Legolas gently held Mîl to him. She now slept easily, having been fed only a short while ago. One of his slender fingers traced every curve of her little face.

"I remember a time when something similar happened to you," Thranduil said, coming up behind him, "Except you were bitten by a spider. How is she?"

"She's fine now. I was scared for a while," Legolas admitted softly.

"So was I. For both you and her. She's very easy to get attached to, isn't she," Thranduil said, running a finger fondly down her cheek.

"That she is," Legolas said, smiling at down at the child then back at his Father.

"I know you'll take good care of her, Legolas," Thranduil said, and smiled gently at his son before leaving.

"Glad to have your support," Legolas said softly, looking after his Father before turning back to his adopted daughter.

Sometime later, Legolas awakened from his doze by the soft sound of light footsteps. First checking Mîl, he then turned his eyes to the visitor. There before him stood Lysander, looking slightly nervous.

"Hello," Legolas greeted, smiling warmly at the child.

"Hi," Lysander said shyly, returning his smile and then looking at Mîl, "Is she better?"

"Yes, thanks to you. You saved her life, and for that you have my eternal thanks," Legolas said.

Lysander blushed slightly and ducked his head for a moment. Legolas smiled slightly at the boy's shyness and humbleness.

"I couldn't let her die. She's the only one like myself that I have seen in a long time," Lysander said softly, and Legolas caught an echo of sadness in the boy's tone.

"Come here," Legolas said, shifting over to offer room on the chair he was sitting in.

The boy looked uncertain for a moment, but assured by Legolas's smile, he climbed into the chair to sit beside the Elf. Aware of the shift, Mîl woke and looked around. Her eyes landed on Lysander and she began cooing. Lysander smiled and gently touched her tiny hands, allowing her to take hold of his fingers.

"She's pretty," the boy said.

"Yes, she is," Legolas said, smiling at the interaction between the two.

"I wonder if my sister looked like her when she was this small," Lysander said softly, sadly.

Legolas looked down at the child, his own heart aching at the sorrow he felt from the boy.

"She was taken by someone a while ago. Master Marcus found me after that, and saved me. I wish he could have saved my sister," the boy whispered, then he looked slightly horrified, "Oh, sorry, milord! I shouldn't have said anything!"

"Nay, it is alright, little one. I am touched that you would tell me what troubles you. And please, call me Legolas," Legolas said, smiling comfortingly down at the child.

The child looked up to him and smiled as well, "Thank you."

"Lysander? Where are you?" a distant voice called.

"Here, Master Marcus!" Lysander shouted.

The old mage stepped in, and bowed to Legolas before he looked to his young apprentice.

"Ah, so you are. Dear boy, have you been bothering the Prince?" Marcus asked, amusement twinkling in his blue eyes.

"Nay, he has not, Mage Marcus," Legolas answered for Lysander.

"Good. Would you prefer time alone with your daughter?" Marcus asked.

"He may stay. If that is alright with you, Lysander," Legolas said, glancing at the boy.

"May I, Master?" Lysander asked.

"You may, since the Prince does not mind it. You know where to find me when you are ready," Marcus said.

"Yes, Master," Lysander said as Marcus left.

"Well, little one. May I ask you a few questions?" Legolas asked.

"You just did," Lysander giggled.

"So I did," Legolas said, laughing slightly himself, "But may I?"

"Yes," Lysander said.

"Very well. How old are you?" Legolas asked.

"I just turned five," the boy said, beaming proudly, "May I also ask you a question?"

"Perhaps we can make a deal. For each question I ask you, you may ask me one. How does that sound?" Legolas asked.

"That sound's good," the boy said happily.

"Well then, its your turn I believe," Legolas said.

"How old are you?" Lysander asked.

Legolas had to withhold his laughter at the question, "I am not truly sure. I lost count several hundred years ago, but I believe I am around two thousand nine hundred and seventy three."

Lysander's eyes went wide in amassment, "That is a long time."

"So it is, though I am rather young for my kind. Many other Elves are well over four thousand," Legolas said, smiling slightly at Lysander's innocent wonder at this, "How long have you been with Mage Marcus?"

"Only a few months, though I have learned much from him," Lysander said, "Do you have any siblings?"

"Yes, three in fact. My eldest brother is Minuiind, my eldest sister is Côllass, and I had a twin, though he has disappeared," Legolas sighed slightly, sadly.

"Sounds like my twin," Lysander said sadly.

Legolas gently shifted Mîl to one arm, and wrapped his free one around Lysander's small shoulders. Hugging the boy sideways, he sighed again softly, " We share common grief, little one."

"So we do," Lysander said softly.

They sat like that for a few moments in silence, each in their own memories. Finally Lysander stirred and looked up at Legolas.

"Would you be my friend, Legolas?" he asked.

Legolas smiled slightly at the boy, "I would be honored to be your friend, Lysander."

Lysander returned the smile and Mîl, who seemed to sense what was accruing, cooed and gurgled happily.

Suddenly Legolas had a strange vision. Lysander aged before his eyes, becoming a young man of power and gentleness, the man that would take his daughter from him. Shacking his head slightly, Legolas dispersed the vision, and ignored it, for he had never been gifted with foresight before this. Yet it troubled and comforted him deeply within his heart.