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Chapter 13: Finding information

I guess I should've finished some other stories before making new ones, I'm gonna make one chapter at a time for whatever story I feel like adding a chapter. I only own Tan-Tan and Sena.

(Tan-Tan's POV)

When we started traveling towards Hanjin Province, I actually thought it would be like a couple of miles away, maybe like two or three, but we ended up walking til noon; I didn't mind the walk at first, I do it a lot back in my world, but with the heat and getting tired, I almost started whining like Po was right about now. "Shifu... how far... are we to... Hanjin Province?"

"One step closer than the last time you asked." Shifu answered. "Which makes want to ask if you're going to say that every mile we make."

"I can't help it, all this walking is making me tired." Po whined

"What else is new?" Mantis joked, causing the rest of the five to laugh.

"Very funny... hey Tan, you doing okay back there?" He asked, I was too busy scratching my legs to here of much he said though

"Yeah, I'm used to walking." Tan answered

"Then what's with your legs?" Tigress asked, but it sounded like she was taunting me for some reason.

"My legs start getting itchy after I walk a lot." He explained. "I got used to it, but I kind of have to agree with Po here. Aren't we at least close to where we're supposed to go?"

"I guess I can say that we're close." Shifu replied

"How close?" Both Po and Tan asked

"We're already here."

(3rd person POV)

Shifu gestured off to a large town in front of the group, it seemed to stretch off further than Tan-Tan could see. They walked into the middle of a market street, showing countless of animals buying and selling different goods to others. Thinking about it, Tan remembered that he was in a alternate China, so Hanjin Province would actually be real in his world. 'If I do go on a vacation overseas, if I can't do Japan, I'll definetly do China.'

"Master, is Tai Lung really here?" Viper asked

"Yes, he's been hiding here for a while now." He answered

"Makes since, with all these people here, you'd never find him by yourself." Tan replied

"What should we do first?" Monkey asked

"Along with Tai Lung, some of his followers are known to be here." Shifu explained. "We'll split up and try to find anyone that looks suspicious, then meet back here later."

"Yes Master."

The seven of them walked off to different parts of town, but Tan-Tan stood where he was; it looked like they forgotten that he wasn't from around here, so he doesn't know where to go first. "I'm gonna get lost real quick now." The sound of his belly caught his attention. "I wonder if I can find a place to eat?"

Tan decided to walk off to where he thought could find a decent thing to eat, while also looking around for anyone he thought was suspicious. To be perfectly honest, he had no idea who would be considered suspicious, it seemed easy to the others, but how do you find a suspicious person in a world of animals; with pigs and ducks and other animals walking around, it was hard to tell what he was supposed to find. 'This is hopeless, I can't find a single person that looks suspicious. I wonder if the others are doing bet-bett-' Tan-Tan smelled a sweet aroma in the air, his body felt like the smell was calling out to it, which made his belly growl even more. "That smells so good, and it's making my belly call out. I need to find it."

Tan followed his nose to the where the aroma came from, walking through the crowds that was around them with problems, he had no idea where he was going, but the smell beckoned him even more as he continued to walk. The aroma led him to a stand filled with bread. "Excuse me, is anyone working here?"

"Be out in a minute." A voice called.

The voice turned out to be from a girl, but her appearance suprised Tan more than usual; she was a tanuki like him, only with more of a female stature, which was her chest being more rounded. She wore a brown Gi that looked similar to the one he wore before, but the designs had white stars instead of a rosemary. The look on her face was kind and gentle, but also mesmerizing at the same time. "Did you want something?"

"Bed, I-I mean bread!" Tan stuttered. "I'd like some bread please?"


"Just to ask, what kind of bread is this anyway?" He asked

"Melon bread of course." She said happily. "And that'll be 20 Yuan."

"Melon bread, I've always wanted to try-!" Tan almost forgot that he was basically broke. 'I don't think saying I'm the new dragon warrior will help me get some free bread.'

"You don't have any money do you?" Tan laughed nervously, it was as if she read his mind. "If you like. you can pay me later."

"R-Really, thank you!" Tan grabbed a loaf of bread and took his first bite, the cream inside was so delicious that it made his cheeks red. "What's your name anyway?"

"My name's Sena, what about yours?" Sena asked

"Oh uh, it's Tan-Tan." She giggled, but Tan saw it coming.

"It's a cute name, it suits you." Sena said smiling. "So, did you come from Japan like I did?"

"You came from Japan?" He asked

"Yeah, me and a few other Tanuki's moved to China." Sena answered. "I live with my Uncle and grandparents, and we live in a forest not too far from here."

"Oh wow, so you sell melon bread?" Tan asked

"Yeah, it's a good way to get money, everyone likes sweets."

The two started laughing together, conversing even more about things that only they would talk about, until a large elephant with a threatening look came through and bumped Tan. "Hey, move it fatso!"

"How about you watch where you going?" He retorted. "And for your information, this fat is all muscle!"

"Yeah ri-wait a minute... y-you're that new dragon warrior!" The elephant looked shocked.

"How do you know me, unless..." That's when Tan realized the elephant was the suspicious one he was looking for. "You know where Tai Lung is, don't you?"

The elephant didn't answer, but instead tried to run away instead. "Look out for the baby!"

There was no time to stop, the elephant tripped on his own feet and ended up falling on a small baby rabbit. Tan pushed him aside, he worried that the baby was dead, but to his surprise, the baby had disappeared. "But, I could've sworn I saw a baby."

"You did, but it was actually an illusion." Sena explained. "It's a basic tanuki technique, perfect for tricking people. I didn't know you were a dragon warrior."

"I'm still new at it, now then..." Tan went back to the elephant and grabbed his shirt "Now that I've found you, where's Tai Lung hiding?"

"I don't know, I swear!" He pleaded

"Then how do you know who I am, it's only been a couple of days since I've been a dragon warrior, so where is he?" Tan's tone of voice was more threatening now.

"Look I don't know, but I work for a person who does."

"And who would that be?" Tan asked

Meanwhile, Po, Shifu, and the five regrouped to the middle of the market street, only to find no clues leading to Tai Lung's whereabouts. "I didn't see any of Tai Lung's followers."

"Neither did we." Tigress replied

"Master what should we do now?" Viper asked

Shifu thought about it, but he had no idea what to do now. "Where's Tan-Tan?"

"Hey must be still looking." Po answered

"Either that, or goofing off." Mantis joked

Most of the five laughed at Mantis joke, but it stopped when they saw Tan running towards them; when he stopped, he panted in exhaustion. "What took you so long?"

"Excuse me, who leaves a kid in a town he doesn't know about by himself?" He retorted

"Whoops." Monkey laughed nervously

"Don't worry about it, just be lucky I found someone while I was searching." Tan said, smiling.

"You found one of Tai Lung's followers?" Tigress scoffed

"No, but I found a person who works for a guy, and he said that he knows where Tai Lung is." He explained. "The guys name is Lao Shi, and he owns a gentleman's club around here."

"Do you know the way?" Shifu asked

"Yeah, just follow me."

Tan began to lead the others through the province, walking until they found the gentlemans club. From the outside it looked pretty small, but it was much bigger inside; couples sat at tables, drinking, eating, and even enjoying live entertainment. "Huh, I didn't expect this."

"What do you mean?" Po asked

"It's different than what I thought a gentleman's club would be." He answered. "Now from what I've been told, Lao Shi should be a white tiger with blue eyes... there he is."

Lao Shi was definetly a white tiger, he wore a white suit with a red rose on it, he was someone that looked serious, but he was in fact a laid back person. "Master Shifu, the furious five, and even the dragon warriors, it's an honor to meet you all! Would you guys like a table?"

"Actually, we'd like to ask you an important question." Shifu replied. "We've heard that you know the whereabouts of Tai Lung, is that true?"

"Yes, and I'd be happy to help you in anyway I can." Lao Shi answered

"Thank you."

"For a price that is."

"Do you know who you're talking to?" Tigress threatened

"Yes, but I'm still a business man, and I would be happy to help you if you do something for me." He replied

"Like what?" Crane asked

"Well, if one you guys can sing on stage, I'll help you out."

"I can sing." Tan answered

"You can?" Lao asked

"You can?" Po and the five asked

"I dabble at least, but yeah I can sing. But any money you get, I get half." He replied


"This is business, and if you don't want a dragon warrior to help your business, we'll just be on our way." Lao gave a low growl, but Tan knew he had him in a corner. "Is that a deal?"

"Fine, you're on in five minutes." Lao left to prepare the stage.

"That was quite impressive, Tan." Shifu complimented

"I didn't know you could sing." Po said, smiling.

"Not in public, I'm embarrassed to in my world." He admitted. "But with my new tanuki persona, I can try giving it a shot here."

"This might be fun to watch." Tigress smirked.

The five minutes of preparing the stage ended quickly, Tan-Tan stood ready to hear his name, while the other sat down to watch. "Alright everyone, today we have a special guest performer."

"This is so cool, I can't wait to see Tan perform." Po was already getting excited, but that's how he always was.

"It might be funny to see him sing." Monkey snickered

"Come on, give him a chance." Viper replied

"Today we have the newest dragon warrior, a tanuki who seems to have a little musical talent." Lao announced. "Give a round of applause to Tan-Tan and his band, the Soul Eaters!"

"Soul Eaters?" The five questioned.

"That's certainly an interesting name." Shifu said aloud

The curtain rose to show Tan and two other tanukis, he stood in front with a gutiar in his hands while the others had a bass and drums. "Hey everyone, this is a first for us, but we're going to give it are all!"

After the applause came and gone, the band started to play with ease, with Tan taking his role as the singer.

I believe so strongly
that tomorrow never falls away
beneath the moonlight

It still awaits
it still carries on through its old ways
till this moment of time

At that time, I exchanged,
words that keep ringing
...such a small dream

There is no more darkness
no more tears in the rain
No one hurt...

Write me an endless song (When you let go)
As I'll feel so alive
Repeat Soul Phrase (I'm walking on my way)

Now write me an endless song (When you let go)
As I'll feel so alive
Going through pass the darkness

(Awesome Gutiar Solo)

Write me an endless song (When you let go)
As I'll feel so alive
Repeat Soul Phrase (I'm walking on my way)

Now write me an endless song (When you let go)
As I'll feel so alive
Going through pass the darkness

The audience gave a roaring cheer, even Po and the others were surprised at how amazing Tan's singing was. "Ladies and gentleman, Tan-Tan and the Soul Eaters!"

"That was amazing!" Crane exclaimed

"I'll admit... he was pretty good." Tigress muttered, right when Tan walked over to them.

"So guys, what did you think?" He asked

"Awesome, the best song I've ever heard!" Po answered

"Very impressive, but who where the two playing with you?" Shifu asked

"Oh, they were just illusions I made."

"Where'd you learn to do that?" Monkey asked

"A new friend of mines taught me, pretty cool huh?" Tan said smiling, that's when Lao Shi came with what seem to be a big bag of gold coins

"You sure know how to get a crowd going, a deals a deal, so here's half of the money from your performance." He said happily. "And as for Tai Lung's whereabouts, I saw him and a few of his men heading into the forest not far from here, he's probably hiding there."

"Thanks Lao, you're a cooler tiger than Tigress will ever be." Tan replied

"What was that?" She snorted

"Calm down, now let's to the forest." Shifu ordered

"Yes Master."

To be continued

Okay, the song soul phrase is from persona 3 portable and it's wicked awesome! Chapter 14 coming soon.