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Dr. Cooper's P.O.V

"We'll fix that real good chief!" I promised confidently at the guy who was lying down in the hospital bed. I wasn't entirely sure about that but I guess I could try and help him.

Nurse Jackie threw me a disapproving look and started blabbing the needs of the patient. I couldn't catch up, (or I guess I didn't catch up), to what she was saying. All I understand was, "This guy has a brain tumor on his head" and "You'll be working side by side with Dr. Elisa Armstrong"

Dr. Elisa was beautiful and she stands out from the rest like a flower peeking out from a sidewalk block. She has brown locks and brown/black eyes that if you stared in them you'll turn into jelly…. Not literally….. She is quiet and prefers being alone, in all doctors in this hospital, she ranks the highest while I…. it's better if you don't know. Many of the doctors here tried to get her attention but she kept on ignoring them. She may be a loner but will she like me?

Nurse Jackie stared at me ridiculously; I fought the urge to laugh at her face.

"Why are you looking at me like that?" I asked, trying to keep my face straight.

"I said do you understand?"

"Oh…. Yeah of course I did, why wouldn't I? I said

"Because when I said Dr. Elisa's name you began daydreaming"

I frowned, "No, I was figuring a way to cure the patient"

"Shut your alibis….. Every male doctor in this hospital always daydream about that girl"

I gaped but collected myself after a while

"She isn't that good anyway, keeps on acting like she knows everything, and just because you jerks came from the upper 5% of the graduating class from this school doesn't mean that you are smart! You don't really have experience when it comes to a real patient in front of you!" Then she went out of the metal tube doors, muttering, "Kids"

If only I could shout I should have shouted "Shut up you freaking nurse!" but I couldn't, because if I did I will do something unexpected and that's my secret. Instead I just stared at her leave the room. I stood rooted in the spot and I can't move, I was dumbstruck on what Nurse Jackie had just said. Minutes later, when I saw her; gracefully walking through the corridor her brown locks bouncing in her shoulders and a shy smile in her lips, then I saw HER behind my angel, Dr. Elisa…. That Nurse Jackie… destroyer of my happiness….

"Hello, Dr. Cooper" Dr. Elisa greeted me, offering her hand.

I blushed red, "Um… Hi, Dr. Elisa…" I stammered, taking her hand in my grasp. She didn't bother withdrawing her hand as our hands floated in mid-air. Man, she has such soft skin than Nurse Jackie….

"Jerks" Jackie muttered, we heard it of course…. She meant it to us, "Can we get started now?" she added in an irritated tone.

"Us?" Elisa repeated, calmly, "I believe it is only me and Dr. Cooper who'll be operating this man"

I smiled widely and in my head I was chanting, "In your face!!"

"Yo-you can't! He is my patient too….."

"So? I trust Dr. Cooper here and we can do this…. Without you…. So if you could just leave"

I grinned widely once again as I stared at Jackie, her face looked like it was struck by thunder.

"Fine, if you kill him you'll have to talk to his parents"

We nodded childishly

Jackie frowned in an unamused way, "And you'll pay for his charges and you'll take o his case and go to jail"

We nodded again.

With a sigh, Jackie went near the guy and patted his shoulder, "Get ready to enter a world of pain" and she left, throwing us a disbelieving look and mumbled, "Good luck"

Elisa turned to me and chuckled, "I get that all the time"

"Me too"

"We're the same then…"

"I know"

We were quiet for a while. Elisa withdrew her hand and blushed. I pocketed my hand in my coat pocket.

"Um… Let's get started shall we?" I asked

She looked up, "Um…Sure"

Then we got to our places and started operating the man's head.

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