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Mistress Slytherin

He looked stunning in blood. Green eyes the color of Avada Kadavra, the color of death went so well with the lines of blood that crisscrossed decadently over split pale skin like a spider web. The swollen lips and bloodstained teeth had never looked better on any one else. Yet there was still defiance in those eyes, a defiance that should not be pointed in his direction- not any more. He turned his furious eyes on his followers who had failed to break the boy; he didn't have time for this! He had a world to twist! When he spoke his voice was a deadly whisper.

"I gave you two months to break him. TWO MONTHS!" Lucius shuddered and bowed his head lower yet this did nothing to appease his ire.

"My lord we tried everything." Lucius said showing his own annoyance at the boy. "We even let Bella loose on him, yet despite it all the boy refuses to break!" Lucius had to admit that despite his fear for the punishment he would undoubtedly receive for failing his master he couldn't help respecting the boy. They had raped him mentally and physically in the most painful, invading ways the kind a normal prisoner would break under yet Potter had refused to break! They'd beaten and starved the brat, left him in a dark cell alone for three weeks, forced him to watch his friends die over and over again via pensive and cast so many crucio's on the boy that he should be nothing more than a lump at this point. But the brat had survived. Not once had he shown signs of breaking or submitting. Lucius winced as his mind was invaded yet he showed his lord what had been done to the boy to the very last detail. When his master pulled out he knew that his respect for the boy was no longer his alone. The dark lord gazed at the boy considering for a moment and red eyes glistened- he had an idea. Slowly he moved forward and grasped the boy's chin and looked into the defiant green eyes.

"Are you a masochist my dear Harry?" He asked softly. Lucius was surprised to see wariness flash through those eyes. The pale hand stroked Potter's cheek with incredible gentleness and he watched as Potter shivered in revulsion before spitting. Lucius winced expecting retaliation only to blink in amazement as he watched his lord capture the teen's lips in a gentle mocking kiss. He watched Potter fight it, struggle against him growling and even biting the dark lords lips only to let out a groan of frustration when all he received was a soft caress. He watched Potter shiver and was amazed to see the defiant green eyes flicker with worry. The others had used violence with the boy, punishing him yet Harry had fought against it, could it be that the boy didn't know the meaning of gentleness? Lucius let out a soft gasp.

"My lord." He said softly. "I remember my son telling me that Potter was always whining about his relatives hitting him…could it be…" A cruel smirk crossed the dark lord's lips as he looked at Lucius before sliding his fingers through Potter's blood matted hair.

"Tell me Potter…your world has disappeared, you have nothing but your sanity to fight for and the only love you know is the kind that only I can give you." Lucius watched the boy's world crumble. Amazing it had taken the dark lord less then ten minuets whereas they had spent two entire months and failed. He watched the pale hand grip Potter's hair and yank the unresisting head back exposing the pale red streaked neck. "Haven't you ever wished for someone to love you so much it hurts?" Voldemorthissed pressing a kiss to the bleeding scar. "Tell me Harry, who else but me can give you the pain that you seek?" There was a lost look in the bright green eyes and the thin shoulders shook. "You've known love before have you not?" He asked silkily. "But it was not satisfying was it? You never felt as if it truly belonged to you, did you?" The boy's head dropped down and the blood mixed with tears that dripped steadily. Voldemort placed his hand on the boy's head and Lucius was surprised to see the head lean into the touch. "You don't want lovePotter do you? Not any more, you want hate a burning all consuming hatred that only I can give you." Potter was sobbing now shaky hands clutching at the ground reflexively. Voldemort made a gesture and Knott and Avery lifted the boy so that he was standing before the dark lord. "Answer me Harry, were you waiting? Waiting for the only one who can hurt you the way you like?" Voldemort asked his red eyes searching. Potter's bottom lip trembled and green eyes looked away in shame.

"Yes." He said his voice hoarse, the light in his eyes dimming and breaking. Voldemort leaned forward and slid his arms around the boy's thin waist supporting the smaller body against his while the boy's arms hung lifelessly to his sides.

"If I give you what you want Harry…If I give you a pain that is so divine that only you can stand to suffer from it- what will you give me?" Lucius was once more astounded at his master's ability to manipulate the mind as Harry Potter lifted his arms and wrapped them around the dark lord baring his neck in submission.

"Everything." Potter whispered sealing his own fate. The dark lord let a slow smile of triumph cross his thin lips before releasing the boy and pushing him in the direction of the two death eaters.

"Then you shall have it. Knott Avery get him cleaned up and have him in my chambers in an hour, Lucius come with me."

Two years later.

Harry tugged at the leather cuffs adorning his wrists absently as he read his book glancing at the clock every so often as he waited for his master. Reflexively his hand went to the collar around his neck, a glittering affair with thousands of diamonds. At first he had hated the collar, such extravagance! But then his master had forced him to watch in the mirror as he was slowly fucked as blood trickled over priceless piece like stained innocence. Diamonds were corrupt, he understood this now. To his master they were something that proved worthless when compared to the joy of watching Harry's blood slide across his skin. The collar now held a greater meaning to him it was his master's way of showing just how deeply he hated Harry. He shivered as he felt a quick cold pinch on his shoulder and let out a gasp at the incredible pain that followed before dropping off his chair and onto one knee. Pleasure filled him at the sensation of his warm blood sliding down his naked cool skin. His master didn't approve of clothing; they covered up his scars- his badges, reminders of just how completely his master owned him.

"Lost in thought little Harry?" A cold voice whispered sending gooseflesh down his neck and back. Harry tilted his head to the side in offering and apology.

"Forgive me master." He whispered. He watched through hooded eyes as his master circled him tracing a particularly large scar on his bicep.

"Hmmm…that depends pet…what were you thinking of?" Harry refrained from chasing the finger when it moved away from his scar and answered without hesitation.

"You master. Always and only you." He said reverently. The dark lord let out a pleased sound and rewarded him with a heavy blow across the cheek. Harry shivered in pleasure and tilted his head back when a long fingered hand wrapped around his neck squeezing tightly and cutting off Harry's air supply. His master's mind ripped through his painfully as it sought out the thoughts he'd just had. Pain rippled through him in steady waves as he looked sightlessly ahead relishing the small black dots that had begun to appear in his line of vision. When his master pulled out of his mind he was rewarded with a ravishing kiss filled with sharp teeth and demanding tongue. He cried out as his master tore away from him and with a harsh bite threw Harry onto the ground bruising his shoulder.

"You're so weak Potter." Voldemorthissed as he poured himself a glass of port. Harry relished the sharp words and sighed contentedly. "Come here pet." His master ordered. Almost immediately Harry was draped over his master a motion that was practically reflexive. He watched with lust filled eyes as the crystal canter was smashed against the table beside them and a sharp piece was held sharply before him.

"Master." He whimpered when the piece hovered in the air just above the cut that had been made earlier.

"Where should I hurt you?" Voldemort whispered laying a steadying hand on the small of Harry's back. Harry shivered at the rare pleasure of being given the choice and grasped the hand holding the glass guiding it until it rested against his leaking erection. Voldemortsmiled in amusement before sliding the sharp edge across the sensitive flesh slowly. Harry clutched the arms of the chair his master and he sat in his eyes rolled back into his head as the pain and pleasure roared through him ending with a comforting ache.

"Th-Thank you my master!" He sobbed moving his hand to settle gently on Voldemort's sharp jaw. Red eyes showed a dark malice and Harry was forced to let out a scream when a long finger hand wrapped around his wounded length smearing the blood with a few harsh strokes. Harry bucked wildly into the hand unable to stop himself as he whimpered and cried out clutching his master's shoulders as he was expertly brought over the edge covering them both in blood and semen. Harry panted heavily as he leaned against his master's shoulder and watched the blood and semen covered hand rise till it was inches from his face.

"Lick." His master ordered and immediately Harry began to suck and lick and nip eagerly chasing the small beads of blood that managed to slide down the pale wrist until his master's hand was clean and the taste of his own blood and semen was embedded in his tongue. When he met red eyes once more the lust he found just before his lips were claimed and his mouth searched made his heart clench tightly. The hand that had just been licked clean quickly pulled constricting robes aside and with one swift agonizing thrust Harry found himself where he belonged most. His body fought the intrusion valiantly and yet again he was introduced to ripples of burning agony just before strong hands gripped his slim hips sharp nails drawing blood and dragged him up. He let out a keening sound as he was slammed down and couldn't help the whimper he let out when he felt himself tear from the pressure his blood making the next thrust slick. Teeth bit deeply into his shoulder sending rivulets of blood streaming down his back some of them adding to the blood already coating his abused hole.

"Master!" His eyes widened as the pleasure of being owned and dominated so incredibly and completely ripped through him. He cried out as he was filled deeply his master's seed coating him and dripping out of him mingling with his blood. He shivered as a finger slid through the mess and settled in front of his lips before taking it into his mouth and moaning at the flavor.

"Who do you belong to Harry Potter?" The Dark Lord whispered quietly into his ear. Harry looked at him with adoring green eyes.

"You, Voldemort- my master." He whispered.

Buzz... Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Buzz... Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz… Buzz…

Green eyes snapped open as a wand vibrated near by. Memories of the dream that had just happened left him trembling in his sweat soaked sheets. Carefully he buried the dream deep in his memory refusing to acknowledge it as anything more than a stress induced imagining while reflexively he cleaned away the mess staining his sheets and sleeping pants.

Far away, red eyes narrowed with amusement and a slow smile spread across thin lips. Lucius Malfoy shivered at the look- it did not bode well for any one…