah! Let's just get inside."

They laughed as they stood up. Brennan grabbed her bag, and Booth grabbed her elbow, and they tried to hurry the rest of the way up the muddied grass to his door. He smiled proudly when he produced the key to the front door and then they both laughed as they dripped all up the steps to his door. By the time Booth opened it, Brennan was shivering slightly, and she hesitated before walking inside.

"Ah, just come in, Bones. It's going to be messy." Booth closed his door behind her. "Just wait there, I'll get you a couple of towels."

Brennan stood in his entryway and rubbed her arms. Her hands and arms felt cold, but her chest felt warm, and her lips still felt a slight pressure from his mouth. Just as Booth reappeared, she shivered, hard. Booth interpreted it as a cold chill, and he quickly wrapped her in a towel, tossing another one over her head with a smile. "Here you go, there, Bones. This'll get you all nice and warmed up. I'll make us some coffee, and if you want, you can jump in the shower. I, um…" he held up his dark robe. "I can give you this to wear, and we can wash our clothes, if you want."

Brennan looked down to her muddy shirt and pants, and as she toed off her shoes, she noticed for the first time that the pale blue of her blouse was doing nothing to conceal the soft lacy edge of her bra. She looked up at Booth to see him trying to keep his eyes on her face. A smile slid over her lips, and she nodded, taking the robe from his hands. "Okay, thanks."


Booth smiled as he walked her back. He shoved some shampoo and soap into her hands and another towel and then backed out of the bathroom. "Enjoy your shower, Bones" he said softly as he closed the door all the way.

He stripped off his soaked clothing and padded down his hall to his washer. He tossed in his clothes but then remembered that he should offer to wash her clothes too. His feet felt cold on the linoleum near his washer and dryer and he ran a hand through his drying hair as he made his way back down to his bedroom. His plan was to just knock on the door, ask her if he could get her things while she was in the shower and the back out.

But…just as he was about to knock, the door opened, and Booth blinked as he took in the sight of his partner.

He supposed he looked completely dazed, but there was nothing he could do about that. She was standing in front of him, her dark hair wet and straight. His dark blue robe completely enveloped her, and between the two of them was the warm scent of his body wash, now combined with her uniquely intoxicating scent.

If he couldn't feel the mud slightly caking and drying in his hair, he would swear this was a dream. "Um, hey, Bones."

It was lame, very lame, but she didn't call him on it. instead, she just smiled. "Hi, Booth." Her eyes flickered over the breadth of his shoulders, and she pulled her bottom lip between her teeth.

A strangled breath hitched in Booth's throat, and his shifted his weight to try to control the sudden reaction to strip his robe off her body and carry her back into his shower with him.


He blinked rapidly and swallowed. "Um, I was just coming to get your clothes to toss in the washer." How was he supposed to think clearly, when the long slim line of her neck was calling out to him. "And, um…I thought maybe I would jump in the shower, too, you know…" He chuckled nervously and motioned toward his head. "Otherwise, all of this mud is just going to get gross."

"Sure" Brennan shrugged and then turned around to pick up her wet clothes from his sink. Booth stared at her in his mirror and felt his heart swell about three sizes. When she turned, she met his eyes, and he noticed a slight blush on her cheeks. The small bathroom felt even warmer, and he motioned for her to pass him and then grabbed a clean pair of boxers from his dresser. "I didn't get around to making any coffee, if you want to make some, you can. It's…"

"I know where it is, Booth" she smiled as she walked through his bedroom. "I have made coffee here before. I'll start the washer while you take your shower."

Booth watched her walk away and then shook his head, trying to focus. Yeah, she had made coffee before, but she'd never done laundry.

Booth closed his eyes as if that could prevent him from imagining her lacy underwear swirling and spinning, tangling with his clothes in the water. But as he pulled off his wet boxers and tossed them near the door, he noticed Brennan's necklace hanging gently over his doorknob.

A feeling of home and family and familiarity slid over him, the wave so intense that he pressed his hand to the sink for balance. "Bones…" he whispered to himself, and then blinked hard, shaking his head again to clear his thoughts.

He turned and quickly got into his shower, turning on the water and scrubbing shampoo into his hair as if he could scrub out thoughts of her standing in that exact spot minutes before. The bottoms of his feet felt sensitive, as he washed up, trying to get all the mud off of him. Knowing that the bottoms of her feet had just been there was the most intimate moment he'd ever felt, and he was totally alone.


The knock on his door broke his reverie, and he realized he wasn't completely alone. "Yeah, I'll be right out."

He screwed the water shut and tugged the curtain away, reaching for the towel on his rack. With one hand, he dried his body, and with the other, he pulled on his clean boxers before he opened his bedroom door.

The necklace, the intimate feeling of their shared laundry, and the shower, all of that culminated into a shockwave to his heart at the site of her standing there, still in his robe. Her hair was slightly drying and kind of curling at the ends. Her feet were bare, like his, and she was smiling, handing him a cup of hot coffee in his favorite mug. Love.

"Here, Booth. I thought you might like some coffee."

Booth accepted it quickly. "Yeah, thanks, Bones." He felt slightly self conscious, but…she had seen him in boxers before, so that wasn't anything new. Of course, she was in her awful lab coat at the time, and not his robe, which…despite the larger size, still managed to cling to her curves. Booth knew exactly what the inside of that robe felt like, and now, knowing that she was feeling it against her skin caused his entire body to heat up, and fast. He set the mug of coffee on the top of his dresser so he could use both hands to dry his hair.

Brennan cupped her own mug between her hands, but her mouth was dry for a reason that had nothing to do with thirst. No, instead, she was caught up in the sight of Booth in front of her. And it felt like he was all around her. The minute she'd stepped out of his shower and dried of with one of his towels, she'd felt warm and cozy. She felt the way she did when he smiled at only her. Everything smelled good and dark and warm, and safe, and she knew safe wasn't a smell, and she knew Booth wasn't a smell or a feel, but…regardless of that fact, she was unable to determine another title.

But now, she had all of that, and coffee, and Booth in front of her in just his boxers, and Booth's bed behind her.

Her eyes flickered to the side and then she froze. "What is that?"

"Hmmm?" Booth rolled his shoulders back. "What?"

Brennan pointed to the bedside table about a foot from her. "Those…"

Her eyes widened and so did Booth's as he realized what she was looking at. "Oh…"

He blushed and shrugged his towel over his shoulder, the clean white a contrast to his darker skin. "Well, I don't know. I just…" he smiled shyly and shifted his weight from one foot to the other. "I don't know, I wanted to keep them." He stepped around her and pulled one token from the bowl near his bed. "I thought maybe someday I'd give them back to you."

Brennan's lips parted and she looked at his bed and then him. "Here?"

Booth's jaw worked as he realized what she thought he meant. "I mean, well…I didn't think that necessarily, I just…"

Brennan felt warm and now she felt curious, two things that always turned her on. She wasn't sure she had ever seen anything sexier than Booth with towel dried hair, hardly any clothes, a blush and the beginnings of a hard on.

She blinked as she realized exactly what she was seeing. Yes…Booth was getting aroused by…

Booth cleared his throat and she met his eyes. He held out his hand and between his finger and thumb, he offered her the coin.

Brennan stared at it and then his eyes, and then his chest, and then back to the coin. Very carefully, she accepted it and placed it into the pocket of the robe.

Booth smiled at that and then took a step closer. He rested his hands on her shoulders and let his thumbs rub gently there. "Hmmm…this is kind of strange, feeling my robe from this side of it."

Brennan chuckled at his easy joke, and all of a sudden, nothing felt awkward, and everything felt very comfortable and right.

"Bones…" Booth whispered as he lowered his lips to hers and kissed her.

Brennan's hands still clenched to her coffee mug until Booth pried it from her fingers and set it on his table, kissing her all the while. Her fingers skated over his chest and arms, as his hands wrapped around her waist, and he tugged her closer. Brennan's entire body felt electrified by the slightly rough fabric of his robe against her sensitive skin. But nothing compared to the soft rasp of his tongue against hers, combined with the insistent press of his lips, parting hers, gently kissing her over and over.

After another long moment, he pulled back. "Hmmm…I might owe you another coin for that one."

Brennan smiled and let her fingers rest against his bare chest. "No, that counts as one."

Booth laughed and cupped her hips. "Good to know."

Brennan's eyes met his quickly, and then she looked back down to his chest and stomach muscles. "You really are quite impressive, Booth."

His body tensed at her words, but he cleared his throat, his voice lowering in that way it always did when he was teasing her about something personal. "If you think I look good now, you should see me when the lights are out."

"What?" Brennan blinked and then understood his meaning. Her eyes widened as she smiled and laughed softly. "You're funny, Booth."

He grinned, feeling very good. "Oh yeah?" he murmured, a confident tone to his quiet voice. "I'm glad you think so, Bones. I think you're funny too."

She blushed in slight disbelief. "You do?"

"Yeah, you make me laugh. In a good way" he added, seeing her insecurity start to rise. It always amazed him whenever she was unsure about herself. The idea that she thought he thought she was anything less than incredible was something he could not comprehend. He watched as her eyes flickered back to his nightstand, and feeling kind of smug, he kept one arm wrapped around her waist and leaned over and grabbed another token from the bowl. "You also make me feel very good…" he added, holding the coin between them.

Brennan accepted it with a soft smile and placed it in the pocket with the other coin. Booth watched it all and smiled before leaning down to kiss her again. He was amazed at how easy this was, and he laughed against her lips when she met him more than halfway. He kissed her lips and then couldn't resist pressing his mouth to the soft skin of her throat.

Brennan's knees buckled and she fell backward, the backs of her knees hitting Booth's bed. He caught her and they both froze, measuring the moment, before he settled her on his mattress.

Booth stood up straight and stared down at her. He knew she could see exactly what this was doing to him, but he didn't care. He just needed to know she was okay with it. When she gave him a sweet smile and let her head rest against his pillow, he inhaled sharply. Resting one knee on the bed by her hips, he grabbed the bowl of coins and dumped them on his mattress for quick access.

Brennan smiled and reached for him, arching up when his other knee landed on the other side of her body. She felt him slide a token into the pocket of his robe at the same time he slid his tongue between her lips. "Oh…"she whimpered, sliding her hands down his strong back. "Mmmm…"

"Yeah," Booth agreed, skimming his hands over her hips, cupping her there. He grabbed for a coin and held it up to her, waiting until she accepted it before burying his face in her neck, inhaling deeply before pressing kisses there. His nose and lips pushed his robe away from her shoulder, and there was enough excess fabric that it was easy for him to slide his lips and tongue all over the skin of her neck and shoulders. Brennan clutched his head in her hands, rocking her hips toward his in perfect circles as he continued to kiss her. "Booth…you feel so good."

Booth grunted and nuzzled the skin of her chest, complaining that his robe was in the way. "You feel incredible, Bones."

He pulled back, his eyes intense, and his hair standing up straight from her fingers. His chest was broad and seemed huge from where she was laying. He rested his weight on one elbow and with two fingers from his other hand, gently peeled back one side of his robe from her body.

Brennan flushed at the sincerity in his gaze and in his soft touch. Her eyes never left his face, and her mind whirled as she catalogued Booth's reaction to her body.

All of a sudden, she felt something cool in the center of her chest, and when she looked down, she saw a single coin resting between her breasts. Brennan's breath shuddered when Booth kissed it and ran his tongue around the coin, warming it with his mouth. His now almost completely dried hair felt soft against her chin and cheeks, but the day old stubble felt deliciously scratchy over her skin. "Booth…please…"

Her hand cupped the side of his face, and he nodded, gently picking up the coin with two fingers. He let it fall to the pocket, but didn't pay any more attention to it, and instead just parted the robe further away from her body. "You're amazing, Bones. I really don't know what else to say."

Brennan smiled, and her fingers began to rub against the back of his neck. Booth closed his eyes and leaned back, just a fraction, into her touch, and Brennan felt a warmth settle in her belly. Being with Booth like this was more intimate than any sex she'd had with any man before. "Kiss me" she murmured, and he opened his eyes and smiled.

"Yes, ma'am." His lips ghosted around her breasts, and Brennan let her hands fall to her sides. She dug her elbows into the mattress for leverage in lifting her upper body toward Booth and his tempting mouth.

But for a few minutes, he just kept smiling and teasing her. "Come on, Booth!" she finally pleaded, and he laughed.

"What?" he teased. "I have to get my money's worth, you know."

Brennan eyed him, but smiled. "I think you have."

"Oh, really?" Booth's eyebrow rose, and he lifted an index finger to begin tracing tight circles around her nipples. "You do, hmmm…so then, I shouldn't do this?"

When he leaned over and pulled her right nipple just between his lips, Brennan sighed a moan, finishing with a whisper of his name as her fingers once again found their way to his face, wordlessly begging him not to stop.

"Or this?" he asked, kissing to her other breast and swirling his tongue over the peak there in soft strokes.

"Mmmmmmm…" Brennan nodded, her eyes falling shut in pleasure. "Please keep doing that."

Booth smiled against her breast and placed quick tiny kisses on both of her nipples. "I can't…I have to keep going. But don't worry, you'll be satisfied."

Brennan kept her eyes closed, but grinned in anticipation. 'I certainly hope so."

Booth laughed and took another coin from his dwindling pile and rubbed the slightly serrated edge over the top of Brennan's stomach. He let his lips follow the coin, smoothing her skin with the soft touch of his tongue. Little suckling kisses warmed her, but he only worked within the boundaries of the robe.

Soon they were both ready, and Booth leaned back a bit. Brennan opened her eyes and nodded to him with a smile. She lightly held his wrists as he unfastened the tie, smoothing the edges. Once again, Brennan watched Booth's face as he laid the belt of the robe to her sides and slowly peeled the fabric away from her body, letting it lay flat on his bedspread.

Booth wasn't sure he'd seen anything sexier in his life than the sight of his partner, lying naked on his bathrobe. The dark blue material was soft to the touch, but felt rough compared to the silky lines of her long, gorgeous legs. Her hips curved into her trim waist, and the slightly rounded edges of her belly made him want to rest his head there and tell her everything he'd ever dreamed. Her breasts were perfect and he loved the smooth line of her shoulders, her long neck, her firm chin, her smiling mouth, her intoxicating eyes, her amazing brain, all of it. All of her.

His eyes trailed down her body again, as if not quite believing she was really there, and then he met her eyes, pulling in a shuddering breath, "Wow."

Brennan's heart stopped working for a moment at the sincerity in his eyes.

Then he was moving closer, and he tugged a token and pressed it into her open palm as he lightly kissed her lips, staring into her eyes. "Temperance, I've seen a lot of beautiful things in my life, but nothing…nothing compared to you right now."

Her heart began beating in double time as she stretched her neck to meet his lips with hers. "Booth…"

He let his entire body move over hers, rubbing her as their arms and legs tangled together. Brennan arched up into him, and Booth buried his face in her neck, inhaling deeply before he captured her mouth with his.

Brennan thought she might combust with sensation. He was sexy, for sure, but it was more than that. It was in the way his hands were so sure over her breasts, the way his hips fit perfectly between her legs, the way her feet could rub over his…while she could not possibly image the probability in such a scenario, her body recognized that of all the men in the world, Booth was the most physically compatible to her.

That he was just as desirous of her made her mind swell with desire and affection for him.

Booth let his lips trail over her chest again, kissing up and down her arms. He then handed her a coin and settled at her feet, kissing the clean soles and washed ankles.

Brennan smiled, and tried with minimal effort to wiggle away, but Booth just grinned back at her, his eyes crinkly with pleasure. "Not so fast, Bones. Just relax and enjoy."

Her eyes narrowed, but then she conceded, relaxing deeper into the pillow and mattress as his hands began to smooth up her legs. "What about your robe?" she asked.

"Mmmm…" he murmured against the back of her knee, smiling and nipping there when she flinched. 'It's the luckiest robe in the world."

Brennan tensed, and then laughed softly. "Okay."

"Okay," Booth agreed as he let his lips skim up her thighs.

Brennan's legs parted for him, and he rested his chest between them, letting his thumbs smooth over her hips. Booth felt pleased when she began to rotate her hips in time with the gentle circular motion he'd begun against her skin. In small, barely discernable movements, he moved his thumbs closer and closer to her sex, and in quite noticeable fashion, her hips began increasing their movements.

She was almost tense when he finally cupped her inner thighs in his palms and used his thumbs to part her, oh so gently.

"Oh," he murmured. "I'm out of tokens."

"What?" Brennan's eyes flew open in horror, and she scrambled up to her elbows to look at him. "No!"

Booth was pleased with his reaction, and he laughed, shrugging a shoulder. "Sorry, Bones." He clicked his tongue against his teeth and tried not to laugh at how dazed and confused she was, combined with her budding anger. Mother of mercy, she was cute.

He could see in her eyes that she was trying to figure out what to do next, and he smiled, rubbing his thumbs over her. "I guess you should have gotten more at the festival."

"But…" she insisted. "Those were the only ones she gave to me."

"She?" Booth's eyebrows rose. "What do you mean?"

Brennan's head fell back against the pillow and she shook her head as she lifted her hips into his hands, trying to get some satisfaction from his very unsatisfying thumbs. "I paid for the books, and she gave me the tokens she had."

"What books?" Booth rubbed her with a little more friction. "What are you talking about?"

Her neck arched and she bit her bottom lip, her legs spreading wider in invitation to touch. Booth knew she couldn't hold out much longer, and hell, he wasn't about to hold out much longer either. But he did just want to tease her just a bit more, plus now there was this business with some books. "Come on, Bones. What books?"

"At the festival" she panted, once again wrapping his fingers against his wrists. "They were raising money for science books for Parker's school, so I made a donation. Five thousand dollars" she confessed, finally meeting Booth's eyes. "And she practically threw the coins at me. I didn't have any use for them, but then…"

Booth smiled at her in surprise. "Five thousand dollars? Bones!"

She bit her lip, "Well, they were science books."

"Mmhmm…so, you did that for science, then?" he let his fingers tap against the insides of her thighs, and her eyes narrowed.

"Yes, and for Parker, I suppose."

Booth nodded, and leaned over to rub his chin on her belly. "And?"

Brennan pressed her feet to the mattress and rocked up, trying to alleviate the pressure between her legs, desperately in need of being touched on her most sensitive nerves. "And you…and…"

Then she froze. "A freebie. I'm giving you a freebie."

Her eyes were wide in victory, and Booth chuckled, letting his thumbs rub her, moving down to press his thumbprints along her sex, caressing her and skimming over her clit. "A freebie, hmmm?" He pretended to consider where he should kiss her, and she let out a small growl from the back of her throat.

Booth laughed, even as he settled his lips around her clit and began to kiss her there.

Brennan's annoyed sounds turned into high gasps of praise and ecstasy and she pressed both of her hands to the base of his skull, keeping him in place. "Oh my goodness, Booth. You are very skilled…"

He laughed again, and the vibrations rocked through her, and likewise when he slipped his tongue against her sex.

Brennan murmured encouragement and wonder and desperation. "Please, don't stop. Please, Booth. I want to come. Please, please…"

"Don't worry, baby" he assured her as he began to lick her in earnest, his lips sucking all the while. "Don't worry about a thing."

"Mmmmm…" was all she could pant as he inserted one long finger deep into her body, slowly removing it, only to slide back in.

"You are so tight, Bones. You feel so freaking amazing."

"Yes" she cried out, hardly coherent of her agreement. "I do feel amazing. So do you."

Her hands scraped at his shoulders, squeezing hard, and her legs wrapped around his chest, her heels digging into his back.

"Okay, Bones…come on, baby. Come on baby, come for me. Oh, Bones you're so gorgeous" he sucked her into his mouth for a moment. "Come on baby, let go for me."

"Yes" she leaned forward and clenched his shoulders so tightly he knew they'd be bruised. But hell if he cared, because the sounds she made as she tripped over into orgasm were the most healing things he'd ever experienced.

He smiled and then kissed her, pulling back when she tensed, her body too sensitive. So he smiled and laughed against her belly, kissing his way up her body. Her fingers slicked over his back and shoulders, through his hair and over his face as she rotated her hips and came down from her orgasm. He suckled her nipples into his mouth, one after the other until she grabbed his face and pulled him up for a kiss.

Brennan wrapped her whole body around Booth and hugged him tight, kissing him for all she was worth.

Booth rolled them so she was laying on top of him, and Brennan pressed herself on him, head to toe, trying to make him feel as good as he'd made her feel. She finally pulled back, gasping for air, and then began placing tiny kisses all over his chest and neck, moving down to his stomach muscles. "My turn" she bragged.

Booth chuckled and helped her pull off his boxers, pleased when she blinked up at him in surprise.

He bit his bottom lip, blushing a bit at her reaction. But then she got a teasing glint in her eyes, and he swallowed, as she skated the palm of her hand over the tip of his cock. "You already got your freebie." she teased.

Booth barked out a painful laugh as her hand tightened. "Yeah, so…" He reached down and pulled her up, moving her to her back at the same time and settling between her thighs once again. "Besides…" he leaned down until just the tips of their noses were touching. "I like you right here…"

"Here?" she spread her legs and wrapped them around his waist, moving until the tip of his penis rested against her opening. "Or here?"

"Ah," he laughed, sliding inside of her just an inch. "Definitely, here."

"Oh…" she arched her back and took more of him inside of her. "More."

"Yeah…" Booth nodded, his neck and chest firming as he slid all the way to the hilt, settling his weight over her. "Bones, you're so sexy. You feel so good."

"Mmmhmmm…" she began rubbing his lower back, knowing it was common for men to like that during intercourse. Sure enough, Booth began thrusting into her, his long length rasping her insides. "You feel good too. I think I might come with you, Booth."

"Oh, yeah." He bragged, rocking into her. His lips curled up in cocky satisfaction, but his eyes showed how desperate he was for her. His hands cupped her hips as he began to practically pile drive into her.

It had been a long time since he'd had a woman in his bed, and it had been a really long time dreaming of this woman in his bed. Booth leaned down and sucked at her breasts, hissing in pleasure when she scraped her fingernails down his back in reaction.

When he used his teeth, she arched in pleasure, clasping his butt in her firm hands and coming around him.

Booth's head reared back and he looked at her face, a combination of fear and awe and desire warring in his eyes. His lips parted as he tried to inhale, but all he could do was hold on as she milked him, her body so warm and wet and welcome… "Oh, Bones. Oh, baby."

"Kiss me" she begged, "Please."

"Yeah" he nodded, planting his lips to hers and kissing her, completely out of control as his hips began rocking at a speed fast enough to rock his headboard. "Hell yeah, Bones. Yeah, baby" he panted in between toe curling kisses. "Please…I… I'm going to come. Oh, Bones. I love you. I love you so much."

"Yes" she knew, and she smoothed her hands up and down his back as she kissed him back, and he came inside of her. She experienced her own sensation of awe at the reality of Booth being so strong and vulnerable at the same time.

His breath was ragged and he collapsed onto her, naked and strong and dependant on her support. She continued to touch him, and very gently kissed his shoulder.

Booth smiled against her skin and rolled off of her, tugging her very close with his arms. "That was incredible. You're incredible, Bones."

"Hmmm…" she agreed.

"That's it?" Booth teased. "That's all you can say, hmmm?"

Brennan smiled into his chest and then searched with her fingers until she found a small coin. She tucked it into his hand and kissed him, sliding her leg over his hips. "Don't volunteer for any more kissing booths."

"Done" Booth nodded, kissing her and rubbing her hip with his hand. "But you can volunteer to kiss Booth all you want."

"Oh yeah?" Brennan arched an eyebrow.

"Yep" Booth nodded, pulling her completely on top of him. "Anytime, baby. I'll even give you one freebie every day."

Brennan smiled and kissed him. "I guess that's it, then, for the day."

Booth frowned and pretended to look sad. "Hmmm…maybe I should give you more, then. 100 freebies a day."

Brennan joined in the joke and tilted her head to the side, pretending to consider. "That sounds reasonable."

Booth grinned and kissed her; he kissed her until she was clutching at his arms and arching back, begging him to touch her all over.

He began kissing down her body, touching her and rubbing. "How about a lifetime of freebies."

Brennan moved down to meet his lips with hers. "Acceptable."

Booth smiled and nodded, kissing her again. "Definetely."


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