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I didn't know where my legs were taking me, I just knew I had to run. Pounding down the sidewalk, pounding down the feelings, making my chest ache physically to match the emotional burn. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't outrun the feeling, the heavy weight I was carrying, right above my heart.

My hair flopped in my eyes, wet from the sweat and the damp weather that matched my mood. I pushed it back with my hand and dug in to push my legs faster, relishing the burn I could feel starting in my thighs.

Looking ahead I noticed the path veering off to the left and I was assaulted by the memory of the last time I'd been here, with…her. I let out an anguished groan as I turned around and sprinted back towards home, my feet flying as fast as they could and my muscles screaming and burning. No matter how hard I pushed none of it was enough to numb my pain.

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