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Elaine Colma O'Donovan sighed as she and her younger brother, Nathanial, walked down the street towards Nathanial's school. Once they got there Elaine knelt down in front of her brother and hugged him.

"Alright," she said, letting go of the boy. "If anything goes wrong, you call me, okay?"

"You got it," Nathanial said, smiling at his older sister.

"No using your powers in school, okay?"


"And what do you say when you talk to the school councilor?"

"I'm adjusted," he began with a sigh. "I live happily with my uncle and my sister. I live in a happy home and make lots of friends. And although I sometimes wish I still had parents, I would not trade my family for anything."

"Jeez, make it sound a little more rehearsed, why don't ya?" Elaine said, rolling her eyes. "You ready, mini man?"

"Of course I am," Nathanial said, confidently. "I'll be running the school in a week."

Elaine laughed, "How about you just try to make some friends."

"Well if you want to do it the easy way," Nathanial grumbled.

"Good luck, Nate," Elaine said, kissing the boys forehead.

Just as Elaine turned to walk to her bus stop Nate called to her: "Hey, Lainey, you try to make some friends too."

"Okay, Nate," Elaine said with a slight cringe, she had never been good at making friends.

As Elaine stood in front of her bus stop she put on her dark sunglasses and thought back to everything in her life that led up to this moment. The beginning of her life was quite pleasant. Her family lived in California, out side the small town called Loyalton. She had two older brothers, one newborn baby brother, a mother, father, even a dog. The whole white picket fence dream, but happiness in this world seldom lasts.

It was the year that she turned eight. Her family was just walking into the house when the earth quack struck. Her older brothers were knocked out almost immediately by a falling beam. Her father's powers over water didn't help much, he fallowed the boys quickly. Her mother, who was holding little baby Nathanial, was the last to fall. She didn't die immediately; first she passed Nate to Elaine and told her franticly to hide under the table. She and Nathanial were the only ones to survive.

When they were rescued from the wreckage they were moved to live with their Uncle Bruce, who was now their legal guardian. Throughout Elaine's entire childhood she, her uncle and Nate moved from one place to another following her uncle's job as a travel columnist. It wasn't until the year of her sixteenth birth day that the super hero authorities found out that she and her brother had powers. They then decided that they wanted to keep an eye on them. Damn super hero bureaucracy…

That is why Elaine was now waiting for the flying bus of Sky High. She readjusted her sunglasses and sighed as the bus approached her stop. She had a feeling that this was going to be an extremely long day.

Aboard Flying School Bus

As the bus flow Elaine noticed that every other kid there was…happy. And not just "I'm satisfied with my life" happy, no they were super peppy "My life is sooo FANTASTIC that you just have to know about it" happy. Elaine really hated people like that.

As the bus lowered itself onto the floating platform that was the school and the other kids got up and continued to chat.

Walking down the hall, Elaine looked for the principle's office. She wasn't in trouble… yet. She hadn't been present for Power Placement three months ago so she now had to go through a personal one with Principle Powers, which was something she was not looking forward to.

You see, Elaine had never liked her powers.

"Ms. O'Donovan?" said a middle aged woman, interrupting Elaine's thoughts. "I'm Principle Powers. We've be waiting for you."

"Well that doesn't sound creepy," Elaine mumbled.

Inside Power's Office

"Alright," Powers said, standing up from her seat. "We've gotten the description of your powers, but we'd like you to explain them yourself."

"I have photographic reflexes and a photographic memory," she said, sighing in the same way Nate did. "If I see it done, I can do it, but I need to see it all the way through and done right. I need to keep up my own stamina. All the gymnastic training in the world won't help someone who can't lift their own weight."

"And your photographic memory is related to your powers?" Powers questioned.

"My uncle thinks so," she answered with a shrug.

"I understand your younger brother, Nathan is-"

"Nathanial," Elaine corrected.

"Your younger brother, Nathanial, is an illusionist."

"What does that have to do with my powers?" Elaine asked, narrowing her eyes.

"Nothing, nothing, we're just looking for similarities in your powers that's all."

"There aren't any," she said with the coldest tone she could manage.

"Very well," Powers cleared her throat, "let's continue. We know you have skipped your first three years of high school (Photographic memories can be very helpful), so we have you in Senior classes for anything like math or English but for 'super' classes you'll be in Sophomore classes."

"Fair enough," Elaine grumbled.

"Well," Powers said primly as she walked Elaine out of her office. "If we're finished here, I believe the welcome wagon is here to show you around."

"Welcome Wagon?" Elaine said, incredulously.

"Hey," an exuberant girl dressed in green practically shouted as Powers closed her office door. "I'm Layla Williams; I'm the president of the welcoming comity. Well actually, today I am the welcoming comity today, because Veronica Weathers is out sick this week and I don't even know where Jack Ryms is."

Layla continued on like that for quite a while until-holy crap, it's Captain America! Oh, wait, no it's just some kid in red, white and blue…bummer.

"Heya Layla," the boy said, smiling at Layla. "Who's this?"

"Hey Will, this is Elaine O'Donovan, she's a new student here."

"Ah, Welcoming Comity duty?"

"Yeah," she said smiling.

They continued to talk while Elaine slowly backed away, making her escape.

"Oh, Elaine," Layla said, crushing Elaine's hopes. "I took the liberty to check with Principle Powers and I saw that we have the same lunch period, you should sit with me and my friends."

"Sure," Elaine said, trying to smile while thinking, "Yeah… I'm not going to do that."

Lunch Time

Elaine grabbed her tray and walked through the crowded cafeteria, keeping her head down. She wasn't taking any chances of Layla and Co. seeing her. Alas, Layla had the eyes of a hawk.

"Elaine!" Layla yelled over the lunch room noise. "Over here!"

Having no excuse, Elaine walked over to the neon girl, with a resigned look on her face.

"Layla," she greeted, coldly.

"Hi, Elaine," Layla greeted, back not noticing the coldness in Elaine's voice. "These are my friends, Zack, Ethan and Magenta."

"Nice to meet you," Elaine replied with a nod. "Well, if you don't mind I need to go-"

"I thought you were going to eat with us," Layla said, tilting her head to one side like a puppy.

While Elaine tried to think of an excuse she remembered what she had told Nate, she would try to make friends.

"Curse my inability to lie to my little brother!"

"Well, I guess I can stay for a little bit," she said.

Lunch was pretty uneventful. While the others talked, Elaine was busy picking apart their personalities. Layla was obviously some sort of hippie, that was the easy one. Ethan was a spineless geek with a good heart. Zack was obnoxious, but friendly. Will was your classic All American Boy, clueless but with good intentions. Finally we have Magenta, trying desperately to be seen as an introvert, but secretly wants to be accepted. Out of all of them Magenta was probably the only one of them Elaine would normally associate with, if it weren't for the glaring fact that she was sitting here willingly.

Just as Elaine was thinking that a boy clad in leather and black ripped jeans came and sat down at the table. By now Elaine was thoroughly confused, one hippie, Captain America Boy, a glow stick, a spineless glob of jelly, one emo and now something right out of Hell's Angels! What the Heck?

"Elaine, this is Warren Peace," Layla said, still playing welcome wagon. "Warren, this is Elaine O'Donovan."

"Hey," the Hell's Angel mumbled.

Elaine simply nodded.

The bell rang to signify the end of lunch.

"Thank you," she thought, looking upwards.

"See you later Elaine," Layla said, still smiling.

Elaine didn't even respond to this, she just walked quickly out of the cafeteria.

"Last class and I'm home free," Elaine thought as she sat down at her seat in mad science.

She then noticed that the Hell's Angel -Warren- was sitting a one seat back from her.

"Hello," Mr. Medulla said, walking into the room. "Today we'll be looking at the make-up of Radioactive Sludge…"

"Oh why me?" Elaine asked, almost silently, but for some reason she could have sworn she heard Warren sinker. After a long day Elaine was tired enough to turn around and glare at him. After the initial surprise that someone actually had the guts to glare at him he did a good job of glaring back. Elaine just rolled her eyes at him then turned back to the board.

After a soul sucking session of science, Elaine was ready to go home, sadly though she still had to walk through the school (filled with people), get on the bus (also filled with people) and deal with the people who would try to talk to her. Now, we know what you're thinking, "How can this get any better?" Well we'll tell you.

"Hey Elaine," Layla called from across the hallway. "Sit with us on the bus."

Elaine felt the need to sob hopelessly but decided it would be bad for her image.

"Fine," she surrendered. "See you at the bus."

Elaine walked to her locker and put a few books away. She then looked at the picture of Nate that she put up during fourth period.

"Who's that?" a low voice from behind her asked.

Elaine turned to see Warren standing about six inches behind her.

"No lurking without a license, Creep," she said, glaring.

"That doesn't answer the question," he pointed out.

"None ya," she said, slamming her locker door shut.

"A person tries to make conversation…" Warren mumbled.

"His name is Nate," she said, just as Warren was about to turn around. "He's my baby brother."

Warren nodded, seeming satisfied by this answer.

"Why are you here anyway?" Elaine asked, raising an eyebrow.

Warren nodded in the direction of the locker two down from hers.

"That's you're locker," she said, not believing it.

Once more a nod.

"So I'll be seeing a lot of you?"


"Joy," she said, looking none too joyful. "I need to get out of here. It's not you, it's just that I'm so done with people for to day and you're a person."

Warren watched as Elaine walked quickly through the hall and out the door.

"Well she's going to be a barrel of fun," he mumbled to himself.

In bus

Elaine sat in between Layla and Will, eye twitching.

"So what are you're plans for the day, Elaine?" Layla asked.

"I'm picking up my brother from school," she answered.

"You should come to Dinner with us!"

"Maybe another time," she said, tonelessly.

After that the bus came to her stop and she made a hasty retreat.

After about an hour or so later Elaine stood in front of Nate's School as Nate and his class mates were released.

"Heya Nate," she said, smiling. "How'd you day go?"

"Great," Nate replied, jumping up and down. "My teacher likes me, she says I have chutzpa!"

"Uh-huh," Elaine said, holding back a laugh. "So what do you want for dinner?"

Elaine was in charge of dinner for herself and for Nate because their uncle worked a lot of nights.

"Hm, how about, Mexican?"

"Enchiladas it is!"


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