The Sooner It Will
Act 1-2: You made your bed, now lie in it


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"For the record, Hokage-sama," he remarked, with cheer pasted onto his voice like sewage, "I hate you."

The old leader just nodded in acceptance and approval, looking tired. "Room 23 in the Tower is cleared and stocked for your use. Uwan needs to set off by 0600 in three days," he paused, looking uncomfortable, "Make the most of the time."

The walk to the diplomats quarters was awkward like a morning after. Kakashi's hands twitched, empty, because the idea of pulling out Icha Icha made something spasm in the pit of his stomach, and it's not even that it would be disrespectful (because being disrespectful was a hobby of his, honestly), but it seemed somehow downright cruel. At this moment. To read that orange book in front of the boy he'd have to fuck.

A small part of Kakashi's mind realizes that the rest was either gibbering in panic or wishing to scrub several layers of itself away. That part tries to tell the rest of himself, get a grip.


He watched himself open the door for Uwan, because it's Uwan with the mask on, who's acknowledging tilt of the head read distinctly as amused, and then followed him through. As Uwan explored the room, he turned, locked and sealed the door, and went towards the window to do the same. He drew the curtains. He had a thought, and looked at Uwan from the corner of his eye as he removed his ceramic mask and placed it on a side table; but the boy looked no more nervous after being locked up in a room with him than before. Kakashi didn't quite know if that's a good thing.

He certainly felt trapped.

Uwan took off his own mask and placed it by Kakashi's. The boy, Naruto, looked up at him and scratched at his head.

"Shouldn't you put up something for sound?"

"Aa," Kakashi agreed, wry, removed the nearest picture frame, and pricked his finger. As he drew the seal, concentrating, he asked, "So, you watched videos then?"

"Um, no," the blond coughed, "Just browsed some books. They all made it seem, er, noisy."

"Depending on who's involved, it is," he remarked stiltedly, then concentrated, formed a handseal, and slammed it on the last line. The seal glowed briefly, then sent a pulse of pale chakra that skimmed along the walls, ceiling, and floor.

There was the familiar snap of ANBU armor unlocking, and Kakashi turned to see the boy placing his set on a chair next to the king-sized bed, both chest and arm guards. It was like ice down Kakashi's back to see him start to pull up his shirt.

"Wait." Kakashi found himself suddenly in front of the blond, stopping his hand. (God, his hand was so small.) "Kid-Naruto. Wait."

"We're doing this with our clothes on, pervy-senpai?" it was said teasingly, but with a hard, wary edge on top of a pile of nervousness.

He let out a groan of frustration and felt hollow and like he's doing everything wrong. "Do you even know my name?"

"Hatake Kakashi." the boy answered, face clearing a little. "Sharingan Kakashi. The Copy Cat Nin. Son of the White Fang and student of the Yellow Flash—"

Of course. His fucking titles. A bit of the sudden anger must have shown through because the boy paused.

"Hi," the blond gave a little wave, "Uzumaki Naruto. Jinchuuriki of the Nine Tailed Fox. ANBU Codename Uwan and the son of the Yellow Flash." His voice dropped a little on the last part. "But we're keeping that part secret right?" He stared at Kakashi determinedly, "I kinda like staying alive."

"You knew?"

"It's the only thing that makes sense after putting together what I look like and what happened around when I was born," Naruto shrugged, shoulders sagging in a way that seemed a little sad, but mostly resigned.

"Ah." Kakashi scratched at his head. Looked everywhere but at the boy. "This is—"

"Probably more awkward for you than it is for me." The blond puffed, then grabbed his hand and pulled them both into sitting on the bed. Before Kakashi had a chance to protest, tiny nimble fingers were already working through the clasps on his armor. Grabbing hold of those fingers only caused the kid to duck in and press his lips against the cloth of his mask, roughly where his mouth was. The small lips stumbled then sought out his, pressed in a kiss, nipping at his lips through the cloth before drawing back a little-and Kakashi felt it like a tug down his spine. It took all he had to swallow a gasp.

"Take it off."

Kakashi blinked at him. He's a supposed genius but came up with only an uncomprehending, "What?"

"You're taking my virginity, least you can do is take your mask off."

"Brat," Kakashi groaned, breathed deeply, what the fuck is up with this kid, "Just, just give me a moment." He knew he had been precocious himself and must've given Minato several grey hairs, but at least he'd been thirteen. Somewhere his sensei must be laughing at him; that or sharpening the knives. "Impatient imp," he said, the boy all curling up in his lap and making himself 'comfortable', and Kakashi let his head fall, to rest his cheek on the blond's hair, small hands still loosely trapped in his own. "You may have had a week to get used to the idea. Give me a few minutes, ne?"

The blond head nodded. He breathed in, smelled sweat, wind, and the scent of boy, and thought firmly at himself, better me than a dirty old man, and winced. He tried again, he thought, better here than during his mission, and that rang true. Kakashi gathered himself. Then sat up and lifted his armor off; it was placed on the floor with his arm guards, then he took off their sandals and shoved the entire pile underneath the bed.

He removed his hitai-ate and placed it on the bedstand, and paused.

Kakashi made himself look neutrally at Naruto while peeling off his shirt and the attached mask, sharingan eye firmly closed. The boy's expressions flickered faster than he could catch, then settled into something that looked impressed, staring at his face.

"That must've hurt," the boy finally almost said. Kakashi instead caught at his mouth and interrupted him. He closed his eye, and hoped that pure sensation would distract himself. He licked at the boy's tongue, which licked back in answer, tentative but welcoming, and god but he was sweet; he tasted like fresh air and soup broth, miso, like the feeling of seeing a warm meal set in front of you after a long, cold day. Kakashi ran his tongue across the roof of the other's mouth, and Naruto groaned and shivered in his hands. And Kakashi's hands were on his waist (and how did they get there?) and his waist was so tiny, and the boy, the boy, was—

"So young." Kakashi broke away, opened his eye, despairing. "God you're..." He found his fingers smoothing circles into Naruto's sides. It possibly looked like he was comforting the boy, but he knew deep inside that he was trying to comfort himself.

"You..." The boy gave him a dazed look, panting, then catching his breath, "It really bothers you, huh?"

Kakashi shot him a flat look.

"Even knowing that I'm asking? That the Hokage is asking?"

Even holding the boy's gaze, it felt like he was sheepishly looking away.

"Nnrgh. Okay let's try this. Maybe it'll make you, I dunno, feel better," he started doing handseals. Kakashi looked attentively on, slightly curious, mostly ready to dive off the bed.

Naruto paused.

"Er. You don't happen to have the Anti-Erection Jutsu on, do you?"

"Never do, why?" The Anti-Erection Jutsu tended to be used by people in authority who needed to look at all times...'professional'. Since Kakashi never found the need to look professional, as he was either very professional and focused or very not, he'd never bothered. Also, the Jutsu could be overwhelmed by overloading it, with debilitating side-effects.

"Good," Naruto smirked, "You won't be knocked out then."

Which was nearly a lie as what felt like all of Kakashi's blood rushed to his cock so fast it left him winded, when he found himself with a lapful of naked, well-endowed girl. He vaguely recalled hearing something like, "Sexy no Jutsu," but it was very hard to focus on anything but the ridiculously soft breasts pressed up against his chest and teasing at the underside of his chin (god but they were huge) and the smooth, smooth thighs spread open against his.

"Gggnnayh!" Kakashi blurted out, and the girl disappeared with a faint poof! leaving him with a lapful of boy and an erection that didn't seem to mind. He frowned down at himself, then at Naruto. "What was that?" which managed to sound only a little strangled. His dick really wanted to pound something, anything, into a whimpering mess, or get at least some good firm attention from his hand. He felt that, all's considered, he's doing a good job not letting any of that into his voice.

"Tell you later," the blond muttered, trying to lean in.

But Kakashi caught at his face with both hands and all his will-power and rested their foreheads together, struggling with himself, trying not to breathe too hard.

"Okay, your self-control is kinda awesome, but can we please just get on with this?" the boy looked a little upset and desperate and afraid. However he mostly just looked stubborn and he wiggled on Kakashi's lap until Kakashi couldn't help but thrust back.

"Did you think a hard-on is gonna make me ravish you?" he gritted out and forcibly stopped himself from moving.

The boy glared back and started mimicking the thrusts, and Kakashi could only groan helplessly (trying so so hard not to crowd the boy, not to make him nervous, not to make him—). But letting that, that groan escape seemed to temper the boy's thrusts, it seemed to ease the grip Naruto had had on his shoulders, which Kakashi just realized was there. Like, like the boy was trying to hold him in place—

"Did you think...that because I'm taking my time," he reasoned out loud, "That I'll change my mind, and leave?"

This stilled the blond, like he didn't know whether to draw back or push closer, head tilted down, against Kakashi's hands, bangs covering his eyes and teeth chewing at his lips.

"I dunno, will you?"


Naruto doesn't know what to think anymore. For all his ANBU training, Kakashi is still stupidly difficult to read. It makes him nervous and for not the first time he wonders if the guy is just going to up and decide to drop his, his mission. Naruto mentally makes a face at that, but there was no better way to secure full blackout on the details and how else were they going to find someone? It makes him uncomfortable and feel very small that he'd had to ask Jii-san for help, to find someone.

He doesn't want Kakashi to go. Kakashi's kinda really good looking, and his hands are kind. (He finds that hands are more honest than most faces; you can sorta feel what's going on underneath the skin, if the muscle's all cringing away, if the bones are poised to be hard.) Its hard to find kind hands. Even his ANBU teachers' only became kind after a year or so. And he didn't have a year to find someone else and no way was he gonna ask them. He'd never be able to look them in the face.

Or, er, mask.

So, so he's happy that Jii-san has Kakashi's loyalty and got him to agree to this and knows that if the white-haired guy leaves, it would be all due to Naruto. And Naruto keeps messing up, or, or something, 'cause Kakashi keeps getting this look in his eye, so Naruto's just gonna have to try harder. And that's that.

Which is why, when he says, "I dunno, will you?" it comes out as a challenge. Thinking about it, the older guy seemed kinda more relaxed whenever he did that, sorta. Its weird because it didn't always work, and Naruto looks back up to stare at the man's face to maybe try an' figure out why, which is how he saw Kakashi make this totally pinched look, 'cause it disappeared quick.

"Mmm. I've been going about this wrong, I think," he says almost to himself. And Naruto didn't really care because the hands that were cupping his face drifts down his back and starts stroking, up and down his spine.

Naruto would purr if he could; what came out of his mouth's more like a moan and he lets his eyes drift almost closed and feels himself relax. Kakashi's hands weren't saying, I'm afraid to touch you, any more. They weren't saying, I want to leave. His hands moving across the muscles of his back, in firm shiver-inducing glides, shouted at him, I don't want you to hurt; I don't want you worried. They whispered, I like you.

Naruto watches Kakashi watching him, as he arches into his hands, and something seems to settle in that one dark-grey eye. Something that seems to firm up and let go all at once.

"If I promise not to leave this room at least until you've had a screaming orgasm, will you trust me?"

Naruto shivers at the words, at the hands, and smiles wide, "Promise?"

Kakashi nods.


"Wait, can ten year olds even have—"

"Yes." Naruto blinks, blushing a little, "Er, well, I don't know about the screaming, but the pamphlets that they gave me— um, I tried—"

"Okay then!" Kakashi interrupts, with forced light-heartedness, and then tugs at Naruto's shirt in a playful way. "Off with the shirt, mine's off so you need to catch up!"

He giggles and he helps the guy pull off the stretchy black fabric. He's startled into a gasp when he feels a series of kisses work it's way up his torso, barely after the shirt came off, that became open-mouthed licks and light sucks all the way up his neck.

"Oh god," trips out of his mouth, and he feels Kakashi smile against his jaw.

Then Kakashi tips his head for a kiss and Naruto opens his mouth eagerly, a thrill up his spine, 'cause if that other kiss said anything, it said the man was good at kissing. The things Kakashi did with his tongue curled his toes, and this time's the same. Except this time its demanding, like the guy's trying to crawl into him through his mouth which makes Naruto laugh around his shivers and his gasps, its hard to laugh, to breathe because the man kept diving back against his lips, and he curls his arms around Kakashi's head, presses close, and tries to crawl into him too.

He absently notes one large hand moving away from his back, and it runs it's knuckles down his chest, down his stomach, and—

"Nnngh!" he pants and pushes up against the hand for more.

"You liked that?" Kakashi's tone's amused in a way that makes Naruto want to punch him in the face with the well, duh. But he doesn't get punched because he keeps his hand moving, knuckles running over the bulge in the blond's pants, and Naruto's basically given up kissing in favor of gasping against the Kakashi's cheek. He feels the man's other hand rubbing circles into his ass, then skimming up to play at his waistband.

He grins, open-mouthed into Kakashi's skin, tries to thrust against Kakashi's hand, and asked, "So, you gonna fuck me now?"

"Language." he growls, breathless.

Naruto just laughs in response and bites at Kakashi's mouth as much as he could while still gasping from the knuckles against his hard-on.

"I haven't even stretched you yet!" his voice is low, rough, and playful, "Unless you've already—?"

"Stretched?" Naruto blinks. The seduction experts didn't mention anything about stretching.

There is a very long pause. He makes a noise of protest, and looks up, curious.

A black look passes over Kakashi's face as he stares at Naruto, both eyes open, red eye whirling, like they're seeking something in Naruto's eyes. Which he apparently didn't find because he starts glaring furiously at a wall, and Naruto's very glad it wasn't directed at him. (Kakashi's hands are possessive, and mutter, you are here, you are here.) Naruto decides to stay very, very quiet. After a bit, the older man visibly shudders, closing his eyes, and pulls him in closer, like a hug.

"I'm very glad I'm in this room right now."

"Okay," he replies, a bit confused. But Kakashi starts kissing him very carefully, so he ignores the confusion and presses back, letting him in. Its warm, and kinda different from the others, lips smoothing across his mouth, gentle, and tongue like it's trying to wipe something away, like the guy thought Naruto's about to break. Which makes him mentally frown. And it was nice, for awhile, but...

He pulls back from Kakashi's lips, then not-so-gently headbutts him away, "Oi! So about this 'stretching'."

"Brat," he mutters, droop-eyed, rubbing at his head. He then holds up a finger and turns to rummage in the bedstand. Curious, Naruto crawls over and looks in; there were apparently several bottles in there, of what looked like oil. Kakashi hums, shifting through them, and picks one out. Then he turns and looks at Naruto, hovering at his shoulder, and Naruto draws back a little because it looks like the guy's doing math in his head or something, while peeling off his gloves.

"What?" he asks, a bit disturbed. Who did math in bed? It was annoying enough doing it at the Academy. Kakashi places his large hands at Naruto's hips and pushes him away a bit, looking at him fully, up and down. Had the silver-haired man not promised to not leave, Naruto would've started worrying just then, but instead he just waits, feeling kinda annoyed. Honestly, math. What the hell.

Then Kakashi looks down at his own lap, and frowns. He sighs, sounding bothered, and says, "Congratulations."


"You've just made a guy wish his cock was smaller. That's a first in the history of...hmm. Possibly ever."

"Kakashi-senpai," he says, with what he feels like is a great deal of patience, "Focus. You were talking about stretching and made it seem like a big deal."

"I was, wasn't I?" Kakashi smiles then, eyes closed, and pushes him into a kiss, leaning him back against the bed. "Mmm, but its easier to show you. Here, lift up," he murmurs as he starts peeling Naruto's pants off and follows them down, then tossed the pants at the chair with the blond's ANBU armor.

Naruto hoists himself up onto his elbows to see better and scoots towards the middle of the bed when Kakashi motions at him to budge back. He watches as Kakashi crawls over to him, something about it making his breath all funny. And as the silver-haired man comes up between his legs, to give Kakashi room he leans back a little, feet flat against the bedspread, and spreads his legs wider; which apparently did funny things to Kakashi 'cause the man jerks his hips down suddenly and groans into the blond's stomach.

"You. Are going. To be the death of me."

This just makes him giggle, and Kakashi licks at his navel in retaliation, which makes his arms almost give out. Kakashi only raises an eyebrow and licks again, slow, and then his arms totally do, and he's staring at the ceiling in surprise because he really didn't squeak. He's sure of it. And then the bastard licks again, a long slow trip around the edge and some part of him realizes that there's a wet, was that a finger?, making a similar trip around his asshole and he tries and utterly fails to stop making stupid sounds.

"St~ret~ching," Kakashi says, punctuating the word with nudges and pushes, both below with his finger and above with his tongue.

"Aaah?" Naruto gasps, looking down.

"Mou, you're not paying attention," he pouts, but Naruto already saw his smirk and feels fine in totally not listening to whatever it is he's saying.

The silver-haired man then pulls back his finger and peers up at Naruto's face carefully, and starts rubbing around the edges with two fingers instead, spreading them slightly, slightly pushing in.

Naruto groans at the slight burn and blinks, "Weird," wiggles a bit.

"Mmm," Kakashi agrees in a hum, and Naruto completely arches off the bed, because Kakashi's mouth was on his dick, when did he mov—

It kinda went all muggy after that, Kakashi's mouth wet and hot and relentlessly evil 'cause Naruto kinda needs to breathe and he can't with the fucking humming, and the licks, and, and was that the 'finding something' tune?, then his fingers hit something and its like everything's squeezed tight until nothing's left but the pleasure and the awesome and it all goes—


"Whoa," the blond panted, the sound coming out shaky and in more syllables than the word actually contained.

"You're welcome," Kakashi whispered, amused. He had his head propped up on one fist, watching the boy's face. He was, honestly, beautiful. And while a part of Kakashi feels terribly like a dirty old man, the rest of him says, better here, better with me. He remarked, in a tone chock full of cheer, "No screaming yet. So I'll just have to try again, ne?" He wiggled his fingers gently and Naruto panted, his ass fluttering around the man's knuckles.

"W-when did you get up to three?"

"You were enjoying yourself too much to notice," Kakashi said, distracted. The boy was already twitching into hardness again, albeit slowly. Ah, youth. Though it was difficult to see Naruto as 'innocent' now, not after the sounds he'd made and not after how he'd thrust back against Kakashi's fingers in a way that made him seem like pure sin.

God but the blond had been shameless, spreading his legs wide open like it was nothing. Kakashi allowed himself a lazy thrust against the mattress and bit back a groan. He'd been hard since Naruto had jutsu'd into a girl and he's pretty sure he must be half-crazy from it, but he was here for a reason and it wasn't for his own sake.

"Kakashi?" The boy worked his way even closer, so his cheek pressed against Kakashi's forearm, to stare straight up at him where he was propping his face up.



"You okay kid?"

"Y-yeah." Those blue eyes were so dilated that they were mostly black, and they were both breathing hard.

"That's good." He continued lazily working the boy loose, changing angles a bit here and there, watching the shivers flow across the small body, carefully monitoring the expressions on Naruto's face.

"We gonna do this?" And then the blond clenched down hard on his fingers.

Kakashi sharply sucked in his breath. Slowly spread his fingers some, testing. It...should be enough. When he slid his fingers out Naruto made such a pleading sound of protest that he had to squeeze himself roughly to stop from coming.

Then he quickly slipped away and hauled the floor length mirror from the wall to pull it close to the bed, right in front of the boy.

"Eeeeh?" the blond looked at the mirror then squinted at him in question.

Kakashi simply skimmed off his pants with a relieved sigh, then slid up behind Naruto, front to back, and wrapped him in a loose hug, "It'll be easier on you in this position, but I need to see your face." He met those blue, blue eyes in the mirror, "To see that I'm not hurting you."

Which made the blond blush, oddly enough, harder than at anything else so far, and press his back up against him.


Naruto just made an annoyed sound, and scooted even closer so that they were flush up together from chest to hip and ass to cock, and he chuckled, strangled.

"You'd think with a hard-on that painful looking you'd find it less funny," the blond muttered as Kakashi slicked himself up with a palmful of lube from a hand squeezed in-between them.

"Maa, it makes it more funny," (so hard he was half-crazy) he wiped his hands dry and moved to hold the blond up by the hips, so the boy was sort of sprawled open on his lap, small black-gloved hands bracing themselves on his forearms; then lined himself up, (-oh god, he thought, and bit at his lip) the feel of that loosened opening fluttering wildly against his cock nearly made him lose his grip. But Kakashi managed to hold on, and he made himself watch those blue eyes as he sank into him, as Naruto slid slowly, slowly down. He made himself watch, and focus, as the eyes fell half-lidded, as the face twisted open, and intense, and amazed.

Because if he watched, and fretted, about the kid, he could stand ignoring that perfect delicious tightness around his cock that screamed at him to move.

"Oooh," Naruto moaned, finally bottoming out, sweat filming his skin so that it shone. They were both breathing so hard that they shook with it, and before he could stop him, Naruto lifted up slightly and dropped down again, and Kakashi couldn't help but let out a broken gasp.

"Naruto, stop— don't— I can't—"

"Do I look like I mind?"

At which Kakashi helplessly thrust up, then continued thrusting, Naruto just twining an arm up around his neck, head thrown back, and taking it with a sweet groan. He watched them both in the mirror, watching his cock disappearing in between those legs, thoughts blown away with the sweet tightness, with the boy's soft gasping sounds.

"Nnnng, harder," the small hand tugged at his hair. Kakashi obeyed, tipping them sideways and then turned them both so that he was on top and pushing the blond's shoulders flat. He pulled those small hips up, Naruto readily spreading his legs apart (god), and then pushed in, that much harder, and—

"Oh god—" one of them choked, either, both. Kakashi had slipped a little and the change in angle made Naruto writhe. He kept that angle, pounding to the blond chanting there and god and ohfuck until the words turned wordless and the voice shrieks and the body shaking, sprawled spread-open, he reached around and tugged and Naruto screamed, coming violently and sobbing and jerking and Kakashi thought, oh good, then let himself enjoy the pulsing perfect vice around his cock, the sparks of pleasure up his spine, and letting the crash of orgasm finally, finally overtake him.

...end chapter 2...

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"Mmm?" Naruto feels a wall of heat line up against his back, and wakes up just a little.

"Hey," Kakashi sounds tired.

"You're still here," he murmurs, muzzily.

"Yeah," the warmth draws back a little, "Want me to go?"



He feels Kakashi settle, and curl around him. He tugs at his ANBU gloves for a bit before giving it up as a lost cause, and instead pulls close the arm draping itself around his waist.

He feels every where warm.

He smiles and falls asleep.