The Tea Room 11:57

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I ran into Tarrant's warm embrace. It felt so safe an warm, like home.

"I've missed you," I said as I, sadly, broke our embrace.

"I've been waiting for you, Tea is ready for you," Said Tarrant in his beautiful accent.

"I'll have a cup with you Tarrant," I said, happy to be able to talk to the one person in the world who understands me, "Why are you in such a open room when your meant to be hiding?"

The room we were in was large with roof to floor windows covering all the exterior walls, showing the amazing lakes and gardens surrounding the White Castle. A large fire place on the back wall, surrounded by bookshelves, crammed full of ancient books.

"You don't know the secret prophesised about yet, lass," Said Tarrant as he poured a small cup of a sweet smelling tea.

"What do you mean? I know how Mirana is my mother," I said, confusion filled my voice, "What could be bigger than being lied to my whole life?"

Tarrant looked at my with sympathetic eyes, before turning to look at Mirana.

"The lass needs to know, my dear," spoke Tarrant, slowly and softly.

Mirana walked to the long wooden table that sat in the darkest corner, and sat in one of the large, cushiony chairs opposite me.

"You must have stopped reading after you read about you being my little Alice, didn't you child?" spoke Mirana, my biological mother, softly.

My mind was racing, millions of possibilities going through my head, all I could manage to do I was nod my head, ever so slightly.

"Well on the final page," said my mother, softly as she looked from Tarrant to Me, "I wrote about how…"

Mirana stopped talking as we heard people screaming from the Throne Room.

"Bluddy behg hid returns to Und'rland," whispered Tarrant, shock frozen onto his perfect face.

"Tarrant, We have to hide you from the Red Queen!" I said as dropped my tea on the floor.

"But we haven't finished tea," said the Mad Hatter, sadly, as he stared at the spilt tea and shards of china.

"We'll have tea once your safe," I said as I grabbed his hand and ran towards where Mirana was standing running her hands, gracefully, over the old books.

"What are you doing, Mum?" Crap, I had spoken the last word without thinking.

With a smile on her face, Mirana pulled on of the large books.

I noticed the word 'Alice' was written in gold down the spine of the deep purple book.

The bookshelf swung open with ease.

"Go, I will meet the both of you down there in an hour," said Mirana, "And Alice,"

I turned to look her in the eyes, as I descended the dark staircase.

"I love you, my Daughter." Said Mirana, my beautiful Mother as she pushed the bookcase door shut.

The door closed with a soft thud.

"I love you, mum." I whispered as I was dragged down the stairs by Tarrant.

We walked down the dark staircase in silence, tears beginning to stream down my face at the thought of losing my one and only… true friend in Wonderland.

When we reached the bottom of the spiral staircase we found our selves in a large, bluestone room.

A large fireplace, on the back wall, showed a hint of warm embers in the back corner.

There was a large king sized bed in the corner adjacent to the fireplace and a long glass coffee table with four large, plush chairs sitting in front of four large, roof to floor bookshelves, full of old scrolls that looked at lot like the Oraculum.

"Aye, the olde Oraculums," Said Tarrant in his beautiful brogue as he walked across the deep red Persian rug, that laid on the cold, stone floor.

"Old Oraculums? I thought there was only one?" I asked as I walked towards one of the plush chairs. I sat comfortably in the chair, looking at Tarrant as he unrolled one of the many scrolls, onto the glass coffee table.

I was shocked to see what the ancient Oraculum was depicting. I ran my fingers over images of my father, Charles Kingsleigh, and my biological mother, Mirana of Marmoreal (aka. The White Queen), walking through the forest together, hand in hand.

"My Parents," I whispered under my breath.

We sat there for hours reading the ancient scrolls, gently returning them to their places once we were finished reading them. Through a small crack at the top of the far wall we could see the star filled night sky.

"Where is Mirana?" I questioned, wondering what could be taking my mother so long.

"Alice," spoke Tarrant, " Come here lass."

I stepped off the soft bed and over to where Tarrant was still sitting on one of the large, cushiony chairs.

"What is it Tarrant?" I asked, wondering what could be so different about this Oraculum.

"The last 3 are different from the others," Tarrant directed to the three now covering the small coffee table, "These show what will happen, once the scroll Mirana has, is fulfilled."

I was astounded to find there were more Oraculum, future ones.

"But I thought that once a prophesier had died, another gained his or her powers and created an Oraculum for the span of their life. How come there are so many?" I questioned Tarrant.

He sat there, pondering for a moment.

"Iracebeth," he muttered, as he stood from the chair and began pacing.

"What about her?" I asked ad Tarrant muttered under his breath.

"Iracebeth and Stayne must be on a rampage, killing the future prophesiers so we cant get a decent idea of where they are or what they have done."

"How do we find out who is the next prophesier?" I asked, wondering if there would be a way to save him or her.

"I do believe that the name of the next prophesier is at the end of the scroll," said Tarrant as he unrolled the scroll closest to him.

I small short name was written on the very edge of the paper.


"The Dodo?" I questioned, wondering why he was so special, as to be the one to be given such a wondrous gift.