Alice in Wonderland: yet again

Inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland



I stared deep down into the black rabbit hole. Faint memories of the epic tale filled my head, talking animals, mad red queens, playing cars that could walk and talk. It was all so long ago.

I saw something out of the corner of my eye, a flash or white and blue.

"Hello?" I asked standing and turning my back on the rabbit hole at the base of a large, dying tree.

A small white rabbit wearing a dark blue waistcoat stepped, timidly, out from under a dark green bush, in his hand was a golden pocket watch with floral engravings on the top.

"White rabbit…waistcoat…" it all came flooding back to me, the memories or dreams as I once had thought became crystal clear. The white rabbit tapped his pocket watch and ran past me dove into the dark depths of the rabbit hole. I spun on my heels and followed after him, without delay.

'What the hell am I doing?' I thought as I screamed as I fell down the far too familiar rabbit hole. I rushed past the countless random items that lined the rabbit hole as I got closer to the darkness and further away from the bright white light. The rabbit hole seemed to be coming to an end as the items lining the walls became scarce and further apart. I slammed into the hard plaster before it smashed into hundreds of chunks. I fell down, hitting the hard patterned floor. I look around to see a slightly open door. I crept forward, peeping through the crack to see a bright blue eye looking back at me.

I screamed as I scrambled backwards away from the floating pair of electric blue eyes.

"Don't be afraid dear Alice!" said the large, smiling mouth that appeared beneath the pair of floating eyes. There was a muffled popping noise as the rest of the body appeared.

"Cheshire Cat?" I whispered under my breath, marvelling at the fact I had once again fallen down the rabbit hole.

"No, I'm the Mad Hatter! Of course I'm the Cheshire Cat!" said the dark grey and electric blue cat floating about 1m off the tiled floor of the room with many doors.

"Thanks for the sarcasm," I replied in the most annoyed tone I could manage, even though I was both thrilled and scared to be back in the magical Wonderland, "Why am I back here? Not that I'm not happy to be back here but five years ago I was asked to kill the jabberwocky! And steal the vorpal sword from the red queen!"

The Cheshire cat twitched his tail and popped behind me and placed his head behind my right ear and whispered "Don't you want to be here? Take a chance on love?" he asked my softly.

"Love? I asked quizzically, "I'm sorry but I don't love you, Chesh."

"Silly girl! Im flattered but it wouldn't work out! Your too," paused the Cheshire Cat, "human."

I laughed softly to my self and walked over to the half opened door, prepared to go back to the land I loved… and maybe find the man I loved, once upon a dream.

"So who is it that loves me?" I asked the Chesire Cat, floating behind me.

POP and I was left standing alone in the doorway to the most wonderful place on earth.

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