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- Alex.

"Don't stop, make it pop, DJ blow my speakers up tonight, I'mma fight 'til we see the sunlight…" I sang, quite badly, along with the radio. It was Wednesday afternoon and I was on the floor of my room writing an essay that was due. Well, technically, it was due Friday, but I wanted to get it out of the way. As I idly twirled a lock of my curly red hair around my finger thinking of a good thesis sentence, I heard something hit my window. I looked up and stared blankly at the window when I saw a something hit the glass again. I blinked and stood up, walking over to the window. I opened the lock and slid the window up, shivering as a blast of cold air entered my room. I leaned out of the window and looked around finding nothing, until I looked directly down.

"Why the hell were you throwing stuff at my window?" I asked the raven haired boy who stood below. My reply was a middle finger. I rolled my eyes. "You should really grow out of that habit."

"Just shut up and go open the front door."

I sighed and closed my window before heading downstairs to open the door. As soon as turned the lock, the door was pushed open and Craig rushed inside.

"God, it's so fucking cold."

I quietly closed and relocked the door. "It's always cold."

"Exactly. The weather's supposed to change. I hate this town."

I chuckled and started back to my room, motioning for Craig to follow. Once we reached the top of the stairs I put a finger to my lips, silently telling Craig to be quiet before rushing past my younger brother's room and into my own, shutting the door carefully.

"I feel like some kind of criminal sneaking around every time I'm over here. I don't know what I did to have your parents hate me so much I'm not allowed near your house." Craig stated, sitting on my bed. I kind of felt bad about that. I mean, my parents didn't like Craig because they claimed he was a bad kid. They've been saying this since I was little. Saying that he was violent, after the fight he got in with Tweek, which wasn't even his fault. It was Stan, Kenny, Cartman, and I's. Then there was the whole Peru thing, which again wasn't Craig's fault. Oh, and the fact that he always flipped people off, but that was his own doing. "Where are your parents anyways?" Craig asked.

"I think they're grocery shopping or something."

"But you're brother's here right?" I nodded. "Would your brother tell if he caught me here?"

I shrugged. "I don't know, but I'd rather not take the risk."

"Oh." Craig said laying back.

If you're somewhat confused by Craig's seemingly random appearance, it's alright, it hasn't really made much sense to me either. So, way back when, in elementary school, there was this kid, Mysterion. He was a vigilante, went about helping people and such, well, he decided to make me his partner in crime so to speak; I would give him all the information he needed. He gave me this job 'cause he said that I was the smartest kid in school. So, a while goes by, Cartman acts like an asshole, and Mysterion is forced to show his face, which leads to his arrest for being a vigilante. It turns out that Mysterion was the black haired boy that is currently lounging on my bed. During his time as a 'hero' we actually made quite good friends; even after Craig revealed himself a Mysterion. We never hung out at school much, mostly because we each had our own group of friends and our two groups weren't too friendly. So Craig would occasionally drop by my house for whatever reason, and even now, Craig's presence is a frequent happening.

"Hey Kyle?" I heard Craig say, pulling my thoughts from my essay.


"How do you say something that you can't?"

I blinked. Craig often said and asked things that made no sense, but what he said always took me by surprise. "Uhm, well, if you can't, then I guess you can't."

Craig sat up. "But what if it's really important? Like, it has to be said, you just can't… how could you?"

"Craig that makes no sense." I said looking back down at my paper. I heard Craig get off my bed. I looked up as he sat cross legged in front of me.

"I have to tell you something Kyle."

I stared at him for a moment before sitting up as well. "Okay? What is it?"

"I can't say it."

"What?" I asked, titling my head in confusion.

"See, that's why I was asking you. I have to tell you something, but I can't."

"Why can't you?"

"It's embarrassing." Craig said bluntly.

"If it's embarrassing, then why do you need to tell me?"

"Because it's important." Craig said exasperatedly, as if he were talking to a toddler.

"Well, that doesn't make sense!" I said, getting frustrated as well.

"Okay, fine. I know a way to tell you with out saying it."

"Huh?" I said, still unbelievably confused at what he was trying to tell me.

Craig got on his knees and shuffled towards me slightly. I shifted back, nervous about what he was doing. He brought his hands to the sides of my face and looked me directly in the eyes. "Okay." He said to himself before learning forward and brushing our lips together. My eyes widened and my first instinct was to jerk my head away but I felt frozen. After a moment, Craig pulled back a bit, but still close enough that I could feel his breath on my mouth. After a moment I composed myself and pulled my face out of Craig's hands.

"How the fuck was that less embarrassing than whatever you 'needed' to tell me?"

"Because I didn't have to say it." Craig stated.

"Say what?" Craig just looked at me expectantly. "Do you… er, like me… or something?" He nodded. "You could have just told me! You didn't have to go and sexually harass me."

Craig blinked. "Harass? I didn't harass you."

"Harassment is unwanted attention."

"You didn't want that? Why not? I thought it was nice…"

"That's the point!"

"So you did like it?"

"What? No! What made you think I li-" My sentence was cut off as I felt Craig's lips press against mine once again, this time with more pressure. Once Craig pulled back he smirked at me. "What?"

"You liked it. If you didn't you would have pushed me away."

I felt my face turning red, though I'm not sure if it was from embarrassment or frustration. "I-I did not! That's harassment!"

Craig's smirk dropped and he looked at me seriously. "I'm sorry, but Kyle, I really do like you. It's been bothering me for a while now. I just felt that you ought to know. So, now, I want to know how you feel about me." Craig said in that monotone voice of his.

"I… I-I don't know…" I felt dizzy. Where had all this come from? Too much was happening at once. I felt Craig's hands on my face again, trying to get me to look at him, but my eyes were darting around the room focusing on anything but him.

"I'm waiting for an answer here Kyle…"

I closed my eyes, thinking. What was my answer? How did I fell about this? About Craig? He was just my friend, wasn't he? I wouldn't consider our friendship special or different than one I had with anyone else… I'm so confused right now. I slowly opened my eyes and made the mistake of making eye contact. I stared into his icy grey-blue eyes, searching for the answers to my problem. I don't know what I found, but something lead me to slide my arms around his neck and press our lips together for the third time.

I'm not sure what I was getting myself into, but at the moment I didn't care. I was too focused on the feel of Craig's mouth moving against my own.

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