Welcome to Kung Fu Panda World

Summary: A boy who's a fan of kung fu panda gets a chance to beta test the online game, but he learns that the game has more surprises than he realizes.

Here's the thing, if anyone has heard of the new kung fu panda world, this is where I got the idea from, that and the .hack anime. I thought "what if I can make my own version of .hack from kung fu panda?" But then I got another idea from this anime movie called Pom Poko, a crazy movie about Tanuki's (Raccoon dogs) who could transform and do a whole bunch of crazy stuff based on their folklore. That's how I came up with this story, you won't know my OC's real name, but his characters name is Tan-Tan, which is the only thing I own. Dreamworks pictures owns kung fu panda.

Chapter 1: The World of Kung Fu

"Please, please be there." I pleaded.

It's been at least four months, after I heard that dreamworks was making a kung fu panda online game, I was totally thrilled, but not as much as when I heard that they were giving a lucky person a chance to beta test the game before anyone else could play; for as long as it came out, I've always been a kung fu panda fan, sure I'm fifteen now, but that doesn't mean I can't be a kid. When the news about getting a chance to beta test the game came up, I quickly asked my mom and started to participate, I've been checking my email since then. It's already been four months since I did, I always check my email after school, but nothing showed, so just to make it a fifty percent chance at least, I pressed the participate button at least fifty times... or was it sixty? I thought it would never happen, but I thought I'd try one more time, and when I checked my email, there it was. "I can't believe it, I won!"

Congratulations, you're the lucky winner of the beta testing competition. In the beta test, you will be able to do several things; you'll have the opprotunity to create your own character species, and you'll experience everything that is from kung fu panda, will you accept? That's what the letter said, and I had one thing to say. "Yes, god yes!"

I accepted it in a heartbeat, and the site opened up for me, but first I had to create a character; I wanted my character to be different, he had to be similar to a panda, but I wanted him more dog like. Then it hit me, so I made my character a tanuki, which was japanese for a raccoon dog. It had brown fur with small curved ears, he was chubby and had a long furry tail. I gave my character a brown gi, but I wanted to give the shirt a rosemary, it was symbolized as remembrance, and I was totally going to remember this, now all he needed was a name. "Something funny but cute... I'll call you, Tan-Tan."

So I was finally done, and I entered the world of Kung fu panda, but something felt weird; I had this weird tingling feeling in my body, it was like my spirit was being taken away. I felt like I fainted, but when I opened my eyes, I found myself in a back alley. 'Weird, I could've sworn I was in my room, where am I?'

It was too dark to see anything, but I could see a bright light coming from in front of me; the light became brighter as I moved closer to it, but when I came out of the alley, I saw something that surprised me. Animals, pigs, rabbits, and geese, the animals were walking around, what surprised me was that they were walking a two feet! I wanted to say something, but I saw something that surprised me even more, I had paws! I only had four fingers, and my arms were covered in brown fur, matter of fact, my whole body was covered in brown fur. I was chubby, but I didn't worry about that since I had a long fluffy tail, and my ears were curved and on the top of my head, I actually became a real life tanuki! 'Is this for real, but how?'

I think I should be scared, but I realized that all the animals were staring at me, I guess that they never saw a tanuki before, but where am I anyway? "Help, boars!"

I turned to where the screaming was and saw a pack of boars attacking some small rabbits, they had swords and war hammers, was that even fair? "Someone help, please!"

What should I do... should I just leave it alone... or should I fight? What if I'm too weak to fight them, what if I...? 'I... I have to do something.'

"Like I said, give us your money or..."

"Hey, leave them alone!"

I found a bamboo stick nearby, and using it as a sword, I striked a boar through the stomach and whacked him on the head. "What the? Who the heck are you?"

I wasn't much for sword stances, so I just took something from a game I played. "I'm just a guy who knows when to kick bad guys butt, now leave them alone, I'm gonna show you a few more moves."

The boar that looked like the leader was pretty furious. "What are you doing, get him!"

The boars attacked, I was scared out of my mind, but I knew I had to fight back; these guys try to hit me with war hammers and swords, but since their attacks were slow, I could easily dodge them and counter. The first one swung his hammer, all I had to do was duck down and attack both his stomach and back to bring him down. One had a sword, it was a little quicker so I had to dodge more, side to side, but when he slammed the sword to the ground, I took the opprotunity to whack him upside the head. The last one just went at me with his fist, but the cheater was using brass knuckles on me, so I had to dodge even more, but I slipped when I dodged his last attack. "You're done, brat!"

I quickly rolled backwards and gave him a kick to the face, I felt pretty confident now, so I kept my foot on his face, smirking. "That all you got, I could take more of you on and still win!"

"That can be arranged." The leader smirked

With a snap of his fingers... or hooves, the leader called the rest of his boars, and there were at least twenty of them. 'I should've kept my mouth shut.'

"Did you really think you could beat the hoof boar clan?" The leader asked

"Actually, I can take you guys anytime."

"Oh no, it's him!"

I looked behind me to see what they were surprised about, and what I saw surprised even myself; it was a large panda, he had jade colored eyes, and the only thing he wore were pants filled with stiches. "It's Po, the dragon warrior!"

"Sorry for taking so long, I saw some of your lackies and took care of them first," Po said, then he looked at me. "You're pretty good, mind helping me out with these guys?"

What can I say, I was completely calm. "Y-You're... P-P-Po... and you want me to...?"

"Surprised, lots of people are, so you mind helping me out?" Po asked

"It's just a panda and a dog, I say we can take them!" A boar exclaimed

The boar went at us, but I gave him a jab at his stomach with the bamboo stick and whacked him on the head, putting him unconcious. "Though you're right about being a dog, I prefer the name tanuki better. Also, I think that just answered your question."

"Thanks, now then," Po got into his kung fu stance. "Time for you guys to feel the thunda!"

I wanted in on this, so I had to say something too. "And the lightning too!"

The boars started attacking, but Po was already way ahead of them; he knocked a boar down with two punches, then a horde of them came charging with one in front, but the funny thing about it was that Po used his belly to launched the one in front into the others behind him, it was like bowling... an instant strike! "Oh yeah, how's that for ya?"

Something told me to step up, so I went all out with my bamboo sword; I had to dodge and counter all of their attacks, ducking and giving all of them a whack to the face, we finished all of them at once. "This is fun, maybe I should fight more often."

"Alright, now give me back what you took from the jade palace." Po commanded.

"Oh, you mean this?" The leader asked, pulling out a sword.

The sword was amazing, it had a yellow handle, and it's blade had a jade dragon on it. "Wait a minute, is that the sword of heroes!?"

The boar leader just smirked and grabbed a small bunny from its shirt, pointing the sword at its head. "Look, don't do anything reckless."

"Oh I won't, not if you do as I say." The boar retorted

I felt like I should do something, but the look on Po's face told me I should stand down. "Good, now the tanuki, come here without that bamboo stick."

I didn't have a choice, I dropped the stick and walked towards the boar, but something told me I should think of something; it had to be fast enough to stop him from attacking, and have enough time to attack him. "Alright, now what do you want me to do."

"You insulted me and my men, now I want you to grovel and beg for forgiveness," The boar ordered "Do it, or this bunny dies!"

I just looked at the bunny, it was just a child from what I could tell, I felt useless now, but what could I do; I wish I was something more ferocious, like a dinosaur from jurassic park. 'Why the heck am I thinking about a movie right now, why am I acting so weak, I'm so mad that I could just scream!'

That's what I did too, but something happened; the boar just turned as white as a sheet and he just fell unconcious, what exactly happened? "Weird, it's like he saw a mon-ahh!"

I actually scared myself, because when I saw my reflection, I realized my head was that of a T-rex, but then it turned back into the same chubby tanuki face; that was weird, it was like my face transformed. 'That was crazy, but was still cool.'

"Mister, are you magic?" The young rabbit asked.

Even the rabbit I saved was confused. "I-I guess so."

"Wow, that's so cool, and thank you for saving me."

"No worries, I had to help." I said, smiling

"Yeah, and thanks again for that," Po replied. "You're pretty new here in the valley of peace, my name's Po, what's yours?"

That's right, it didn't take long for me figure out my situation, somehow... I've gone into the world of kung fu panda. Man, this beta test is more complicated then I thought, it even made me into the character I created, which leads me back to what Po asked me... I should've thought of a different name. "Um, Tan-Tan."

"Cute name, kind of suits you." Po complimented

"T-Thank you." I think my face turned red, but I couldn't tell.

"And that trick you did was awesome, I heard tanuki's could transform into things, but I never saw it happen first hand."

"Wait, tanuki's can transform?" I asked

"Yeah, you didn't know?" Po replied

Oh crap, make an excuse quick! "That was actually a first, I'm still new at it."

"I'm actually still new at being the dragon warrior too, I guess that makes us alike." Po said, smiling

"Are you saying I'm fat?" I asked

"Well, that belly sure does show it."

The both of us just started to laugh, I think I was actually becoming friends with my favorite character. "Now that I got the sword of heroes, I should get going and tell Master Shifu about these guys. Thanks again for the help, see ya later Tan-Tan."

Po left after that, back up to the jade palace, but that just left me with more quetions; how did this simple beta test bring me into the world of kung fu panda, and how did I do that transformation thing? Oh well, I guess I'll think about that tomorrow, time to log out. "Haha, weird saying that now."

To be continued

I hope this was a good chapter, just wait what happens next time. Chapter 2 coming soon.