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When he dropped her back at the lab after lunch they exchanged what outwardly appeared as no more than a smile, though if pressed they both would have admitted to a bit of euphoria.

They spoke only once by phone the rest of the day, around mid-afternoon, when he called to ask how late she planned to work. The conversation was short and friendly but nothing deeper. Nevertheless, when it ended, she couldn't help but smile.

That evening, she'd been home less than 20 minutes, when he knocked on the door. She opened the door to greet him and he held up take-out bags from their favorite place. She smiled and stepped aside, gesturing him in. He walked by her, slowly and quietly, to set the bags on the kitchen table. She inhaled his scent as she so often did.

She moved into the kitchen after him, still neither saying a word. He began unpacking the food from the bags. She walked to the counter and opened a cabinet before her; resting one hand on the countertop to steady herself, she stretched with her other arm to reach 2 glasses on a higher shelf. She thought tonight called for wine.

Then he was behind her, one hand steady on her hip and the other arm reaching past hers to the glasses with ease. As he took the stems of 2 between his fingers and began to retreat, she turned so that she was pressed between him and the counter, her extended arm now resting on his bicep. His hand slid with her movement from her hip to her back to her other hip and he sat the glasses down on the countertop behind her, leaving his hand resting near them. She slid her free hand inside his suit jacket to his waist, ever so slightly clinging to his tucked-in dress shirt. They held each other's gaze in silence for a few moments, each breath a little heavier with passing seconds. Finally, he spoke, leaning in toward her even closer, so that with each whispered word she could feel his breath on her own lips.

"I'm going to kiss you now and I'm not going to stop. Ever. Are you okay with that?"

"Mmm" she breathed, biting in her bottom lip and watching his lips intently.

"This means no more Hackers and no more Cathys and no more anybody elses. Okay?"

"Mmm" she repeated.

"Just you and me, like it's supposed to be."

"Just you and me," she whispered. She moved her hand from his bicep and pulled on his tie just as she gripped his shirt more fiercely in her other hand.

As he moaned her name quietly, she pulled him the remaining inch to her until their lips met. Almost instantly, each mouth parted and the two became one.