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Chapter 6 - Watch the Sun Come Up


I said "Hey" back and returned her smile. We lay like that for a minute or two just watching each other. How many times had Bella and I lain together like this in the past, with no agendas or complications? Tonight had changed all that, even if nothing further happened. I let out a small puff of breath as I realized this and closed my eyes.

Pushing the thought aside, I realized it was a risk I had to take. Fuck it, I thought as I opened my eyes again. I decided to go "all-in" and leaned in to Bella, settling my mouth to hers in a chaste kiss, cautiously waiting for her reaction. After only a moment's hesitation, I felt her as she responded to my kiss, moving her lips with mine. Somehow, this just felt so right and I wasn't going to question that.

I brought my arm around Bella's back and pulled her a little closer to me, noticing that her hard nipples pressed against my chest. I put my leg in-between hers and she hitched her leg over my hip in response. She let out a little gasp at the close contact, essentially breaking our kiss, and we both lay there breathing a little heavier.

Bella's hand found its way to the back of my head and she fisted her hand in my hair, pulling my face back towards hers for another kiss. As our kiss deepened, I trailed my hand down Bella's back and over her ass. My god it felt fucking amazing under my fingers and I pulled her tighter to me, the heat of her pussy pressing against my cock. My cock did a happy dance at finally being so close to her heat.

Bella's mouth left mine to trail kisses along my jaw and down my throat, sucking lightly on my Adam's apple. I slowly moved my hand round onto Bella's thigh, up to her waist, continuing its journey upwards until my thumb was grazing the underside of Bella's breast. My hand cupped her breast gently and when I flicked my thumb over her piercing, Bella's mouth left my skin to quietly exclaim, "Fuuuck," resting her forehead on my chin.

I smiled and flicked again, earning a small moan this time. I wanted to know what kind of reaction I'd get to using my mouth over her sensitive nipple so I moved my head down to her chest, pushing her back slightly so she was lying more on her back than her side. Sensing what my intentions were, Bella's hand again found it's way to my hair and she pulled my head down as she arched her back up. I flicked my tongue out at her nipple and Bella inhaled sharply, I sucked her nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around, she tasted amazing. I moved my attention to her other nipple, pulling it into my mouth and sucking it hard while my fingers played with the piercing in her left. Bella gasped when I bit down gently on her nipple and the next thing I knew I was flat on my back with Bella straddling me.

I could feel the heat of her pussy as she began rubbing herself along the length of my cock. I don't think I'd ever been this hard in my life before, it was almost painful and I needed friction to give me some kind of relief. Bella continued to slide up and down my cock, and I could feel her slick wet heat, her hair hanging down framing my face and her boobs bouncing each time she moved. If she continued to do that I was going to end up coming before I even got a chance to be inside her. I groaned as she rotated her hips. She leaned down to me, pressing her boobs against my chest and bringing her mouth to my ear, where her almost-whispered words were nearly my undoing, "Edward, I need to feel you inside me."

I couldn't even manage a complete sentence in response, "Fuck...condom!" I gasped out.

Bella merely replied, "I'm covered," before she sat back, raised herself on her knees and grasped my cock, placing it at her entrance. Her eyes sought out mine and we held each others gaze as she ran the head of my cock between her pussy lips. I could feel the moisture as she ever so slowly eased the tip of my cock inside her. I'd only ever had sex with a condom before and even just being barely inside her, I couldn't believe how different it felt.

With a small moan, Bella slowly eased herself down my length until I was fully inside her. Fuck, she was so fucking tight. I had to grab her hips to stop her moving or I was going to cum embarrassingly quickly, "Give me a minute," I rasped out. Bella merely nodded and sat forward then brought her lips to mine softly kissing me while I composed myself.

Finally feeling like I was in control, I squeezed Bella's hips with my fingers and raised my own hips to her. Bella sat back up, bracing her hands on my chest, and started up a slow rhythm, raising herself almost all the way off me then bringing her hips back down and circling them before raising up again. Each time she brought herself down she let out a tiny moan and I worried it was hurting her when she mumbled, "So big." I was about to stop her when her eyes locked with mine and she said, "And so fucking good." I tended to agree.

Seeing Bella on top of me like that was amazing. Her boobs swung freely and I pushed myself up off the bed a little and lifted my mouth to capture a nipple and suck lightly. Bella's rhythm faltered and I smiled around her nipple at the knowledge of how sensitive they were. I continued to suck her, rolling the hard bud with my tongue and enjoying how much Bella seemed to be enjoying the sensation.

Obviously not wanting to be outdone, Bella scraped her nails across my nipple and I bucked my hips at the sensation, releasing her nipple from my mouth with a hiss. I moved my hands from her hips and grasped her ass, kneading her cheeks with my fingers. Bella seemed to enjoy that and she sat more upright, changing the angle of me inside her, she increased the speed and combined with the change in angle it seemed to help me hit the perfect spot inside her. I brought a hand round to Bella's clit and started to rub slow circles around it. Bella let her head fall back as she let out a long low moan. I quickened my fingers and Bella's hips got a little faster in response. I could feel her tightening around my cock as she gasped "Ugh, Edward...I'm...Fuck...I'm going to cum...Ohhhh!"

I could feel her muscles clenching around me as she sank deep down on to me and stopped moving her hips as her orgasm took hold of her. I let her ride it out and she raised her head to look at me, a small satisfied smile on her face, her cheeks flushed light pink. I wrapped my arms around her waist and flipped us over so Bella was underneath me, she wrapped her legs around me and I started moving in and out of her slowly. Holding most of my body weight off her, I lay against her and kissed her mouth, running my tongue over her lips before she opened her mouth to me. I felt rather than heard as she moaned again and I responded with my own groan. I sat back on my knees and raised Bella's hips off the bed, her back arching and her weight on her shoulders.

I paused to take in the sight before me. Bella's hair lay around her head on the pillow, she had a slight pink flush to her cheeks and her eyes were shining. As my eyes travelled down her body, I couldn't resist bringing my hand up to her glorious boobs and I cupped her left boob gently before tweaking her bar between my thumb and forefinger. Bella's eyes widened and she pulled her bottom lip in between her teeth then tilted her hips into mine. Fuck! I brought my hand from her boob, trailing it lightly down her body, tracing a circle around her belly button then down, stopping just above her clit. "You are so beautiful," I whispered as I brought my thumb to her clit and started rocking back and forward inside her while teasing her clit gently with my thumb.

The sensation in this position was amazing, I could see every part of her as she moved beneath me, meeting my thrusts with her own as my thumb continued to draw lazy circles on her clit. I knew I was hitting her in the right spot with every thrust and I started to increase the speed of them, quickening my thumb on her clit at the same time. Oh sweet Jesus I was so close and I sighed out, "Cum for me Bella." She responded with a long low moan and I felt her muscles tightening around my cock.

She thrust her hips to meet mine as her muscles clenched around me and she panted out, "Uh...yes...ohhhhh!"

The tightening of her muscles and hearing her moan like that was enough to bring me to the edge of my own orgasm and I thrust into her hard three times. I felt a flash of heat through my entire body, finally gripping her hips and pulling them tight against me as I released deep inside her, my body turning rigid for a moment while I gasped out, "Bellaaaa."

I collapsed against her chest while still trying to take the majority of my weight on my arms, both of us panting. I buried my nose into the crook of her neck, inhaling the sweet smell of her skin as Bella drew light circles on my back with her fingertips. I raised my face to look at her, smiling crookedly as she smiled back at me. I placed a kiss on her lips and Bella traced my lips with her tongue, opening her mouth to let my tongue in. We gradually slowed our kiss to light pecks and I finally pulled away. Bracing myself on one arm, I pulled my still-hard cock slowly from Bella, flopping onto my side and immediately feeling a sense of loss to not be inside Bella's tight warm pussy.

I pulled Bella against me with her back to my chest and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her hair over her shoulder and placing a kiss on her creamy expanse of skin. I was at a loss for words, I'd never experienced sex like that before. The act itself was hot but the intensity of the emotional connection was something I'd never had previously, I assumed it was due to us being friends first and foremost.

Bringing my mouth to her ear, I tried to find the words to express myself. "Bella, I'm...wow. That was...," I finished in a whisper, "amazing!"

"Shhhh," she softly said, drawing my forearm across her chest, where I cupped her breast, mindlessly toying with her nipple bar. She ground her hips back against mine lowly warning me with an "Edwaaaard."

Unbelievably my cock hardened instantly again, I softly pushed against her, letting her feel the effect she had on me before silently willing it to calm down and allow me...us...to get some sleep.

Bella giggled and stifled a yawn and nestled her head back to my chest and we settled down to sleep. Bella fell asleep before me, making adorable little snoring noises that sounded more like a kitten purring. My mind was turning things over wondering what this change in our relationship meant and trying to figure out how it had even happened in the first place.

I must have fallen asleep eventually and I awoke hours later with the light starting to filter through, I looked for my alarm clock. 5.45am. Ugh, I felt like ass! Bella and I were a mass of entangled limbs and I gently extracted myself, taking care not to wake her, she puffed out a little breath when I slid away from her and got out the bed, heading first to the bathroom. Let me tell you taking a piss with a semi-erect cock was not easy. I then headed for the kitchen, taking a huge drink of water before filling two glasses and lifting pain killers for later. No doubt Bella would feel as bad as I did when she finally woke up.

I deposited a glass and painkillers at Bella's side of the bed before putting the other glass down at my own side and crawling back into bed, desperate for more sleep. Trying not to disturb Bella, but wanting to feel her body close to me, I hooked an arm over her waist and pulled her ever so slightly back against me. Feeling her warm soft ass was all the encouragement my cock needed and it sprang back to life again.

Bella let out a little "Oh!" and shifted her hips back against me.

"Bella?" I whispered.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to wake you, it's still early."

"Mmm s'ok," she murmured, shifting her ass against me once more.

"Uhm, Bella?" I hesitantly said, running my hand over her belly and gripping her hip. Being the cocky bastard I was, and with my cock firmly in control of the situation, I pulled Bella's hip back towards me as I rocked my hips hard into her, leaving her in no doubt as to my intentions.

"Yes," she gasped and I moved my hand from her hip, back over the delicious curve of her ass then took it round over her belly and slid my hand down between her thighs. I let my fingers explore the soft folds of her flesh before gently pushing a finger inside her. She was warm, wet and tight and I moved my finger in and out of her slowly, while circling her clit lightly with my thumb.

Bella reached a hand back between our bodies, trailing down my stomach before pausing lightly at my cock. I concentrated on the rhythm of my finger and thumb, trying not to think about what Bella's fingers were doing. She ran her hand over my length, stopping at the top to finger my piercing before gripping me in her fist and moving her hand up and down my shaft tortuously slowly. I groaned in response.

Removing my finger from Bella, she almost whimpered in discontent as I waited a second before entering her again, this time with two fingers. She responded by gripping my shaft tighter. We matched each other stroke for stroke, little noises of pleasure emanating from both of us. I noticed Bella's breath speeding up and knew she had to be getting close. Removing my fingers from her with a sigh, I placed my hand over hers on my cock, guiding her up and down my shaft a few times before stilling our hands.

Guiding my cock to Bella's entrance, I entered her slowly until I was completely seated inside her. Running my hand down her thigh and gently gripping her knee, I brought her leg backward over mine and brought my fingers up to find her clit again. I started rubbing in wide circles while rocking in and out of her. Bella brought her arm back and around my neck to tug at my hair, pulling my head down and allowing me to pepper her neck and shoulders with kisses.

"Oh my god. Bella...so tight...amazing...so deeeeep...ugggggh," I grunted. Bella's breathing was labored as she rocked back against me. I could feel her muscles twitching around me, signaling how close she was so I deepened my thrusts and hoped I could hold out long enough to get her to come before me.

She stiffened in my arms and her mouth fell open, though no sound came out. I finally let myself get lost in the sensation, her muscles fluttering around me as she rode out her orgasm, closing my eyes and rocking hard and quick against her. It only took two more thrusts and my orgasm exploded around me, as I cried out, "Ah, ah, fuck, yessss!"

When we both came back down, I pulled my cock out of Bella and we exchanged no words, both of us breathing heavily, wrapped in each others arms. I dropped a kiss to Bella's shoulder then passed the fuck out, sleep overcoming me once again.

I don't think I could be dreaming I felt your touch
No I remember you breathing when I woke up
Now all I have are these memories I can't trust
Just one day, won't be enough

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