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I thought I would be contented with loneliness. I thought I would be happy with that.

And I was wrong….

Cooper was right; sometimes bad stuff happens but you just have to let it go and forget about it, even if it's too precious because it is done now and you can't bring back time.

I grinned happily at the thought of him comforting me that day. He could be funny at some times. I mean who could resist somebody as adorable as Coop? He made me laugh when I was in the verge of tears. It was so adorable.

I shrugged and shook my head as I peeked out in the garage where Cooper was washing his car. I decided to help him since he looked like he was having a hard time.

I sneaked to the mirror and stared at the figure in front of me. It gave me goosebumps. Ever since I started hanging with Coop I have changed a lot, especially with the way I dress now.

I'm happy as long as he is happy even if I have to sacrifice my boyish reputation.

With another smile, I walked to the garage. He saw me and dropped the sprayer in the ground.

"What?" I asked, placing one hand in my waist and shifted my weight to my left foot.

"I thought you said you don't want to go out wearing that?" he said, motioning the shorts I'm wearing.

"Well, I figured out you need some help..."

"Yeah…" he admitted, scratching the back of his neck and shaking his head. His hair was a mess.

I laughed and bent over to pick up the sprayer. He rolled his eyes at me so I pouted playfully and sprayed water in his shirt.

"He-hey" he said, jumping away

"Oops, sorry" I mocked.

We had fun washing the car and we both ended up dripping wet. I just regretted wearing a thin T-shirt. I got a towel and draped it in my shoulders.

Coop thanked me and made another romantic dinner. It always reminds me of our first date. He chattered all about what happened during work today. I listened, willing to learn more. He said he had to stop himself at laughing in front of Jackie's face because of the look she gave him when he told her all about us.

After dinner, Coop suggested that we shower together with those *wink wink nudge nudge* actions. I agreed but told him nothing would happen. He was disappointed but he still placed his cheery eyes in front of me.

I sighed as he showered. I reached for my toothbrush.

"Are you sure you won't shower with me?" his voice muffled

"Yeah, took a late shower" I said, rinsing my mouth, "See you in bed" I said plainly as I got out.

"Kay…." He answered

If you think I'm depressed or something, you are wrong. In fact I'm so happy. I just can't express it in a way I would really want to.

Jackie saw the hickey Coop left in my neck.

I pulled on my long-sleeved shirt and hopped in bed, not caring if I'm still wearing shorts. I groaned uncomfortably and shook some sleeping pills in my hand. (Don't ask where I got them) and swallowed few.

I was about to sleep when Coop slipped in with an effort of being quiet. I appreciated it but so much for being a light sleeper, it woke me up.

"Sorry" he mumbled, "You asleep?"

"No, I'm awake"

"Oh… Am I annoying you?" he whispered

"What made you think of that? It's a No"

"You aren't in the mood…"

"I just don't express my feelings too good. I'm not used to being in company. I'm a loner" I said, turning around.

He dropped the subject. I gave him something to think about.

A few moments later, silence crept in… What is with these silences?

I broke the ice first, "Coop?"


I was really drowsy, like my eyes were closing but I managed to ask him.

"Do you think this is real love?" "Isn't it obvious? Of course yes"

I blinked myself forcefully awake. I turned around to face him. He pulled me into his arms.

"G'night Elisa" he murmured, pressing his lips against my forehead

My lips trembled to whisper him a "good night and an I love you" but my lips won't work. I fell asleep.

Bad timing… Thank you stupid sleep pills!

But I did managed to hear him say:

"I love you Elisa… Forever and Always"