Legolas and Middle earth belong to Tolkien. I own the OC characters. This takes place a few years before LOTR and after it.

My Daughter

The woman ran, her heart was pounding in her chest as her lungs worked to breath. In her arms was a small form of a baby wrapped in a blanket. The child was silent, as if she sensed her Mother's desperate struggle. The woman knew she couldn't let her foe get her child, but she did not know what she could do. She had been hoping to find the elven King of Mirkwood's palace or to stumble upon some elf that might help her. But there was little hope of that now and her foe was gaining.

She burst into a clearing, breathing hard. Desperately looking around, she found a way to save her child. Running to the brush nearby, she noted that it would do to hide her daughter. She wrapped the blanket tightly around the infant and laid her within the depths of the brambles of the bush. She then hurriedly took the amulet from her neck and tied it securely to the blanket. Leaning over, she laid one last kiss to the baby's head.

"I love you, my daughter. I hope I can save you," the woman whispered.

Tears trailed down her cheeks as she turned away.

"I hope I can return," she said softly then ran off into the woods.

A dark form came into the clearing, stopped for a moment, as if sensing something. The form resembled a dark creature upon the back of a black horse. Many would have mistaken it for the Nazgul of old, but it was not, for it did not serve Suaron, but a power more dangerous and darker then even him. The creature finally turned its horse toward the direction the woman had gone, leaving behind what it had really sought.

A cry of pain split the air of Mirkwood, then the forest returned to dead silence.


The immortal being walked silently through the thick forest. He was again in the place of his birth, and he was happy to be home again. Though there was a part of him that craved adventure, the larger part wanted to rest.

He suddenly heard a faint noise, like the sound of a creature calling. But he recognized it for what it was, the sound of a baby crying. He tried to figure out which direction it was coming from and soon knew that it was away from his home, not toward.

Feeling that he was needed, he started off at a running pace. He approached the place where the noise had come from quickly. His bow was in his hands, for he was still wary of traps laid by his enemies. He crept close and looked into the clearing. There was no one in site, and he did not sense danger, except what had passed days before. Still he kept watch for danger, and entered into the clearing. Spotting movement in a bush at the opposite edge, he walked toward it. Upon looking into it, he found what he had heard. There, lying among the brambles of the bush was a small human infant girl, probably no more then a few months old at best.

He again looked around, wondering how this little one could have come here. All he received for his question was the faded sense of danger that pervaded the clearing.

He turned his attention back to the baby, and gently checked her for injuries or illness. Finding none, he gently lifted her out. A sudden rush of power flooded him. He looked down at the child in his arms and sensed for the first time a large amount of magic within her. He also noticed the amulet that was tied to the blanket she was wrapped in. But he didn't think it important and concentrated on the power within the girl. He knew he had better get her to his father, and see if he could explain this. Taking one last glance that his surroundings, Prince Legolas Greenleaf took off toward his Father's place.