AN: Each chapter of this story will be like a new episode sort of and it follows new doctor Hope Jackson (my own character) on how she deals with house and her feelings for Thirteen who in this story doesn't have Huntington's because I like Olivia wilde and well I don't want her to die

Chapter one

House sat staring at his white board, nothing was on there, no patient they needed to treat it was blank and that's what annoyed him the most he was the best doctor in this hospital though he wont admit his methods are a little unorthodox but he got the job done and usually got into trouble afterwards.

His team hadn't arrived yet they were working on different wards because they had no case to look into with house. House had gotten of the phone with cuddy who told him he would have a new doctor on his team, at first he assumed a student doctor but cuddy set him right, this girl was a proper doctor fully qualified and worked in several different areas in medicine her main focus was on children.

House's peace was shattered as the door to their little room swung open and Thirteen, Taub and Kutner walked in. House swung his chair round to look at them.

"What is it?" He asked in a monotone voice the three trainee doctors sat down.

"A&E brought in a RTA not long ago they are send three up here now" Taub explained House shot up grabbing his pen and writing what Taub had said on his board.

"This will be a great first day for our new doctor" he smirked "new doctor?" Thirteen asked curiously House turned and looked at her "yes new doctor no not like you lot she actually qualified which is a bummer but life goes on I suppose" he said more to himself than to the others in the room.

Soon the doors burst open and three people from the accident were wheeled in, with one was a pretty your girl her hands firmly on a guys chest blood covered her clothes and by the sounds of it she was British.

House walked over "your this guys girl or whatever" he asked her, she looked up smirking she shook her head "no he is married I'm his lover what's it to you" she replied staring House down he was surprised usually patients relatives were crying this girl didn't seem upset "this guy had a piece of metal stuck in his chest some idiot removed it he's bleeding heavily" the girl carried on winking at the trainee's as she got to work House stood still.

"Wait was that a sarcastic reply to my question?" He asked the girl rolled her eyes "I would shake your hand but as you can see they are a little busy I'm Hope Jackson your new doctor" she introduced she then looked House over "and you must be Gregory house" she smirked as House looked to the people behind him.

Hope then looked to a medic " I need suction, and stitches I need to close this before he loses too much blood" The medic nodded running down the hall "I don't have time to wait for a theatre he will die right now so if you have a problem there are two other people who need your help" she told the people in front of her Kutner left as did Taub that left Thirteen and House who looked like he was in a world of his own.

"I'll help" Thirteen offered Hope nodded giving her a small smile as the medic came back with the stuff she asked for " I need you to keep you hand over the wound so he doesn't lose more blood also I need a bag" she shouted a nurse ran over and handed her one, she attached one end of the suction to the bag before moving Thirteen's hand and putting the other end in the guys chest, the blood ran into the bag "get more bags keep changing it but don't throw them away I will need them" she instructed the nurse who nodded.

They had four bags of the guys blood before Hope stopped the bleed she sighed about to wipe her brow but noticed the blood all over her hands "this is a great first day" she sighed House who came out of his daydream noticed the guy wasn't with them he looked around and noticed Thirteen helping the new doctor he smirked returning to his office.

Once Hope was cleaned up she checked to see everyone else was alright her guy hadn't woken up yet but was breathing on his own she smiled writing in his chart she then left, she noticed everyone in a big room with a white board, she walked in "this is if you didn't already know Doctor Hope Jackson who will be with us for how long?" House asked Hope sat down, she knew all about House from Cuddy she simply smiled "I don't have a time limit on my contract" she replied House nodded everyone in the room watched them "So why not be a doctor in England why here?" He asked Hope shook her head slightly sitting back in her chair "I was a doctor there, they needed a paediatrician over here and so I went for the job" not wanting to look away as House watched her.

"How about family do you have any?" He asked Thirteen coughed as the others shifted Hope leant forward "why would I tell you? Your not my boss" she replied standing she stopped and looked at him "but yes I do have one family member and no I wont tell you" she then turned and left.

A nurse ran up to Hope as soon as left house and his gang "Doctor your patient is still bleeding it wont stop" she told her Hope ran following the nurse, two other nurses were trying to stop the bleed one moved so Hope could have a look, the stitches had broken and his stomach enflamed "I need this guys medical records" she shouted the second nurse grabbed the suction and a few bags which soon filled up but the bleeding stopped Hope watched as the guy's blood pressure slowed.

Hope stood watching her patient she didn't realise that Thirteen was standing next to her "he was bleeding again?" she asked Hope looked at her and nodded "three packs of blood which is being cleaned and put back into his body" she said then paused "wait I closed the wound and when I checked it, it hadn't opened" she looked wide eyed at Thirteen then ran to the lab.

House watched thirteen stand by Hope and then Hope running toward the lab he smirked "she isn't into girls" he chuckled to himself moving away from the window.

Hope ran into the lab "don't give that patient his blood at least not yet" she told the doctor cleaning it which happened to be Cameron "ok can I ask why?" Cameron replied Hope sat down "I think he producing too much blood it split his stitches" Hope explained.

A nurse walked in with the guys medical records "right his name is Steven he is a twenty seven year old" Hope read out loud she then paused "he has polycythemia damn it!" Hope cursed running out of the lab back to the patient were a nurse was checking his vitals "I need you to get a drain in him, get out a pint of blood just one pint every hour" she instructed the nurse who nodded and began getting to work.

House walked into Cuddy's office "don't you knock" she asked he shook his head "so this new doctor" he started Cuddy sighed and put down her pen knowing she wasn't going to get anything done with House here "yes Doctor Jackson what about her?" she asked House sat in the chair near the wall "why is she here?" He inquired Cuddy gave a small smile "what you cant figure her out?" she joked House smirked "oh I could I just want to hear it from you" he replied.

"Well she is from England she sat her A-Levels her last year in school, when she was sixteen pretty smart for her age, went to university and studied Medicine her main field is children and neurology" Cuddy replied House leant forward "why would she be interested in two different fields especially Children and neurology" he asked out loud not really expecting an answer Cuddy shrugged picking up her pen again.

Hope sat in the clinic where the patients were she sighed rubbing her head before taking out her medication and swallowing it she heard her phone "hello?" she asked "hi mummy" a little girl on the other side said "hi baby how are you" hope smiled "I'm fine how was your day mummy" the little girl asked "it was good how was yours" she asked "it was alright but one of the girls picked on me" Hope could imagine her pouting she laughed "ok well tell me about it when I get home ok" she asked "yes mummy I love you" Hope smiled "I love you too bye" "bye" the phone went dead Hope but her phone away and stood she didn't see house smirking as he watched her leave.

House sat with his team he waited for Hope who had just walked in "did you have a nice talk with your lover" he asked her she seemed surprised "what are you on about House?" she asked he shook his head "don't pretend your ignorant" he replied Hope laughed "I really don't know who or what your talking about" she replied House sighed "ok tell me about it when I get home does that ring any bells" he smirked Hope sat down "your listening in on my conversations bit stalkerish don't you think" she laughed "besides it might have been a friend" she added "a friend that says I love you too" the rest of the room looked between the two.

"Friends say I love you to each other all the time why presume I have a lover?" she asked "well I assume a woman like yourself would have a boyfriend" House replied shifting slightly Hope grinned "oh I haven't got a man I guess you need to find out more about me" she replied smirking House didn't have a come back for that so just glared instead.

It was silent until Thirteen spoke "how is your patient?" she asked Hope looked over at her "he will be fine now we got his records turns out he had polycythemia and me giving him his blood back wasn't helping, we have him under observation and drawing a pint of blood every hour" she told Thirteen who nodded.

Time moved quicker after that and soon Hope found she was going home she hung up her lab coat and put her jacket on, before locking her locker and heading out the hospital, she got into her car and started the engine then drove home.

Not noticing House following her she arrived home, and was greeted by a little girl who shouted "MUMMY!!!!" before jumping in her arms Hope laughed and swung her around and kissed her head, she put the girl down and was lead inside, House smirked "she's a mother" he whispered to himself then looking at her medical records which he hadn't read yet, he turned the car around and went home, tomorrow would be very interesting.