Inside Her Head


Chapter 1

Tuesday, November 3

Name: Uzumaki, Kushina

Student ID Number: 012607

Grade: 11

Gender: Female, obviously

Blood type: B

DOB: July 10

Homeroom: Jiraiya sensei

Hobbies: Sports, reading, making friends

status: Single

Listening to: Shadow Of The Day- Linkin Park

Mood: Fuck this, I'm going to Chuck E Cheese's!

Konoha Private Academy for Young Men and Ladies



8:40 to 9:20 – LITERATURE– Jiraiya-sensei – Room 1134

9:25 to 10:05 – DRAMATIC ARTS– Homura-sensei – Room 1071

10:10 to 10:50 – WRITER'S CRAFT– Torifu-sensei – Room 1561

10:55 to 11:35 – CHEMISTRY– Orochimaru-sensei – Room 1121

11:40 to 12:20 – GYM– Koharu-sensei – Room 1097

12:25 to 1:05 – LUNCH

1:10 to 1:50 – BIOLOGY– Tsunade-sensei – Room 1152

1:55 to 2:35 – VISUAL ARTS – Tobirama-sensei – Room 1063

2:40 to 3:20 – ADVANCED MATHEMATICS– Kagami-sensei – Room 1241


volleyball: Monday & Thursday; 4:00-6:00

band: Wednesday & Friday: 3:40-5:40

KA Newspaper: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 4:30-6:00



Dear new student,

As your principal this year, I, Hashirama Senju, would like to personally welcome you to Konoha Private Academy For Young Men and Ladies. This school provides an excellent learning environment for the student. Class are specifically selected according to the student's needs. At this school, we strive to achieve our greatest goal- to give rise to the next generation. Attached is your school schedule, and a list of any extra activities you may have joined. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to make an appointment with me or talk to your school councelor. Remember, this is what we are here for.

Thank you for your time,

-Hashirama Senju, Principal











The teacher, Jiraiya-sensei, is really friendly. I think he'd make a great dad.

"Well kids, we have a new student! So, what's your name?"

"Kushina Uzumaki."

"Lovely! Tell us a bit about yourself!"

"Well, I love pulling pranks. I think this school needs to have more sports for the girls, and I hate this uniform."

Seriously, the uniform here is REALLY ugly. It's like, this pale yellow poofy frock-thing....


Everyone looked at me like I had two heads. What?




This wierdo with white-blond hair pulled back in a ponytail walked up to me when I was putting my stuff away after class.

"Kushina-san! My name is Inoichi. Yamanaka Inoichi. I'd like to welcome you to our school. Do you need anything?! I'll do anything for you!"

"Umm, no...thank you."

"Alright. Well, if you do, let me know!" and he kinda just waltzed away.






The blond kid across from me keeps looking in my direction.

Though I must say, he's pretty hot. Blond hair, big blue eyes. They're rather sparkly.

....Ok, my fangirl moment's over. He's getting on my nerves now.

He needs a name.

For now, I'll call him sexy-eyed dude.




After class, when I was walking to english, sexy-eyed dude approached me.

"Hey, wait up! You're Kushina, right?"

"Yep. You?"

Sexy-eyed dude looked kinda miffed. "Im Minato. Minato Namikaze."

"Oh. Nice to meet you."

He stared at me like I was insane. Again. God!


"Nothing. So anyways, Kushina. Uzumaki. I've never heard of it."

"Heard of what?"


"Well, it's not like every other person's gonna have my last name..."


"Why do you ask, anyways?"

"Well, everyone at this school has huge last names. Like that guy you met, Inoichi Yamanaka? His father runs the biggest chains of flower shops around the world. It's a really huge company."

"Oh." I was bored.

"Am I boring you?" YES.


"I see. So, about Uzumaki. Do your parents run a company?"


Sexy-eyed dude stared at me. "Your parents. What do they work as?"

I turned, and looked at him. Could he BE any more shallow?

"Look. I'm not like you or your "Yamanaka" friend. My parents are NOT paying for me. I'm here on full scholarship. Why? I don't HAVE parents. Stop asking me about my last name, 'cause unlike you, I'm not proud of mine."

Sexy-eyed JERK(!) stares at me. "Im sorry, I didn't realize it was your time of month." he sneered.

He did NOT just say that.

Well, I reacted in a way I liked.

I kneed him in the balls. HARD.

He sorta just fell on the ground in fetal position. I towered over him. It felt good. Dominant.

"You wanna say that again, sis?" I hollered. He didn't answer (too busy groaning in pain) so I just walked off.





I was approached by this girl. Navy hair, black eyes.

"H-Hi. Can I sit with you?"


She sat down. "Kushina, right?"

"Yep. What's your's?"

"Mikoto Iwate."


We hit it off, immediately. Mikoto's darling. She told me she's engaged to some guy going here- his name's Fugaku or something like that, so her parents are sending her to the same school as him.

Rich people are so wierd.




Oh no.

It's him.

Sexy-eyed jerk is coming this way.

Stay back, bitch. I don't wanna see your face.

Looks like he has a friend with him. His friend is pretty hot, too. Wonder who he is...

Hmm, Mikoto's blushing and looking down at her hands. Sexy-eyed jerk's friend isn't looking this way, either. He's pretending to be preocuppied with the floor.

"Um, Kushina?" sexy-eyed jerk looks kinda nervous.

"What?" I snapped. He winced. Kay, now I feel kinda bad.

Scratch that. There's no reason for me to feel bad.

"Listen...I'm sorry. I shouldn't have spoken to you like that. It was rude and childish. I was wondering, could we start over?"

..And be able to call you a friend? FUCK YEAH.

"Sure." I smiled. "Hi. Im Kushina Uzumaki."

He smiled, and held out a hand. "Im Minato Namikaze. Welcome to Konoha Private High, Kushina-chan."

I blushed at the honorable suffix.

It's a suffix, right?

'Cause if it isn't....

Sue me.




When lunch ended, Minato offered to walk me to class. I was gonna say no, 'cause I'm not a baby. I know how to get to class, thankyouverymuchhaveaniceday.

Only that's not what I said.

'Cause, well, I don't mind if Minato walks me to class.

He's freakin' hot.

Especially up close.

So anyways, he invited me to his club thing.

"It's a host club. I think you might like it. I've been running it since last year, and it's really popular among girls." Minato told me.

"What does the host club do?"

He smirked. Ha. He has a smexy smirk.

"You'll see."

Well, what is that supposed to mean?