Inside Her Head


Chapter 11

Saturday, January 24

Tsume: Buenos noches, muchachalata! did K tell u nething

Mikoto: About what?

Tsume: leek's party

Mikoto: No. I wonder what she's planning. Fugaku won't tell me nething :(

Tsume: me 2 when r u gonna get here

Mikoto: I'm in the car. my house is a bit far from Leek's

Tsume: kk.

Mikoto: So tell me how the party is!

Tsume: So far not that bad, not that bad. some ppl r drunk now tho

Mikoto: oh, man. What are you doing?

Tsume: Im out with Inoichi and the others.

Mikoto: Fugaku never showed up?

Tsume: Nope. Minato's here, but K isn't.

Mikoto: hmm...

Tsume: i must say, Yoshino n Shikaku r lookin kickass 2gether.

Mikoto: Omg i bet their so cute.

Tsume: yea! And I-

Mikoto: ?

Tsume: omg.

Mikoto: :?

Tsume: K is here

Mikoto: finally!

Tsume: wow this is insane...

Mikoto: What's going on?

Tsume: She and Fugaku are both here…

Mikoto: they planned that didn't they?

Tsume: …along with the entire Physics & Advanced Mathematics Club.

Mikoto: Wait, what?!?

Tsume: omg- 'member he's president of both clubs!


Tsume: Yeah..there crashin the party! wow, damn that's a good idea. y didnt i think of that?

Mikoto: lol. K likes pranking & stuff, right? she's good at these things.

Tsume: hurry up and get here M. this party just got alot bettr

Mikoto: almost there i think. total revenge for not being invited





Party crashing! Woot! This is what you get for not inviting me, Leek.

Oh, Leek is Leiko's nickname. Tsume's idea.

So, here I am! I have arrived! In my sexy little red dress.

Along with Fugaku, and the physics and advanced mathematics club.


"Oh my god, Kushina, you're my hero!" she practically screamed.

"AREN'T I?!?" We both laughed insanely.

Minato comes running "Kushina, my love! I have found you at last!" he stops on his knee in front of me and hands me a rose.

"Ok, Minato. I thought you were over the host club thing."

The host club was dissolved last week, since many of the members got girlfriends. Funny how life works.

Oh, great.

Leiko's coming over.

Haha, she's sorta like a cross between that octopus lady from The Little Mermaid and that witch from Sleeping Beauty. Only scarier.

She grabs my arm and kinda yanks me to the side. "What the hell are you doing here, Uzumaki?" she hisses in my ear. Um, ew!

"What do you mean?" I ask innocently.

"You know what I mean! I didn't invite you!"

I laughed "And yet, here I am!"

She points to the nerds "And why are THEY here?!?"

Fugaku appears out of nowhere "They're my friends, so I brought them. Is that a problem?"

Leiko gulps "Well, no Uchiha-kun, but-"

"But nothing." Minato drags me outside, and Fugaku goes to the others to distract them.

"Ready for part 2?" Minato says excitedly. I nod, and he pulls out his cell phone.

This is so unexpected, the leek won't know what hit her.

I believe now calls for an evil laugh.

Commencing evil laugh.


End evil laugh.




A truck comes rolling down the street. A man comes out, and walks over to Kushina and Minato, who are waiting on the corner of the sidewalk.

"Hi, I'm Jerald. Where can I find Kasino and Mizaku?"

"Um, Kushina and Minato, dude. That's us." says Kushina.

"Great. You got fire-fighter Jubilant Joe. He LOVES to boogie with the ladies!"

"Excellent." Minato rubs his hands together evilly.

"He's here for Miss Leiko, right?"

"Yep." answers Kushina.

"Good. Sign here and he'll be ready."

After signing, a man dressed in trousers comes from the truck with a short hose.

Minato whispers to Kushina "Oh, gross, he has a hose!"

Kushina whispers back "All the better!"

"Alright. 'Jubilant Joe' come with us." Minato says, walking to the house.

"Okie dokie, artichokie!" Jubilant Joe answers with excitement.

Kushina whispers "Let's 'chokie' him."

"Let him dance first."

Minato, Kushina, and Jubilant Joe make their way to Leiko's place. Minato signals Fugaku to get the others, and then they find Leiko.

Kushina says "Everyone, may I have your attention please? Minato and I went through lots of trouble, but we got Leiko a special surprise. Meet fire-fighter Jubilant Joe!"

"Hello, everybooody! Where's the party girl?" screams Joe.

Chaos insues.

"Oh shit!"


"Everyone run!"

"It's a male stripper!" Inoichi screams.

"Omigod!!" Leiko shrieks.

"There you are!" Joe pulls off pants and starts dancing in underwear and swinging his hose around.

"Aaahhhhh!" Everything is in chaos. People run around looking for places to go, screaming. Several of the not- drunk people try to calm the others down. Leiko herself runs around in circles.

"Oh, a feisty one, huh? I love tag." Jubilant Joe runs after Leiko.

Tsume grabs Kushina's shoulders "YOU GOT A MALE STRIPPER?!?!" She shrieks "I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!"

Inoichi is shocked "That. Was. Disgusting! I've never seen anything so wrong in my life!"

Chouza adds "And it's Inoichi. He's seen alot, huh?"

"Shut it!"

"This is brilliant, Kushina. I don't know what to say!" Yoshino laughs.

Hizashi adds "I'm hoping this 'Jubilant Joe' doesn't do anything too drastic."

Shibi says "It was a very interesting sight- a male stripper. I think I'm scarred for life."

Tsume laughs "At least she's with her own kind now!"

Mikoto feels bad "Isn't this a bit drastic, though? We've sort of ruined her party."

Fugaku sighs "You're too nice, Mikoto."

Tsume adds "Yeah, she totally deserves it."

Hiashi says "Won't we get into trouble for this?"

Minato waves "Nah. She won't tell anyone, because then word will get out that she held a party here without her parent's consent."

Shikaku says boredly "Hey, if the pranks are done, why don't we go somewhere? I mean, we're all dressed up and stuff."

Kushina nods "Just a sec. I wanna see something."

They go over to the kitchen to see Leiko trapped and cornered by Joe.

"Nnooo!" Leiko screams.

"Got you now!" says Joe.

"I hate you!" Leiko screams to Kushina, who grins.

"I don't give a flying fuck, slut! Have a nice life!" They all leave Leiko's place, laughing.

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