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I had no idea what I got myself into. When Sesshomaru told me that I'm going to a little town called Forks, I thought he meant for a vacation. Instead I ended up in a dull, cloudy slash rainy depressed little town where everyone knew everyone! It was torture. Guess I should've done some research before accepting whatever the Ice Prince says. Now I'm stuck here, not knowing what to do.

"Stupid Sesshomaru always dragging me over the world" I muttered angrily, staring out the window of my new AND temporary house. It was way too big for one person, but this was Sesshomaru we talking about. Just then, my cell phone rang.

I answered in a bored tone not bothering to see the caller ID "Hello"

"This Sesshomaru see's you're faring well" speak of the devil. My anger spiked.

"Well 'this Sesshomaru' better see his back when I return back to Japan. Do you have any idea what I'm going through right now?! I don't know anyone! They might think this is some Asian Invasion!" okay, that was a bit racist to my own kind, but who can blame me, the minute I stepped one foot into the town, immediately everyone gave me a weird look. I felt like shouting back, 'what never seen an Asian before'- but not good making enemies on your first day.

"Quit your whining, you are there on a mission and I want but perfection"

If threat didn't work, sarcasm was sure to. "Well I'm so glad I was part of that decision." I scoffed, getting up from my seated position and paced around the house.

"Bite your tongue woman. You are the heir to this Sesshomaru's throne do not forget. As the next Lady of the Western Lands, you should have expected this as practice"

"Practice?! How is this practice?" more like torture.

"You forget the demon ways, Kagome. Do not make this Sesshomaru stoop so low as to repeat himself" he growled dangerously shutting me up completely.

He continued. "Tomorrow you will start Forks High school. There are supernatural beings that have claimed the area. I want you do find out what and who they are. Report back every week." with that he hung up. My jaw had dropped during his explanation, eyes wide nearly popping out of its sockets.

Is he serious?!!!! WHY MEEEE. Tears stung my eyes as I sulked all the way to my room, cursing my luck.

"Gee Kagome, a great life you have here. First you travel back to the feudal era, save the world and get stuck there along with Sesshomaru and now you live as a rich kid who spends her days running around doing missions. Yup, great life indeed"

Sad thing is though, if I thought my first day in Forks was bad, my second was even worse. I woke up with a really frizzy out of control hair, took my time in the shower, dressing up, eating only to find out later that I was late to school. And, once I reached school, I found out that I was actually twenty minutes early, meaning my clock was set wrong.

"Ooo-saaaaa. Ooo-saaaaa" I repeated, calming my self down before I lashed out at anyone. Feeling that I was calm, I hid my aura and powers letting the scent of a normal human exposed.

"Okay, let's get this party started" Stepping out of the not so cool black SUV, mummers of the new kid fired up. For a demon, I heard what they were saying as if they were shouting it right in my ear. I sighed from all the attention.

The reception was easy to find, because the first building had a huge sign is black bold letters saying 'THE FRONT OFFICE'. Steeping in, a red-haired lady recognized me as the new kid and gave a timetable with a school map. In my opinion, it was more like a bunch of houses put together to make a school.

Soon classes were about to start. Out of no where an arm wrapped itself around my shoulder, a little too friendly.

"Hi! The name's Eric, you're Kagome Higurashi-Taisho, right?" the guy said, grinning ear to ear. I felt like punching the guy in the gut and flipping him off. Instead, I chose to play the nice new girl in town.

"Hi, umm yeah I am" a nervous giggle was always the best way to end. He seemed a bit confused, did my breath smell?

"Umm, aren't you from Japan?" He asked as if calculating something in is mind.

"Yeah, why?"

"Well, your accent is, well, English"

"Haha, when I was young I was brought up in England, after I moved back to Japan" that seemed like a good reason. It wasn't a lie, I was in England, but it wasn't the whole truth either. It's not like I'll say 'oh yeah, well I was in England about hundred years ago before I moved back to Japan'- yeah right.

"Oh ok. So what do you have first, I'll show you the way" Eric, the Asian guy with really bad skin still refused to remove his arm around my shoulder. Forcing a smile, I slightly moved away from him causing his arm to drop to his side where it was supposed to be.

"Well, I've got English with Smith in building six"

"Oh, great I'll show you the way. I'm headed towards building four" There was no avoiding this guy. I smiled, nodding in thanks, he was nice though. We walked through the cafeteria, towards the south buildings and headed straight for building six. It was clearly marked, big enough for everyone to see, but Eric insisted to walk me there.

"So how's Japan?"

"Good, you should visit one day"

"I would love to. Maybe you could give me a tour"

"Any day" He laughed at that.

"Well good luck" he said smiling once they reached her class. Returning the smile, I nodded in thanks once again before stepping in.

The class wasn't too bad. They were studying Shakespeare and lucky for me, I was all good for this, because this girl here met him in person. The next two classes where okay as well. Didn't mind much introducing myself, but it was kind of annoying when they would stare at you as if you were the new big toy brought to class for show and tell. I did, however made some new friends. One of them was a talker, Jessica.

When lunch came, I couldn't have been any happier. A bounce with every step, I made my way towards the cafeteria.

"Hey Kagome, over here!" Jessica hollered form the crowd. Reluctantly, I had no choice but to follow her voice, when it suddenly it me.

Five different auras from the humans clashed against my own hidden one. Head snapping towards the right far corner, six students sat at a table, one of them, a girl, being the human. As I kept walking, I couldn't take my eyes off them. Their auras were…lifeless, there was no life source and they screamed of supernatural beings. I took a sniff towards their direction, and smelled the power in them.

The five looked pale and damn were they good looking. I wasn't a lesbian, but I was taken by the two girl's beauty. One of the guys was big muscled, dark curly hair- weight lifter?

The other was blonde, seemed like he was in pain, a bit muscular but not as much as the other guy. The last guy had bronze coloured hair, less bulky and boyish than the other two. Next to him sat the human. She like the rest was pale, but held no similar aura like theirs. On of the other girls was short pixie like. Her hair was deep black, short and spiked out at every direction. The other was long harried, blonde. She was like the American Aphrodite or something.

I nearly smirked when I caught the eye of the bronze haired one. Looking away, I finally reached Jessica's table. Plopping down, Jessica turned to me and answered my thoughts- who are they?

"I know, like who are they right? Well the bulky and the bronze are Emmet and Edward Cullen. Rosalie and Jasper Hale are the blondes, the short one is Alice Cullen. They all live together with Dr. Cullen and his wife. Though, the other girl, that's Bella Swan, she was the new kid before you." Interested, I nodded taking in the information.

"They're good looking aren't they" on of the other girls from the table spoke up. Angela was her name.

"Yes!" Jessica agreed with her. "They're all together- you know Emmet with Rosalie, Alice with Japer and Edward with Bella, but they don't live together like the others. It's weird, sadly no guys to steal from there" I scoffed.

At least this day wasn't a total waste. I found my supernatural beings! Yay! I stopped listening as Jessica and Angela trailed off about some random stuffs, too caught up in my excitement you know.

"Hey!" Jessica nudged my arm, shaking me out of my thoughts.

"Huh?" real smart Kagome

"Aren't you cold?" I looked down at my attire. Clad in a black off the shoulder top that hung loosely around my body, but tightened around the hips, dark blue skinny jeans and some black belt flats for my feet- no, I didn't feel cold at all.

"No" I said laughing. "If you live with my older brother, winter comes early and stays permanently" The others in the table who were listening to me laughed. If only they knew how true it was.

The bell rang. Angela had Biology with me next. We walked together to class in a comfortable silence, I didn't mind and neither did Angela. She was those shy types. When we entered the classroom, Angela went to her respective seat; unfortunately she already had someone to sit with, as well as did the others.

Noticing that Edward and Bella were also in the same class, I smiled. The class settled down, all eyes on me as I slipped a note onto Mr. Banner's hands.

"Ahh, Kagome, that's right I heard a lot about you" he exclaimed walking behind his deck and picking up a brown manila folder. This caused me to raise an eyebrow.

"It says here that you were in advanced Biology" I nearly laughed out loud.

Advanced Biology?! What the hell! I've never returned back to school after being stuck in the feudal era and suddenly I was in advanced biology! What bullshit is Sesshomaru feeding these guys?

I replied, hesitating a bit as I avoided his prying eyes. "Sure…"

"Good, you can just take a chair and sit next to Edward and Bella. They're advanced as well" yup, this day was so looking up for me and they can do all the work!

"Hi" I said, getting a chair and sitting down next to Bella.

"Hi, I'm Bella, this here is Edward" She didn't seem like the talkative type either. Edward just nodded towards me. Pushing my hair back, bearing my exposed neck and shoulder to the world, Edward gripped the table so hard, he snapped off the bit he was holding onto.

Shock showed on my face as I stared at the bit Edward snapped off. From the corner of my eyes, I watched as Bella took hold of Edward's hands as he reacted immediately by calming down. Okay…Kagome, what did you do?

"Err…" I said, feeling the eyes of the class in our direction. Lucky, Bella took care of the situation.

"Sorry Sir, Edward isn't feeling to well, but he's okay now." No one moved, not even an inch, probably still shocked, just like I was. But…they believed that?!

"I'll pay for it" his voice was pained, constricting. Looking back at him, I caught his eye. It was black, angry black. I tried to stop myself, but being stared at like that did sit well with me, so in return I glared back- a glare that would've made Sesshomaru proud.

If that's how he wants to play, then bring it on.

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